Aquata Cove Ch. 83

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Chapter 83: Undermined Fortune

“Mh…” Merrick slowly awakens, feeling some sort of stale softness pressing on half of his face. He opens his eyes a little more, to see Adam’s mended face and bandaged head sleeping peacefully. Shifting a bit and rising up, Merrick feels something else. His weary eyes look on the hand on his bent elbow, a hand leading from Adam’s arm…

Merrick moves himself down onto Adam’s hand, letting it slip down his arm, until his face rubs against Adam’s knuckles. “Mmmhhh…” Merrick nuzzles gently on Adam’s hand, giving a soft kiss onto his fingers before tucking his arms under Adam’s arm.


Suddenly, Merrick stopped. He sighs as he moves himself up, and sits upright in his chair, his back feeling very stiff. His eyes drift from here to there, along Adam’s dormant state.

Why does he think he can allow himself to think that there’s a chance things can work out? As soon as Adam wakes up, he’s just going to forget Merrick was even here; he’ll be a nice stranger who can’t stop crying in front of a hapless patient.

“It’s no use…” Merrick muttered as he gets up, “I’d rather shut the world away than let it kill me again and again…”

He gets up slowly, looking out the outside window of the room, and seeing the orange-cyan sky. It’s probably 6 or 7AM by now. It’s best if… Merrick leaves now, before Adam asks him who the heck is he…

Merrick’s eyes stare at the floor as he walks around the bed, and exits the door.

“Mmmnn… Hm?” Adam blinks awake quietly looking turning his head a little as he sees no one here. “Doctor… Hello…?” He asked silently, having the very distinct feeling that there was someone here at this hour…


In the morning with the nurses and doctors bustling, Jessica strides through the hospital, walking as fast as she can as her heart pounds. She must go to see him, see Adam. He’s finally awake from his coma! God has given him a second chance at life! Her insides flutter madly with hope as she holds her large bouquet of flowers with both arms.

Just as she turned a corner, a big frame bumps right into her!

“Whoa- Ah, hey, sorry about that.” Says a tall black man as he staggers back.

“I-It’s fine. I-I just need to hurry-“

“Hey hey hey, whoa whoa whoa, hold up there…” Jamal said as he halts her. He looks down on her, frowning down a cold glare, as he blocks her way with a lean on the corner, crossing his massive arms, “Where you think you headin, lil lady?”

“I’m going to see Adam.” Jessica answers, returning an innocent look as well as a hint of a scathing air, “He needs me right now…”

“Hm, nah-uh.” Jamal shakes his head and unfurls his arms, “You don’t need to see him right now. Yah need to turn right around, and head on out.”

“No! I have a right to see him!” Jessica protested, taking a moment to walk around him.

“Nah, no you ain’t,” Jamal reaches his arm out behind him, and blocks her again, driving her back around in front of him like a shepherd’s crook to a sheep.

“Wh- Hey!” Jessica pushes at his arm, to little avail, “Why are you doing this??” Jessica ducks under his arm, but he’s still to quick. Jamal turns around, and blocks her again, “Stop! D-Doctor!” She called out for support.

“Aight, right now, you need to leave. Go. Now.” Jamal said. He glares down at her with a sullen stare. His gaze feels as cold clay, pushing her attempts down as he easily towers over her, keeping his strong arms crossed as those thick lips kept their frown upon her.

“Don’t…” Jessica glared back with her wiry angry eyes, “Don’t test me, sir. I will-“

“Don’t.” Jamal said solidly, “Fuck. With me, Jessie.” His voice carries darkly, “I know what you on about. I know JUST what you are all about. And if you weren’t a girl, I woulda beat you to a fuckin pulp by now for comin after mah best bud fo’slong as you did.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Jessica accused. “Are you threatening me??”

“Naw, I’m warning you.” Jamal said, “You know what the fuck I’m talkin bout. Back at Dream Waltz bout a couple months back? Don’t pretend ya don’t.” Jessica looks rather offended at him. Just what does this big, drug-toting gorilla know?? “Yall run along now… Last thing we need here is some bible-swingin vulture.”

“Oh, go to hell…” Jessica retorted deeply.

“Ladies first, aight?” Jamal retorted.

“This was meant to be, and you know it.” Jessica said with heightened emotion, “And even if you don’t know, this has nothing to do with you. If you have ever cared for him, cared for his soul at any given time… Then step aside.”

“Is there a problem here?” Says a random doctor beside them. Jessica turns to him, and then to Jamal, trying to find some reason to get Jamal out of her way, and on to Adam-

“Naw.” Jamal said, still giving a stone-faced stare down at her, “Miss Jessica was just on her way out. Aren’t ya, Jessie?”

