Barefoot Slave

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Barefoot SlaveWhen I saw the man walking towards me, my dick started to twitch. Even fromhalf a block away, he was sexy. As he got closer, his dick hardened more.The man was medium height, wearing boots, jeans and t-shirt. He was theperfect looking Daddy, with barrel chest and beer belly. He was rugged,with a big bushy mustache.The man saw my gaze and stared at me intently. I started to blush, butdidn’t look away. The man came up to him and put out a big hand.”Hey fella, noticed you looking at me. You’re a hot young man.” I was bigand built and often got compliments, but hearing this hot man compliment meput a big smile on my face.”Thank you, Sir. My name’s Andy.””Sir, eh? The name’s Roy, but you just keep callin’ me Sir. I think wecould have some fun together. You got time to get acquainted at my place?Before you say yes, I want you to know that if you say yes now, I expectyou to say yes to a lot of things. I want obedience.”Here, he reached out and grabbed my hardening dick. There were peoplewalking down the street, but I didn’t back away. I was embarrassed, but toohorny to think straight. The man’s deep, honeyed voice seemed to melt anyopposition away.”Yes, Sir!”The man laughed. “Your dick already answered me boy. Let’s go. Stay onestep behind me.” We walked about four blocks, my dick now straining againstmy pants. I watched his meaty ass as he strode down the street, neverlooking back to see if I was following. He turned into an apartmentbuilding, stopped and said, “take off your shoes, boy. You are alwaysbarefoot in my home.” I was about to ask “here, in the street?” but the manwas looking at me sternly. He clearly just expected me to take off myshoes, so I did. “Socks, too, hurry up!” I snatched the socks from my feetand held them in my hands.”Come on in, boy.” I followed him into the lobby. “OK, boy, now let’s seehow eager you are to serve me.” He reached down and pulled open the buttonson my jeans. Working his big hands in and around my underwear, he pulledout my cock and balls and gave them a tug until they were hanging out of mypants. By now, my cock was rock hard and pointing straight out. I juststood there, dumbly, my hands full of shoes and socks. I saw someone passby outside, but they didn’t look in to see me with my cock waving around inthe air. It was embarrassing… but hot, too.”Take the stairs, boy. I’m up on the third floor. Just wait outside302. I’ll be there in a second. Don’t you dare touch that cock. That’s myjob!” I practically ran up the stairs, cock and balls bouncing in the air.I didn’t want anyone to see me. Of course, when I got to his apartment, Irealized that I just had to wait there in the hallway. I faced the door andprayed that no one would come out of the neighboring apartments.In just a minute, I head the elevator open, and Roy came striding out. Itmay have been just a short time, but it felt like an eternity, me, barefootand dick exposed in an almost-public place. Roy opened up his door andstepped just inside. “Strip, hand me your clothes, then get down on yourhands and knees and crawl into my apartment. You never wear clothes here!”I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but it just seemed necessary to obeythis man. There was something about his voice that commanded respect. Ofcourse, the fact that I was cross-eyed with horniness didn’t hurt!As I stripped off the clothes, pants, shirt and underwear, I handed them toSir Roy. He stared at my body, then gave a long, low whistle, “that’s quitea body, boy. I’m going to enjoy exploring what it can do. Get down!” Hebarked out that last sentence, so I hurriedly got down on my hands andknees. “Good boy, follow!” I crawled into the apartment. Sir Roy tossed myclothes into a hall closet, closed the door, then walked on into the livingroom. I followed, on hands and knees, staring at his boots as they clompedacross the floor.”Lie on your stomach boy, and raise your feet. It’s time you learn thatbeing with me means that you never get to walk like a man. You will bebarefoot and hobbled and working hard when you are with me. Got it, boy?”I could feel him tying a knotted rope around my left ankle. He explainedwhat else he was doing. “I’m going to tie off each toe, so every step youtake, you remember that I am in charge. Mmmm. Feel that knot? I love itwhen I get the knot right between the toes.” I breathed in sharply as SirRoy looped the rope around another toe and tied it off to my ankle. Each ofmy toes was cinched up tightly and tied off to the ankle rope. When Sir Royfinished both feet, he took an elastic band and strapped it twice around myankle.”That looks great, boy. Get up, walk over to that