Becoming a Couple

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His chair swiveled toward the window, as he stood up. Then he walked to the window, checked his watch, and yes, there she was. Right on time – 5:10. She walked out of the O’Keefe building across the street. He marveled that if he turned from his desk at exactly 5:09 and stood there a minute, she appeared through the revolving doors like a vision he conjured up on a weekday basis.

He wondered if she looked at her watch or her sense of timing was just ingrained in her actions. He watched her quite often during the day. They ate lunch in the same restaurant…same time…always the same tables at opposite ends of the room. Today was Wednesday, he mentally noted. On Wednesday she always wore the red Kasper, Ltd. business suit, pale ivory high necked, laced blouse, fashionably suntan color stockings and black ankle-strap high heels.

She has such straight posture and damn…that walk drove his senses crazy. Self-assured, fast paced, powered on a set of beautiful legs; her heels carried her across the street to disappear somewhere in his building. Damn!

He thought he knew every office in this building. It was only two floors, but he had no idea where she went at the end of the day. He had toyed with the thought of going down to the lobby and following her, but quickly dismissed that thought as obsessive. He watched her disappear into the building and went back to the latest business contract. His thoughts kept drifting to her. That walk…oh, those legs…those damn beautiful breasts.

He heard the front office door open. Then he heard the receptionist say his name and that he was in. He did not look up, becoming angry of this after-hours intrusion into his thoughts of her. His intercom buzzed.

“No, I do not know that name, no she does not have an appointment!!!…Oh damn, no sorry did not mean to yell at you…yes, fine, send her in.”

He looked back down at the contract as he heard his door open, and he gruffly mumbled, “Please sit down, I will be with you in a moment”. He heard the chair being moved, the slight movement of someone taking a seat, and then a quiet voice said, “Thank you, Sir”. His head shot up at the sound of the voice. It was that voice…her voice. It sent his senses reeling.

As he sat there…he stared across his expense of mahogany desk…his eyes met her eyes. He noted he had been right…that the color of that Wednesday blouse was ivory! “How can I help you? “His body instantly registered numerous ways he could help her.

She looked directly in his eyes and said, “You can help by explaining this fascination you seem to have! You stare at me every day…through the entire lunch hour…and it seems you follow my every action after work from that window!”

For a brief moment he was not sure how to answer, but just a very short moment. He stood and walked around his desk, pushing some papers out of the way…sat on it right in front of her to gain the advantage on a higher level, so she had to look up.

Damn it, this was his office…he could sit on the furniture anyway he wanted.

“Well you certainly get to the point, but I fail to remember staring at you…besides an appreciative glance…so tell me, do you walk into every office, to debate with every man that finds you attractive?”

She did not move, but he noted the flinch register in her eyes that she held from moving to her body. She controlled that body so well. He knew he could control it better!

She paled…stood…mumbled, “I…I…er…apologize, I am so sorry, I do not know why I did this, please excuse me.” She almost raced to the office door.

At 6′ tall, his legs carried him to the door first. He blocked her way with an arm held across the door, “No, wait! Please…lets start over! I find you attractive and I am rather vexed on an empty stomach, so how about if I answer every question you ask over dinner…just down the street?” He could not believe he just said that. His voice did not even sound like his own, but he was desperate to have her stay with him.

She looked at him, but her eyes were still wary from his previous sharp attack.

“Look, as long you walked into my office, that is all that matters to me. Please let’s get something to eat, okay?”

She smiled slightly, “Okay.”

“Fine, we can leave our attaché cases here and we can swing back for them.”

She hesitated but stood without the case. He swiftly moved across the room to close things…afraid that if he blinked or took his eyes off her that she would disappear.

They walked to Dixie’s, the restaurant they ate lunch at and were automatically seated at his usual table. He ordered a bottle of wine and dinner. They ate, companionably chatting as if they had known each other for years instead of hours. There were only a few couples on the dance floor at this early hour but he looked at her, “Are you frightened to dance with me?”

