Back to 1965, Danang, Vietnam

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Back to 1965, Danang, VietnamAn Officer but no GentlemanThis is a follow-up to the Danang, Vietnam story of 1965; the one about getting the 2 big black cocks. Getting my ‘cunt’ stretched by them became a regular thing following the first time. Since the original story was posted I’ve found out just how small the world is; I had another guy contact me who was stationed there at the same time. He and some friends had heard the rumor that there was a younger foreign guy working as a prostitute at the Bamboo Bar. A guy that would take any sized cock and had taken 2 huge black ones. I had only taken one huge one, the other guy was what I’d call above average – about 9”, nice and thick. They had both worked me over pretty well and, I’d had the pleasure of taking them a few more times. After those evenings I was left gaping and sore. I tried to always take the smaller one first; have him stretch my ‘cunt’ out and make taking the second one easier. It was still painful in the beginning; like getting your cherry popped every time. In my case, my mindset, I loved it and was proud to service big black cocks.The officer showed up a few weeks after I’d started. Mai contacted me and told me that she’d set everything up…as long as I was interested in doing it. He was specifically interested in the ‘young white ladyboy’ and the trick would include some pain; which I was to take quietly and properly. In the past he’d used another of the girls this way; I was told that she could handle the ‘belt’ but the rough anal after was too much for her. I did talk to the girl (the best my beginning Vietnamese would allow) and found out that, he wasn’t that big, he just liked it hard and rough until he blew his load.Mai had really stuck it to him on the price though; she was making out very well on my young ass!On the appointed evening I went to the bar, gave myself a quick ‘douche’ and got ready for my trick. Yes, I was more than a little nervous; the prospect of getting my ass whipped with an unknown ‘belt’ didn’t thrill me, I was in it for the cock. I’d picked a dress that was more Japanese than Vietnamese, above my knees and slit up one side from just below my cheek to the hem. The panties were brief cotton and pretty tight; I just wore a small strapless camisole top under the dress – he knew I was a guy anyway so a bra would be useless. All he wanted was to whip my ass then give it a good hard fucking. I wanted to get it over with.I seated myself on the bed and waited with a building nervousness. When he entered the room I was sitting up straight, legs together with my hands folded in my lap…showing a lot of leg muğla escort and a small flash of panty. After closing the door he took a minute to look me over before telling me (not asking) to stand up. We traded places; he sat on the bed, I stood in front of him. He pulled me close and started groping me; gently at first but it was still groping. As he groped he asked some questions:Did I know what was going to happen?How old was I?Did I like anal sex?Did I understand that it would be rough?How did I feel about getting my ass whipped with a belt?Had I ever been punished before? (that got my ass squeezed hard)How had I been punished?After telling me that I had a cute backside he went on to explain that he was going to warm it up with a ‘little’ spanking. The spanking would be given over his knee and my bottom would be bare for it. When that was over I was to get on the edge of the bed, on my elbows and knees for the belt. He would give me ‘about’ twenty licks with the belt…which I was to take as quietly as possible. Once I’d calmed-down I was to get on my back – like a proper whore and take his cock until he was finished. He took out some bills and handed them to me telling me that this was my tip. Then, I was told to get on my knees, get his cock out and make him hard.I did as I was told but it didn’t take much work. Once I dug his cock out he was well on the way to being hard as hell; he had about 8 inches of medium sized meat. When I wrapped my fingers around it and started to suck a little that finished the job…in a short time he was rock hard and throbbing. I did try to keep sucking as long as I could; that was putting off getting my little ass blistered. It didn’t last too long (or as long as I wanted it to) once he was rock hard I was told to get on my feet and take the panties off. Once again I obeyed then, stood facing him…waiting.When he reached for me his hand went up under the dress, he grabbed my cock and pulled me around to his right side saying, “I’m sure you know what to do, get that dress up and get over my lap…NOW!” As I obeyed him once more I began to tremble a little all over; he pulled me in tight, pushed the dress up even more then rubbed my backside and thighs for a minute before giving my cheeks a couple of firm pats. I didn’t even have to look back; when he lifted his hand I felt his body twist, his other hand held me tightly at my waist. There was an instant of fear then a sharp stinging smack as his hand made contact with the middle of my one cheek…the sound of the smack and the sting of it hit my brain at the same time…instinctively I raised my one hand and escort muğla covered my mouth just before I