Bed Buddies Ch. 01

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As the credits for “The Sound of Music” roll over the screen, I look over at Barry. Everything a girl would want in a man. Tall, dark, handsome, funny, and a doctor to boot. Doesn’t make sense that he is curled up in bed with me and Haagen Daas on a Saturday night.

Not that I am a bad specimen to be curled up to on a Saturday night, mind you. At 5’2, with luscious 36 HH breasts that still look fluffy and shapely sexy legs, coupled with a pretty face (and LOADS of modesty and humility), I still qualify as a brick house. But, as I just went through a pretty nasty little divorce, I am not quite ready to be a sex kitten just yet.

Barry, on the other hand, went through a divorce over a year ago. It is time that he got back into the swing of things. Being his best friend, I know it is high time that I push him back into the dating scene. He has been celibate long enough.

“Ya know, you really ought to get out more.” I look over at him intently.

I can see by the look on his face he is not feeling me. “Uh, why should I get out more?” He nudges my leg with his foot. “I thought that we were trying to heal from the wounds of divorce.”

I grab a pillow from behind his head and hit him with it. Hard. “Dude. Snap out of it and stop being so damned overly dramatic. Sheesh!” With that I scoot off the bed and head for the bathroom, right off his bedroom.

While I am sitting on the toilet, I try to persuade him to see my point. “Barry, you have been celibate so long that it doesn’t bother you anymore.”

Barry comes to stand at the bathroom door and looks at me with a look of pure cynicism. “I would say that is the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t see you breakin’ beds and getting nuts right now, either.”

I stand up to wipe, still trying to convince him to start dating. “OK, I may not be dating yet. Yet, mind you. But, I get plenty of nuts all by myself.” As I am patting dry, I stick my tongue out at him.

As I am adjusting my skirt, Barry sticks his tongue and waggles it. “I can help with that anytime ya need it.”

I roll my eyes at him as I wash my hands. “I am sure you can. But, as we are “boys”and all, we need not go that route.” Flicking the water off my hands at him, I giggle and flop back on the bed.

Barry flops down on the bed as well, with his head on my tummy. “OK. Duly noted, chick. However, keep that tongue thing in mind for a rainy day.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I mumble. I don’t know how I am going to convince him to get a life.

Then it hits me. (Oh I do so love these ephiphanic moments!)

“Tell ya what.” I push his head off my tummy and reach for his digital camera on the side of his bed. “If you want to help me be turned on, why don’t you stroke it for me.” I give him a sly little wink.

“Why don’t I do WHAT?” Barry looks at me like I have slapped him. I can tell that he wasn’t prepared for me to proposition him for real. “Girl, quit playin’.” He has that “violated” look on his face. It makes me want to die laughing but I know I can’t if I want this to work.

“Stroke it for me. I want to watch you pleasure yourself.” I try for the sexy eye look. Hopefully, I don’t look like I am having a seizure. “I want to take pictures so that I can look at them and get off when I get back home.” I reach between my legs and give my sex a little pat.

“I don’t know about this one, Lynn. This ain’t my style at all.” I can see in his eyes that he is so not interested in doing this. “Besides, it isn’t fair that you see me and I can’t see you.”

So, that is what this is about. He wants to see me, too. If I let him see me, I can pull my plan off without a hitch. I am a bit of a show off naturally, so this will be right up my alley.

“Tell ya what,” I pretend to think over what he said. “How about I will bend the rules just a bit and let you watch me IF you will let me watch you and get it on film.”

Little does he know that if he had asked before this, I would have let him watch me get off. I love an appreciative audience.

Barry grins a little bit nervously. “Dang! I kinda thought you would have given me more of a fight.” I notice that he is fidgeting with his hands. But, I also notice a nice-sized tent growing in his pants as well.

I look at his steadily growing lump and lick my lips. “Now why would I do that? I may not be ready for sex. But, I love a hot, nasty cum.” When Barry’s eyes go big as saucers, I laugh out loud. “We can go slow if you like.”

Without any shame, I take off my shirt and bra. Thanks to good genes and strong support bras, my breasts still look perky once they are released. I look him dead in the eye and ask, “Do you have any oil? I prefer to oil my breasts up before I play with them.”