little square painted onthe floor in front of my chair and stand there.” I got up slowly and walkedgingerly over. It must have looked ridiculous, with me taking tiny steps, alittle grunt each time my toes were pulled by the rope. I could see a tinysquare of white paint, so I stood on top.”Boy, when you are in that spot, and I expect you to spend a lot of timethere, I don’t ever want to see any part of your bare foot to touch thefloor. Your space is just that small, painted square. Now!” I hastily roseup on the balls of my feet and positioned them in the square. My toes hungover, but they weren’t touching the crowd, as tightly bound as theywere. There wasn’t room for the heel of my foot, so i stood on the balls ofmy feet.Master left the room, and I could hear water running. It was hard tobalance without my toes, so I stood there, swaying a bit, with my thighstrembling already from the pose.Roy came in and sat down in the easy chair in front of me. He grinned, andsaid, “Damn, boy, you look mighty fine like that. He stood up, reached intohis pocket and pulled out a brown bottle of poppers. Take some deep snortsof this boy, I like to see a sub red-faced, head swimming.”He held up the bottle first to one nostril, then to the other and thenanother round. Each time I took deep whiffs of the poppers. By the time heremoved the bottle, i was wavering back and forth trying to stay on thesquare.”Love to see a boy fucked up on fuck juice,” Roy chuckled. “You are goingto be fun. We’ll spend more time in the square later, but right now, i wantto see how you can serve me. “Do you want to suck my dick, slave?”Yes, Sir! Please let me suck your dick, Sir!” I even licked my lips.He laughed at my eagerness. “Well, you haven’t earned that right yet, but Ihave a feeling you will.” He reached down beside the chair and pulled up atattered washcloth with a rope tied to it.”Tie that around your waist, slave!” He tossed it to me and I almoststumbled out of the square. It was an old dishcloth, stained and holed. Itied the rope around my waist. My dick tented up the cloth, and the pulsinghead found one of the holes and peeped out.”I want you barefoot and naked most of the time slave, but this is properwork attire for you. I am going to put you to work, in ways you are goingto like sometimes and in ways you are going to hate. But you will work forme. Down on all fours!”Again, the barked command had me scrambling lara escort to obey. I knelt on the ground,feet tied together and hurting from the bondage. Sir Roy came over andtousled my short hair. He pulled out the bottle and gave me another roundof poppers. With my head spinning, he said, “Crawl after me, fuckface.”I crawled behind him into the kitchen. In the middle of the linoleum was aplastic water bucket. I knelt there, not knowing what to do.”Go ahead slave, start scrubbing. My kitchen floor needs to be cleaned.You’ve got the rag right there. Get to it!” I quickly untied the rag frommy waist and put it into the hot water. I started right where the bucketwas and started to slosh soapy water around.”Smack!” I yelped in pain and surprise as Sir Roy stood there, thick blackbelt in his hand. He’d walloped me good with it.”Start in the far corner and work your way to the door, ya stupid scrubslave!” He accompanied his commands with another couple whacks with thebelt. I scrambled over to the corner, pushing the bucket with me. I startedscrubbing furiously at the floor. Any time that I slackened, Sir Roy gaveme a crack with the belt. By the time I had finished the floor, my ass wasburning red and I was out of breath from the effort and the poppers. Masterhad kept back the whole time, just in belt reach, but now he steppedforward right onto the wet surface.”Not bad, scrub slave. You’ll improve with lots of practice.” As he steppedback to the living room, he left two muddy boot prints on the clean floor.He settled into his chair, then yelled back. “Lick that mess off the floor,put on your scrub slave outfit and get back to your square!” I couldn’tbelieve it as I bent forward to lick up the muddy boot prints. The floortasted of soap, mostly. As my tongue worked over the linoleum, I noticedthat my dick was still hard. I’d never done anything this kinky before, butmy dick wanted me to keep doing it. I licked the boot dirt clean, fastenedthe now damp and dirty cloth around my waist, then crawled back and stoodup on my square. I was still panting from the effort.Master stretched out his legs. My eyes followed his big, black boots asthey stretched almost to me. He followed my eyes and laughed. “You’ll begetting to know my boots and feet all to well, slave! But for now, I needyou to clean my dick off and suck some of the cum out of my balls. Get