Another Beach, Another Stranger Ch. 02

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I was at the end of the boardwalk about 4:15 the next afternoon. I saw Harold walking up the beach with another man. He looked younger than Harold, so I guessed that it must be his friend. He was in his mid-to-late forties, a little shorter than Harold, weighing in at, I’d say around 170, slender built. He had slightly balding blond hair, moustache and goatee,

Harold walked up, stopping at the bottom of the stairs,

“Hello, again,” he said, “This is my friend Alvin.”

“Hi,” I responded, as I went down the steps, “I’m Will. Nice to meet you.” I extended my hand.

“Hi, same to you.”

“The wives have gone to Wilmington, to do some shopping and catch a movie. If you still want to, we’d like for you to come to the house and play. Right, Alvin?”

Alvin looked me up and down, “Yes, that would be fine with me…if you’d like to…”

“I’m here, aren’t I? Yes, I am pretty sure that I’d enjoy going with you.”

“We are parked over in the next lot. Do you want to ride with us, or follow,” Harold ask.

“I’ll follow you. I stopped and bought some condoms and they are in my truck. Besides, if your spouses get home earlier, it’ll be easier for me to leave.”

“Sounds good to me. We’ll meet you at the main road. It’ll be a few minutes, but the time spent later will be worth it,” he said, grinning.

I went to my truck and drove to the entrance of the parking lot that they were in and waited. They pulled out and I followed. Harold’s place was a few miles away, and on the land side of the island. It was a modest house with large trees in the back. It was raised on piles, the underside concrete with parking and a storage room. The backyard was enclosed by a six-foot wooden privacy fence, with a boat house and small dock. A shorter fence and bushes blocked the view of the yard from the inland waterway. It was located in a quiet residential neighborhood. Very nice!

I had parked the truck by backing into the driveway and was greeted by Harold and Alvin at the bottom of the steps leading to the house. Harold wasted no time in getting down to business.

“I hope you wore the grey thong that you had on yesterday,” he said as we entered the house, “I told Alvin how hot you were in it and he wanted to see for himself.”

“As a matter of fact, I did,” I said, as I unsnapped my cut-offs. “I thought maybe he’d like to get heated up the same way that you did.”

“Well then take of the shorts! Did you bring in the condoms?”


“Alvin, go to the bedroom and get ready. We’ll be there in a minute. I have something to show our new friend.”

He lead me into a small room where he had a computer. Upon powering it up, he produced a CD, put it it in the slot, and opened it to a slide-show. There were many pictures of Alvin in different poses, states of bondage, and some very degrading ones.

“That is what Alvin likes,” Harold said. “Do you like it? I hope so, because that is why we are here. Do you like being dominated?”

“To an extent, but I’m not into pain.”

“You will have much pleasure here today, both receiving and giving. No pain, just pleasure.”

He shut down the PC and we returned to the den, “Alvin, are you ready in there?”

“Yes, I’m ready…”

“Come in here and properly greet our guest,” commanded Harold.

Alvin stepped from the bedroom wearing pink nylon panties, a pink push-up bra, and a blond wig! He had on pink stockings, black garter belt, and long sleeved pink gloves. I must say that I had not expected this, but was not at all turn off by it.

“Come and greet Will, as you should,” Harold spoke again.

Alvin walked to me, knelt down and began to pull my cut-offs down my thighs. When he saw the thong, he sucked in his breath,

“Oh, Harold! You were so right! I love it.”

He leaned forward and began mouthing my cock through the thin material. Soon, he had the nylon soaked, my throbbing member jutting forward like a battering ram. He pulled the waistband of the thong over the head of my cock, freeing it. Sliding the thong down my thighs, he leaned his head, using his tongue to lick the precum oozing from my cock-head.

“Um-m-m-m…that’s good! You want some, Harold, or can I have it all?”

“Go ahead and suck him. Get him good and wet so that he can fuck that slut ass of yours. I’ll let him loosen you up for me.”

“Um-m-m, O.K., Thank you!” Alvin grasp my buttock with his gloved hands and pulled me deep into his mouth, lavishing the head of my cock with his swirling tongue.