“… I came to see a patient… Who is a dear… Dear friend of mine.”

“Doc, this woman has güvenilir bahis been stalkin the patient she talkin about for a long time now.” Jamal reported, “And I know fo-“

“Fine!” Jessica said, before shoving the big wrap of wild flowers into Jamal’s chest, before he grabbed them by the chest, “Kindly see that Mr Bryant gets these.” With that, Jessica turns, and leaves, once again, foiled.

‘You won’t be here forever…’ She thought to herself, ‘On the first chance I have, I will save his soul… God has given me this chance to free Adam from his condemned life… That you can’t see that for yourself, is your own fault. But I will not allow you to drag Adam down with you any longer…’

“Yeah, keep walkin, bitch.” Jamal mumbled as he turned around. Upon walking next to the custodial cart, Jamal opens the red biohazard bin, and threw the bouquet in with the used tubes and needles, and dropping it shut.

“You know, those are strictly for contaminated and/or used medical waste.” Yuri said as she came up beside Jamal.

“Yeah. What’cho point?” Jamal asked.

“Ugh, just never mind.” Yuri said, “You here to see Adam?”

“Yeah, I wanna see how he’s doin, maybe watch a movie wit him. Got his laptop here.” Jamal said as he holds up the satchel for Adam’s portable computer.

“Not a bad idea. He’s not as forgetful as he was…” Yuri said before she catches sight of something sticking out of the side-pocket of the carrier, “Hang on, what’s that?”

“Whoa- Nuthin! It’s just his stuff, ya know.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so hand it over.” Before Jamal can dodge her, she snatches them from the laptop carrier, and takes a look at them.

“… Puss-Puss-Kitty and Cock-A-Doodle-Doo?” Yuri asked with blaring eyes looking up as she held two magazines, one depicting a woman on the front, naked instead of a few purple veils covering her breasts and her pelvis, and the other magazine shows a man chewing on a wheat plant with a glistening physique, also nude save for a farm hat and pile of white and yellow rose feathers covering his crotch. “You want to tell me why you’re smuggling pornography into my hospital?”

“It ain’t for me,” Jamal chuckled, “Just wanted to show Adam, and… Ya know… See if he can still tell the difference, ya know?”

“Uh-huh.” Yuri taps the magazines with her thumbs before she gestured to him, “Come here, I want to show some origami.”

“Wha- No! You just gonna hit me!”

“Jamal, if I was going to kill you, I’d do it immediately. Now come here.” She took him to the nearest counter. “Ok, so first, we fold the first magazine hot-dog style — which I am sure is in one of these.” She said as she demonstrated, “And then, we take the other one, and fold it in half too…”

“Yeah…” Jamal said, keeping his guard up, “What next?”

“Next, we put one of them, on top of the other — knock on wood — like a plus sign, see?”

“Ah, ok.” Jamal said as he observed. “Oh, you makin one of those ninja star things?”

“You COULD say that.” Yuri answered, “Then, we put our thumbs on the middle, while holding the middle tightly as we pick them up.” Yuri said as she did so, hold one end of the magazine with her hand, while keeping them together.


“Now, watch closely, because this next step is very important.” She instructed.

“Got it.”

“Ok… Now… We take the first piece, and then…”


“OW, shyit!!” Jamal yelped as his right cheek suddenly feels aflame!


“OW!” Now the other cheek is slammed!

“You are a perverted idiot, do you know that?” Yuri said bitterly, holding a magazine in each hand.

“Shit, Yuri, you fuckin- ahhhh,” Jamal grunted, “I think you made me cut my fuckin lip, oooww!”

“Good!” Yuri said before she tosses the porno mags into a nearby trash bin, and turns back around and crosses her arms, “Anything else in that carrier I should know about? A vibrator or a popper, maybe??”

“No! Nuthin! A-A-Owww” Jamal staggers as Yuri grabs his ear, and drags him forcefully away.

“Right. Now I’ll take you to see Adam right now.”

“Let go of mah fuckin ear!!”

“Watch your language, dumbass!”


Merrick watches over the waves and surf of the sea. He has walked a few miles from the hospital, so some random spot where he can view the ocean, smell the spray of the nautical salt from all around, watching the sun’s rays shine and glimmer on the ever wavering surface.

He’s so sick of crying. Every time he goes into that damn hospital, he can’t stop himself from breaking down. As he gazes over the rippling sea, he rubs the small velvet pouch in his fingers, tracing around the circular shape held with in it. He also holds his own engagement ring. The white gold and platinum welded into curve and curled in a symmetrical design, embedded with tiny diamonds, with one medium diamond in the middle.