I think he stubbed his toe on the way to the bathroom to grab his baby oil. I start to laugh to myself just a little bit. I have known Barry most of my life. We have spent vacations together and he has seen me in a bikini. He was two strips of fabric away from this look poker oyna many times before. Funny how the lack of those two strips change the reaction.

By the time Barry makes it back into the room, I am completely naked and absently stroking my hairless lower lips. I know that from the angle he is at, all he is focusing on are the dark chocolate of my hairless lips and the silky pink of my slit. As he comes closer to the bed, I know he can tell that my nipples are wet already. “Thanks for the oil, dude. I put a little sex on ’em so I could rub ’em until you got the oil.”

Barry is just standing there in awe. I can tell he is under my spell. Perfect. “Uh, Barry.” I pause to lick some of my cream off my fingertips. “Aren’t you supposed to be giving me a show as well?” I stretch my legs out into a V-shape, making my lips stretch out wider. “I cum so much harder when I have something to look at.”

It is laughable how quickly Barry is undressed. He almost puts his eye out taking off his belt. He was naked in under ten seconds flat.

I start to hump down on my hand as I push my fingers deeply into my puss. “Don’t lose that belt, Barry. You never know when I may need a spanking from getting your bed too wet.”

Barry makes no move to get into the bed. Instead, he chooses to tentatively touch himself standing next to the bed. His strokes are uneven and soft, as if he is to nervous to find his rhythm.

I know that I have to do a little bit more to get him completely relaxed. With a sly grin, I angle my legs toward him and sit up, still tickling my clit. I encourage him to move just a little closer to me. “Let me help you oil up a little so it will feel better.” I stop touching me to put some baby oil in my hand. Then, I move forward towards his member, making sure my tongue is slipping out of my mouth just a little bit. I slide my hands over him, over and over, making sure that I lick my lips, giving him thoughts of my tongue on him.

Very quickly, he is hard as a diamond and thick as my whole hand. I smile and lay back, watching him take over for me. This time his strokes is quick and strong. I can tell this time, he is into it. He has a look of strong concentration as he watches my fingers fly over my lips and inside me. He doesn’t even flinch when I reach over to start the digital camera’s remote picture capture feature and aim it at him. As a matter of fact, he smiles, lickes his hand and really gives me a show.

Since he is doing such a great job of getting into it, I decide I will give him another view that he will really enjoy as he cums. I place the digital camera on the side table by the bed, making sure that he is still in focus. Then, I roll over and stick my ass in the air. I know from that view, he can see my asshole puckered and hairless, as well as my juices running down my lips and hand.

I hear him groan and mumble “oh shit”. I guess that is universal for “I am about to cum”. So, as he continues to grunt, I put my all into cumming with him. I am a little bit quicker on the trigger than he is, though. Before I can slow it down, my cum hits me hard. It feels like a tidal wave of honey shooting out of me as my inner lips contract hard. I can hardly breathe.

As I am coming down from that, I feel as well as heard Barry shooting cum. He chooses to aim at my slightly open back door. I can feel some of it sliding into me and covering my whole backside. His hand, slick with oil and spittle and cum, rubs the cleft of my cheeks. I can tell he is going to try to go for more, so I have to do something to put a stop to this session.

I reach back and gather some of his cum off my ass with the same fingers I came on. I roll to the side and put those fingers in my mouth slowly, watching him. Then I smile and say, “Thanks for that cum. I feel so much better now.”

I can tell from the wry grin on Barry’s face, he gets where I am coming from. Before I can react, he places a quick, very wet kiss on my soaking, still sensitive lips. My body does a little convulsion around his tongue as it takes a quick swipe inside me. Then he straightens up like nothing is wrong and heads to the bathroom.

I hear him cleaning himself up. Unfortunately for me, that tongue was enough to get me going again. When Barry comes out of the bathroom, I am cumming hard yet again, fucking the air for all I am worth. Barry slides his thumb in my ass and flicks his tongue over my pearl. By the time I stop shuddering and and screaming, his face is covered from forehead to chin in my sticky, wet appreciation.

Barry leans back and grins at me. “That was the least I could do for a friend who brought me out of my shell.” With one last wet kiss, he heads back into the bathroom to clean up yet again.

“Damn,” I think to myself. “I wish he would stop doing that. We could be at this cumming thing all damn night at this rate.”

