Bad Day, Good Night

29 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

It was probably one of the worst days of my life.

To start with, I woke up a half an hour late for work. No time for coffee. My clothes had fallen off the hanger during the night, so when I put them on I looked as though I had actually slept in them. My cat had barfed up a hairball, inside my purse, which I found when I was digging for my car keys. (I’m now considering having that animal made into a hat.) And it got soooo much better when I left the house. Snow. And lots of it. After digging my car out from under about 4 feet of the white stuff, in my heels I might add, it wouldn’t start.

Damn Canadian winters!

Tired of hearing me complain yet? I’m sure you are. I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Needless to say it only got worse from there and turned out to be the Lord High King of crappy days. And it was late when I got back home. Very Late. The house was dark. After tripping over the front stoop (big surprise there) and cursing like a sailor when stepped in yet another hairball – I’m calling the furrier tomorrow – I made my way inside. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief to finally be home, I leaned back against the closed door for a moment to collect myself. Then, losing my bag, tossing my keys, I went looking for signs of life.

I tiptoe quietly into the bedroom only to see you peacefully asleep in bed. Not a care in the world. Lying on your back, one arm flung haphazardly over your head. Your chest rising and falling at regular intervals, letting me know you are in a deep slumber. A sly little grin on your face. Hmmm…Makes me wonder exactly what you are dreaming about.

My bad day melts away, just like that, as I look at you.

Slowly, quietly, I undress, shedding my work clothes. My blouse, skirt, underwear and bra hits the floor with a whisper as I watch you sleep.

Now completely naked I pull the blankets back slowly. Trying not to disturb you, I crawl slowly onto the bed. Kneeling in that little spot between your legs. Stopping for a moment, just to stare at you.

You are beautiful. More today as the first moment I saw you. Every part of you I love. Your long legs. Broad shoulders. Lickable chest. Your pouty lower lip that I love to nibble on. Your short hair that teases my palms when I hold your head close to me. My eyes move from your head to your toes. Drinking you in.

You stir a bit but don’t wake as I watch you. Slowly, I crawl up your body, my hard nipples just barely brushing against your legs, making a low moan escape from me. Watching your face, I lean closer. Inhaling your scent. God, I even love the way you smell.

Then gently, I run my tongue up the underside of your half-hard cock. Just a little tease. A little taste. Trying not to moan too loud as I sample you. You shift a bit as I carefully wrap my fingers around the base of your cock and raise you to my lips. Darting my tongue out, I lick again. Right across the tip. Circling slowly as I watch illegal bahis your face. You stir a bit and then sigh, a little noise that lets me know you are between the planes of awake and sleep.

Your hand instinctively moves down, across your stomach. I open my mouth wide, taking just the tip between my warm, wet lips. Then, as I watch your face, I slowly slide your cock deep inside my mouth. Your mouth opens just a little a bit and I hear your low moan, almost a growl, before I see your eyes flutter open. You smile at me. Then your expression changes– it gets more intense as I slide more of you into my mouth. Your hand finds my hair and cradles my head. Looking down at me, you are a little surprised but I know you are enjoying it. Your cock turns to marble between my lips.

Slowly I take you in deeper, as far as I can. My eyes locked with yours. Your head tilts back a bit as your hips lift off the bed. Fisting your hand tightly in my hair, you slowly begin to raise and lower yourself. I suck harder feeling the exquisite friction of your cock moving between my lips. Straddling one of your legs I begin to rub my wet sex shamelessly against your calf. Taking my own pleasure from you and moaning, as I taste the first drops of pre-cum seeping from your cock. Slowly, methodically I work you. Sliding up and down. My tongue moving over you inside my mouth as my lips skim up and down your length. I see your chest rising and falling. Your breathing is getting harder, more labored. The little moans of pleasure you’re making bounce off the walls all around us.

You reach for me – tugging a bit on my leg. I know what you want and am only too happy to oblige. Moving around slowly, not taking my mouth off your cock, I shift to straddle your head. One knee on either side of you as your arms come up and wrap around my thighs. You slowly pull me closer. I feel your hot breath caressing my damp sex. You pull me down, darting your tongue out and running it lightly over my nether lips. Spreading me wide with your fingers you lightly stab at my clit with the tip of your tongue. Making my hips buck uncontrollably. My mouth moves faster up and down your cock as you lick me from my clit right down to my ass. My hips moving against your face. Small sighs escape my lips. I feel you push your tongue inside me, wiggling it back and forth, then up to my ass. Probing lightly at my tight little hole.

I take my mouth off your cock, crying out a bit, not able to catch my breath. I stroke you hard, mocking the movements of your tongue on me. You move your mouth away. Inciting a little whimper of protest from me. Then I feel your finger pushing against me. I shift a bit. Pushing back. Your finger enters me gently, sliding slowly into my ass. I feel your finger moving delicately. Pushing past the tight opening as your tongue moves over my clit. My whole body shudders. You keep pushing against me. You know I love it.