let out a yelp of pain. This was going to hurt!It wasn’t the length of the spanking; it was the intensity of it. Every measured smack was swift and hard, good and hard; he managed to cover every square inch of my cheeks then started again. The pain of it wrapped my cheeks and spread up my back and down my thighs; I couldn’t control my kicking and bouncing neither could I control the involuntary clinching of my stinging cheeks or my cries of pain – let alone the tears that welled-up in my eyes then overflowed; that and my running nose. Then, as suddenly as it started it was over and I was ordered to stand up. As quickly as I could I obeyed then, stood on shaking legs, rubbing the hell out of my burning cheeks!He did give me a little time to calm down and stop crying, not a lot, maybe 10 minutes. Knowing what was next I didn’t calm down much; my father had used a razor strop on me a few times while I was growing up and the burning memory of that was still pretty fresh. When he ordered me to get on the bed I didn’t hesitate a bit…“Get that dress above your ass and get on the edge of the bed…backside in the air…down on your elbows and do it now!”As I obeyed he grabbed my hips and adjusted my position until he was satisfied with it. He then pushed the dress up until it was well above my waist…I waited while he stripped…the black leather belt lay on the bed beside me; that was the first thing he took off. Now I was shaking like hell all over again and felt like I was about to wet myself. I closed my eyes, tried to breathe normally, put my hands over my mouth and buried my face in the thin mattress…waiting. The next sound was the tinkling as he picked up the belt then the hard ‘snap’ as he pulled it tight and double. I cringed, tried to relax my burning backside and waited – I didn’t have long to wait……the belt cracked across my backside as the pain made the trip to my brain; right across the lower part of my cheeks. I was given 4 in quick succession; all about in the same spot. The end of the belt whipped around and caught the side of my cheek really making those sting like hell! He moved to the other side of the bed, gave me a minute to catch my breath and gave me 4 more in a slightly different spot. After that things became a blur; the sharp pain continued but I worked on breathing while I tasted my own snot and salty tears. I’m pretty sure he didn’t stop at the promised ‘20’, it was more like 24 or 28; it felt like I’d sat on a red hot griddle. My poor ass burned, stung like hell and muğla escort bayan throbbed all at the same time…I was also bawling like a k**…just what he wanted. He grabbed my hips again to pull me back closer to the edge of the bed then spread my cheeks and drove a finger into my ‘cunt’ good and deep. I’d lubed myself ahead of time so he found me ready to go; a nice moist ‘pussy’ ready for cock. I buried my face again, took a few hard deep breaths and waited; he withdrew his finger then I felt the pressure of the head of his cock……as promised he penetrated me and drove it in all the way in one hard thrust! His hard penetration was the least of my worries; when our bodies slammed together the pain was intense! For maybe 10 minutes I was consumed with pain; fucking with pure lust, he drove his cock into me like he was trying to fuck it out the other end. Every time our bodies connected I got a fresh blast of pain from my backside! There were cramps but they didn’t bother me half as much as the blazing pain in my ass or the discomfort of the hard fucking. I took it like a true whore.When he got ready to dump in me I was roughly pulled to my knees as he grabbed me around the pelvis then pulled me back and down on his cock. I did feel his cock pumping and was very glad that this trick was over! He pulled out by pushing me forward; I hit the bed face down and just lay there while he got dressed and left.One of the girls came to check on me after a while; I’d stopped crying and my ass was down to a low grade burn-throb. When she saw it I heard a gasp that was quickly cut off. I rolled over and told her not to worry; it was okay. Once over the shock she sat on the bed, gently rubbed my sore backside and told me that Ms Mai had another ‘customer’ for me – he was black and had already paid the asked price. She also said that he’d been waiting for ‘a long time’. I had her pass the message that I’d be ready in 10 minutes. I did a quick clean-up, a makeup repair, got back into the panties and shoes then waited while sitting on the bed – on a still sore backside.I got what I was there for; what she was charging a premium price for. A nice black guy with about 10 inches of thick uncut black meat. He was nice, he was gentle, he was almost loving and he spent about an hour fucking me in about every position there is! When he finally gave me a good load of black seed I was on my back (just about bent double) had already had a pretty massive orgasm of my own and was in heaven! My ‘cunt’ wasn’t; it was raw and gaping after that nice long fuck but…it felt wonderful as always…he’d hit bottom on almost every long, slow, deep stroke…he’d hit bottom gently. He knew that the whore had loved it too; a little too much. I gave him a nice wet kiss on the way out, hooked a leg around one of his and told him that the next time was free…just for him.