Best Blind Date Ever

29 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

“I can’t believe I’m actually going through with this. For all I know this woman could be an absolute lunatic!” I tried explaining to my friend Joe that blind dates are never a good idea.

“Or maybe she’ll be everything you’ve been looking for!” was his quick reply.

After a few more minutes of arguing I bid him farewell and was on my way to the restaurant to meet my date. I didn’t know anything about her other than that her name was Melissa and that she was a 24 year old blonde pre-med student; sounds like a dream – but, she was friends with my ex, which meant she had to be crazy.

I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car. I sat there for a few moments mentally preparing myself for the night ahead. As I tilted my head back to the headrest there was a sudden knock on the window. When I looked over there was nothing more than two beautiful breasts barely hanging inside a woman’s red top. I rolled down the window only to learn it was my date, apparently she saw me pulling up and “just knew it was me.” Whatever.

She was one hot and sexy girl though. She had long flowing blonde hair hanging a few inches past her shoulders. Her eyes were a gorgeous deep blue-green which dragged me in. She was a good height, about 5’5″ and had a slender, tight, and sexy body with one hell of an ass. Her legs were long and soft and beautifully tanned like the rest of her skin. And of course there were those delicious tits of hers, probably a large C, just the right size. I didn’t care how crazy she was, I was going to fuck her.

“So what do you do for a living?” she asked me right away, quick to start the small talk. I only hoped she was as quick to get out of her clothes.

“I’m a personal trainer; I work at the gym around the corner.” I was a good height, 6’1″ with a pretty athletic build. I had dark brown hair, with a military buzz, just your average guy really.

“That would explain those sexy arms you have,” she said with a wink, “do you have a six pack? I love guys who have good abs! It drives me wild!” Oh boy was I in luck, having that job finally paid off. Perhaps my abs could be the one way ticket to her bedroom I was looking for. So I lifted my shirt with this new sense of confidence and flexed for her. “Oh my god, that is sooo hot!” she said and wasted no time to run her hands down my flat stomach. She rubbed softly from my chest to my belly button, and then something amazing happened. She continued on her path and ever so quickly snuck a few fingers inside my belt line. No far enough to reach anything, but more than enough to drop the hint!

“You weren’t kidding when bahis siteleri you said you love abs!” I said with a flirty tone to my voice.

“Of course not, don’t you know the abs are like the greatest sex muscle in the body?” She stated with a huge smile. “Perhaps I could show you how to use them properly sometime.” I could not believe it. She was even beating me to the point; this was going to be a great night!

“How’s tonight sound?” I asked, still taken aback from her comment.

“Can we skip dinner and go right to the lesson?” She grabbed my hand and led me to her car, not even waiting for my response. She knew the answer. The drive was short, which worked out well because I couldn’t wait to get into this woman.

She unlocked the front door in a fumble, she seemed more into this than me but also a little nervous. As we walked in she grasped my crotch and led me, not into the bedroom, but into the bathroom! “Wanna take a shower? I’m sure we can mess the bed up later.”

I was speechless; all I could do was grab her head and start kissing her like crazy, which jumpstarted our race to see who would be naked first. She won. And as I was kicking off my pants she turned on the shower and then dropped to her knees. The water pulsed along her back and the top of her head, slightly and methodically darkening her hair as it became wet. The water trickled down her face, over and in between her now shimmering tits which seemed to be aching to be sucked on. The steamy river continued its twisting journey down her flat tight stomach and over her pink hairless pussy.

I closed the fogged glass door of the shower behind me and pushed my body into the hot cloud of steam and water. As the raining cascade fell upon my semi-hard shaft it began to fill with blood and grow until it filled out to its full eight inches of pulsing cock. I grabbed it as I came to her and stood before her, towering above her. I grabbed her head with my left hand and brought her lips right to the throbbing head of my dick. As I pulled her forward she knew what to do, she opened her mouth and turned her big beautiful eyes right up to mine and peered into me as she slowly and completely swallowed my entire shaft. She gagged, but only for a second, and slowly pulled her mouth off my cock, revealing long strings of saliva still attached to my member. “Oh yea baby… that feels sooo good. Suck the whole thing. Take it all in.” And without wasting anytime she shoved her head down, bobbing her head up and down my entire length as fast as she could. She wouldn’t stop, except to suck on balls or lick the underside of my dick until she canlı bahis siteleri ate the precum off the tip.

