Anya Ch. 06

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I was lying in my bed with Anya doing her yoga stretches in the bathroom; we were both naked, but I was just writing an email to Helen to see how things were doing, and if she liked her new job. Usually I love to watch Anya doing her stretches; as it usually results in me getting a blow job. But I needed to do this; so Anya had gone in to the bathroom. Just as I was finishing Anya slipped in to bed and put her hand on my chest, and then started to lower to my cock. Before she had touched it the anticipation alone had made me fully hard. I pushed the send button, and put my laptop aside. I turned to kiss her, but saw that her head was disappearing under the covers.

She started to kiss her way down to my cock, where she licked the precome that had formed there. She then started to lightly suck the head in to her mouth. The feeling of her mouth around my cock was amazing. Anya liberated my cock and started to tongue my balls. She first took my left ball in to her mouth and sucked, she did the same with the other ball. And then somehow managed to cram both my balls in to her mouth. She was swirling her tongue around, when I grabbed her head, and pulled her back up to me.

Before we kissed she sucked her cheeks in, and spat over the bed to the floor. I smiled at her consideration of my dislike of tasting my own come. As we kissed, I reached behind her and started to stroke her pussy lips. They were already wet; damn this girl really got off on sucking illegal bahis dick. Anya suddenly reached back and grabbed my hand. She lifted it up to her ass hole, and started to poke at her hole with my index finger. She brought her hand back up and grabbed my cheeks to kiss me with more force.

I started to finger fuck her ass hole, every now and again going back to her pussy to lube up. As I got my second knuckle in, Anya suddenly got up. She walked around, to the bed side cabinet, and got out a tube of KY jelly. My eyes widened and Anya smiled. She lay on top of the covers, and put her feet behind her head. I loved it when she did that; but today I appreciated it even more as I saw I had a perfect view of her ass hole. I took the KY lube from her, and rubbed some on my hands; warming it up.

I started to spread it on her ass hole, slowly inserting fingers in, and spreading it inside as well. Anya started to moan at this; and I thought to all the times I had made her come by fingering her ass whilst fucking her pussy. I looked down at her pussy and saw that it was very wet, and noticed it wasn’t getting any attention. I used my other hand finger fuck her in that hole, whilst filling her ass with my other fingers. I currently had three fingers buried in her pussy, and two in her ass. Anya groaned.

“Unghhhh I need something bigger in me!” She pleaded.

I complied by gently applying pressure on her ass. She suddenly thrust her body forward illegal bahis siteleri and I popped in. I couldn’t believe it. Anya’s ass was tighter then her pussy; I was having doubts that I would actually be able to come in her ass; that is if she didn’t want to have it in her mouth. Anya was moaning, and had her eyes shut. I only had my head in her ass; but it felt great. I slowly started to push more in; Anya gave a huge low moan. She started to shiver; I swear she was having an orgasm. My question was answered when she erupted; and pussy juice covered the fingers I had in her; and oozed down to give even more lubrication to her ass. I got in to the hilt. It was magic.

I bent down to kiss Anya, and she complied by opening her mouth to mine. We kissed; and I withdrew my fingers from her pussy; and inserted them in to her mouth. We shared her juices in the kiss; and Anya moaned as I got up, and started to withdraw my cock from her ass. I pinched and pulled her nipples; and she just responded with more moans.

I withdrew all my cock, except from the head and slowly pushed back in to Anya. Again I went in to the hilt, and withdrew at the same slow pace. I got a rhythm and kept it up for a few strokes when Anya begged me to faster. I built up speed; whilst I was doing so Anya’s moans got louder and louder. I was slamming in and out of her ass when Anya’s moans had turned to screams. Those screams then turned to grunts. I had been ramming Anya’s canlı bahis siteleri tight little hole for what seemed like ages; when she started to moan again, and let out yet another long and deep moan.

I felt the come in my balls rising to my cock, and shouted this out to Anya.

“Please! Come in my ass!”

I needed no encouragement. I came with a force I felt my come leaking out of her ass and on to my balls. The feeling of my hot come in Anya’s ass must have pushed her over the edge; as I felt her shaking, and pussy juice leaking out of her pussy and on to my cock again. There was a mixture of our come on my balls, as I finally gave one last grunt, and pushed my cock hard in to Anya’s ass. I gave one last spurt of come, when I collapsed on to Anya and started to kiss her passionately.

Anya broke our kiss.

“Let me taste us,”

How could I resist? I pulled my still rigid cock out of her ass, and brought it up to my girl friends mouth. She first licked our juices off my balls, and then started to lick my cock like a lollipop; swallowing our juices as she went along. When she had finished, she took my cock in to her throat, and drew me back out again.

As we got in to bed I was still very hard. Anya laid with her back to my chest. I slowly lowered myself, and pushed my cock in to her pussy for the first time that night. Anya moaned once again, and I slowly fucked her from behind whilst tweaking her rock hard nipples. I was the first to come, but Anya quickly followed suit when she felt my boiling hot come splash against her pussy walls.

We both fell asleep; Anya in my arms, with my hands holding her to me.

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