downhere!”I knelt at his feet and started to reach for his jeans. He swung the beltwhich he still held in his hand and it hit my back with a fearsome sound. Icried out at the pain. Roy hadn’t spared any muscle.”Use. Your. Mouth. Slave.” He said each word carefully. I noticed that hismustache fluttered as the syllables came out. I also realized that I wasfocused on his mouth. That was where the commands came from, and at thispoint, I wasn’t sure I could look him in the eyes.”I bent over and undid the buttons with my teeth. His jeans were tight, butold and faded, so it wasn’t hard to open it up all the way. Sir Roy waswearing an old jockstrap, yellowed and frayed. When his pants fell open, astrong musky odor came from his crotch. I’d never smelled it so strong. Itmade my head swim just like the poppers had. I reached for the band with myteeth and tugged down the pouch over his cock and balls. It was hard to getthe elastic over his thick dick, but once I did, his cock bounced up. Hewasn’t as long as I was, but man was that a thick dick. It had to be thegirth of a beer can. I didn’t know how I was going to stretch my lipsaround it.Sir Roy’s dick was uncircumcised, and despite its hardness, the skinwrinkled over the head.”Put your nose right in there, slave, and take some deep breaths.” Inestled my nose right into the puckered flesh and felt it hit the hardhead. The scent was overpowering. I could tell that he hadn’t showered thatday. Hell, maybe not for a day or two. It was rank and tart and soursomehow, but with such strength that I couldn’t tear my nose away. In fact,I started to nuzzle at it and felt precum lubricate the tip of my nose as Irubbed and breathed.Master held up the brown bottle again, and I alternated between deepbreaths of his unwashed cock and hits from the poppers. Sir Roy then sliddown the hood of his uncut cock, exposing the red knob. I noticed that theunderside was coated with dick cheese.”Lick it off boy. I want my cock to shine when you are done with it.” Faceas red as his cock from all of the poppers, I engulfed the thick head withmy mouth and started sucking. I swirled my tongue all around, feeling thesmegma on my tongue and throat as I swallowed it down. Occasionally I wouldtake a breath and notice that Sir’s cockhead was now clean. Master noticedtoo, and gave me another round of hits from his bottle.”Suck it, slave!” And he pushed my head down on his dick. I choked and thesaliva dripped around the base of his cock as I struggled with the thickpole invading my throat. I desperately started to breathe through my noseand soon gained enough equilibrium to start sucking. I pistoned up and downthe shaft, pausing to roll the head in either cheek. I was still snortingfrom all of the snot and slime that coated his cock, but I was too far goneto care. I sucked and gasped and choked and licked until I could feel hisballs start to churn.”Swallow it, slave! Swallow it all.” He grabbed my throat and startedr****g my mouth. When his cock erupted, the first blasts went straight downmy throat. Others filled my mouth and dripped down the base of his cock andslid towards his balls. When I was sure the cum geyser was over, I lickedall the way down to ensure that I got all of the gooey, salty cum from hisballs.Sir Roy sat back in his chair, with a big grin on his face.”That was fine, slave. You’ll get better though, with a LOT more practice!”Master Roy called me and told me to report for scrub duty on Fridaynight. He was clear in his directions. I could hear the authority in hisvoice. “No shoes! Walk barefoot from your place. Take your dick out beforeyou ring the bell. When you get to my door, strip, and THEN knock on thedoor. And don’t be late, or you’ll be scrubbing the sidewalk outsidenaked!”So there I was naked and nervous and knocking on His door. As soon as Siropened the door, however, I forget about my situation and my slave cockstood to attention. Master was wearing boots and an old worn jockstrap thatwas frayed and dark with age. I could see his thick cock against thethinning fabric and my mouth started to water. I thought that I could evensmell the dick cheese from up here. Not that I stayed standing for long.”Get down, slave!” He barked. I dropped to all fours and following hisgesture, crawled into the apartment. He had me lay face down and againtightly tied up my ankles and toes. He really seemed to relish the footbondage tonight, and my toes felt it as they were pulled cruelly upward.There was one big knot right next to my little toe, and it pushed it outsideways as well as up. All of my toes were separated and splayed out.”Roll over!” Now on my back, Master squatted down over my face. I could seehis escort lara meaty, hairy