Behind open doors

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Behind open doorsSo, there we were, the wife and i heading off to Savannah for a long overdue week away. We would be celebrating our 35th year of marriage in the middle of the week. This one had a little less importance it seemed to both of us, maybe she was getting tired of me, or me of her. Either way we needed to just get awayNow here we are, first day into our week and we decide not to drive all the way after all, she is getting cranky from riding, my old 60 year old bones hurt from sitting so we stop in a motel in Augusta Ga, get a room for the night. We wandered out to the pool after our usual “”get out and ride around town cruise””, on the way to the pool we walk past a room with open door. Yep, it is impossible to walk by an occupied room that is open without looking in, and so we did.WHOA!!! There is a guy in there jacking the biggest dick I ever saw in real life, average for what you see in videos but this one was real. I stopped dead in my tracks and the wife ran slap into me because she was watching him too. After making lots of noise from the collision, we both embarrassingly apologized for peeking in and started to make a retreat. Then he stopped and got up, walked to to my wife and me, with that big monster just pointing the way. He stepped to the door and said “Don’t leave, come in sit down and lets chat” He then took my wife’s hand and pulled bartın escort her, and consequently me, into the room. Nervously we sat down on one bed and he fell back on the other. He was stroking and watching us watch him. When he started to moan and make irregular type stroke my wife put her hand on my crotch and squeezed my dick–hard and ask him to stop,, please stop right now!!! She then looked at me, and then again at him and said” Look, I know you don’t know us, nor likely want to trade phone numbers and emails but,,,,,,,,,,, Can I,, I mean we stroke you before you cum. I know from all the porn my husband watches he is highly interested in other men’s dicks, and well honestly his is the only dick i have ever touched. Please?!?! She was looking more at me than him and I knew this was my chance. never ever again such a dick present itself with her standing beside me ,apparently wanting the same thing i do.He slid over to the edge of the bed positioning himself sort of center between the two of us. And said “I thought you would never ask” If I would have been told this I would not believe it, but i saw it with my own eyes, my wife, my partner of 35 years not only reached over an grabbed him but grabbed my hand and pulled it down there too. Just that fast! Wow, he felt strange, familiar, hard, soft, warm, cold. I naturally without hesitation began bartın escort bayan to stroke him, slowly with my wife’s hand halfway around it an mine the rest of the way totally engulfing it. I sat there watching me do this like I was disconnected from this hand, watching her small hand on this strangers dick. As i watched I had the sudden thought,, what if I could suck on this, would it be everything I wished for, would it be gross and disgusting? What would my pretty little wife think if I confessed I wanted this? As these thoughts were racing through my head my wife sort of started to stand up, then as a great surprise and shock she dropped to one knee and swallowed that huge cock!! As I was being blown away she grabbed me with her free hand and jerked me off the bed onto the floor, looked me dead in the eye and told me, no actually ordered me to suck that dick, make him cum and let him cum in your mouth, but don’t go too fast i want to suck too.I did my best to give him the best blow job i could, he may not have liked it much but i was in heaven, his soft smooth head gliding over my lips and toungue, bouncing off the back of my throat almodst gagging me. Then my wife pushed me up, it was her turn. I had seen women giv BJ in videos but never saw a real one, and this one was inches from my face. She bobbed on him for a moment and he started escort bartın getting tense, I could see it in his expression,,,,,he was about to cum. She sensed it too because she stopped and directed me to continue. Trying not to show the enthusiasm I had just learned I went down on that dick all the way as far as I could take it, then he put his hands on my head and pushed-hard and I felt that huge dick going into my throat. He was about all the way to the hilt when I gagged and literally spit him out. He retaliated by putting it back in my mouth and pounding the back of my throat again. When he started to withdraw a bit he got hard as a rock and thrust again. This time I held him from slamming me and just as he stopped,,,, he cum, not just a squirt like the movies He filled my mouth to overflow with his cum, I’m swallowing all I can and trying to hold what i can’t, and then my wife joined me actually licking the cum from my chin as it dribbled down. When he spurted his last spurt he pulled his dick away and said get out, both of you.We gathered ourselves up, left, went back to our room and started to talk about the deed we had just done. Within minutes we were naked, having some of the best sex we had since we were newlyweds and saying to each other how fantastic that dick looked in their mouth. Never saw him again but trust me, we look into every motel room doorway or open window we see now. We have even had sex a few times with the curtains open and motel room door slightly ajar just hoping someone would walk in. So far plenty of lookers but no takers. WOnder what out next motel stay will bring us