I pull myself together, forcing my hands not to touch my still throbbing sex. I climb out of the bed and head to the bathroom for a little canlı poker oyna clean up time of my own. I have cream all over my thighs, butt and I have no idea how it got on my stomach as well.

Barry still has a sizable hard on, but now it is covered in a pair of boxers. A fast move on his part and he won’t be covered any longer. I find myself surprised that his shorts are covering him up. A part of me wishes it would peek out just a bit so I have an excuse for misbehaving.

For my own sanity’s sake, I don’t let Barry see any of this going on in my face. I smile at him, the same smile I had when I watched “The Sound of Music” with him. I know if he sees any weakness on my part, I will be face down, ass up for the rest of the evening. I am shocked to know that I am kind of curious about how it would be with him.

As soon as I am dressed again, I head down the stairs, trying to be nonchalant. I am reaching for my purse when I realize that the digital camera is upstairs. “Barry, would you be a doll and go get the digital camera for me? I still want to look at your pictures while I get off at home.” I bat my eyes at him and giggle.

“Man…” Barry moans, but he heads back up stairs and comes down with the digital camera. He makes it back down in record time. “Here you go.” He places the digital camera in my hand. Before I can pull away, he holds on to my hand with the camera and says, “One more thing before you go. You have something to jack off to from me. I want something to jack off to from you.”

I sputter, “Hey, man! I just came all over your bed and your face. You got memories.” I smile because I have great memories from that as well.

Barry counters with, “Yeah, but you have souvenirs. I say you anty up one thing that I ask for of my choosing since I am being so accommodating.”

Well, heck. When he puts it like that, I know that I am going to have to go along with this one. I know in my mind he is right. I mumble, “Oh, okay.” I am ready to give up my panties as a parting gift to him. That is what guys always want after a good fuck. Why is beyond me, but I have lost a few great pair of panties like this.

I take my panties off, right there at the door. But, Barry has other ideas. Instead of taking proffered panties, he raises my skirt and begins to lick my kitty right there. If feels so intense that I almost lose my balance. Barry pushes me up against the wall and throws my thighs over his shoulders. I can’t get away from the cunnilingual assault. I hold on to his head, the wall, anything so that I don’t fall.

My love box, starved for some male attention, betrays me as it grinds into his face, begging for more. I give into the feeling and start to play with my nipples through my shirt. I might have been able to hold my composure, but Barry does me in when he slides his thumb back into my ass and twists it around. That is what I get for telling him what gets me off the most.

As I start to scream that I am cumming, Barry allows me to slide down to the floor. Cum starts to jerk out of me as if Barry is pulling it from my core. He dives back into the fray, licking up my juices, thumb still twisting and twirling inside of me. With his free hand, he slides four fingers inside of me. I feel so full that I almost can’t take it. Almost.

Grinding and pumping, I go for another cum. I can’t believe that my best friend has me cumming like this on the floor by his front door. When I cum down from the second nut, he slowly licks off all the wetness and straighten up my skirt and blouse.

As he helps me to stand, Barry is smiling and licking his fingers. “Now,” he murmured, “I have something to jack off with.”

It wasn’t until I got home that I remembered my plan for Barry and the digital camera. As many times as he made me cum, I had almost forgotten. I am going to make a profile for Barry on BedBuddies. That is, as soon as I find my butt plug and my dildo and cum just one more time.


It has been two days since I hung out with Barry. I think it is time to put part two of my plan to get him completely laid into play.

I thought we would be a little strained after Saturday, but the couple of times that I have talked to him have been the same as before. I am very happy about that. I didn’t want us to be all weird just because I came on his face a half dozen times.

So now I am sitting here with a bottle of Chardonnay and a little bit of Teddy Pendergras playing in the background. I wanted to make sure that I set a good mood for helping Barry find a sex partner.

As I type in the website, I am a little bit apprehensive. After all, I have never been to a site like BedBuddies. I am expecting that my computer will start crashing or something from the shock of it all.

Once I see that my computer is not going to suffer any major ill effects from the site, I settle in. With Chardonnay in one hand, I start to surf through the women looking for a bed buddy. A lot of these women are professional and attractive. internet casino I am not sure why they are on. But, I guess if all you are looking for is a good nut, this is a sensible way to go about things.