ass coming toward me. I couldn’t escape the mounds as theypushed against my face. At first, the lack of oxygen was my only worry, andSir Roy gave a contented sigh as He rubbed his ass crack against my nose.He lifted his ass slightly, and it was only then that the full odor hit me.I don’t know if He’d been exercising, but his ass was dripping withsweat. It had an overpowering, musky, tangy smell. It was just too much atone time, and I tried to shake my head away from underneath Sir Roy’s ass,but it was bigger than me and I couldn’t escape.”Breathe, slave!” I took in a big snort as Master took a firm grip on myballs along with his verbal command. As I breathed deeply through my nosemy head started swimming. I don’t know if it was lack of oxygen or thesmell, but my mind was reeling like I’d done a bottle of poppers.Master Roy started tying a rough rope around my balls, pulling the sac frommy body and separating the two testicles. As he jerked at my balls, Istarted to grunt in pain with each pull. When he tied the end of the ropeoff to my ankles, I started moaning and Sir’s response was to settle hisasshole securely over my nose. I could feel the tip slip inside His holeand feel ass juices running down my face. Now I moaned directly into hisflesh and Master chuckled as he heard the muffled sounds of pain.Slowly, he stood up, and I took some breaths in the clear air. My face wasa mess of sweat and slime. Master looked down at me.”Kneel!” I slowly got on my knees, which pulled the rope taut between myballs and ankles. I quickly sat down on my haunches to lessen the strain.”Put your nose right in my hole, slave!” I stretched painfully up to burrowin between his ass cheeks. Once there, I took a big sniff.”Follow me, slave, and don’t let your nose out of my ass or you’re gonnaget it!” I crawled desperately after him as he strode across the room toHis chair. Each waddle pulled at my balls, and Master smiled to himself ashe heard the “mmph, ffff” of his slave as he moaned and sniffed in hisMaster’s ass scent.When Master reached his chair, He bent over and held onto the arms.”Get your tongue in there and lick, boy!” I stuck out my tongue and took along swipe at His ass crack. When I got back to His puckered hole, Ihardened my tongue and stuck it in as far as it could go. Master gave a lowmoan of pleasure, reached for the bottle of poppers and held it between hislegs.”Take two big hits with each nostril, slave! I want that fuck juice to fuelyour service.” I breathed in and out, in and out until I couldn’t seeanymore. The smell of Master’s ass drove me to it again, and now I attackedit with abandon. My whole world was his ass as I slobbered against thehairy flash, licked tenderly at the crack and plunged my tongue as deep inhis hole as I could manage. Master stuck his ass out and took a few popperhits himself as he pleasured himself with his slave’s tongue. I could feelthat pleasure as he rocked slowly back and forth against my thrustingtongue.”Aah, you’re going to be good at this slave!” Sir moaned, stood up, thenturned around and sat down on his chair.”But, I have to think of your training. So far, you’ve sucked cock andlicked ass. Now I need to know that you can take care of my feet.” Mastersat back and stuck out his boots, first one then the other with big clompson the wooden floor.Even though I was new to this, I knew better than to reach for his laces.As I bent down to take a bootlace in between my teeth, I heard Master givea sigh of pleasure. I tugged at the laces of his boot and then worried thesides of the boot to loosen them in the holes. As I got it looser, MasterRoy lifted up His boot and I managed to pull it off using my mouth. As soonas I did, the foot aroma filled my brain.”Suck on my socks, slave!”His socks were hot and damp, and I tried to get my mouth around His toes.The cotton seemed to suck all the spit out of my mouth, and it was astruggle to fit His toes all the way in. But, Master Roy just leanedforward and gave me the bottle to snort. As soon as my head was spinningwith fuck juice, I started to work his socks with more vigor. I could feelthe insides of my mouth pucker. After about ten minutes of sock service,Sir Roy gently kicked the side of my head.”Other boot slave!” I did the same service with the other, first laces,then boot, then sucking socks. Another hit of poppers ensured myobedience. By the time Master sat up, my mouth was sore and dry.”Socks, slave!” I worried the first sock down with my mouth and immediatelyattacked Sir’s bare feet.”I want to see your tongue through my toes, slave!” I furiously tongued atHis toes, slurping around his feet. There was toe jam between the smallertoes, and I made sure to suck it up. By now, I wasn’t