She heard the challenge in his voice, laughed and answered, “Yes…but I will poker oyna anyway.” But she did not move. He stood and held out his hand…she took it and walked with him to the floor.

The music was a slow song and she stood poised and erect in his arms. His body screamed messages to his brain to be next to her. He decided that since she walked into his office, his time, his after-hours, then she was definitely his.

At each turn they made to the music, he slowly started reeling her in toward his body. His left arm wrapped like a vise around her waist, holding her pinned against him. He took her left hand…moved it from his to his shoulder…let go of her right hand and wrapped that arm firmly around her back holding her to him as they drifted and moved to the music.

He had her against him as he whispered in her ear, “This is where I have wanted you while I have been watching you. Does this help answer your question of why I look at you?”

She was unaware she was holding her breath as her mind went reeling from his words. He felt so right holding her…her body blended to the music and leaned against him…she relaxed and with a sigh melted into his arms. She felt him move his muscular thighs against her. Her nipples rubbing through her blouse hardened.

He moved slow, sensually…letting her body know his was more powerful, more dominant…more in control. His thigh rubbed seductively against her feminine part. The music stopped, but he did not let her go…just held her against him. He looked down at her, “Now I will let you go…when I decide to let you go…not when the music tells me it is time! Do you understand?” She nodded her head yes, but was not sure what he meant.

She walked back to the table, glad to sit down away from the heated contact with his body. She could hardly finish dinner, but managed to make small talk until he stood and pulled back her chair for them to leave. They walked back to his office hand in hand aware of the strong connection between them.

She had gone to his office to challenge him–not to have dinner. She had gone there to tell him she knew he stared at her and to leave her alone! She had gone there to reproach him…not want him…not feel this need to be held by him.

They entered the elevator looking into each other’s eyes, smiling…touching each other on the arm when they casually spoke. He rubbed his finger on her cheek, “So tell me now, was dinner that bad? Am I so bad to be around? Do you want me to stop looking at you?”

She smiled shyly, “No, no and no!”

He smiled into her eyes and deeply replied, “Good, good and good!” His mind started to undress and caress her.

As they entered his office, the lamp on his desk cast a dim light over the furnishings. She walked in front of him to retrieve her attaché case. She bent over to pick it up and the sight of her well-fitted suit stretched across her bottom, made him catch his breath. His mind snapped out two mental notes–his office, his woman and his right.

He moved in back of her as she straightened. She felt two arms lightly, but possessively, around her. He turned her to him as she was saying; “I have to go!” She looked up and could not figure out what there was about him that made her give in to him. What made him able to bend her to his will but it was there and she wanted him…he read it in her eyes.

She leaned back against him as her attaché case dropped from her hand. His mind registered possession. His body registered need, “Don’t go yet, stay with me for just a short while and let me hold you…no one will return to this office”. She melted against him and her mind registered…she would not move from this moment–even if they were in the middle of Times Square at rush hour!

He felt her move back against him and heard her soft sigh as her body began relaxing against his. He turned her slowly and placed his hands on either side of her face, looking deep into her eyes, “I am going to kiss you, I want to and more…I need to!”

Her eyes closed, as she felt his lips slowly move across her as lightly, as a butterfly landing on a flower. He rubbed his lips on her lips…slowly back and forth…letting his tongue slide over her upper lip, then her lower lip. His hands tightened and the pressure of his lips increased, wanting her to open for him and accept him.

Her arms slid up around his neck as his tongue drove deep into her mouth. It was demanding, needing, touching and possessing every part that it could reach. She moaned and moved against him without thinking. He ground his lower body into hers, rubbing back and forth…pressing into her…letting her know she was his from this moment.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes as his hand reached for her ivory blouse to unbutton it. One button by one, her smooth creamy flesh was freed to his view. She knew in that instant that she wanted him. Her nipples showed him by hardening beneath his stare. He stepped back and took his jacket canlı poker oyna and shirt off. He stared at her as he unzipped his pants and slid them down his muscular thighs.

