‘Aunt’ Rose – Part 3 – The scent of a wo

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‘Aunt’ Rose – Part 3 – The scent of a woFrom Part 2 … My condition of readiness wasn’t lost on Aunt Rose. ‘Oh Bill my darling boy, what a thoughtful nephew you are … you’ve found a place for your Aunty to sit’! …… Bill, I said to myself, you lucky sod you just might have hit the jackpot mate … what a woman … not just drop dead sexy but funny, intelligent and naughty with it … maybe even a bit dirty … this could be the start of something special. Aunt Rose clambered onto the bed and lay beside me. I wondered if she had douched herself in the loo but my concerns were soon allayed … she still smelt of sex, female sweat and a trace of musky cologne … an intoxicating and arousing cocktail of aromas. ‘Golly Aunt Rose you are beautiful, your body is absolutely stunning’. ‘Well thank you kind nephew but are you flattering to deceive your old Aunty? I can’t believe you are attracted to my ageing frame with all its wrinkles and imperfections … for example look at these saggy old titties’. Aunt Rose cupped her breasts in her hands and lifted them up as if to validate her point.‘Aunt Rose you said earlier that I would find it hard to understand that being made love to by a man my age made you feel desirable again and 20 years younger … ‘Trust me it did Bill’ … ‘Well it cuts both ways Aunt Rose … the fact you are older than me and your body has imperfections as you call them, is the very reason you are perfect and desirable to me’. ‘Oh darling what a lovely thing to say, do you really mean that?’… ’I absolutely do Aunt Rose … but its more than that … it’s the things you say, the way you responded to my tongue and fingers and what you did for me afterwards’. ‘I have a confession to make Bill … two in fact. I loved my husband, god bless him, he would occasionally put his head between my legs, if you’ll pardon the expression, but wasn’t really keen on it and he never in all our years, touched aydın escort me in my other place like you did. That was so stimulating Bill and felt so natural in the moment. He wasn’t very adventurous in bed and you’ll find it hard to believe, but he wasn’t interested in me orally pleasuring him. So it was wonderful for me to feel your young hardness and urgency in my mouth and when I sensed you were about to peak I couldn’t deny myself, I wanted it, I had to taste your seed and feel it surging in my mouth. You’ve stirred something in me Bill that’s been simmering under the surface for years. I hope I don’t sound desperate Bill but I want to be naughty and dirty … I want to fulfil the fantasies going round in my head for years … I want to be … this will sound terrible Bill … but I want to be wanton, open to new experiences, free of guilt and for you to do anything you want with me and me to feel I can do anything with you, no holds barred as they used to say on the wrestling on TV’. ‘Don’t you mean no holes barred Aunt Rose’? ‘Ha ha’! She laughed loud and reached over to hug me. It was almost surreal, we’d only met a few hours ago and here we were naked, wrapped in each other’s arms, having just brought each other to shuddering climaxes and talking openly and sharing intimate thoughts. It underlined what I’ve always believed that age is no barrier between the sexes; it’s about compatibility, empathy and mutual attraction. I’d had a thing for older women since my teens and was lucky enough to have ‘known’ (in the biblical sense) more than my fair share of older ladies over the years. In my thirties I was seduced (seriously) by the teenage daughter of an older lover and that too was a wonderful experience. Since hitting the big 60 I’ve had an on / off relationship with the daughter of a couple I socialised with in the past. I was 63 and she was 25 when we first hooked aydın escort bayan up. She is a big girl, submissive, naughty, has few boundaries and has a thing for much older men. In fact I’d argue that where there is an age gap it’s more exciting and heightens the pleasure for both. My philosophy is what adults get up to behind closed curtains is their affair provided it is consensual, legal and doesn’t harm innocents. But I digress, back to Aunt Rose.She whispered in my ear … ‘Oh Bill will you be my secret lover’? ‘Yes Aunt Rose I would relish fulfilling your fantasies and taking you to new places sexually’. We shuffled our bodies so that we were lying sideways facing each other. One arm was cupping Aunt Rose’s head stroking her hair and my free hand roaming over her back, waist, buttocks and upper thigh. We were pressed tightly together and Aunt Rose’s hand was wandering freely over my body; she could feel my hardness pressing against her tummy. We looked into each other’s eyes and our lips met. Our kisses were urgent and passionate and our tongues were dancing. ‘Make love to me Bill’, she whispered in an almost pleading tone, ‘no Bill don’t make love to me, I want you to fuck me … please Bill fuck your Aunty’. I guided my hand to the top of her thighs and she instinctively moved one leg enough for my fingers to find her opening. As expected her labia were swollen and the entrance to her vagina was already coated in her juices. Her hand travelled to my midriff and found what is was seeking. ‘Oh darling this is what your Aunty needs, it feels so hard and ready’. I rolled my new Aunt on her back and mounted her. ‘Wait Bill’. She took a pillow and placed it under her hips, raised her legs and wrapped them round my thighs. ‘You can fuck me deeper this way darling’. I kissed her again and as I did so she reached under, took hold of my cock and guided me to her entrance. escort aydın Aided by her wetness, in one effortless motion I penetrated her. ‘Oh Bill yes that feels lovely … fuck me darling, fuck your Aunty.’ ‘Can you feel it Aunt Rose? Can you feel my young cock right up inside your pussy’? ‘Yes I can feel you Bill … it’s wonderful … I can feel your cock touching the back of my cunt’. Her dirty talk made me tingle and spurred me on. My arms were under her armpits and my hands gripping the back of her head. I was kissing her neck lustfully as I ploughed into her, gradually increasing the tempo of my stroke. Aunt Rose was moaning loudly and bucking her hips in sync with my thrusts. ‘Oh you darling boy … my nephew is fucking me and I can’t stop cumming’. Having cum so intensely earlier I was able to hold back my own release and really savour the experience. The feel of her breasts squashed against my chest, the heady smell of her, the sublime sensation of my swollen cock gripped by her vaginal muscles and her moans of pleasure were bringing me ever closer. The gaps between her orgasms had now narrowed to one continuous wave of blissful gratification. ‘Cum for me Bill’ she implored ‘fill me … seed my cunt you darling boy’. That did it … I raised myself onto my palms and my head tilted up involuntarily; my cock twitched and spasmed and with a primal grunt my sticky sperm burst free and splashed against the walls of her pulsating sex. I collapsed onto her and we held each other tight. ‘Wow Bill how good was that? I was so sexed up I couldn’t stop cumming and then they all seemed to blur into one huge orgasm’. ‘It usually happens when you have multiple orgasms … you really are some kind of woman Aunt Rose’. ‘Thanks, amazing considering it was our first shag Bill’. She smiled. ‘Oh yeah I’ve just remembered I never did get to try that new seat, next time eh’? ‘For sure Aunt Rose that’s a deal’. I felt my bladder press on my distended prostate. ‘My turn to answer a call of nature Aunt Rose’. I got up, flopped off the bed and stood up. ‘Wait Bill I’ll come with you, let your Aunty show you the way’. To be continued.