April’s Body Ch. 03

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The roads were clear and Julia and April went together to go to the airport. April’s home was on the way and Julia agreed to stop so that she could gather a few things. She had agreed also to help her with the legal aspect of the properties now that her parents gone. It was a mess but Julia wanted to be with April every step of the way.

As April went into her home to gather her important items to pack away, Julia waited in the car. Her phone rang. She saw that it was someone from research and development from one of the smaller companies in her portfolio.

“Hello, Julia speaking.”

“Miss Barone,” the man on the otherline said. “This is Merk, I just wanted to inform you that project Double N will be ready for you to test in seven days and will be complete shortly after that.”

“Project Double N?” To Julia this was a pleasant surprise. “I will be there in the afternoon on the appointed date.”

“Yes ma’am,” Merk said.

Julia had a tinge of excitement as she placed the phone down. She looked out at the house where April was foraging through and smiled. Project Double N was something that would change the game and allow her a certain level of freedom.

April meanwhile looked through her belongings. Most of the clothing didn’t fit her appropriately. There were only two or three bras that were the correct size that her parents paid to get tailored that she packed. She brought with her photo albums of her family. As an only child and now the last person in her family to be alive there were nothing but quiet moments as she brought her bag with her to the car.

“That small bag is all you’re bringing?” Julia stepped out as April loaded her items in the back with Julia’s luggage.

“Most of my clothing doesn’t fit properly,” April said. “I either have to buy large shirts that make me look overweight or it fits too tight around my chest.”

The winter coat however fit around her snugly as she stepped into the car and Julia drove off. They reached the airport where a private jet awaited them. Surprised that they didn’t go to the major airport April couldn’t help but begin to question.

“Where is this?”

“It’s the private airport,” Julia said. “This is my company’s private jet.”

April looked out and was surprised. Several of the workers at the airport began to unload the car and put it on the airplane as the two women were led to their seats. April wasn’t sure how to take it because she started to think about how rich Julia might be. After processing it somewhat she began to lament that she might be seen as someone who was only interested in Julia for her money.

“April, you’re quiet,” Julia said. “Is leaving this place something that’s making you sad?”

“A little bit,” April said.

Julia held April’s hands and then went in for a kiss. Their lips met but it was a soft kiss. The pilot was standing next to them and noticed it but kept to himself as he didn’t want to make his boss uncomfortable or upset.

“Madam Barone, we are going to be taking off shortly.”

“Thank you Chester,” Julia said.

Chester went to the front of the plane and closed the door to the cockpit. When he did so Julia went and locked the door preventing the pilot from entering the passenger cabin. It was a private jet that was built for the privacy of the client and Julia was the only one whom the Jet brought around.

“You locked him in the cockpit?”

“Yes,” Julia said. “I want privacy with you. After take off we can help ourselves to the bar and get out of our seats.”

“The bar?” April was a little surprised. “Like alcohol?”

“If you want,” Julia said.

“I’m only eighteen?”

Julia smiled. “If you are uncomfortable then you don’t have to but I will have a drink.”

The plane took off and once it was in the air the light over the door to the cockpit shined indicating that they were now free to stand up and move around. There were no servers on the plane as Julia began to walk around. April remained seated in her chair and looked out the window to see the clouds. A few thoughts were coming through her head as she thought not about what she was leaving behind but of the idea that life was short.

“Julia can you initiate me into the mile high club?” April looked at the older woman but didn’t quite smile.

“Did you bring the strap-on?”

April nodded. Julia then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri went into her bag and brought it out, strapping it to her waste. Though she felt good wearing it around, the fact was that the strap-on was dead weight. The major enjoyment she received from it was watching the other woman squirm and pant.

April stripped herself down to nothing. Though Julia was able to stand freely, April’s head was near the ceiling and so she stayed seated. The cabin had two large couches and multiple pillows. Julia had made this cabin to be like a bedroom for herself to relax should she need to travel internationally with long flights. It could be a place where she slept, ate, or enjoyed her time with several other entertainment options. With this short flight, she only had thirty minutes to initiate April.

“We have to do this pretty quickly because we’ll land soon,” Julia said. “How do you want to do this?”

“Doggy-style,” April said. She bent on all fours and turned around with her breasts hanging down and almost pressing on the carpet.

“No foreplay?”

“I thought we didn’t have time,” April said.

Julia lubricated the strap-on then placed it inside April who gasped. The strap-on was about seven inches and 1.5 inches around. It went inside and Julia continued to push in and out. As it slid inside April’s vagina she also began to bounce herself. April’s bare butt bounced off Julia’s slacks and outerwear when it hit the strap-on. The light from the cabin showed it jiggle slightly from each impact while April’s breasts bounced back and forth. Julia could see the sides of April’s breasts move as she watched her back. Though Julia enjoyed the scene of April panting and moving herself she didn’t quite enjoy the strap-on as much as she enjoyed using her tongue.

