Another First Time Story Ch. 03

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So, I’ve done it again. I’ve sucked cock for the third time…

I don’t know why I do it, because I always feel awful afterwards. It’s the guilt of it all; cheating on my girlfriend, casual sex (with a guy, no less), and who knows what else.

But when that feeling comes along, I want it bad and will do what it takes to get it and love it while I’m doing it.

I was in that frame of mind when Dan (see previous stories) popped online. I quickly turned the chat to sex which he said made him hard, so I offered to help him with that and invited him over. He told me to be naked and waiting when he got there, so I did as I was told. I stripped naked, popped in some gay porn and settled in for the wait. In no time, I was sampling my own pre-cum that was oozing out of my cock slit, with my mouth watering for the taste of Dan’s thick meat. Within thirty minutes he knocked at the door, which I answered while still naked, my hard cock bobbing and dripping in front of me.

“Hey, buddy,” he said “this’ll be a quick one. You got me hard with that chat and I need some release in a bad way.”

“Can I get you anything?” I asked.

“Just some release.” He said as he kicked off his shoes and started taking his pants down. “Turn around for me. I wanna see your ass, too.”

So, I did of course… Whatever it took to get to his cock I would do.

“That ass looks nice. I’ve never fucked a guy in the ass, but yours would be a nice one to try out first.”

I just nodded and watched as he pulled one pant leg off. For a second as he stood there on one foot, his cock and balls dangled in mid-air. His dick was still soft and the balls hung lower than his cock head looking full and pulled down by their own weight. I wanted to dive in right there and start my feast, but I waited and watched as his cock swung back and forth and his pants were thrown in the corner.

He plopped down on the couch and spread his legs wide. The air must have had some kind of an effect because as I watched, his cock thickened up and stretched out a bit. I must have been watching too long, because he said “Get down on your knees. I know you’re hungry for it. I can tell.”

And I was hungry for it. I wanted it all. I wanted it bad enough that I would have let him fuck me for it. Luckily, it didn’t come to that because I immediately got on my knees as I was told. güvenilir bahis I put my hands on his thighs and brought my face down to that piece of meat that I wanted so badly. I could smell it, and it made my mouth water. I wasted no time nuzzling or licking it like I had in the past and just swooped in and sucked the rubbery helmet into my mouth. It felt so good to have a cock in my mouth again, to feel the head push past my lips, feel the veins and ridges as my mouth got fuller with it. It was still only half-hard, so I could take it all, and I did. I pushed my nose into his pubic hair causing him to thrust forward.

“Holy shit.” he said “You were hungry for it!”

I felt his cock swell and grow larger as he said it, filling my mouth even more. As it firmed up in my mouth I was in heaven. This is what I needed; on my knees servicing his cock to completion.

He still had his socks and shirt on, but I didn’t care. It just added to the urgency of it all, and made me feel that I was just his to use. It felt like my mouth was his cumdump, and for the moment, that was ok.

His cock was fully hard now and stretching my lips around it as I bobbed up and down trying to make him feel good and make him cum. The saliva was oozing out of my mouth, coating his cock and running down to his balls, as I tried to take more and more of him. I gagged twice and pulled back a bit and that’s when he grabbed my hair and pulled my face off his cock.

He pulled my hair hard, and my cock twitched. I thought I was about to cum right there without even touching myself. Thankfully, I didn’t and he used the grip on my hair to push my face into his balls.

“Suck ’em boy. You’re so fucking hungry for it. My balls are so full for you.”

And suck them I did. I lapped at his left nut and pulled it into my mouth, feeling its heaviness and wrinkled texture. He must have liked that, because he pushed my face harder into his crotch and started humping. This made his fully erect dick slide up and down the side of my face alongside my nose making it all slippery with my spit and his pre-cum. With the grip he still had on my hair, he pulled my face up again and mashed it into his other nut.

“Yeah, don’t forget that one. Suck it good and I’ll give ya what you want. You want my cum don’t you?”

With my mouth full, I just nodded my approval and türkçe bahis continued sucking away at that wrinkly sack.