He expertly manipulated my cock for a few minutes, as Harold undressed. Harold came forward, offering his half-erect dick to Alvin, who immediately moved his mouth from mine to Harold’s. He moved a hand around Harold ass and pulled us together, so that he could get both cocks into his mouth at the same time. Harold was illegal bahis kissing my shoulder and neck, kneading my ass with his left hand. He rubbed a finger on my asshole, gently probing. Moving his hand to Alvin’s mouth, he said,

“Wet my finger, Alvin. I’m going to finger-fuck his ass while you suck us. Don’t you just love having two hard cocks in your mouth at the same time?”

Alvin took three of Harold’s finger into his mouth, soaking them with his saliva. As Harold removed them, he held them for Alvin to spit on the tips. This done, Alvin continued to suck the two dicks offered to him. Harold moved his hand back to my ass, coating my anus with Alvin’s saliva. He probed with one finger until it slipped into me, then removed it and probed with two, then three fingers. He was stretching my ass pretty good. With the feeling of his fingers in my ass, of his cock next to mine, Alvin’s mouth and tongue, I thought that I would cum any minute.

“We had better slack off for a minute or two…keep this up, and I’m gonna cum!” I said to Harold.

“O.K. Alvin, get your panties off and lay on the towel…”

When he removed the panties, I could see that his cock was completely shaved, but, flaccid, and bigger at that state, than mine was when hard! He lay back, hefting his legs up, knees to his chest. He wet his fingers with saliva and and coated his anus and surrounding area.

“Is Will going to fuck me now? I want his hot wet cock in my ass. Please, Harold, let him fuck my slutty, cum sucking ass now?”

Harold nodded, and I pulled a condom from my cut-offs pocket.

“Do you have to wear that? I like to feel hot cum in my ass. I’m clean…”

“That may be, but I prefer to wear a condom. When I get ready to cum, I’ll pull it off and cum on your ass-hole, if you’d like.”

He nodded his assent, as I rolled the thin latex over my cock. Looking to Harold, I saw that he was also putting a condom on. He had a tube of K-Y and offered it to me. I saw the clear picture now… Harold intended to fuck me as I fucked Alvin. I took the lube, smeared some on Alvin’s ass, my latex covered cock, then coated my asshole, forcing some into the puckered opening. Harold grinned as I positioned myself between Alvin’s up-pulled thighs. My cock slid easily into him, then I sensed Harold coming in behind me. He ran a finger, then two, into my lubed ass.

“Good and juicy…” Harold commented, as I felt his cock come into contact with my flesh. He push into me in a couple of quick, short strokes. Now we were three joined as one. As he withdrew from me, I withdrew from Alvin. When he stroke forward, so did I. It took a few minutes, but we finally got the rhythm and began to enjoy the fuck. Alvin’s cock got harder and harder as we fucked. I could feel it, more than see, due to the position I was in. When Harold raised to his knees and grabbed my hips, I raised enough to see Alvin’s cock for what it was, for the first time. It must have been at least ten inches long, and as large around, as my wrist!

Harold was fucking me harder now. I knew that if I didn’t change my stroke, I was losing the rhythm that we had going. I began to pump harder into Alvin’s ass, but I couldn’t get the thought of how big his dick was. Here I was, being pounded by the man who had given me such pleasure yesterday, thinking about getting the cock of the man I was fucking, into my ass. It would be, by far, the largest live cock I had ever had.

“Fuck, Will! Fuck my pussy-ass! Um-mm, it feels so good…

My dick is so hard…jack my dick, please…”

I grasp his cock with my right hand. I could just nearly touch my thumb and middle finger! I decided then, that I had to let that cock make its way up my ass! I stroked his cock for a few minutes, then turned to Harold,

“You feel good in my ass, but I want to change around, if that is O.K. with you?”

“Sorry, I don’t take it up the ass. I fuck asses,” he responded.

“That’s not what I had in mind…I would like to be fucked by Alvin…”

“What…”, they both exclaimed, at the same time.

“You want Alvin to fuck you with that horse-cock?”

“Well, I, at least, want to try it…”

“I’ve never fucked anybody in the ass! My dick is almost too big for my wife,” Alvin stated.