caring aboutanything. I knew that if I serviced His feet, I’d get to suck His cockagain, and that became my only goals. First one foot and then the other. Ilicked and tongued his soles. Sir wanted to see how much of His foot Hecould fit in my mouth. I only managed His five toes, but my cheeks wereobscenely full even with that.”We’ll have to get some photos of futures sessions, slave. You look goodwith your face red with fuck juice and your mouth filled with my feet. It’stime for your reward!”I moved quickly up to His jock, licking feverishly at the coarse fabric. Itwas brown and stained with piss and His cock strained against the fabric. Iworked up enough spit to really wet it down, and soon I worked His thickdick out of its pouch. I carefully worked the foreskin down over the headof His dick and assiduously cleaned the underside of the head. Once again,the smell of dick cheese assaulted my senses, and Master Roy gave me twobig hits of poppers to encourage a thorough cleaning.By the time I had spit-shined the head of His dick, Master had gripped theback of my head and plunged His fat rod down my throat. He grunted as Ichoked up some slime and started to piston His dick in and out of my mouth.I could barely breath, choking and snorting as His thick dick bruised mythroat. His first shot went right down my throat, but He pulled away andshot his second and third sprays all over my face. He was panting and I wasgasping for breath. I could feel the cum slide down my face.”That was a fine effort slave. One day, you’ll be so good at this that I’llwant to show you off, share you with some of my friends. But we have moretraining to do.” He bent over and unwound the rope from my balls. He gaveit an extra tug as it spiraled away from my balls and I yelped at thesudden rush of blood back into my tortured balls. Next, He stood up tountie my toes, which were cramping from their rope confinement.”Keep quiet, slave. Get dressed and go home. I want to watch TV.” I quicklystood up and gathered my clothes. Without even thinking, I left Hisapartment bare-assed and quickly put my clothes on in the hallway. As I letmyself out into the cool night air, I felt the pavement on my bare feet.Already, they were covered with the dirt of my lara escort bayan walk here. I walked quicklyhome, not to avoid the chill evening air, but to get home to jerk offthinking of my Master. I couldn’t wait for His next Roy had put me in the default position. Ankles and toes tied up tight,standing on a small painted square on the floor just in front of hischair. Sir Roy like to sit down and relax, maybe watch the game on the TVand look over at his scrub slave. Right now, I’d been standing in thesquare for about thirty minutes, and Sir Roy’s big dick got hard as Hewatched me struggle to keep within the square. My thighs were tremblingwith the effort because I had to balance on the balls of my feet. Thesquare was’t big enough for the heels too. My toes were no use, of course,they were tied up tight.This was my scrub slave reward for doing a great job on the kitchen floorwhen I had crawled in earlier, naked and horny. Now, I was standing in myspot, dirty dishcloth tied around my waist, mouth gagged with an old smellysock still damp with Master’s sweat. Master had tossed his old jockstrapover my head head once I was in position. Master smiled as he satcomfortably and watched me, looking ridiculous with the yellowed jockcovering my face. My nostrils were filled with the stink from Sir’s cockand balls. Sir probably hadn’t showered in a couple of days, and it made mydick hard with the thought of his saving his stink for me. I watched as SirRoy put his hands down and scratched his crotch. Maybe he’d let me give hima thorough tongue bath later. A slave can dream!”Slave!” At that, I stood up as straight as I could and mumbled, “eff, Er?”which was as close to Yes, Sir! as the rank old sock would let me.”Crawl into the bathroom. I gotta take a piss.” Master Roy ambled along onhis bare feet in front of me. For once, I had on more clothes thanMaster. My eyes lingered over his stocky body, covered with that thick,dense hair that I love to tongue. His meaty ass paraded in front of myhungry eyes as I scrambled on hands and knees to catch up. Master stoodnext to the toilet and i crawled up and looked avidly at His thick cock.”Boy, stand in front of the toilet!” I quickly stood up and face thebowl. Sir Roy put a meaty paw on the back of my neck and forced my headdown, down, until the top of my head touched the water. I was forced to putmy hands on the ground on either side of the bowl to keep my balance.”Give the toilet water a nice slurp for me boy,” Master commanded. I bentmy neck awkwardly and sucked in some