Art Teacher Romance Ch. 02

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The morning sun streamed in through an opening in the curtain, splashing the bed with crisp white light. As the sun rose above the horizon, the line of light moved across the bed, falling eventually onto the sleeping women spooned together under the soft, warm sheets. The change in light caused Terry to stir awake; a momentary disorientation, followed by the memory of yesterday. She smiled. Terry thought about how she ended up here, in this bed, holding tightly to Anne’s sleeping body; both women completely naked.

Yesterday. After Terry had made love to Anne for the first time, the two women had stayed cuddled together for a while on the family room couch. Anne’s husband, Rob, was out of town, so they were in no rush to straighten up. As evening settled, the two women snacked on cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, and the rest of their bottle of wine. Feeling comforted by each other’s company, they spent another hour sitting on the couch watching a show on television. By 9:30, both women were exhausted. Terry stirred, making motions to head home.

“Wait. Don’t leave. I want you to stay with me tonight,” Anne said.

“Are you sure? I won’t be offended if you need a little space tonight,” Terry assured her. This had been the first time the two women had made love. It was also the first time that Anne had been with another lover since she was married. Terry suspected it was also Anne’s first time being with another woman, but they hadn’t talked about that. It was a lot to think about, if Anne wanted to think about it.

“I’m sure I don’t want to be alone tonight. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. Please stay with me.”

“That would be nice,” Terry answered, tenderly caressing Anne’s cheek as she said it. Anne smiled back.

“We can sleep in my bedroom or in the guest bedroom, whichever you’re more comfortable with,” Anne offered.

“I think if you don’t mind, we should sleep in the guest bedroom. It wouldn’t feel right sleeping in the bed that you and Rob sleep in.”

“No, that’s fine. I have an extra bathrobe you can use and I can get you a new toothbrush and whatever else you need to be comfortable.”

“Nice. How about a glass of milk? Then we can head upstairs and get to bed.” Which is exactly what they did. The two woman falling into a deep and comfortable sleep almost immediately after climbing into the queen sized bed in the guest bedroom.

Now that Terry was awake, she hopped out of the bed and scurried into the adjoining bathroom to pee. She returned to the bed, where Anne was just starting to stir. Terry climbed back in on her side of the bed, and moved over to resume her snuggled position, right arm reaching over Anne’s side, lightly resting on Anne’s belly.

“Hmmm,” purred out Anne, as she wriggled back to be closer to Terry. In a few moments, Anne slid out of bed to use the bathroom. By the time she returned to the bed, Terry had changed to a sitting position. She was leaning back against the pillow resting against the headboard; the sheets were pulled up to her navel. Anne admired Terry’s breasts, gently sloping down to the slightly extended nipples, the undersides bulging slightly under their own weight.

“I slept really well. I don’t think I moved all night,” Terry said in a voice that sounded like a cat purring with satisfaction at being scratched in just the right place.

Anne hopped onto the bed and leaned in to give Terry a kiss on the lips. Terry pecked back at her three or four times, enjoying the pleasure of being so close to this beautiful woman. Anne perched on her hands and knees while Terry pursued the kissing. Then Terry’s right hand reached out for Anne’s left breast, holding it in her cupped hand, feeling the softness of the flesh against her palm. Anne leaned in closer; confirming for Terry that yesterday had not been a mistake. After a few more moments of kissing and caressing, Anne changed positions, joining Terry under the covers; sitting side by side against the head board.

“Yesterday was wonderful. Thank you,” Anne said. Terry chuckled.

“You shouldn’t thank me. I enjoyed it, too.”

“No, really, there’s lots of things to illegal bahis thank you for. The way you made me feel, not just the sex part and that was great, but the whole thing. Snuggling together afterwards. Sitting quietly holding each other. Just having a quiet evening in each other’s arms.”

“Okay. But like I said, I enjoyed it too,” Terry insisted. “Let me ask you a question. You don’t have to answer…had you ever made love with a woman before yesterday?”

“Was it that obvious?” Anne asked with a note of disappointment in her voice.

“What?” Terry was confused, ‘oh, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. I was just wondering. I sort of figured that you were married young and probably hadn’t gotten much chance to try other things out before that.”

This caused Anne to giggle a little bit, mostly from relief that she hadn’t been a disappointment to Terry.

“I had other lovers before I met Rob, but they were all men. I guess I never really thought about being with a woman. It was funny, though, I got really turned on by those sketches you showed me. If you had left here yesterday without everything else we did, I probably would have gone to bed fantasizing about ‘that woman’ in the drawing. I’m glad I know it’s you. When you kissed me, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen. It was confusing. I didn’t want to think about cheating on Rob. I didn’t want to think about being with a woman. I just wanted to be with you.”

“That’s really sweet. I don’t think anyone has ever said anything like that to me before.” Terry was thinking how easy it would be for her to fall in love with this woman. “Were you scared when I kept going?”