“Listen, I’ve used some fairly large dildos… not that large, mind you, but I’d like to try this. Harold, you’ve stretched my ass a pretty good bit and I think that I can handle Alvin’s cock.”

Harold reached for the tube of lubricant, “O.K. by me, but you do realize that these rubbers are not going to fit over that.” He pulled his hard cock out and squeezed a good amount of the lube into my gaping hole, before it began to close. He then began to coat Alvin’s cock. “Get up Alvin…trade places with our guest.”

Alvin stood and I got my first good look at his cock! It was illegal bahis siteleri huge…bigger than any I’d ever seen! It looked like it was five or six inches in circumference and had to be at least ten inches long. If it was green, I’d say it was a coke bottle, the old glass ones!

“Damn, Alvin, you’d better take it easy, because this might be the only chance you’ll ever get to fuck me, or anyone, in the ass! Go slow, and let me do all the work until we see if you can get it in. I’ll let you know if you need to stop. O.K.?”

“Yeah, Alvin, I don’t want you scaring off this fine piece of ass. If he says to stop, you stop! Do you hear me?”

“Yes, I do, and I will…I want to do you in the ass! I’ll be as slow as you want me to. I’ve never done this before,” Alvin was saying, as he slowly stroked his huge man-meat.

I lay on the towel, stuck my arms under my knees and hike my legs up, knees to the sides, “Harold, come in here first, and open me up again…”

Harold stepped in front of Alvin and dropped to his knees, quickly plunging his cock in to the balls and started fucking the hell out of my ass. It felt real good, but I was anxious to have Alvin’s cock in there. I ask Alvin to get a mirror so that I could see the action. He went into the bedroom and returned with a large hand-mirror. After a few minutes, I ask him to trade places with Harold.

“He’s ready for you, Alvin. Now get down there and fuck that hot ass! Go slow, remember?”

Alvin knelt between my spread thighs and smeared more lube on the bulbious head of his cock, then touched my asshole with it. I felt a thrill surge through my body…”Go slow, a little at a time…just rock forward and back, until I say a little deeper. I promise that I’ll get you in there, but I don’t want to get hurt doing it…”

“I’ll do as you tell me…” He began to rock slowly, pressing slightly, then easing off…then repeating the sequence.

After a few strokes like that, I ask Harold to place the mirror so that I could monitor, as well as feel the progress. He propped it against a chair, adjusting until I could see.

“O.K., Alvin, a little more push…I feel my ass relaxing a little bit, push a little bit harder, but don’t go too far. I’ll say when.” I encouraged him to enter a little farther, then told him, “That’s it…now hold it there…I feel some stretching. It feels like it is going past the first muscle ring…going inside my ass…hold that…Oomph! Yes…I feel it going in…” I watched in the mirror as the head of his cock disappeared into my ass.

“Damn, I can’t believe it, Harold! My cock is in his ass!”

Alvin’s huge cock-head slid into my rectum a few more inches, then I could feel it meet resistance from the turn of my colon. Looking into the mirror, I estimated that if I could manage four or five more inches, I’d have that huge cock inside of me up to his shaved balls. Wiggling my hips up, down, and around, I had hopes of lessening the resistance and getting the rest of that cock inside my ass. My anus was stretched further than it had ever been. There was pain, not unbearable, but I was determined. I wanted to take all of him!

“O.K., Alvin, fuck me, but don’t try to get any deeper until I tell you,” I said almost breathless.

He slowly pulled his cock back, until the head tugged at my sphincter, then slowly pushed back in. As he stroked in, I wiggled my ass more. After half-a-dozen strokes, I rolled my ass up as he pushed in and felt a couple of more inches go in,

“ALL THE WAY, ALVIN! PUSH ALL OF THAT COCK IN MY HOT ASS!’ He continued pushing forward as I watch his cock completely sink into me. His smooth balls were press tightly against my ass. “STOP! Hold that a minute…Oh-h-h, DAMN! My ass is full! Oh-o-o-o, damn! Hold it a second. O-o-o, ease up a little. Alright, back again…”

“Oh, Will, THANK YOU! Harold, I am up to my balls in his sweet, hot ass!”