Soon my head was yanked back again.

“Open your mouth for me.” He said, and I did of course. With one hand still pulling my hair, his other hand gripped the base of his cock and he began slapping it against my face and open mouth. I felt so used, having him beat my face with his meat, and I loved it. I actually moaned as he hit me.

“Damn,” he said “you are a horny little fuck for my cock, aren’t ya?”

I just nodded and moaned as he hit me harder, whacking my face with that dick.

“I’m gonna fuck that ass some day. I’m gonna bend you right over this couch, and stick my cock in your ass and fuck it senseless. I think you’d like that.”

I nodded again.

“Tonight though, I’m just gonna fuck your mouth and get the relief that I need. I need it bad and I need it fast, and I want to hear you choke on my cock before I shoot a load right down your throat. You ready to choke on it?”

I replied with a “Yes.” and he pushed my face down onto his cock. I could taste the sweet precum again as he shoved more and more of it into my mouth. When he hit the back of my throat, I choked and tried to pull away, but his hand in my hair held me in my place. He pushed down a little and I choked again, but still he held me there. My mouth filled with saliva and I thought for a second that I was going to vomit, but I held still and tried to breathe around his cock and relax. When the feeling passed he began pulling my head up and pushing it down, fucking my face just the way he wanted to.

“Fuck, that feels good.” He said “This won’t take much longer.” And he lightly slapped my face as he said it, causing my dick to spasm again. Both of his hands went to his sides and he started humping up and down using my mouth for his pleasure.

“Move back. I’m close already.” And I did. I slid back a bit so he could stand up, and as soon as he did, his cock was back in my mouth, still stretching it wide so I could I feel the ridge of the head and all veins thrusting its way in and out… just the way I needed it.

“I’m gonna cum soon.” He said, as he used me “I want to see it shoot on your face, but it feels so much better when it’s in your mouth.”

My mouth was actually getting pretty tired from this abuse, and the güvenilir bahis siteleri spit was running out, but I didn’t stop or complain because I wanted that mouthful of cum in a bad way.

Both of his hands went back to my hair, and he held my head still to better use my face to his liking. The speed increased for a few seconds as he pummeled my mouth with his meat, then it stopped and he pulled back just a bit. I felt the head swell in my mouth and knew it was coming, and it did. Finally my mouth was awash with his cum. It felt like the first load sprayed out of his cock, coating my tongue and beginning its way down the back of my throat, which instinctively closed. Two more big loads followed, and since this is what I had been wanting, I didn’t want to swallow, so they filled my mouth and began to ooze out of the corners. The cum tasted sweet. Sweeter than my own, which is the only other cum I’ve tasted. He was still holding my hair as he pumped in another load and another. After the fifth and final load, he lazily began humping my face again, and I tried to swallow what I could. Some of it was already cooling on my chin and dripping on my thighs, and I loved it.

When the twitches of his cock became fewer and far between, he pulled the already softening cock out of my mouth and rubbed it around my lips and chin, kind of scooping the cum back into my mouth. Then he again began slapping my face with his thick and sloppy meat.

“I should have brought my hung friend. You love that cum, and I bet you want more, don’t ya?”

“Yes, I love your cum.” I replied.

“I can tell you do, and his cock his big and his loads are big and thick. I could fuck you while you sucked him off.”

“I’d like that.” I lied.

“I figured you would. I wanna watch you cum now, then I gotta go. Sit right here next to me and jerk your cock for me.” He said as he moved back to the couch.

My dick was aching by this point and as soon as I touched it, I knew it wouldn’t take long. It was rock hard, engorged at the head, and slippery as I slowly pumped it, and within seconds I shot a load all over my chest and stomach.

As soon as I came, the guilt flowed back in as I sat there with my cum all over me and his cum still drying on my face and thighs. As I sat there thinking about it and wishing I had never done it, he stood up and said “Nice load, guy. And thanks for the release.”

I watched his soft cock sway and wiggle as he put his pants and underwear back on, and then he said “Later, bud. Thanks again.” and was out the door.

The whole meeting took about twenty minutes.