And he can’t stand that he just can’t seem to man-up already.

Wake up, Merrick. So his fiancé was beaten to a bloody pulp and the first türkçe bahis moment he wakes up from a 3-week coma, he doesn’t remember the first thing of his own life. His parents are devastated, his friends are in a gloom, and everyone has shown their support. Why is none of that good enough for him? So many people have it so much worse. Why is it so hard to be strong?

Why does gratitude elude him, Merrick ponders. He is very lucky; his mate could have died… Adam could have been lost forever, in the physical sense. Some people don’t even have the good chance of having their mate alive after such an ordeal.

‘You can make new memories.’ A thought tugs in Merrick’s mind, ‘You still have the times of gone by in your own heart, all isn’t lost.’

“Tch.” Merrick grits his teeth, “I don’t want new memories… I want the ones that we had…” He sniffs as he rubs his eyes. “Just fucking stop crying…” He tells himself, “This is beyond ridiculous…”

He takes a deep, harsh breath as he stares out into the shining ocean, before his cellphone starts to ring in his pocket. He pulls it out, and holds it to his ear, “Hello? … Oh, yes, hi Mr Umiyama… I know, I haven’t forgotten. I was on my way to the institute right now… Alright, see you in while.”

He ends the call and pockets his phone. He holds his hand up to see the small pouch. His chest pounds with emotion, bitter, heavy punches in his insides as he remembers the little treasure inside. The wedding ring made with the purest natural ocean pearls he could find. Him, a Coshiton, a rogue from his kind, taking the risk of seeking out his own Mother, to make a gift, a wondrous promise, out her own life force, and his own soul to give to his own true love, his own mate… For his Adam…

Merrick closes his fingers over the pouch, letting it push into his palm, before his empty eyes look back to the ocean. He digs his finger into the pouch opening to widen it open, before putting his own ring into it to join the other, and sealed it back shut.

He is finished with this life… So tired of trying to be happy when the world itself wants him to suffer… He is sick of feeling as if he is alone…

Merrick takes a quick breath before he throws his arm back, and launches it forward! He watches with eyes full of quiet rage and pain as he sees the pouch fly though the air! His breathing becomes erratic as his eyes tear up again, the tiny back rapidly shrinking, before disappearing completely into the sea.

His fists clench as he stands there, almost seething with emotion, sniffing and smearing his eyes again before shaking his head. He turns his back to the bright day, and walks away, leaving behind so much more than just the ocean view.


Adam fiddles with the magnetic links and metal orbs on his lap. He’s made a cube and a pyramid so far… He’s been reading from a set of directions from the kit next to his bed. He sighs as his head gives a few throbs again. Ever since he’s been awake… Or at least from how long he can even remember. All he has to go on is a calendar attached on a post with X’s crossed in the squares.

As he tries to connect the links again, he hears a soft knock on his door, before looking up to see Dr Yuri, the only person so far that he’s been able to recall so far.

“Hi Adam, how are you feeling today?”

“Ok, I guess…” Adam answered, “Am I… Supposed to play with these things?” He asked, holding up the magnets.

“Once again, yes, it’s something to exercise the memory. Which reminds me, I’ll need to take away the instructions at some point during the day.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s part of the program, in order to see if you can remember which order to build them.” Yuri takes his chart, and marks down a few things.

“I uh… I need to have some kind of medicine… Right?”

“Not just now,” Yuri said, “You’re set to relax and sleep.”

“Ennhhhh…” Adam whined, “Have I even gotten to walk around yet? I can feel my feet, you know…”

“Adam, you have sustained some very bad injuries.” Yuri said, “We need to keep you full of pain-killers and off your feet for a long time yet. Your ribs are still healing, your right arm still needs time, and your left kneecap is still busted.”

“Hhhhoohhhhhh…” Adam groaned, “I don’t even know what happened…” Yuri stopped, and cast her eyes down, “Doctor… Can you at least tell me how I got here? I’ve been here for a whole month, right? What happened?”

“I… I have told you, Adam…” Yuri said, “And I know you’re curious because you keep forgetting, but…” She sighed as she shook her head, “I honestly don’t have the heart to tell you again, and… Your psychologist advises against it — the residual shock and anxiety is not good for your well being at this time.”

“Wait… I have a psychologist?”

“Yes, but she comes AFTER you’re well enough to actually begin physical therapy.” She puts his chart back down into its slot at the end of his bed, “On the plus side, you have a visitoy today.”

“Oh… Did I meet güvenilir bahis siteleri them again a few days ago too?”