I could’ve blown my load right down her throat but she wasn’t letting me off that quickly, thank God. She stood up and wrapped her arms around me. “Your turn to get on your knees baby, eat my tight pink pussy!” I couldn’t wait! As soon as my tongue hit her pussy lips her juices began to pour from her fuckbox. “Ohhh my God!” She moaned in delight as my tongue fucked her pussy. “That’s it baby, deep in there, lick my cunt!” I jabbed my tongue deep inside her, sweeping from side to side forward and back, slowly massaging her tight puckered asshole with my thumb. “Oh baby, how’d you know I like a little attention to my ass too?” She began to tremble as my middle finger breached her forbidden ass. Her moans grew in volume and intensity, “Oh! Oh yea! Fuck yea!!!” She quivered until I slipped my tongue from her hole and sucked on her swollen clit. She instantly flew into a fit of orgasmic screams and body spasms, causing her to buckle at the knees and her skin to tremble. “OHHHH FUCK!!!!!”

She collapsed into my arms, a heap of flesh — left weak by the intensity of her orgasm. She licked my ear and whispered “I want you to fuck me as hard as you can.” And with that she stood up, left the shower, and bent her body over the bathroom vanity, pulling her right leg up and out on the counter, revealing both her soaking wet pussy and tiny asshole — both ready to be fucked.

I approached her quickly. Grabbing her hip in one hand and landing a good hard smack upon her ass with the other. I spanked her again and then spit between her ass cheeks, rubbing the saliva from her asshole to her sopping pussy with my now rock hard rod. She moaned in pleasure from the feeling of my cock throbbing against her, and with one quick thrust I slammed my cock deep within her pussy, forcing a loud shriek from her voice. “Ohh fuck baby, you’re huge! You’re filling my entire pussy! I’m going to explode!” I kept sliding in and out of her fuckbox, completely in control as I slowly worked not one, but two fingers into her beautiful tight asshole. Her arms gave out, collapsing her torso onto the marble counter, her face into the porcelain sink. My hips slammed into her, bouncing her tight ass cheeks up n down, my balls slapping against her outer pussy.

“Ohh fuck! Fuck me harder baby! Fuck my asshole!” She wanted it. She wanted my huge cock to pierce her tight ass. I was more than willing to satisfy her. I pulled out from her cunt, my dick glistening with the sweet juices of her pussy. She quickly dropped to a knee bets10 güvenilir mi and gave me a quick hard suck down, leaving plenty of saliva on my tool for lubrication. “Mmmm… my pussy tastes even better on you cock” she said, taking her fingers from her cunt and licking them clean.

As she reassumed the position I again spit into her ass, preparing it for the impending invasion. But then I grabbed under her knees and she fell back into my arms, now sitting upon my forearms. I lifted her up, holding her tight sweaty body in the air as she grasped my cock and guided it into her ass. She then held behind my neck with one hand and cupped her beautiful breast with the other. I held her, squatting in mid air, and began to push until the head of my cock broke the seal. I slowly lowered her down, until every last inch of my cock had filled her ass. She was speechless, slightly tearing from her eyes but smiling all the same. “Fuck my ass!” she yelled, and I suddenly rammed my pulsing cock in and out of her ass as it closed tighter around my dick.

“Oh fuck baby! Your ass is so tight! I’m gonna tear it apart!”

“Oh my God, fuck it harder!” MY body tensed as I shortened my thrusts but made them quicker. My cock slid in and out from between her cheeks until I was almost ready to explode. My grip tightened and my body hardened and suddenly she jumped off!

“What are you doing?” I asked, actually a little pissed.

“You haven’t fucked my tits yet… And I want you cum on my face, not in my ass. I can’t eat it if it’s in my ass.” She was the hottest woman ever at that moment. I approached and she inhaled my cock into her mouth, despite the fact that it had just invaded her dirty little ass! She again left a tangle of saliva hanging from my dick and spit between her big bouncy tits as she pushed them around my shaft. Luckily for me my tool was big enough to fuck her tits and get sucked on at the same time. She bounced them voluptuous tits along the length of my cock and sucked its head till it was big and purple. It felt so good I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Oh God baby, here it comes… I’m gonna cum!!!” I pulled back a step, grabbed my cock and began stroking until a huge string of cum shot out and landed across her face, lacing from her left eye across her nose and onto her lips. The next string shot far into her hair and the next two drowned her face once more. The last two strings fell short, gracing her tits with a white creamy meal all their own. I milked the last few dribbles right into her mouth and she sucked every last bit out of me as she could. She then ran her fingers down her face and tits, collecting my expelled sperm and swiping it into her mouth, swallowing every mouthful. She just looked up at me and smiled.

“That was amazing Melissa.” I said, still panting.

“It sure was, ready to go mess up the bed?”