Ben’s Next Afternoon

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Ben leaned back in his chair and looked at the ceiling. He wasn’t seeing the cheap acoustical tiles. He was seeing the glory that was Lori spread open and waiting for him. Last time they got together he pleasured her in the way she wanted. This time it was his turn to call the shots.

He checked the housekeeping schedule and found the rooms that would be cleaned last. He would have at least and hour but no more than two to use the room before it was made ready for the next guest.

He texted Lori the room number and did some minor paperwork until it was time to head up there. He didn’t need to take anything from supplies like he did when they used his office. The benefits of using a room were great.

Not more than five minutes after he arrived there was a knock on the door. Ben smiled as he opened it to find Lori posed in the doorframe. Grabbing her hand he pulled her into the room and closed the door. Flipping the deadbolt ensured housekeeping wouldn’t interrupt.

“Lori. Beautiful as always.” She tossed her medium brown hair and ran her hands down her body to outline her gentle curves. “You’re always such a gentleman. So polite.” She had a wicked smile as she said it.

Stepping closer Ben pressed his stocky body against hers. Holding her hips he enjoyed the warmth of her against him and her soft breasts pressing on his chest. Kissing her gently and then with more passion he twisted his torso back and forth. Her nipples popped out like little eraser heads at the friction.

The both gave a soft moan and the kissing became frantic. Lori grabbed his hips and pulled him closer to feel his hard cock against her and Ben ran his hands up to massage her breasts. They broke apart breathing heavily.

Ben backed away and sat on the edge of the bed. He adjusted his erection as he sat. “Strip for me”. He said it as a lover, not as a demand. “Show me your body.”

Lori stepped back and turned in a slow circle while writhing her hips. When she was facing him again she did a slow striptease until she was naked except for her heels. She posed in front of him and smiled. “Like what you see?”

Ben had taken off his shirt during the show. A little sweat already shone on his skin. “Oh yes. I very much like what I see.” He stood up and with one hand indicated the bulge in his pants. “Can’t you tell?”

“You must be so uncomfortable. Let me help you out.” She stalked towards him and knelt in a practiced move. Without rush she unfastened his pants and pushed them down his legs, taking his underwear with them. Just as his cock emerged she licked the end and tasted the salty tang of pre-cum. As his pants moved down she took more of him into her mouth. She was able to finish taking off his pants while gently sucking the head of his cock.

Ben put one hand on her head and enjoyed the sight of her lips wrapped around his shaft. Most of his cock was still visible and he pushed his hips forward. Lori obliged by letting him between her lips. Her tongue worked the bottom of his shaft along the vein.

“Not too much today. It’s been too long since we did this. I want to make it good for you too.” Lori’s answer was to lean forward and take as much of him into her mouth as she could. Just before it touched the back of her throat she stopped and sucked hard. His groan made her smile and she slowly pulled back to kiss the tip again, letting her tongue dip into his slit. With one long last lick across the head she grabbed his hips for leverage and stood up.

Ben’s poker oyna kiss was frantic and his damp cock pressed against her stomach. His hands wrapped around her breasts and he pulled on her nipples. Lori slid one leg between his so she could rub her pussy on his hairy thigh. The friction on her clit combined with his attention to her nipples had her squirming against him and kissing back as good as she got.

He turned her around and broke the kiss. With one hand he pushed on her shoulder so she would sit on the bed. She slid backwards and made room for him as he crawled after her. She loved that feeling of being stalked as he moved over her and looked down.

Passion sizzled as he lowered himself and pushed one leg between hers. She arched her back as his mouth found her breast and he licked her nipple. Clamping his mouth around it he sucked hard and she gasped. He nibbled, sucked, and licked one nipple and then the other. He switched back and forth while she rubbed her pussy on his leg. His cock was being massaged by her soft stomach and they were both damp with sweat when he raised up.

“As much as I want to taste you I need to feel you more. Next time, I promise.” With that he moved fully between her legs and slid back enough so his cock was at her pussy. Lori wrapped her legs around him and her pussy lips wrapped around his shaft. The both moaned at the feeling.

Looking into her passion filled eyes Ben moved his hips and started sliding his cock across her pussy. She was soaking wet and every time his head rubbed her clit she gasped a little. He teased both of them by taking a few strokes and hitting her button hard. Her head fell back as she felt herself starting to go over the edge.

He adjusted himself and pushed against her opening. “Look at me” he said and when she did he thrust deep inside. Her eyes went wide as he stretched her open and that was all it took to make her cum.

Ben stroked into her slowly as she came but didn’t go any deeper yet. He rode out her orgasm as her incredible pussy walls milked his cock. When he felt her start to subside he thrust the rest of himself in and felt her soft lips at the base of his cock. She arched up as he reached deep inside and grabbed onto his arms to push back hard.

“Oh yeah. You feel so good.” She purred as his thick cock filled her perfectly. She rolled her hips to rub her clit against him and felt him massaging her pussy from the inside. It took just a few times and she came again.

Ben stayed still while she fucked herself on him. It was difficult because he wanted to start fucking her good. Her tight pussy felt like hot silk around his cock and he closed his eyes at the feeling of her walls rubbing against him then clenching as she came. His control was only so good.

“Look at me. Let me see your eyes.” He pulled out slowly as her eyes met his. He started a steady rhythm of long strokes while watching the expressions on her face. She moved under him and fucked him back while letting him see the passion he aroused.

“I need more. Give me more.” She pleaded with him as she tried to make him move faster. “I need to come again. Please.” She closed her eyes and her head dropped back while she moved on his cock. She was trying to find the spot that would make her come.

Ben leaned back and unwrapped her legs from his waist. He raised them and put her ankles on his shoulders. Now all she could do was take what he was giving her. Her hips moved in desperate little thrusts.

