Anything for an A

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Attention. The following story deals with questionable consent and coercion when it comes to sexual acts. This may not be for you and if you are offended by these kinds of stories I recommend turning back now. If you continue to read, consider yourself warned.

For the record, all characters contained in this story engaging in any sort of sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older.


A hundred bucks, that is all it had cost me to get my hands on an old phone with a decent camera and a burner sim card so that I could have a live feed and keep track of its location. All that I had to do now was get it into a place where it wouldn’t be seen but would have a good angle for the most room coverage and I already knew exactly where I was going to place it.

But why was I doing this? Why had I gone to great lengths to anonymously acquire a phone and sim card? Because I was struggling in just one class at school and I needed to get my marks up or I was in danger of losing my scholarship and place on the football team which was why I was here in the first place. When you get offered a full-ride scholarship at a University that has a football team known for sending players to the NFL you want to make sure you get the marks you need so you can keep playing. I’d already been benched for my poor marks, I wasn’t about to get kicked off the team.

The class was taught by Professor Hawthorne, but everyone called him Professor Hardass. He was known for being one of the hardest teachers to have and he held you to an almost unobtainable standard, especially if you were on a sports team. Or at least one of the male sports teams. Not a single one of the females that ever took his class ever complained about it being difficult and many spoke highly of him and his teaching expertise. Rumour had it if you were female and struggling in his class you could come to him outside of teaching hours, right in the very lecture hall he taught in, and trade sexual favours for higher marks. It was this rumour that I was determined to confirm, and then I was going to use it against him to make sure that my mark was always high enough to play football.

It would be so simple. At the back of the hall was a large wall sculpture fabricated from strips of metal and other material and it had many holes and openings on its surface. It would take no effort what so ever to slip into the room, hide the phone and then catch Professor Hardass in the act. Once I had enough footage, I would take it to him and blackmail him by threatening to send the footage to the board of education if he didn’t improve my marks so I could play.

The day I planned for this to take place, I arrived at school much earlier than I usually did and since the halls were deserted it was no trouble to slip into the lecture hall and hide the camera. Using my phone I connected to the feed and checked that the angle was correct and that it was recording to the SD card I had installed, it was cheaper to get the phone without a data plan and since I wasn’t interested in paying anything more out of pocket I had opted to only use the data to check the camera at the start and finish of the operation.

With everything in place I left the room and proceeded to head to the sports department where I could establish an alibi by spending time in the weight pit before class saying I was preparing for the big game against our rivals at the end of the week. With school spirit tied so much to the football team, nobody was going to question me for wanting to be prepared even if I was on the bench. If anyone had questioned it, I would have just said that I was making sure I was ready in case one of my teammates got injured and I had to step in.

The rest of the day I did my best to not think about the phone. I didn’t get any calls to the office so I assumed that I had hidden the phone well enough and simply hoped that one or more of the girls which he had this special arrangement with would show up after class to increase her marks. I was going to have to leave the phone in place for a full twenty-four hours to make sure I caught the moment when it all happened and I would retrieve it the next morning in the same way I had placed the phone at the start. By the time I was well into my classes, I had all but forgotten about the phone.

The very next day I once again arrived at school much earlier than usual. I was on edge and hypervigilant of my surroundings since I would be retrieving the phone and it was one thing to get caught planting it, but an entirely different thing to get caught retrieving it. If everything had gone according to plan the tiny little micro-sd card sitting in the phone would contain my key to a better grade and if anyone got to see that footage before I could use it I would be screwed.

As I approached the classroom door, all seemed quiet and I was about to try the handle when the door flew open in front of me. I briefly panicked, bedava bahis until I realized I was now face to face with one of the members of the cleaning staff.

“Can I help you?” He asked, blocking the doorway.

“Uh, no, that’s okay. I just forgot my sweater here yesterday after class and I was hoping to retrieve it.”

“Hate to tell you this but I just cleaned up and there are no sweaters in here.” I was cursing mentally, I needed to get into this room and I needed him gone.