My hips jerk against illegal bahis siteleri you as I take your cock back in my mouth and start to move faster. Sliding up and down. Sucking you hard, pausing to nip carefully at the tip before taking you all the way down my throat. My orgasm slams into me right as you sink your other finger into my now sopping pussy. I cry out around your cock, my whole body shakes uncontrollably. My hips moving at a frenzy against your hand. Grinding my clit down into your mouth. My muscles clamp down on your fingers. Gripping you tight inside me. I keep moving until my orgasm subsides.

I shift around quickly, needing you inside me. Placing a chaste kiss on the end of your cock, I get onto my hands and knees. A playful smile is on my face as I look over my shoulder at you, wiggling my ass. You move behind me. You rub your cock along the seam of my wet pussy. Your hands on my hips, you position your cock at the entrance of my pussy, then pull me back onto your shaft. Slowly…letting me feel every inch of your hardness. I groan – long and low. A little sound that lets you know just how good you feel inside me.

You tease me at first. Moving slowly. Pushing all the way in. Then almost pulling out. Your heavy cum filled balls tickling my clit. You lean over my back. I feel your hot breath in my ear as your hand fists into my hair.

“God you feel good.” Your words come between pants as you push into me. “So tight and wet.” You punctuate each word with a thrust. Biting the chord in my neck as you move faster. Delving deeper into me.

I can only moan my response as you take my hips in your hands and slam against me. Harder and harder until I’m crying out as you hit bottom. I move my hips with you, rolling them, pushing back against you. Taking you as deep as I can until I feel each thrust through my entire body.

You pull out of my pussy, your hard cock shining with my juices. I feel you rubbing the tip of your cock against my ass. Making it all wet. Preparing me for you. I suck in my breath as I feel you pushing against my tight little hole. I try to relax, make it easier for you to enter me. Lowering my shoulders onto the bed. Pushing my ass high in the air.

You push against me gently. My body lets you in a bit. I feel the head of your cock stretching me. I cry out, pushing back against you as waves of pleasure move down my body. You enter me slowly, inch by inch, letting me adjust to the sensations, to the fullness. My ass grips you tight as you move. You’re holding my hips to keep me still. Working your way all the way into me, you pause, buried to the hilt. My muscles milk you, squeeze you tight, then relax a bit. Your hand moves around to my stomach as you lift me, pulling me up on my knees. My back pressed against your front. I feel your hands sliding up my torso. My ass impossibly full of your hard cock.

Your hands move up slowly, cupping my breasts, canlı bahis siteleri pinching my nipples between your fingers as you start to move. Slowly. Pulling out of my ass. Then pushing back in. I can’t help crying out as your cock moves in and out of me. My whole body is moving with you. I feel your breath on my flesh, your teeth nipping lightly at the skin on my neck. I loll my head back, letting it rest against your shoulder, as I close my eyes. I let myself just feel you. I raise my arms behind me and wrap them around your neck, holding you close. Your hand slides down my body and slips into my sex, brushing one finger lightly over my clit. My whole body jerks as you touch me there. My ass spasms a bit and clenches more tightly around you. I hear your sharp intake of breath in my ear as you move your hips against mine. Getting faster and harder with each thrust.

I know that you’re close but I don’t want it to end this way. I want to see your face when you take your pleasure.

I slow your movements, my hands going down to your hips. I move away and push you back on the bed. Then I straddle your hips, taking your cock in my hand, I lead you into my body again. Sitting down slowly, I arch my back and moan. I love the exquisite fluctuation of pain and pleasure as your cock slides back into my tight ass. I reach for you then, pulling you up into a sitting position. Your cock so deep inside me. You wrap your arms around me as I lock my legs in the small of your back. Your hands move under my ass. Lifting me a bit as you thrust. Slowly. You look into my eyes and lean close, kissing my lips softly. Nibbling at my bottom lip as you fill me over and over. My hands move over your back, lightly scraping you with my nails. I move with you, rocking, rolling my hips. Squeezing you tight, deep inside me. I’m so close. Almost there.

I kiss you back hard, pushing my tongue past your lips. Letting mine tangle with yours. I cry out against your mouth as I cum hard – my muscles grabbing at your cock. My whole body shakes. You hold me tight as the orgasm washes over me. My body spasms, shudders. You move your hands to my hair as you explode deep inside me. Filling me with your hot cum. Kissing me hard. Your hips lift me off the bed over and over as you bury yourself deeper and deeper. I feel your cock twitching inside me. The muscles of your back go rigid under my hands. The sound of your pleasure is lost between my lips as you slide your tongue against mine.

Slowly your movements subside. Then it’s just your mouth, moving over mine. Your tongue works lazily caressing mine. I feel your cock soften and slowly recede from my body. Your warm cum leaks out of me and runs down onto you. You pull away from me and smile. A lazy, sexy and extremely sated kind of smile. Your hands are still moving over my back, lightly brushing up and down my spine, making me shiver. I push you back and move to lay down beside you. I turn my head and smile up at you. Letting my eyes slowly close. Wrapping myself around you, snuggling close.

“I love you,” I whisper softly and let the nothingness of sleep overtake me. My last thought being that maybe today wasn’t so bad after all.