I am surfing though and end up on a few pages that I find interesting. I know Barry’s type. He likes his women chesty and a little bit thick and pretty. There are a couple of women that fit that bill and then some.

One lady, LadyLovesLicks, lives close to Barry. She is a little bit older than him, but she still looks pretty hot. I flag her page as one to come back to when I upload his pictures. Another lady, AnalAnnie, seems to be his type as well. As much as he talks about fucking in the ass, I know this girl would spark his attention. At least her ass would. There was one more lady, ProfessionalDome, that also seemed to be the kind of girl Barry would go for. She also looked a little familiar. Eh, I been looking at chicks all night. Between all the tits and ass I have seen, maybe they are all blurring together.

I upload the pictures that my camera took of Barry getting off. I can’t help but touch myself as I look at them. After all, once someone makes you come six times in an hour, you might get horny looking at them naked. Too bad he is my friend. Once I get over my divorce completely, he might have made a good fuck for me.

Once I have his profile finished, I contact the three women in question. With each of them, I leave a message stating that I uploaded pictures of my friend. I let them know that I am trying to surprise him with a woman to bring him out of his celibacy.

AnalAnnie, the girl with the thing for the backdoor luvin’ blocks all further contact with me immediately. I know that it wasn’t me, personally that she blocked. But, dang, that kinda hurts. I laugh it off with a “oh well” and see how well I fared with the other two women.


So, I do a little bit more browsing, taking the time to check out the men on this site. After all, when I do get ready to get my groove back, I wanna know what kind of guys are out there.

One guy in particular catches my eye. He is 6’4, Samoan and has tribal tattoos. I like the pictures that he has posted. Talk about sexy! I think I am going to go ahead and fill out my profile tonight as well. I could ride the shi……

*Bling!* The instant message starts to blink. It startled me. I didn’t even know this website had that option. *Bling!* It rings again. I find the blinking icon on the page and click it. The last lady, ProfessionalDome, is IM’ing me. Well, whaddya know?

“Hi. This is ProfessionalDome. You sent me a message. Are you still on?” The message window has a picture of her. Well, at least it has a picture of her breasts. She looks to be a 40 DD or more by the look of the picture. Her picture in her profile didn’t really make her look as chesty as this picture seemed.

I figure I should just jump right in, since I have gone this far. “Yes, I am still on. Thanks for getting back with me.” OK…now what? I have no clue what to say to a chick on a sex buddy website and I am hitting on her for my guy friend.

Her message comes back quickly. “Are you a guy or a girl? I couldn’t tell from the message you left me. The profile said male but you stated that you were a female.”

I hurry to explain. “The profile is for my friend. Let’s call him Mark. He needs to get back in the saddle and I thought this would be a cool way to help him. I am a girl. But that really is Mark on the photos.”

She sends back a few laughing smiley faces. “I bet it is a sexy story how you got those pictures of him. LOL.”

I laugh as I respond back. “ROFLMAO! Man, it is a great story. If we ever meet up, I will have to tell you about it.”

She and I end up chatting for over an hour. After initially talking about Barry (or Mark to her), we go off and talk about different things we like in guys. And how the dating scene in our town is not the greatest. And shopping. And shoes. After 10 minutes of Jimmy Choo vs. Manolo Blahnik she suggests that we talk on the phone.

“What the heck?” I think. This girl is the coolest person I have met in a long time. Even if her and Barry don’t hit it off, I now know someone who I will be able to call on for some serious shoe shopping.

She gives me her number and her real name. Tamryn. It strikes me as kind of funny because there is another doctor in Barry’s office named Tamryn. I know this isn’t her, though. The doctor always looked as if there is a stick stuck up her butt. This girl is way too cool to be Doctor Tamryn Stick-In-The-Ass.

When I call her, she is just as cool as she was online. I think we have just about exhausted everything that we could talk about, but boy am I wrong. We end up talking for another couple of hours about trips that we have taken and places we have been. Tamryn has been to Hedonism in Jamaica a couple of times. I tell her how jealous I am.

“Girl, next time we go, you should come with us.” As she is describing all the fun they had there, I am checking out the prices to make plans to go. “If you have big breasts like you say, there will be men begging you to beat them with your jugs.” We giggle like school girls.