“Alright look, I’ll level with ya. I was planning to play a small prank on one of my professors and I need to get into the room to set it up. Any chance I can get you to pretend like you never saw me here?”

“Fifty bucks.”


“You want me to play dumb and pretend like I didn’t see you, it’s gonna cost you. Now if you don’t have the cash then I’ll be locking the door behind me.”

“Fine.” Pulling my wallet out of my pocket, I pulled a fifty out and passed it to him. It was a good thing I carried cash on me or else I was going to be out of luck.

“Pleasure doing business with you kid. Oh, by the way. If I’ve got to clean up the mess from your prank, believe me, I’ll rat you out in a second, got it?”

“Yeah, no worries.”

I waited until I was certain that I was alone once again, that there was nobody else around to see me or interrupt me. Once I was in the room I quickly grabbed the phone and made a quick exit out of the building and back to my car. I sat there for an hour waiting to make sure that nobody came out to question or confront me. Once I was sure the coast was clear I checked the phone which was dead and I briefly feared that I had gone through all of this for nothing. Removing the memory card, I slid it into my phone and was delighted to see one new file pop up. It was a video file and I didn’t waste any time selecting it.

Most of the early footage was just of normal day to day activities in the room so I quickly skipped ahead until the time stamp read two hours after all classes would have finished. When the picture finally caught up I could see Professor Hardass sitting at his desk and I was certain that I’d hit gold. A couple of students did show up to speak with him, but none of them did anything inappropriate so I continued to skip ahead. After about four hours, around the time he would have been going home anyways, I knew I had failed. Dropping my phone in my lap I let my head fall back against the seat as I exhaled loudly and tried to decide if it was worth charging the phone up for a second try when I heard a voice that sent a chill down my spine.

“Mr. Andrews. I’ll expect to see you right here in this very room, at my desk, at the end of classes if you hope to continue to study at this fine school.”

I immediately sat bolt upright as my eyes flew open and I searched my surroundings for Professor Hawthorne but quickly realized that he wasn’t there. Momentarily confused, I remembered the phone. Picking it up I went back in the footage. I watched as Professor Hawthorne got up from his desk, picked up his bag to leave for the evening, and walk directly up to the phone, look into the camera and speak.

“Mr. Andrews. I’ll expect to see you right here in this very room, at my desk, at the end of classes if you hope to continue to study at this fine school.”

I couldn’t determine how he had found out about it. It was one thing that he knew where the phone was hidden, but the fact that he knew it was me is what rattled me. I spent the next two hours sitting in my car watching the high-speed replay of the footage the camera had captured trying to determine when it was he could have spotted me. There wasn’t a single clue that told me when he had seen it, but somehow Professor Hawthorne had caught me and there was nothing I could do about it except show up at his desk at the end of classes today.

The only thing I could think of to do at that moment was to get as far away from the school as possible. I needed space to breathe and I felt like I was being smothered sitting in the school parking lot. I drove for two hours until I finally pulled over and tried to think. I didn’t know what I was going to do. If any of this got out, I was going to be the laughing stock of the school.

Once I’d managed to calm down some, I realized that all Professor Hawthorne had on me was a phone and no reason for why I placed it there. I could probably bullshit my way into making it seem that I was trying to catch footage of lectures in the room, maybe claim I was selling them to students as study aids. My footing wasn’t as perilous as I had once thought it was, and if I played my cards right I could walk out of this with barely a blemish on my record.

At the end of classes, I walked into the lecture hall like I was on top of the world. I was going to get out of this easily and there wasn’t a thing Professor Hardass could do about it. When I arrived there was bedava bonus a hot looking blonde in a skirt that looked a lot shorter than school regulations dictated speaking with Professor Hawthorne, so I took a seat in the front row and waited. Once she had left, Professor Hawthorne looked at me and smiled.