“Please! canlı poker oyna Make me come!” He loved the way she pleaded with him to give her pleasure. Lori wasn’t shy about asking for what she wanted and today was his day so she gave him the sensuous desire and control over her body. She would ask but she wouldn’t demand.

Letting his weight fall forward her hips raised and her legs slid up his body. He was able to get that extra bit deeper that drove her wild. He didn’t go slow now – he pounded her. The slap of their bodies hitting was a sharp sound under their moans and groans. She didn’t give any warning before she exploded again and he felt both her pussy clench around him and her juices soak his crotch. He kept up the speed until she went limp.

He sat back on his heels to watch her breasts heave. He could see her lips wrapped around his cock and the light glistened off her wet pussy. The beauty of a satisfied woman almost made him want to shoot his cum into her now but he needed one more thing.

Pulling out of her she made a disappointed moan that turned into a gasp as he thrust back in deep. He pulled out again and shifted her hips higher. Not only was her pussy wet but she’d dripped down so her pink rosebud was also shiny in the light. It was irresistible.

He put his index finger against her lips and she sucked it like she did his cock. She knew what was going to happen next and wanted it as much as him. When he didn’t fill her pussy with cum he had other plans.

Taking his slick finger he ran it around that luscious treat. Her asshole winked at him as he teased it and worked her juices around it. He dipped his finger into her pussy then rubbed her hole several times before he started pushing into her tightness.

Lori gasped in pleasure as her tingling hole opened up for him. She looked at him and he was watching her ass take his finger. His expression was one of anticipation and desire. It caused a little shudder to run through her body.

Ben’s attention was all for her body. He teased her hole with his finger and watched it open for him as he pushed in and out. He barely saw it stay open before snapping shut when he pulled out. Her pussy was still soaked and it dripped down into her asshole. He had no problem with finger fucking her ass.

Adding a second finger he could see her stretch now. Her moan caused his cock to twitch and he scissored his fingers open to feel her tightness. Twisting them back and forth her hole stretched around his fingers and she groaned. “That feels incredible. Don’t tease me. Take my ass.” She was begging for his cock now and he wasn’t one to deny a lady.

He slid his fingers out slowly and watched her hole close. Once again he ran his cock over her slit and got himself slick. He dipped the head into her pussy and rolled his hips to watch her squirm. Pulling out he positioned himself at her beautiful asshole and held the shaft just behind the head. It swelled up even more as he squeezed the blood into it.

Teasing her he rubbed his head over her winking asshole before centering it and pushing. He felt her tense up. “The little minx is going to make me work for it this time.” He smiled at the thought and knew it would give her more pleasure too. He pushed harder then backed off, over and over. Each time her hole gave a little more and her head was thrashing on the pillow.

With one final thrust he pushed through her ring and they both groaned loudly. He felt the silken walls internet casino of her ass and her ring clenching behind his cock head. She felt that incredible pleasure-pain of that first stretch around his cock. Ben paused there and let them both savor the feelings.

Watching the entire time he pushed forward slowly. He felt the walls of her ass wrap around his cock as he burrowed into her bowels and the tight ring slid down his shaft. It was like fucking and getting a blow job at the same time. As his hips hit hers he felt the end of her touch the tip of his cock.

Lori was moaning continuously as she felt him go deeper and deeper into her most private hole. He felt huge in her ass, her body stretching to accommodate him. It was still a combination of pleasure and pain and she felt it wash over her. She reached down to play with her tingling clit as he continued his invasion.

Ben didn’t stop as he pulled out of her ass. He watched her hole start to close and drove back in all the way. Her fingers were flying over her clit and she was squirming under him. He knew he was going to come sooner than he wanted so he took her ass hard.

The long strokes turned into short deep thrusts. She grunted every time he bottomed out and he went back to using the entire length of his cock. Trying to make it last just a little longer he paused when he was half way in and slid a finger next to his cock. She gasped as he pulled her asshole open enough for her to look at him with shock and animal desire. What had been pure pleasure now had that edge of pain to it again and it almost made her come.

The look along with the feeling of her hot ass was enough to send him near the edge. He pulled his finger out and fucked her with one final deep stroke that pushed her hips up and the end of his cock hit resistance. She arched to try to pull back and succeeded in pushing herself harder onto him. The change in angle, her movements, the cry she made were the final straw.

The cum shot out of his cock and into her ass. She came as he did with her fingers pinching her clit. The orgasm clenched her body around him and her walls were milking the cum out of his balls. With the last shreds of control he pulled back out and his cum coated her ass the entire way. Pulling all the way out he shot the last of his load into her gaping hole.

The pearly cum was pooled right inside her gaping red asshole. He watched as more dripped out and her hole closed up again. He’d shot too deep for most of it to come out now but knew she would be dripping cum out of her ass later that day.

They were both covered in sweat and the smell of sex was heavy in the air. Ben sat back on his knees and her legs were limp as they slid down his body. He looked down to see his shrunken cock was still wet and her pussy was completely soaked. They’d left a large wet spot on the bed.

“That was wonderful.” Lori purred as her breathing returned to normal. Ben looked like a conquering warrior as he sat there and looked down at her body. She shivered at the thought. He had thoroughly conquered her today.

Ben dropped to the bed and pulled her into his arms. Planting a line of kisses along her neck he whispered into her ear. “You were incredible. I love seeing you come for me.” He squeezed her closer then let go.

“We’ve got to get going. There’s enough time for a quick shower but you behave yourself young lady.” He had a mock stern look on his face as he shook a finger at her. He ruined the effect by dipping that finger into her pussy and licking off her juices.

They crawled off the bed and wrapped their arms around each other before heading to the bathroom together already making plans for the next time they could meet.