Yuri sighs before she takes a seat next to Adam’s bed. “Adam. I know it’s hard.” She said softly, “I understand you feel a sense of guilt because you’re having memory problems that may or may not be permanent. But you need to cut yourself some slack; it is not your fault, and they are here for you.”

“…” Adam stares sadly onto the magnets on his lap, before looking at her, “And how many times have you told me that before I forgot?”

“Just the once,” She said before giving a gentle slap to his cheek, “And don’t be a sad smartass. Hey.” She then turned his chin to face her, “You and I have been very close friends for a very long, long time. I’m not afraid to give you a hard time when I feel like it.” Yuri told him with a smile. Adam sighs and nods.

“Alright, I’ll send him in right now.” Yuri stepped out, but stepped right back in with the door mostly closed, “Oh, and if he starts showing you naked pictures, slap his face, and look away.”

“Wait, what? Naked pictures of who??”

“Just trust me, ok?”

“Ok…” Adam looks curiously as she leaves, and in enters a big African American man. Adam blushes as he sees his thick, bulging muscles under his shirt. His face tingles… As well as a couple of other places in him, as this dark, handsome man walks in.

“Hey, Adam, what up?”

“Nah-Nothing…” Adam’s voice went high for a split second.

“How’s yo head, ya crazy bastard?”

“Um, what?”


They both turn to see Doctor Yuri leering at them with a shrill sense of suspicious anger… The newcomer in particular. She puts her index and middle fingers under either of her eyes, before they turn and point to the room, and she crosses her arms.

“Is… Everything alright?” Adam asked, “Does she not like you?”

“On a good day.” The hot chocolate man smirked. “Name’s Jamal, by the way.” He turned to look at Adam, “So how you feelin anyway? You doin any better?”

“I… Guess. My head keeps hurting. It just keeps being sore and heavy…”

“Yeah, you took some bad hits, man.” Jamal said as he pats Adam’s knee, “Plus the docs gotta keep you all doped up so you don’t feel all the broken stuff inside you.”

“Mhm…” Adam nods before taking a breath, “So. Where do I know YOU from?”


In a makeshift hut hovel in the middle of a clear river amongst water-borne trees and branches reaching around, Atarah tosses and curls about a large sea turtle shell, mixing and tossing about various powdered and scattered ingredients. “So the problem is with Merreek?”

“Yes,” Belinda said, almost completely naked except for a sash or two, “Something has been happening to him, sun by sun, his being seems less visible.”

“It’s like Merrick is there, but he doesn’t feel like he exists until I actually talk to him or something.” Syrinx said, also nude save for her usual sea gear and equipment.

“Very… Very strange…” Atarah noted as she puts the shell down, sitting herself down, and interlacing her fingers.

“I’ve seen it happen before in my own pod before I was exiled.” Syrinx explained, “She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t talk, she was just drifting with us.”

“She vanished, you say now?” Atarah asked.

“No, she didn’t. In fact, she uh…” Syrinx huffs, having to think about that horrifying day again, “Eventually, she suddenly went into an uproar. She yelled at us and cursed us, she killed a couple of our members, and then she killed the Adra Noita of the pod. The Triton had to kill her, even after he tried to restrain and reason with her. She just acted like some kind of demon.”

“Hmmmm…” Atarah pondered.

“I see him cry,” Belinda said, “Tears, all of us, when we cry, our light shows in tiny stars in are tears. But with Merrick… When he cries…” Belinda looks to the Ancient with worry, “His tears have no light. They are as a human’s tears…”

“Does that mean he is become more human then?” Syrinx asked.

“No…” Atarah said, “No merfolk can eva be human… Even I, am not of that existience.”

“Then what…” Syrinx said, “When I ran into him, it was like he didn’t have any spirit anymore.”

“Why?” Atarah asked, “When has Merreek gone… And why did teh mermaid in your pod lose herself, and took away the lives of others?”

“I… Guess it has something to do with heartbreak,” Syrinx said, “In my pod, Galatea changed completely when her own child was swallowed by the Ghost Whale, and she lost her mate when he tried to get their child back.”

“And Merrick’s mate was attacked almost one moon ago,” Belinda added, “He was severely injured and ill, and was under a long sleep until several suns ago. And as well, he no longer has his memories of his own life…”

“…” Atarah’s eyes linger down into the shell full of shifted elements. They shimmer very slightly in the light — mixed ash, crushed fish scales, dried leaves fragments, dried jellyfish essence, and other various trace particles. What she sees in this dust mixture does not set her at ease.

“I hab met mermaids and mermen who have lost their way…” She finally said, “Them eyes do not show themselve, for dey no longer wanted dis world…”