Being Curious

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Being CuriousI have a close friend, who happens to be a man, and I tell him all about my fantasies, no matter how deep they are. He knows all my secrets that I couldn’t even tell my female best friends. He always tried encouraging me to come forth with my fantasies and live life to the fullest for us all only live once.One night he decided to help me achieve one of my fantasies, but he planned it without me knowing about it”Hey Danielle.” He said on the phone one night.”Hello Evan, how are you tonight?” I greeted him.”Quite good. What are you up to tonight?” he asked.”Ah nothing, kinda bored actually,” I answered.”Good cause we are going out for a couple of drinks,” He said with a mysteriously excited voice.”Ooh K. . . . What are you up too?” I asked curiously.”What makes you think I am up to something?” he said with an unmistakable smile in his voice.”Oh never mind. So where are we going to meet?” I asked ignoring his equivocal question.”I’ll pick you up, actually I will drive over and we’ll take a taxi,” he said.”Okay, sounds good. I take it you plan on drinking a lot?””Yeah, why not?””Well whatever. I don’t mind drinking you under the table again.””Shut up,” he laughed.We ended the conversation and about two hours later I started getting ready. The whole time I was wondering what he was up to. Whatever he has in mind will probably be fun anyway. He never seemed to let me down.So I hot ironed my hair out so my thick red locks were straightened out. I hate my hair, it’s not really curly but I have thick wavy hair and it looks better straight. I put on a blue tight fitting T-shirt that had a cute Britney Spears saying on it, “I’m a virgin, but this shirt is old.” I put on a pair of black hip huggers which revealed a bit of my stomach/naval area. These were a pair of my favorites. They snugly fit my ass.After about an hour of getting ready Evan showed up. As soon as he walked in, he shut the door and grabbed my hand and took me to my bedroom.”What in the hell are you doing?” I asked in bewilderment.”Sorry Danny, you are not wearing that, I love that shirt, but it’s not going to work,” he said, “Take off your shirt and pants, please.”I began to laugh while saying, “I am not taking my clothes off in front of you!””Oh come on, we don’t have time. We got to be there by eight, and it’s almost 7:30.” He said grabbing the bottom of my shirt. He started to lift the shirt up.I grabbed his hands and threw them away. I was shocked at his behavior, but amused, “I can do it myself, thank you!”I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on my bed. I stood there wearing a pink laced bra. He smirked and rolled his hands for me to get a move on. So I began to take my pants off and he continued his search in my closet for something I wasn’t quite sure of.I removed my jeans and was standing there with my matching bra and panties. I was a little embarrassed cause Evan hasn’t seen this much of my skin. I mean come on, I was wearing a thong with see through lace and matching see through bra. If my nipples weren’t jutting out, I probably wouldn’t be such in a fluster about it.I guess I was a little excited about undressing in front of Evan.Evan and I have been such great friends for a very long time. At the beginning, we had the hots for each other but we were both always involved with someone else. Over time we just stayed friends knowing it would be better if we kept it that way.He pulled a white halter top out and a black skirt. I called them my “Ho Clothes”. I wore them at clubs to look extra sexy, especially if I was looking to get some.”Why on earth do you want me to wear them?” I asked.He turned and looked at me. He looked me up and down, then staring at my barely hidden shaved pussy. The glitter in his eyes was very obvious.”Um, hello,” I said pulling his attention away from between my legs. I didn’t want him to think I was enjoying it, in fact my pussy was tingling. I loved that my pussy caught his attention.He grabbed both the shirt and the skirt and walked up close to me and said as he winked, “I didn’t realize you had a shaved cooch.”I felt a little embarrassed but completely turned on, “Shut the fuck up.”He leaned in and whispered into my ear. “Looks delicious.” “Evan!” I laughed and pushed him away.I put on the halter top and pulled out the halter bra strap. My bra was adjustable to make into a halter bra. Evan got behind me and helped me hook it together. While he was doing that I slipped into my skirt, and while I was buckling the front of it, Evan paused what he was doing.”What?” I asked.”That skirt barely covers your ass,” he replied.”Yeah, I got about an inch to bend over with,” I