As Julia pounded her from behind April’s vaginal contractions began to intensify along with the pleasure. It was better than when she used the dildo to stimulate herself, she never bought a vibrator due to the noise. Julia however remained quiet with project Double N on her mind as she continued gyrating her hips. Soon April started moaning but tried to keep it quiet not wanting the pilots to hear.

Sensing this suppression from April, Julia began to push back and forth more intensely. Her pilots were paid to keep secrets so she wanted April to feel comfortable doing whatever she felt like doing around them. If April was to become her wife she would likely take over her assets one day due to their age difference. If she didn’t take over then she would at least become the prime decision maker in deciding who would take care of those assets. She wanted April to abandon the sense of fear of those who were under her and explore a willingness to be more confident and less embarrassed.

The harder pounding caused April to begin panting and she tried to pull out but Julia spanked her. The small hand smacking the large butt was a shock to April yet she was slightly excited from it. Still the fear of moaning caused her to speak up.

“The… pilot… “April said. “The… Pilot will hear.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Julia said. “Even if the pilot hears he won’t talk to anyone. I only hire and work with the best people. If they talk or do something that destroys my privacy they won’t be able to get a job anywhere again.”

“No…” April whispered in between pants as she felt the orgasm beginning to arrive. “I… mustn’t…”

April’s body quivered as she felt herself shaking. It was intense enough for her inexperience as Julia kept moving her hips back and forth. April kept trying to hold it back.

“Scream for me,” Julia said. “Scream it all out. It’s fine, you can scream up here.”

“The pilots…”

“Stop thinking of the pilots,” Julia said as she spanked April once more.

Then placing her hands around Julia’s hips she began to push harder and faster. Julia placed more and more effort into it, more than she had in the past. April kept trying to hold it in, she kept trying to ignore it but the continuous pounding became too much.

“Ahhhhh!” April began to scream.

One after another, her voice went louder and louder for several minutes. Her breasts poured out their milk on the carpet as she felt the insertion. She continued to squirm for several more moments as the sweat rolled down her forehead before finally güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri settling down. Julia then grabbed her clothing to help her get dressed. The landing light turned on over the pilot’s cabin as the plane begins to land.

“Your carpet, I spilled on your carpet…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Julia said. “How do you like now being in the Mile High Club?”

“It felt good,” April said. “I just feel like something is missing.”

Julia smiled at her. “What do you think is missing?”

“I’m not sure,” April said. “You’ve done so much for me and made me feel great. Maybe I’m just not over my parent’s deaths yet.”

Julia nodded. She was sure that played a part in it, but even Julia felt there was something missing. April thoroughly enjoyed herself whenever she placed her hands on her, but there was still the issue of her not wishing to undress herself in front of another person. It was the same thing that had been missing in all her other relationships, but she for some reason she wanted April more than anyone before. There was a sense of willingness from April that was far more accepting.

“Did the pilots, you said they will keep it a secret?” April was slightly embarrassed at her loud screaming.

“The pilots can’t hear anything,” Julia said. “This cabin is insulated from noise and they wear noise cancelling headphones in the cockpit. As long as the door is closed nothing leaves this place. Even if they did, they would tell no one about it.”

April was slightly dumbfounded. All the effort to hold it in due to potential embarrassment was really wasted.

The jet landed and the Julia’s driver picked them up at the airport, loading all their luggage.

“Good to see your safe return Madam,” the driver said.

“Take us to the clothing store,” Julia said. “Then drop our luggage back home.”

“Yes Madam,” the driver said.

Julia and April got into the back of the large car together. April was still tired from the flight but followed Julia’s lead. She wasn’t sure who Julia was since there seemed to be so many expensive things tied to her that she couldn’t dream of. They made their way to the clothing store and upon greeting were brought up to a private room without any delay.

“Even when I go to the city they never treat me like this,” April said. “A private room like this?”

“I’ll call Melinda, your usual fashion manager,” the male host said.

As April sat down as the woman left when her hand was grabbed by Julia who immediately planted a kiss and locked her lips.

“You’re just so beautiful,” Julia said.

April was taken aback by the words. They locked eyes as Julia stood there in front of April.

“Miss Julia,” the fashion manager announced as she came in. Melinda was a woman standing five feet five inches with red hair. “What are we looking for today. Oh, you seem to have a guest.”

Melinda was someone in her late twenties who had worked in the industry for some time. Due to the requirements of such an industry she kept herself in shape and always had a smile on her face especially when she was doing business with a client such as Julia.

“This is April,” Julia said. “She is looking for some undergarments, and clothing that can fit her.”

