Ashley’s Pees Where She Wants

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Ashley was an average student in most things but when it came to ancient cultures and languages, she was an A+ student all the way. At only 19 years of age she was probably a prodigy in the field and planned to look into a related career. The mysterious civilization from her region intrigued her.

Having the archaeology program was great for Ashley. Unfortunately, hers would be one of the last grade 13 archaeology classes there. Soon there would be no more grade 13 and the program’s equipment would be moved to a nearby university.

After many months Ashley believed she had mastered the mind control techniques she had read about in an ancient tablet she had found. The tablet was a guide to hone psychic powers. Apparently the inhabitants of this society were very secretive in addition to having developed technological and philosophical concepts unlike anywhere else. What made her especially capable, however, was the fact that she was the only one as far as she knew who could actually translate their language. The tablet she had found had a phrase that was Mayan which she used as a key to their language. From that she made progress.

She discovered that the right thought patterns and using the proper accompanying expressions she would be able to get anyone to do whatever she wanted, even if it were against their will. She was so eager to try this out that she didn’t even want to stop to pee, as urgent as that was becoming.

Ashley’s sister Julia was one year younger, but she seemed to act a few years younger than that. She listens to music that their 13 year old cousin listens to. Music that Ashley considered herself beyond at that age. She was more charismatic than Ashley, making friends easily, but even though she has had a boyfriend for about two years she hasn’t done anything more intimate than some heavy kissing with him. The only thing the two sisters seemed güvenilir bahis to have in common was some of their tastes in clothing. Ashley and Julia get along fine most of the time, except when it comes to Julia’s annoying habit of borrowing Ashley’s clothes without asking which had resulted in more than one occasion of Ashley searching for particular clothing that wasn’t even in her room to begin with.

She had to think of a test. Some way to command someone to do something that they would not ordinarily do but would not get her into a lot of trouble if it didn’t work.

Ashley went to her sister’s room to ask her to turn the music down.

“How an 18 year old can listen to this junk, I’ll never understand. ” Ashley thought to herself.

Upon entering, Ashley decided to try her mind control technique on Julia. Using thought only, Ashley commanded Julia to turn down the music.

Julia reached over and turned the volume down.

“Oh sorry Ashley, I just downloaded this new song and I was a bit distracted.” Julia said.

Ashley thought to herself “that’s good, but not exactly definitive.”

That was when she spotted one of her dresses lying on Julia’s bedroom floor. Julia noticed it too and realized that she’d forgot to return it. She nervously looked away and hoped her sister hadn’t actually noticed it or would just walk away so she could return it later when her sister was out of her room. Ashley was always annoyed with her sister when she took her things like this.

Ashley decided to get back at her. Right now Ashley had a different, more devilish thought that would serve to test her power, get back at Julia, and relieve her growing need to pee.

Using all the techniques she could remember she calmly asked her sister “What do you own that you would least like me to piss on?”

“My favorite teddy bear of course.” Julia said, surprising türkçe bahis herself with just how fast she responded to such a question.

Of course it would be the bear, Julia surmised, because Ashley knew she has prized that bear since she was 4 and kept it safe since then.

“That’s perfect, go get it for me right now” Commanded Ashley.

Julia was just getting worried about what her sister was thinking when she found herself unconsciously going to where she kept the bear and picked it up.

“Don’t take too long” Ashley teased, “I can only hold myself from peeing for about another minute, I really have to go.”

Julia was shocked by this statement. Had she really intended to do what it seemed she had in mind? Surely she wouldn’t just hand over her precious friend for such treatment. She hoped Ashley was just trying to scare her, but why is she complying?, Julia questioned to herself.

Deciding to push this as far as it would go, Ashley said, “Just stand in front of me with the bear.”

Julia watched as her sister’s hands disappeared under her skirt a moment, to reappear gripping her descending panties. Taking them off she stuck them into the waist of her skirt, then she used one of her hands to lift her skirt while the other one made its way down to her pussy to spread her lips.

“Would you mind nestling the face of your cute little bear between my labia for me? I seem to be out of hands.” Ashley asked.

“Yes I would mind! Why would I ever do that?”, exclaimed Julia.

Ashley realized these need to be worded as commands to work.

“Because I’m telling you to. Do it now and hold it there until I tell you to let go.” Ashley said.

Once it was made a command Julia could not resist her sister’s new power. As mush as she resisted, she could not stop herself from kneeling in front of her sister and putting the face of her prized güvenilir bahis siteleri possession right up into her sister’s pussy.

Gripping the bear with her thighs, Ashley decided at the last second not to command Julia to stop holding the bear.

“Watch closely.” Ashley said.

Relief and vengeance were at hand as Ashley released her urine. Julia gasped in horror as she heard the loud telltale hissing sound that Ashley had begun peeing into the little bear. Ashley released her legs gradually as she peed into the bear creating suction, helping the bear to soak up her pee like a sponge. Soon the bear became saturated and Julia began to sob as she began to see rivulets of urine surging out from inside the bear, unable to even turn her head or look away due to her sister’s command to watch.

Ashley was enjoying this far more that she anticipated, an incredible feeling coming from the idea of taking a leak where it was expressly not wanted. She wondered if her pee would stain the bear yellow. Watching her sister as piss surged from the bear was turning her on so much she couldn’t help but use her free hand to rub her clit and grind her pussy into the wet bear. She brought herself to a strong climax as she finished pissing, the soaked bear so saturated the pee began to run out along Julia’s arm wetting her sleeve.

The bear was far too wet at this point so Ashley commanded Julia to wipe her dry using her dry sleeve. Julia raised her other arm to her sister’s wet pussy. The pink material of her sleeve darkened as it absorbed the moisture. Ashley dropped her skirt, walked over and picked up her dress. Before she left she had the idea to give Julia one last command, “Put the bear back right now as it is. I don’t want you washing it for at least a week. Leave it for at least that long but look at it every day and remember what happens when you cross me.”

It amazed Ashley that this power worked and so well. But that wasn’t the only surprise to Ashley. She also couldn’t believe just how much she loved peeing into the bear. “I’m going to have to do something like that again.”