giggled.”Show me.”I bent mersin escort over just a tad, and he smacked me in the ass. I jumped and squealed a bit. I couldn’t believe him, and how he was acting. He definitely had something planned.He went back into the closet after he finished the last snap on my bra. He pulled out a pair of my transparent clear stilettos and said, “Now for your glass slippers my princess.””Why thank you, but you ain’t no Prince Charming,” I giggled.”Ok, nice thanks . . . hey how fast can you put your hair up? You look really good with your hair up.” He said.”Not long.” I replied and I scampered out to the bathroom. It took about 10 minutes to put my hair up, but it looked great. I left enough hair down to frame my face.I grabbed the stilettos and slipped them on. I found you standing in my kitchen.”Okay now you got me dressed like this, I definitely know you are up to something, ” I said.You were wearing a nice form fitting shirt with a pair of khakis. To my astonishment you grabbed your crotch area framing your extremely hard cock.”Yep, I am up to something,” he smirked.I couldn’t believe how forward he was being. I liked it. A lot!I gave him a sexy grin and decided not to ask anymore. I knew what he had planned was going to be a night to remember. We called a cab and once the cab came, we got in and Evan gave an address I was not familiar with. We arrived in front of a building that had purple neon lights outlining the windows and a sign above the store that read “Clandestine Hushed Café”.We walked into the door and the place was beautiful, dark, mysterious, and sexy. The lights were dim, and the booths were dark burgundy velvet. The table tops were black with miniature chandeliers that were dimmed above each table. Each booth was spaced far apart. Now I understood the name of the café.Evan took my hand and lead me to the bar, “I would like a margarita on the rocks and she’ll have a vodka and lime, also could you tell me if Nadia is here.”The bartender nodded her head and pointed in the direction of Nadia. She made up our drinks and Evan paid for them, and passed me my drink. He took my hand again and led me in the direction that the bar tender pointed to.I pulled Evan back, “Who is Nadia?””Just a friend I said we would meet up with,” he said leading me once again.It struck me all at once. I just remembered a conversation I had with Evan about two months ago about wanting to be with a woman. He is making my fantasy come true. I started to get extremely nervous.We reached the table where a beautiful light-haired brunette was sitting. First things I noticed were her hazel eyes, and they almost looked green. Purely intoxicating. Her hair was long, silky and wavy. Her breasts were very large, very sexy. Her nipples were pressing against her tight pale blue dress. She stood when we reached the table. The dress showed every curve of her and ended at her mid thighs. She had a wonderfully flattering ass.”Hello,” she said reaching her hand out taking mine from Evans, “I’m Nadia, you must be Danielle.””Yes. I am, ” I looked at Evan then back to Nadia shyly.”Please sit, both of you, ” she said.All three of us sat down together. Evan began by saying, “Okay Danny, I have brought you here because I know you would like to try out female sex, and Nadia is here for the same thing. Nadia is new at this too, and she would like the same as you.”I didn’t know what to say until I looked at Nadia, and she looked as shy as I did. She looked at me with a skittish look and bit her lower lip, then looked down. I looked back at Evan and said. “Okay, it sounds good to me.””Nadia?” he asked looking at her.”Yes, that’s why I am here<" Nadia said in a little voice."Okay so let's break the ice a little and have a few drinks," Evan said.We talked for a little bit, and had a few drinks. The mood was starting to lighten quite a bit with the help of alcohol. The conversation started to turn to sex, and different experiences. We talked about Evan and me, and how we stayed away from the big R word. Relationship. Also how we never had sex, but came close to it on several occasions. We spoke on how Nadia and Evan came to meet, and unbelievably was through the internet.The booths were like horse shoes, so Evan ended up in the middle of us and we were all sitting close and huddled together at the back of the booth. I happened to look down and noticed that Nadia's hand was on Evan's leg, high up on his thigh. It was turning me on, cause I know how badly she wanted to touch his cock, but I think she was afraid of what I would think.I interrupted their conversation and said, "I don't think he would mind if you escort mersin touched it.”They both stopped talking and looked at me. Evan smiled.”What?” Nadia asked.I