Avery Hot Day by the Pool

29 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

Since our return from our hot vacation, Avery and I had been wild with lust for each other round the clock, including the evening of filth we shared to celebrate my birthday last month. Today was saturday. Avery was home while I was working a morning shift. It was a glorious day, 30 degrees outside, sun blazing and not a cloud in sight. Work was the last place I wanted to be. Around an hour before my shift was due to end I received a message from my wife.

“Can’t wait for you to get home, you can help me out with my new friend, don’t be late x”

Attached was a photo of her with her new big black dildo in her mouth. The last hour at work seemed to take FOREVER knowing, or at least thinking I knew, what awaited me on my return! I wondered if she would let me fuck her ass while she toyed her pussy with her new dildo. Maybe she would want to suck my cock while she bounced on her new toy?

As I pulled into our driveway and got out the car, I almost did a skip as I hurried indoors. Avery was led on the couch waiting for me. She was pumping her big black dildo into her pussy and rubbing her clit. She came hard as I walked in, the idea of being caught must have tipped her over the edge. She paused briefly to tell me I was to go to the bathroom and follow her instructions. Then she put on her silk robe and disappeared through to the kitchen.

The mystery excited me even more and I could feel my cock starting to harden in my jeans. As i entered the bathroom there was a note on the counter along with an assortment of items. The note simply read;

“Make yourself nice for me and meet me by the pool” and on the counter were a razor, an anal douch, her favourite cologne and a towel. Now I was hard. I wondered if she was planning to use a buttplug again like my birthday the previous month, it took all of my strength to resist masturbating to the thought in the shower.

Roughly 20 minutes later I emerged from the bathroom after shaving, showering and following Avery’s instructions, wearing nothing but a towel around my waist. I walked through the house, getting hard just thinking about what was going to happen.

I güvenilir bahis walked through the kitchen and out to our pool area, it was completely open, with an outdoor bar, but as we lived in a secluded part of woodland just off the road we were seldom disturbed by prying eyes. Avery stood up from her lounger and walked over with a large glass of bourbon for me, it was then that I noticed she was wearing a strapon under her robe. It was around 8 inches long and quite thick, the same dildo she used to fuck herself in the ass on my birthday. Although nothing compared to the 10″ extra girthy big black dildo she had been fucking just earlier.

I didn’t say a word as I took the bourbon from her and drank it in one gulp. She smirked at me and put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me to my knees. She turned around and spread her ass for me, revealing her beautiful little asshole. She knew how much I loved to eat her ass, there was just something so hot about her shoving her ass into my face and demanding I lick her asshole that really got me off. I needed no instruction, I leant forward and started to lick her pretty litle asshole like my life depended on it. I probed her ass with my tongue and she pushed back making sure I gave her just what she wanted.

I stopped briefly to catch a breath but didn’t get the chance as she span around, grabbed me by my hair and shoved her strapon cock into the back of my throat. Instinctvely I started to suck her cock. She giggled and looked down at me,

“Now who’s a cock sucking little whore?”

She forced her cock all the way down my throat until I gagged, and started to throat fuck me.

“Get up bitch! Go bend over the bar for me.”

I was in no position to argue and so I walked over to the bar and bent over it, leaving my ass exposed to her. She followed me over and spanked me, then slipped two fingers in my ass and started to fuck me with them.

“You look so sexy with your ass shaven and exposed for me. I’ve been looking forward to making you my bitch for so long. Ever since you made me take it in the ass on your birthday. Remember how you made me tell you türkçe bahis i wanted it? How you made me beg? How you made me suck it clean after you’d fucked my ass? Well now its your turn. Beg me to fuck your ass bitch!”

My cock was hard as a rock hearing her say this, and I didn’t even have to stop and think before I started begging.

“Fuck my ass Avery. Please shove that cock in my ass, I want to feel you deep inside me! Make me your slut!”

I gasped as she pressed her hard cock against my asshole, and swiftly pushed the whole length inside of me. It felt so good, so much better than I ever would have imagined! I turned to her and asked her to fuck me, hell I even said please.

She fucked my ass deep and hard for what felt like so long, grabbing my hips and telling me how much of a slut I was until finally she pulled out and turned me to face her, kissing me with such lust. It was clear she was enjoying this, almost as much as me.

She forced me to my knees once again and made me suck her cock some more, the whole time calling me a dirty slut!

“Alright then slut, bend over the bar again. I’ve not even gotten started yet”

I bent over the bar and automatically started to beg again, but this time she pulled out her handcuffs and cuffed each of my hands around a beer tap so that I had no escape.

This got me so worked up I just begged more and more.

“Oh fuck Avery I need your cock in my ass, fuck me hard please!”

But she refused. She walked behind the bar, returning with a large buttplug which she quickly pressed into my ass before heading inside leavig me exposed and chained to the bar with a buttplug in my ass.

I stood bent over the bar for 15 minutes (i watched the minutes tick by on the bar clock) before she returned. The whole time my cock remained hard, turned on by the thought of being caught in such an exposed situation.

I almost came right there when I saw her strutting back out, wearing only her highest ‘fuck me’ heels and her strapon. Only this time, it was her new big black dildo strapped into her harness. Avery walked over and I watched over my shoulder güvenilir bahis siteleri as she rubbed lube up and down her big black strapon cock, the grin on her face said it all. She stopped behind me, pulled out my buttplug and stuffed it in my mouth. This prevented me from screaming as she then forced her big black cock all the way into my ass inch by inch.

“How do you like that Hank? You like having your ass filled with my big black dick?”

I nodded and mumbled a yes, which Avery took as a cue to start fucking me. She gradually increased her pace until she was fucking my ass hard and fast causing my whole body to start shaking with sheer pleasure.

“I bet you’re dying to cum, aren’t you Hank? Do you think you deserve to cum yet?” she asked as she pulled her cock from my ass and uncuffed me.

“Yes, yes please! I need to cum so bad!”

Avery walked over and led down on the nearest sun lounger.

“Ride my cock slut, show me how bad you want to cum!”

I climbed on top of Avery, facing her, with full view or her beautiful breasts, and slowly lowered my ass onto her big black cock. She thrusted up into my ass and grabbed my hips pulling me down, demanding I take it like she did for me.

I began to bounce up and down on her big black cock, taking it all the way in, and almost all the way out with each thrust, getting faster and harder every time until I was begging to cum.

“Please let me cum Avery, I need to shoot my load so fucking badly!”

Avery grabbed hold of my cock tight, and began to thrust into my ass harder and faster than she had so far. She released her grip of my cock and drove her big black dildo balls deep in my ass making me shoot spurt after spurt of cum, covering her tits completely in my hot warm spunk. I don’t think I’ve ever came that much before in my life!

“Now suck my fucking cock clean bitch!” Avery demanded as I climbed off of her. She pushed my head down to her cock and grabbed hold of my hair, fucking my mouth hard.

I sucked her clean like the slut she wanted me to be.

“Now come give me a kiss babe.”

I moved up toward her face to kiss my wife after the hottest experience of my life, but before I got that far she shoved my face between her tits, covering me in my own cum

“Lick up all your mess you dirty slut! Don’t miss a drop!”