“No,” Anne answered. “You were being gentle. And just when I started to really wonder about Rob, you pressed ahead. How did you know that was what I needed?

Terry only smiled in reply.

“I don’t think I have ever had so many different parts of my body tended to the way you did,” Anne said. “I loved the way you touched my…womanhood,” Anne whispered this last word.

“Your ‘womanhood’?” Terry giggled. “We’re not living in a romance novel, dear. Come on. Do you really think of it as your ‘womanhood’?” Terry was having fun now, teasing Anne just this little bit. “Okay. Wait. Think about your crotch…Now, what’s the word that going through your head?

“I don’t know,” Anne hesitated, “I don’t usually use words for that.”

“I say pussy,” Terry declared with no trace of sarcasm, humor or modesty in her voice. “That’s what I have; a pussy. That’s what you have; a pussy. It sort of helps to put a word to that whole place I love so much. Now you say it.”

Anne was quite for a moment. She couldn’t bring herself to say this word.

“Okay, repeat after me,” Terry said, this time with a note of fun and laughter in her voice. “Pussy…Puuus-eeeee… Pussy. There. Now you try it.”

“No,” Anne laughed, “I’m forty four years old. I have two kids in college for gosh sake. I can’t say that word.”

“Pussy,” Terry declared, now with a full laugh backing up the word. “Here, purse your lips to start it out,” Terry demonstrated by squeezing her lips together like the start of a kiss. Anne followed along with this, pursing her own lips together. Terry sprang forward and kissed Anne’s pursed lips and they both started to laugh.

“Pussy,” Anne said, in a quiet voice. “There I said it. I think your right. Pussy. That’s what I have, a pussy. I can say that. That works for me.” Anne reached over and pulled Terry’s face up to her own and started a kiss, her tongue finding Terry’s. After a few minutes, Anne pulled away, but continued to face Terry. Anne took Terry’s right hand and placed it on her own left breast, then took Terry’s left hand in both of her own.

“Yesterday,” Anne began after a moment had passed, “you made love to me. You did all of those wonderful things to me and to my…pussy. I want to do that too. To you. With you. I want to make love with you. I’m nervous. I’ve never done this before. I want to do it right. I want you to feel the same way you made me feel.”

Terry looked into Anne’s eyes for a long moment and said, “That’s what illegal bahis siteleri I want too. I want to feel you touching my womanhood.” Anne’s eyes popped wide open as Terry burst into a fit of giggles. It was just the release Anne needed. She pushed herself forward against Terry, pushing them both into a laying down position on the bed, with Anne partially on top of Terry. Anne firmly kissed Terry’s willing lips. Terry settled back to enjoy the kiss, her mind already wandering to what Anne might do with her.

Anne started to make soft little kisses around Terry face, first on her cheeks, then her nose, back to Anne’s lips, and down to her chin. Anne worked her way slowly around to Terry’s ear, lightly rimming her inner ear with the tip of her tongue. Terry sighed with delight. As Anne continued with her kisses, she also started to use her left hand to caress Terry’s breast. Anne kept her fingers away from Terry’s nipples, focusing her featherlike strokes on the outer side of Terry’s right breast. In response, Terry began to lightly rub Anne’s back, signaling to Anne that she was doing exactly the right things.

Now Anne moved her attention down to Terry’s long neck. She avoided the strong kisses that teenagers seemed to enjoy so much, the type that leaves a hickey to the amusement of their friends. Anne never enjoyed that kind of kiss on her own neck; she preferred a gentler touch; which is how she approached Terry. Again, kissing Terry’s neck with just the edges of her lips, almost like a light tickle. Then she ran her tongue along the valley running from the notch where Terry’s collar bones met up along the side of her neck to the bottom of her left ear lobe. Then she repeated this, but moving to Terry’s right side. Anne felt surprisingly aroused just from this contact with Terry’s smooth neck. It wasn’t a feeling she’d ever had when making love with her husband. This was different, a new sensation that seemed to emerge as her saliva mixed with the warmth of Terry’s neck. Anne even felt herself getting wet from this sensation. She snuggled her nose against Terry’s neck, breathing in deeply, a moment of pleasure she allowed for herself.

Terry avoided the temptation to give Anne instructions on her first time making love to a woman. Terry was excited by her new lover and wanted to let this first experience play out on its own; Terry knew to let Anne move along in whatever way she felt most comfortable and at her own pace.