rolled my eyes and took her hand off of his thigh and set it lightly on his package. I cupped her hand, making her cup his cock thorough his pants. She bit her lip again and Evan leaned back a little for her to have better access.I pulled my hand away from hers, and she looked at me and said with a smile, “I thought I was supposed to be here for you.”This turned my attention to Evan and I asked him, “Which brings me to ask, what are you getting out of this?””I get to coach, and watch,” he smiled then winked.”Coach, eh? How are you going to do that?” Nadia asked with a smirk.”Well I’ll start by telling you two to kiss,” he answered, slightly licking his lip.We were both a little shy, but I leaned in over Evan and Nadia did the same. We both stopped about an inch away from touching each other lips. I could smell the sweet mint from her ‘grasshopper’ drink on her lips. She had beautiful plump lips. We both moved into each other and lightly kissed. First closed mouths, then I felt her part her lips over mine, and I followed her. I sucked on her bottom lip. I was the first to touch with my tongue, but she quickly ensued. Her tongue tasted sweeter then her smell. My hands rose to her face and I held onto her face lightly with my finger tips tracing her jaw line.We both broke away from the kiss at the same time. I don’t know about her, but I was quivering. Evan was smiling from ear to ear.”Nice, now I am completely rock hard.” He sighed.Almost as if both Nadia and I ignored him, we moved in for another kiss. We tried to get closer, but Evan was on the way. I had to get more of her. I got up on my knees and reached over Evan. I put one hand on the table to brace myself and the other hand cupped her face again. Evan took that hand and placed it on Nadia’s protruding breast. Nadia pressed her breast into my hand. Almost as if she was returning the favor, she did the same to me. My breasts were much smaller then hers, we were both a 38, but she was triple D cup as I was only a D cup. Nadia had both of her hands groping and feeling my breasts. Squeezing them softly. Women are so much more delicate than a man can be.She also got up on her knees, both of us leaning into each other over Evan. I quickly glanced at him and he had his hand down his pants, stroking his extremely hard cock.This completely turned me on. I needed to get fucked. The feeling of her, hearing her, and watching him was very intoxicating. One of Nadia’s hands began to travel from my breasts, down my navel, over my hip and down to the edge of my skirt. Her hand grazed my inner thigh and traced up, barely touching my pussy on the outside of my pink, Lace thongs.Then her hand disappeared quickly and I opened my eyes and saw that Evan took her hand away from me. I gave him an evil look.”That’s enough ladies, time to go.” He said pushing us away from each other.”Where?” I whimpered.”Not far.” He said scooting us out of the booth. He took our hands and led us to the bar again.”Can I get the key please?” He asked the bar tender.I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Nadia. Her lips were so thick and delicious. Her breast were so big and beautiful. I could see her nipples sticking out from her dress. Her hair hung down her shoulders, and I wanted her right then and there, as well as she wanted me.We left the bar and Evan led us down a hallway and stopped at a door. He unlocked the door and let us into the room before him. The room was dark like the rest of the place, but just enough light to see everything. The room was almost enchanting, candles, exotic flowers like, Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchids and Red Anthurium Hearts, and beautiful artifacts. There was all sorts if different furniture, almost like they were made for having sex on. They even had a ther****t bed/sofa. It was going to get much use of very shortly.Before Evan got to close the door, Nadia and I were kissing once again. She and I didn’t want to waste anytime. Evan walked over to a cabinet, pulled out a box and placed it on top of a black suede ottoman.”Come girls, Evan’s got a present for you,” he said.We pulled away from each other. We both sat on the black ottoman on either side of the box. I opened the box and saw a collection of toys. There was a small pocket rocket vibrator, a strap on, a little bottle of lube, a double-ender, etc.”You each only get to pick one toy,” Evan said.She grabbed the double-ender and I grabbed the pocket rocket. Evan took the lubrication. I laughed and said sarcastically, “I wonder why you mersin escort bayan picked that.””Not for me precious, I am here to apply when needed. ” He smiled, “You may continue.”He took the box and put it back. Nadia and I stayed on the