water. As I did so, Master let loose aheavy stream of piss on the back of my head. I could feel it run down mycheeks and splash into the bowl. The hot piss marked my close-shaven headand I could taste the diluted piss in the water.”Keep slurping, slave! You’ll get it from the tap another time.” As he saidthis, I felt the thick stream move up to my neck, and then it cascaded downmy back. Soon, Master reached my ass, and the piss started to drain theother way, down my ass crack and across my twitching hole. It splatteredagainst my balls as it fell on the tiles between my feet.”Aaah!” Master sighed, and there was a pause in the stream. I could feelSir Roy moving behind me.”AAAAglub glub” I screamed as Master Roy shoved His dick into myasshole. There was no lube, just a bit of moisture from Master’s piss. Theforce of his first thrusts drove my face and head under the water, and Istruggled with the pain and the lack of air. I thrashed around trying tofind the surface of the bowl. Master let me come up for air, choking, as Hepummeled my ass with His dick. I had to hug the bowl with my arms toprevent my head from cracking the porcelain. Master was relentless. I hadfantasized about our first fuck, but nothing like this, gasping for air,trying to recover from the assault and feeling the cock pounding in and outwith Master’s balls slapping against my own. This wasn’t as I imaginedit. There was just too much going on. Still, I felt my cock starting toharden just as Master gave a deep groan and an even deeper surge into myasshole.”MMMMMM! Fuck yeah, slave! Your ass is mine!” I could feel His dick jerk asit released surge after surge of cum. It was such a quick and brutal fuckthat I almost missed it. Only my sore asshole testified to the act ofrutting. Master pulled out His dick, still hard from the fuck but juststarting to curve down. As I raised my face from the bowl—head stillupside down—I saw another stream of yellow piss come out of the tip ofHis dick, his foreskin causing it to spatter all over my thighs and calves,and all over the bathroom floor.When Sir Roy was finished, He slapped me on the ass and said, “Lick my legsclean, slave! I need to relax after that fuck!” I turned around and knelton the sopping tiles. I started with His thighs, and moved down the thickmuscles, concentrating on the insides that had gotten most of the splashback. By the time I got to His big calves, I had to lick all around becausethere seemed to be rank piss everywhere. I worked my mouth down to Sir’sfeet and started to lap up the piss that covered His toes. I stuck mytongue in between each toe, and sucked in the smell of His toejam. Occasionally, my tongue would hit the cold tile.”On your back, boy, now!” I hurriedly flipped myself over and opened mymouth. Sir Roy placed the sole of His foot over my mouth, and my tonguelapped at His salty skin. Master removed His foot and towered over me. Ikept my tongue raised, hoping that Master would let me such on His otherfoot. Instead, He chuckled and looked down at my pleading face.”You’ve done a good job, slave. Here’s your reward.” Master then startedpissing into my open mouth. I swallowed the piss as it rocketed into mymouth, splashing over my cheeks and dribbling on the floor.”Tongue this piss up, boy, I’ve got more work for you tonight.” Masterstrode off and went back to sit on His chair.I licked at the tile for what seemed like an hour. The piss had gone coldand it had run everywhere. I felt my tongue groove into the grout betweenthe tiles, hoping to earn my Master’s praise. When I finished, my mouth wasdry and the muscles at the base of my tongue ached from stretching it outof my mouth. I crawled across the floor and got into my scrub slaveposition on the tiny white square. Master was already in his chair,watching the game.”Get out of here, slave! I threw your clothes out the window. You’llprobably find them in the street if you hurry.” I had to untie the knottedrope around my ankles, and practically ripped it from between my soretoes. What would I do if my clothes were gone? Somehow, I didn’t thinkMaster would let me in. I hobbled down the stairs, knees sore from kneelingand legs aching from the standing. Luckily, when I got down to the street,I found my pants and t-shirt in the bushes below Master’s apartment. Myshoes and socks were nowhere to be found, so I walked barefoot home. When Ifinally got home, there was a message waiting for me on my phone. It wasfrom Master.”Don’t wash your feet, slave. I want `em nice and dirty for when you visiton Saturday. And no baths! I want you rank.” Saturday! That meant I had tostay dirty all week. I didn’t know what Master wanted me unwashed for, butmy dick was already twitching in anticipation.