Anne stopped her kissing and settled her head down on the large pillow, still caressing Terry’s breast. Then Anne shifted herself up, a little bit more on top of Terry. Anne’s light weight was not a problem for Terry. From this position, Anne could use both of her hands to explore Terry’s increasingly aroused body. She looked down wondering at the beauty of Terry’s enlarged nipples. Anne inched herself down slightly. She used her tongue to tease the bumpy skin of Terry’s areolas and then ran the slightly rougher flat part of her tongue along a hardened nipple. Terry felt a small electric jolt shoot through her body, starting at her nipple and ending at her pussy. Terry’s hands reached down and grabbed Anne’s ass cheeks in response; holding them tightly as the first wave of a small orgasm coursed through her body. Anne knew what Terry was feeling at that moment. She continued to apply slight pressure with her tongue against Terry’s nipple knowing that this would allow Terry to enjoy the full effect of this little pleasure. Anne waited for Terry’s body to settle down before deciding it was time to move on.

Now she started to kiss the soft folds in front of Terry left arm pit. No one had ever done this to her before and Terry was surprised by the delightful way it made her feel. Not an electric charge, just a nice soothing feel running through her body. It was exactly the right touch to follow up that small orgasm. Anne started to rub her hand down Terry’s side, from just below her right breast, down her smoothly curved waist, over her hip bone and then down to the well trimmed, ending on the triangle of blonde pubic hair pointing the way to Terry’s clitoris. Anne stroked this same path several canlı bahis siteleri times, before settling her fingers into a combing motion of Terry pubic hair.

Anne seemed to be unsure how to proceed. At that moment Anne was thinking that last night she had been a passive recipient of Terry’s ministrations; Anne hadn’t done anything, really. Even right now, she had not really gone so far into this new world of lesbian love making. She could still deny it to herself. But she knew that she would not turn back now; she just wasn’t sure about moving forward. With the next step she would be committed; she could not deny anything.

Terry felt the change in tempo; Anne’s uncertainty telegraphing itself through her fingertips. Terry wouldn’t force or coerce Anne to do anything she didn’t want to do. She would never do that to another person. Anne would have to take the next step because she wanted to. Still, Terry decided that she could smooth the way for her. With this thought in mind, Terry placed the fingertips of her right hand on Anne’s back, just below her neck, and lightly caressed the peach fuzz hairs there. This seemed to have a soothing effect on Anne, who looked up into Terry’s eyes and smiled.

Anne began rubbing Terry’s pubic mound circling her middle and forefingers, using light pressure at first. Terry immediately felt the pleasant sensation of Anne’s actions. She parted her legs, bending her knees up slightly, giving her feet purchase on the bed to help rotate her hips in rhythm with Anne’s fingers. After a few more moments, Anne reached her fingers down along the crease of Terry’s pussy lips and rubbed her slick pussy up and down. Anne began slowly pressing her middle finger into Terry’s cunt, just barely entering her, and then pulling back. The in and out pulsing on Terry pussy lips sent sparks through her body. Terry’s breath was coming in short gasps. Anne quickened the pace of her in and out motions; Terry bucked her hips up hard against Anne’s hand as another orgasm rippled through her body.

As Terry settled back down, head slightly tilted up on the pillow, Anne repositioned herself, moving this time far down between Terry’s outspread thighs. Anne’s head faced Terry’s cum drenched pussy, lips protruding and fully spread beckoning a lover’s touch. Terry reached down to caress Anne’s black hair. Anne held no more thoughts of uncertainty; she was thrilled at the thought of what she was about to do.

With no hesitation at all, Anne leaned forward into Terry’s crotch. For the first time, Anne tasted the spicy sweetness of another women’s pussy. Terry’s musk made Anne slightly delirious; at that moment she would have done anything to be completely engulfed by Terry’s cunt. She moved her nose in between Terry’s pussy lips, breathing in deeply to absorb Terry’s smell. Then she pushed her tongue deep into Terry to taste these wonderful new flavors. With one hand on Terry’s ass and the other placed just above her clitoris, Anne was in complete control of Terry’s every movement. Anne moved her attention up to Terry’s now engorged clit, poking out firmly from its hood. Careful not to over do it, Anne gently licked just beneath the darkened pink bud, while her hand messaged the area just above it. Terry felt her next orgasm coming on strong. It started way down with the tightened sphincter in her ass, then radiated out to her thighs and belly. Terry’s nipples hardened to that place where pain and pleasure feel the same. Then with a deep gasp of breath and a tight contraction of her stomach muscles, her pussy started to pulse, squeezing out several small drops of cum that dripped down her crack. Anne quickly licked them off, and settled back with her head resting gently between Terry’s thighs.

After a few minutes, Terry’s slow rhythmic breathing lead Anne to think she might have fallen asleep. Anne lifted herself up, not wanting to disturb her lover’s rest. But Terry was awake and reached down to guide Anne back up to rest her head on the pillows.

“You’re pretty brave,” Terry said, “and really good.” Anne smiled and blushed.

“You made it easy,” Anne replied. “At first, I didn’t know if I could do this. Make love to a woman. But I wanted to make love to you. I hope I did it right.”

“Like you’ve been doing it all your life,” Terry assured her. The two women lay in each other’s arms, quietly enjoying the feel of holding onto each other.