ottoman and began kissing again. She whispered against my lips, “I can’t wait to find out you are going to do with that.”I stood up and walked in front of her. I leaned down and kissed her hard making her lean back and lie down. I kissed down her neck, down her chest and I cupped both of her breasts, lightly biting each nipple on the outside of the material of her dress. She exhaled with a little moan, telling me she liked it. I continued down from her beautiful breasts, kissing her belly, completely skipping over her muff. I sat back on my knees and traced the hem of her dress across her thighs.This is where I have not gone before. I was beginning to hesitate, and Nadia could see this hesitation as well as Evan. Evan got up from where he was sitting and knelt down behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders and softly rubbed down my arms, reaching my wrists. He gripped them and guided my hands up Nadia’s thighs. His thumbs hooked her dress and as our hands went up her thighs her dress went with them. I could feel Evan breathing softly against my neck. I couldn’t help but want to kiss him. I turned my face toward him, but he whispered against my cheek, “Danny . . . shhhhh . . . she is waiting for you.”I could hear how this was affecting him as well. We continued our quest. Nadia lifted her hips so that the dress would rise up over her ass, revealing beautiful, sexy white panties.Evan left from behind me and joined Nadia. He took her hands and lifted her to a sitting position. He took the dress from her hips and lifted it over her head. I could see his cock pushing against the material of his pants. I couldn’t help myself from staring at it. Then Nadia’sveiled tits broke my gaping eyes. She too had a matching bra and panty set. Her large breasts set perfectly in her bra. The cleavage was amazing.Evan knelt on the ottoman behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall off of her shoulders. I pulled the rest off of her arms. The whole time Nadia and I stared into each other eyes. Her eyes were hazel when we first met, but now they a hypnotizing speckled green.Her breasts were now bare for me to actually taste, but before I could, she grabbed the bottom of my halter top and pulled it over my breasts. She gave them a squeeze through my bra and Evan came into play and removed the rest of my top. He also took it upon himself to unclasp my bra as well, Nadia gladly helping by pulling it off like I pulled hers off.She sat at the very edge of the ottoman and spread her legs wide and pulled me into her. My lips touched her beautiful lips once again. Our tits were burning into each others. I grabbed her hips and began grinding myself in between her legs. The heat radiating from her center was incredible. I could just imagine how wet both of our panties was.I broke our kiss. I had to taste her. It was now or never. I kissed her cheek, kissed her ear, kissed and sucked on her neck and I got a huge reaction from her. She thrust herself into me hard, her hands stroked my hair, and lightly pulled it a couple of times each time my tongue licked her neck. I continued teasing her neck, on both sides for a moment. Licking and grazing my teeth along her neck between her ears and shoulders. She writhed and moaned against my touch.”I need you to fuck me Danielle,” Nadia moaned.I thought I was going to cum in my panties when she said that. Almost like she knew it, she unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall off of my hips. She hooked her finger inside my pink thong and followed it to my hot and very wet pussy. She took a deep shaky breath. I stopped kissing her neck and looked straight into her glazed over eyes. Both of us were breathing heavily and shaking with excitement. She took her hand away from the outside of my panties and pressed it flat against my abdomen above my panties. She slid her hand inside of them and stopped briefly and circled her index finger around my clit. My clit began to pulse at her touch, then she continued her journey sliding her fingers into my slick lips until she found my opening. She hooked two fingers and slid them inside my very horny hole. Just before I closed my eyes from pleasure, I could see Evan sitting on a chair close to us with his hand down his pants, stroking his cock once again, He watched every move Nadia and I made.Her two fingers slowly began to slide in and out of my pussy. In about two minutes, without warning began to cum all over her fingers. She could feel the familiar pulsing, as I imagine she felt on her own as she pleased herself solo. She could also tell I was cumming because of the fact I began moaning uncontrollably and trying to fuck her hand by grinding hard against it.