Then, in a moment, he stood before her naked. His body was beautiful, lean…muscular…powerful. He started moving back to her. Slowly, piece-by-piece, he removed her clothes. As she went to step out of her shoes he roughly said, “No, baby, leave on your garters, stocking and heels!”

She stood before him…naked…vulnerable…trembling…needing.

He leaned forward cupping her breasts…feeling their fullness in his palms as he slowly leaned to suck her nipples. Licking them so delicately until they peaked and puckered for him…more pressure! He began to suck and nip at them…bite them…pull on them. She arched her back, thrusting them more fully for his possession. He accepted her gift and pinched and twisted those beautiful nipples until she moaned his name arching against his fingers.

He kept her nipple in his mouth, pulling on it as his hand slid down her body, slowly, over her flat tummy to her mound. His mind registered she had long pubic hair and he loved the thought. He pulled on it pulling her pussy lips away from her clit. She moaned as she felt herself getting wet. She was about to say something when his finger slid between her folds…moist…heated. She felt like a fire went through her body, and she pushed against his hand grinding her pussy upon his fingers.

He knew she was wet and ready. He was beyond ready.

His cock was hard and thick as she reached down and her hand wrapped around the shaft. She marveled at the smooth texture and began to rub him up and down sliding the pre-cum to lubricate his cock and balls. He looked at her rubbing his cock, holding him…cupping his balls.

His voice was gravelly, “Turn around, now!”

She did not move and he spun her around so her body leaned over his desk. His mind registered that he should play with her pussy more…drive his fingers up into he. Make this first time romantic! His mind dismissed this with the thought he would do it later, at his apartment…and shower!

He reached under her and spread her legs wider. He tested her pussy making sure she was wet, hot and ready for him. “Oh yes, honey you are so wet for me, can you feel yourself dripping?”

Her mind registered his questions, but she was beyond answering more than a low moan and whimper of pleasure as she felt his first tentative push against her opening. She turned her head and their eyes met in need. He was unsure for a moment and stopped, but she whispered, “No, please, I want you…like this…here…now!”

He grabbed her hips and drove his cock into her channel in one smooth stroke. It was deep…warm…engulfing. They did not move for a moment. Slowly he began to pull her back on the last few inches of his cock. He heard her whimper, but he held her tight. “Easy, honey, I am in now, just relax, I promise nothing is ever going to hurt you again. Ease back baby, that’s it, let my cock all the way in.”

He slowly pulled out to the edge of her pussy opening and slid slowly back in. He rubbed her hips and pulled her back with each slow thrust until he felt her moving back on him of her own volition. “Good girl…move…yes honey…shove back on my cock…oh yes ram back on it baby!”

He increased his thrusts…longer…more demanding. He pulled her hips and kept her in position as his cock began to ram into her. She whimpered and felt her pussy stretching with the constant driving in and out. Her body was tingling…floating with each ram of his cock into her cunt.

She heard his breathing and the deep timber in his voice, “Mine…from now on you are mine…and only mine!”

Answer me! Tell me! Tell me now!”

She mumbled, “Yes,” and in a fury he began to pound his hips driving and ramming his cock into her in a frenzy of possession and need.

She began to moan and her body started to drive back in the same need, impaling her cunt on his cock with each thrust. Harder…hotter…until she screamed his name and he drove his cock as far as it would go into her, shooting hot cum. She spasmed into her own orgasm, and her pussy muscles locked around his cock…holding him…draining him.

They stayed like this, not moving. He was bent over her body…kissing her spine…her neck. He waited in her, holding her, letting her breathing slow and her body stop trembling.

He felt her move and he moved off of her and turned her to him. She did not meet his eyes, and he tipped her chin up. She blushed, and still could not meet his eyes. He hugged her to him and rocked her back and forth. “Shhh, its okay honey, I know this is an office, but it will be better next time.”

She mumbled something against his cheek like, “Oh no, we did this in your office!”

He looked around the room, at his papers all over the floor, at his mahogany desk and thought, Yes! …and internet casino it never looked better! He did not tell his new possession this thought.

“Come on, lets get dressed, help me get my papers together, and we will go to my place and talk. Okay honey?”