Prof. Hawthorne was a big man, standing at least six feet tall and probably weighing close to two hundred pounds, most of which was muscle. He was an intimidating figure to be around and wasn’t one to joke around, especially with his students. There was a reason why everyone called him Prof. Hardass, and it wasn’t for him being a nice guy.

“Ah, Bradley Andrews. I’m so glad to see that you are finally seeking out some after school assistance. I was beginning to worry about your grades.”

I watched as he looked past me, watching something. I heard the sound of a door closing and turned to see that we were indeed alone, the blonde had left.

“Now Bradley, would you care to explain to me why I found your phone in my lecture hall last night?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I bullshitted. I figured there was no reason for me to give him anything more than what he had and even deny what he did.

“Don’t bullshit with me Brad. You think I don’t know what I’m talking about?” I saw him push a button on his desk and a video began to play on the board behind him. On the board, I could see the hall itself at an angle much similar to my own except for the fact that it was reversed. This angle showed the room from above the board, which included the back where I watched as I snuck in, positioned the camera and then snuck out. He also showed me the clip of my retrieval, including paying off the janitor.

“I wanted to record the lectures and sell them to students as study aids.” Prof. Hawthorne slammed his fist down onto his desk causing me to jump.

“I said stop bullshitting me Bradley. I know exactly why you were hiding that phone in my classroom. You were trying to catch me fucking the female student body, weren’t you?”

“What? You’re doing what?”

Prof. Hawthorne looked at me and spoke softly, his stare like to steaks being driven into my eyes. The way he looked at me and spoke like he was speaking about the weather was the most terrifying thing in the world.

“I am only going to say this once Bradley, and I expect you to hear it. When you bullshit me, you make this all much more difficult on yourself so I suggest you start being one hundred percent honest with me from this point forward. Do you understand?” I could only nod.

“Now, why did you hide your phone in my classroom?”

“I was hoping to catch footage of you fucking one of your female students and I was going to use the footage to blackmail you into giving me better grades.”

“That’s what I thought. Do you not think I’m fully aware of my reputation here at the school Bradley? Do you think that I don’t hear the whispers in the hallways when you think I’m not listening? They’re true of course, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hear them nonetheless.”


“Oh, you’re surprised? Honestly, I didn’t think that would come as much of a shock to you seeing as your whole plan revolved around catching me in the act. You’d probably be surprised by just how many of them I’m fucking. You ruined a good night for me last night Bradley.”

I was completely in shock. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He was telling me everything and didn’t seem to give a shit about it. I didn’t know what to say.

“Still don’t believe me? Let me show you.” Prof. Hawthorne pushed another button on his computer and a new video showed up, this time it was clear that the camera was being held by Prof. Hawthorne and it was aimed between his legs as a blonde head bobbed up and down in his lap. After a few seconds she stopped sucking his cock and looked up into the camera and I saw the face of Alexia Cannon, a popular figure and arguably one of the sexiest girls at school smile before taking Prof. Hawthorne’s cock back in her mouth while keeping her eyes locked on the camera.

“Damn that girl can really suck a cock. Probably one of the best cock suckers in school in my opinion.”

Then the video changed, and now it was from a fixed angle directed at the desk from the front, the same view I currently had of the desk. Sitting on the desk was a pale small-breasted redhead, one leg pointing straight up in the air while Prof. Hawthorne had his cock buried balls deep in her pussy. I knew the redhead well, everybody did. It was Alanna Thorton, the future Olympic gymnast.

“Now that girl, she can bend in ways that will make even the gayest of men prematurely ejaculate.”

Another button press, another video. This was at the same angle as the previous one, but it wasn’t Alanna anymore. I wasn’t even sure who this girl was because I could only see her from behind, her blonde hair falling down over deneme bonusu her shoulder blocking the camera’s view of her face.

“This one was extra sweet, she graduated last year. Innocent Ms. Ruby Matthews, saving her virgin pussy for her husband. Good thing for me she doesn’t think of her ass in the same way. That girl took it like a champ from day one, I’m going to miss that sweet piece of ass.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” I finally asked.