“Is she as shy as you are?”

“No,” Julia said. “I’m a very special kind of shy.”

“Ah, Miss April please come here and stand on this platform and take off your clothes,” Melinda said.

April took it all off down to her bra.

“Your bra too,” Julia said.

April became a little embarrassed but she listened to Julia and took off her bra.

“Miss April I’m going to do some measurements.”

Melinda began measuring April’s long legs and then her waist and back. She had to get a stool to measure her height but did so in the most professional way possible. Most measurements for women were easier on the lower body but the bust was the most difficult.

April’s nipples which were an inch and a half long and an inch thick with the unique shape of a the rubber nipple of the bottle hardened up and stood on end. Melinda noticed them but kept herself staying professional. She reached around with the measuring tape.


Milk flew out into Melinda’s face.

“I’m sorry!” April said. “I’m so sorry.”

“That’s fine miss,” Melinda said with güvenilir bahis şirketleri a smile. “I’ll be right back with a brochure and we can order the type of bras you need. Your measurements are very unique.”

“Are there any clothing in stock today that could fit her?” Julia asked. “Perhaps something a tailor can work on?”

“It will be difficult to do but there is one outfit we can modify for her now,” Melinda said. “I’m sure I can talk to the tailors and have a few more tomorrow and the rest of whatever you order by the end of the week but the bras will have to be made at the factory. Do you also want swim and athletic wear?”

“Yes,” April said. “Wait, I mean… is it okay?”

April loved to swim, and didn’t think before she suddenly answered.

“It’s what she needs,” Julia said. “We have an indoor pool. Get the outfit ready for her, and order her a wardrobe. Also put in an order for double the bras since she can’t easily buy those.”

“Yes Miss Julia.” Melinda handed Julia a small call button before leaving the room.

“Now, before you get dressed I need to empty those out,” Julia said.

Having them stick out in the air like that April obliged. April went to a couch in the middle of the room and lay down, her long feet made her too tall but she arched herself diagonally so Julia could nestle herself in and began to drink.

“Won’t she be back?”

“She won’t come back until I push the button,” Julia said.

“Oh, okay,” April said with a soft smile.

Julia cupped her hand over the right nipple and began sucking on the left. She didn’t want to make a mess of the couch and began to softly nipple while using her tongue to stimulate the nipple. The texture of the nipple was soft but not as smooth as the skin on the breasts surrounding it.

The breasts were so large that just the smallest motion would cause plenty of jiggling when Julia moved her small hands around them. As she continued Julia kept thinking about how impossibly sexy April’s body really was. It was curved almost beyond human limits. Julia’s lips pressed against the soft skin around the nipples as she began to increase the strength of the suck that filed her mouth with milk.

April relaxed and enjoyed this. The feeling brought her slowly towards orgasm as her nipples were unusually sensitive and she enjoyed the touch of Julia’s tongue. The sensation was far different than what she had earlier and it was one where she could slowly be turned to pleasure rather than the forced and intense motions of thrusting.

“This feels so good,” April said.

Julia laid there for almost an hour slowly suckling from April. The milk was sweet and she couldn’t help but make eye contact with the younger woman she continued to drink from. It felt magical as the two of them continued to feel closer and closer. The bond continued to grow more intense as the endorphins released in April’s body while the prolactin continued to be stimulated.

Soon Julia emptied both of April’s breast causing the younger woman to feel amorous. She grabbed Julia by her shoulders and pulled her up placing her arms around her forcing Julia’s clothing to rub against her erect nipples. She kissed Julia and placed her tongue in Julia’s mouth. It was the only feedback she could give to the older woman.

“We should get home,” Julia said while ending the kiss gently. “Let’s see if they’re done with the outfit.”

Julia pressed the button and Melinda returned with a winter outfit for April.

“Please put it on Miss April,” Melinda said. “I need to make sure that it fits appropriately.”

April put on her bra and then wore the cashmere sweater that hugged her skin. It fit almost like a second skin around her top. A pair of jeans was also brought for her, the kind that was made of fabric that could stretch around her legs. Wearing these clothes made April feel far more comfortable than her previous outerwear.

“Unfortunately we don’t have a matching coat that will fit your height, we only have one coat in the whole store that will fit you but we will custom order for you,” Melinda said.

“Thank you Melinda,” Julia said. “Put it all on the account.”

“Yes Miss Julia,” Melinda acknowledged.

The two then escorted out. Wearing the clothing and noticing the materials April realized that the sweater cost more than her bank account held. She watched as Julia walked in front but reached out and grabbed her hand.

Feeling April’s slight tug Julia turned to her. There was a soft smile on April’s face, one that made Julia feel warm inside. She took April’s hand, a hand bigger than her own and intertwined her fingers as they walked out to the car.