She mumbled it would be nice, and started to get dressed while picking up strewn contracts off the floor.

He thought to himself just how nice it was. He watched her dress and automatically pile his papers in order. He chuckled at her meticulous nature. His mind began to undress her again, and think of the shower at his condo…soaping her body…finally taking his time and letting his fingers and tongue work their magic.

They walked hand in hand out of the office…he shut the office lights. “We will spend the evening at my place, just getting to know each other, watching TV, relaxing, how does that sound?”

She quietly smiled and said, “Fine,” while he was already wondering where he put that nice soap he recently purchased.

Leaving the building hand in hand they walked the few blocks to the parking garage. The drive across town was short and he kept their conversation on topics of her, “So tell me are you divorced yet?” She was quiet a few moments before answering, “N…No…Not yet. I tried working it out but he claims he needs space.”

He liked the man already! The man could move to the moon and it wouldn’t be enough space, as far as he was concerned, but he didn’t tell her this. He just mumbled apologetically, “I’m sorry to hear about your pending divorce!” But then grinning he added, “But in all honesty…not that sorry.” They laughed over his honesty, and he rambled on about his previous divorce, his work, future plans to leave the city, buy a ranch and retire.

Nearing his apartment he said, “I know you mentioned you chat on line every night, so I hope you won’t be too disappointed, but there isn’t a computer in my house…I thought we could just watch some television.”

She thought to herself that she couldn’t care less if he owned a computer, and replied, “Oh no, that’s fine. I chat on line because I don’t have to leave the apartment and have actually met wonderful people on line.”

“Well, I’ll have to practice to live up to that, so you don’t get bored and run home to your computer.” He made a mental note that the moment they arrived, to close his home office door, where his computer was.

Parking in the garage, he opened her car door and asked, “Well here we are, still want to come up with me? Wait, forget I just asked that!” Not waiting for her to answer, he pulled her to her feet, put his arm around her waist and they walked to his apartment.

She was quite surprised, when they walked in, to find it rather cozy and remarked, “Oh my, this is much different than what I pictured!”

He smiled, “You expected to walk into another office? — I’m wounded!” and his laughter filled the apartment, as he walked around turning on the lights and closing the office door. “Go ahead and sit while I get us some snacks…turn on the television and we can chat.”

She felt better that he didn’t propose wine with candle light, and was also quite surprised he didn’t try to seduce her the minute they stepped inside the apartment.

She took off the jacket to her business suit, hanging it where he’d placed his and walked into the den area. It was quite a large apartment, and she loved the hanging plants and family photos he had in various places. It was actually all one area, separated by half walls to give it an open, spacious look. The apartment was done in pastels, but the wood furniture gave it a masculine look.

Sitting on the couch she turned on the television calling in to him, “Should I leave on Monday night football?”

He was busy opening kitchen cabinets and called back, “No, I don’t want to start yelling at the television and scare you, but just let me see the score, okay?” He walked in carrying a large bowel of popcorn, a bottle of diet Coke, regular Coke and two glasses.

Sitting down on the floor next to her legs, he put the bowel of popcorn on her lap and took a handful. Then he suddenly yelled, “No you idiot, pass the football, don’t run it!” Smiling he grinned up at her, “Okay, you better flip channels till we find something, or you’ll think I’m crazy and leave me with the popcorn…or worse…take the popcorn and just leave me.”

She laughed and started switching channels, not knowing what channel to stop on until they discovered they both liked the movie on the Movie Channel. Halfway through the movie he left the room and returned wearing comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt. “Look honey, we have another hour of this movie, how about if I give you a pair of jeans and a sweater, and you can turn up the bottoms and the sleeves?”

Agreeing, she went to his bedroom and found a pair of jeans and sweater already on the bed for her. After a few tugs here and there she finally gave up trying to make the jeans look decent on her medium frame, just grateful they slid over her hips. She proceeded to roll up the sleeves, adjust the pant legs; put on the white socks and expected him to laugh at her appearance as she returned to the den.