“Because Bradley, do you know what all these girls did to get better grades from me?”

“They had sex with you?”

“They worked for it Brad. Each one of the girls, including that blonde you saw leave earlier that I should have been balls deep inside of by now. They all did something for me, so I did something for them. They weren’t lazy and didn’t try to get someone else to do the work for them like you.”

“Well, I’m not having sex with you. That’s for sure.” I said as I stood up to leave. This wasn’t going the way I had planned and I needed to get out.

“Well, then I guess you’re comfortable with losing that scholarship of yours I suppose? I’m sure you can find some other university that you could transfer to.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I know all about you Bradley Andrews, I know right now you’re on the bench with the football team and you’re only a couple of grade points off losing that position and your scholarship. I looked up your record the moment I knew you’d hidden a phone in my classroom.”

“You can’t get me kicked off the team.” I snapped back at him, jumping out of my seat and crossing half the space between me and his desk.

“Oh calm down Bradley, you are correct. I may not be able to get you kicked off the team, but I can start grading your work even more critically, causing your GPA to drop below the requirements on your scholarship which in turn gets you kicked off the team. So hey, maybe I can get you kicked off.”

I suddenly found myself standing in the middle of the open space, frozen in place. I had nothing, I was completely outmatched and not in control. Prof. Hawthorne saw this the moment it happened and an evil smile appeared on his face.

“So Bradley, if you want better grades, you’re going to have to earn it just like all the girls who come into my classroom looking for a better grade. Now, how should we begin? Why don’t you take off your clothes. We’ll start slow.”

I didn’t know what to do, it suddenly felt like I was trapped in a small box, put on display like I was in some sort of strange zoo. I knew the camera existed, and I did not doubt that it was recording while I stood there.

“Come on now Bradley, I don’t have all night and it will only take me one minute to change your football career forever.”

I had no choice, I didn’t know what else to do. I was at the mercy of Prof. Hawthorne and because of that I slowly began to undress, stripping down to my boxers. I stood there as the room suddenly felt cold with my arms at my sides staring at my feet.

“Boxers too Bradley, take it all off.” My eyes immediately shot to Prof. Hawthorne, but the expression on his face told me to shut up and do it. Hooking my thumbs in the elastic band of my underwear I pushed them down over my hips and let them fall to the floor. What was worse was the fact that I was hard as a rock despite all this, as the video of Prof. Hawthorne slamming Ruby’s ass continued to play on the board.

“Very impressive Bradley, you must be popular with the girls. Why don’t you give it a stroke for me. You know you want to, watching innocent Ruby take my cock in her ass.”

I didn’t want to, I tried so hard to not touch myself, but as Prof. Hawthorne pressed a button the room was filled with the sounds of Ruby’s moans. I couldn’t resist as I wrapped my hand around my cock and began to slowly stroke it.

“Good Bradley, nice and slow. Tease that cock, don’t go for the glory right away.”

I tried to focus on the video on the board and keeping control of myself so that I didn’t climax in front of Prof. Hawthorne. I did my best to ignore him, to pretend like Prof. Hawthorne wasn’t there. It was because of my focus that I didn’t sense his approach until I felt a hand push my own off my cock and begin to stroke it. Prof. Hawthorne had managed to maneuver himself around behind me and now had his hand around my hard cock. He also had his hard cock pressed up against my ass and I quickly discovered that he was naked behind me.

I watched in abject horror as he stroked my cock for a few moments before moving around in front of me and dropping to his knees. In an unexpected move, Prof. Hawthorne opened his mouth and drew three-quarters of my cock into it as he began blowing me. I quickly began to go soft, causing him to remove his lips from around my cock and look up at me.

“Watch the screen, Bradley.”

On the screen, the video had changed back to Alexia Cannon greedily swallowing his cock. Despite my best attempts, I grew hard again and Prof. Hawthorne resumed blowing me. This went on for a good five minutes before he removed his lips from my cock and stood. He looked me in the eyes as he placed his hands on my shoulders and began to push me down.