Beer and Karaoke

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I sit at the table drinking a Guinness, listening to you sing a rendition of a Faith Hill song. I take you in, watching you own the song, making it yours. In lock eyes with you and you send me a coy smile. You finish the song and head back to the table. I ordered a bud and two shots.

We’ve been going back and forth all night each trying to outdo the other with who could turn the other on with a song.

“So. You ready to concede yet?” you say to me as you slide in next to me.

“Not in this life.” I say as I hand you a drink.

You raise your shot and we drink.

“Are you sure?” You say seductively as you slide your hand up my thigh and grab the hardness of my cock through my pants. Giving it a nice squeeze before letting go and turning your attention to the stage with a smirk on your face.

Grunting and getting my thoughts back in order. I lean over and say close into your ear, “I have an ace up my sleeve. And if I don’t have you ready to cum by the end of it, I will give myself over to your will for the rest of the night.”

“You’re on. Get ready to serve.” you say with a slight hitch to your voice as I give your inner thigh a squeeze before getting up and heading to the stage.

I get up on the stage after selecting my song and I wait for the music to start. I look at you and smirk as the slow slide guitar music starts to play. You mouth to me “You Bastard!” as I begin to serenade you.

“The world was on fire and no one could save me but you

It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do

I’d never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you

And I’d never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you”

“No, I don’t want to fall in love

No, I don’t want to fall in love

With you

With you”

I put all I have into the song. I invoke the spirit of Chris Isaak himself. I look at you the whole time. I never break eye contact. You can feel my voice run all over your body making it tingle. You shift in your seat because you’re afraid if you sit too long you will soak the seat more than you already have. You stare back an intensity at me showing me just how much this is affecting you. You want me to finish but you also want me to çapa escort continue torturing you with my song. I see this and it only spurs me on more as I finish the second verse.

What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way

What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you

What a wicked thing to say you never felt this way

What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you

And I don’t want to fall in love

No, I don’t want to fall in love

With you

I continue to explore your body with the sound of my voice as I finish singing. Looking at you getting more and more aroused with each line. I hold that last line for as long as I can and the music fades. I ignore the sound of applause as I head back to the table and stand across from you still looking you in the eye with a smile on my face waiting for you to say the words.

You finally break and shout out, “Fine!. You win. My dress is soaked and it’s all your fault.”

I smile triumphantly and reach my hand out to you. You take my hand and I pull you up and kiss you deeply not caring about the onlookers that are watching our little scene.

I break the kiss and lean into your ear again. “I tell you what. I am such a good sport I’m going to pretend I lost. I am at your command. Whatever you wish me to do I will. I am yours to use as you see fit. Command me my Lady.”

Your eyes widen as the words register to you and your insides get even wetter from the sound of my submission.

“Alright then. First you will pay our tab giving the waitress a big tip. Then you will follow 3 steps behind me as we go out back. I have work for you do. And if you’re a good little puppy I might reward you.”

I go pay the bill and I stay right behind you as you walk toward the back of the bar toward the emergency exit. There is no alarm so nothing happens when you open it and we are out in the alley between the bar and another building. It’s dark but you can still make out our forms from the street. I no sooner get the door closed behind me, when you force me against the wall and you attack me with your mouth. Kissing me hard and deep. Our tongues battling as our hands topkapı escort roam all over each other. Your hands go up and down my chest occasionally going down to stroke my hard cock through my pants. The evidence of my arousal turns you on more as my hands slide over your neck, down your sides squeezing your breasts as they continue down to your ass giving you a squeeze as I pull you closer so you can feel my hardness against you.

You pull back and away from me so I am just out of reach of you.

“Easy puppy. You’re my toy tonight remember. And I think the puppy should be down begging.”

I go along with the game but I give you a sarcastic look before I kneel down before you.

“Please my Lady. Let me please you. I can’t stand to not touch you. I long to hear the sound of pleasure I bring you.”

You don’t know how much more of this you can take since you were already close to cumming back in the bar while I sang to you. You stand with you back against the wall and you call me over to you with your finger pointing down in front of you.

“Ok. puppy. Show me how good of a doggie you are and make me cum hard. If you do that I’ll give you a treat.”, you say as you lift up the front of your skirt showing me your glistening wet pussy.

I move forward bending down so I can start by kissing the tops of your sandled feet. I work my way slowly up your leg kissing and licking my way up. Savoring every bit of your juices as I inch closer to your hot center. I go back and forth between each leg letting my hands run up your legs and thighs before raking my nails down causing you to moan from the sensation. I take my time. Worshipping every inch of you. Heightening your arousal as I go. The smell of you makes me harder and I deny myself no longer. I move in and using the flat of my tongue I lick from your hot wet opening up to your clit that has already pushed itself out of its protective head. When my tongue touches your clit your body twitches and your moan loudly.

“Oh gods puppy that is good. Such a good puppy. Don’t stop.”

I continue my long slow licks making sure to dip my tongue inside you each time and then lightly flicking your fındıkzade escort clit when I reach the top. Your body is humming and you are aching to cum but I hold you just at the edge. Knowing how much you want to cum but knowing that while I serve you I will make your orgasm mine. I slide my mouth up and I take your clit in my mouth and I swirl my tongue on your hard numb. I slide two fingers inside your pussy and they go in easily up to the knuckle. I work it slow at first while I continue to suck and swirl your clit bringing you closer and closer to cumming. You drape one leg over my shoulder to give me a better angle to fuck you with my tongue and fingers. Your moans are continual now and your legs are shaking.

“Yes. That’s it. Right there. Don’t you dare stop. Make me cum puppy. Make me cum NOW!” you yell as I speed my fingers up so I am near vibration speed. Moving quickly in and out curling up to hit the spot right behind your clit. I feel you just on the edge and right before I go in you hear from below, “As you wish.”

The words hit your ears just as I suck in your clit hard and flick it with my tongue fast and quick.

“FUCK YES. I’M FUCKING CUMMING. FUCK FUCK FUCK” You scream as you grab my head and push my mouth tight against your clit while you shake and convulse from the massive orgasm that has overtaken you. My fingers are tight inside you but they continue to rub your G spot as a second orgasm racks your body right on top of the first. I stop licking your clit and drink your juices as you ride out the orgasm against the wall.

After what feels like an eternity you start to slump against the wall and you take your shaky leg off of me and I stand up trying to help support you so you don’t fall. I look at worn yet contented look on your face as I bring you in for a close hug.

When you’ve recovered enough you open your eyes and you look at me.

“Oh my Gods. Puppy has outdone himself. I can barely stand. I think you have more than earned your reward.”

I look at you with expectant eyes. You turn me around so I am against the wall. You look down at my aching cock.

“Someone is happy to see me.” you say as you kneel down in front of me. You lean in and place a kiss right on the head of my cock through my pants, making it twitch.

“Good Boy. Stay.” you say to my cock before getting back to your feet and walk away toward the car.

I think to myself. “She is going to pay for that when we get home.” and I chase after her like a starving animal.

Lyrics by Chris Issac