“Damn right you are! In a minute, I’m gonna be balls deep in YOUR ass, Bitch! Don’t think for a second that tables are turning because you have your big cock in a hot ass!”

Harold positioned himself behind Alvin, ” Push your cock in and hold it there, until I get mine shoved up your sweet ass, Alvin.”

Alvin bottomed out, leaning further to my body, raising his rear to better accommodate the insertion of Harold’s cock. By way of the mirror, I watched as Harold’s hard prick slid into Alvin’s ass. It was really exciting to see this scene in the mirror. I wished that there had been another person there to take pictures and/or video the scene.

Harold stroked a few times then said, “Okay, Alvin, when I pull back, you stroke out. When I stroke into you, you go back into Will’s ass. Let’s go slow to set the rhythm, then we’ll speed it up and go for the orgasms, got that?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“Ready to get fucked by canlı bahis siteleri that huge cock, Will?”

“Yeah, I’m ready. Go ahead and fuck my ass. It’s ready, willing, and waiting.”

“O.K., Here we go,” Harold began to withdraw, and Alvin followed suit.

After a couple of minutes, they increased speed, and soon, they were ramming Alvin’s cock into my ass at a rapid rate of speed!

“Oh shit yeah,” I groaned, “Fuck that ass! YES! OH YEAH! THAT’S IT. FUCK ME!


Harold was pounding away, head held back, with the occasional glance at the mirror to watch Alvin’s cock piston into and out of my ass. Alvin could only withdraw two-thirds of his cock, before Harold would reverse his stroke to slam back into him.

Harold began to grunt loudly, between clenched teeth, “I can’t stop it…I’m going to cum in your ass, Alvin! You need to cum also! FUCK HIM HARDER!”

“Come on, Alvin…fuck me…fuck my ass…shoot your hot jizz up my ass! I want to feel it fill my ass! Fuck it…FUCK MY ASS, ALVIN! PUMP YOUR HOT CUM IN MY ASSHOLE…FUCK ME…FUCK ME HARDER!”

Harold yelled out, “DAMMIT, I’M CUM-M-M-MING IN YOUR HOT ASS…”

“I”m going to cum! I’M going to cum too, Harold! FUCK YOUR HARD COCK UP MY ASS! I’M CUM-M-M-M-M-M-ING…oh shit… I CAN’T HOLD IT! HERE IT COMES…AH-H-H-h-h-h!

Alvin’s cock seemed to double in size as it swelled with the impending flood of cum heading into my bowels. He rammed his cock in as far as he possibly could, and held it there as his ball emptied their content into me.

My ass was contracting over and over, trying to milk every drop of cum from Alvin’s spasming cock. When Harold finished his orgasm, he rocked back, pulling his semi-hard dick from Alvin’s ass.

“Come on, Alvin, fuck me with that big cock,” I whispered. “Pump all that cum into me! I want you to fuck my ass like you’ve never fucked an ass before!”

He stroked his cock into my ass a a dozen or so times, then collapsed on top of me, crushing my dick and balls between us…

“I can’t go on…I’m spent…too weak from…that orgasm…I’m sorry,” he whimpered.

‘SMACK!’ The sound of Harold’s hand on Alvin’s ass.

“Get off of him, Alvin! Let him breathe. I want you to suck him off now. Get around there and suck that cock until he cums down your throat!”

Alvin immediately did as he was told, taking my balls first, into his mouth. He reached beneath my thigh, easily inserting two fingers into my ass, and began to massage my prostrate.

He then sucked my cock into his mouth and, within a minute, or two, I arched my groin into the air, and flooded his throat with my orgasm. Spurt after spurt of my pungent cum jettisoned into his mouth! He swallowed over and over…I could feel his throat close on my cock each time. I relaxed back to the towel, totally spent.

“Wow, gents! That was HOT! But, it seems that time flies when you’re having fun! It is almost seven, and the girls could be home any time from now on. We’d better get straightened up. We lost a little time coming over to get you, Will. We figured that they’d be gone about four or five hours and they left around three.

“Heck,” I offered, “I don’t think that I can get up, much less walk! Alvin, THAT was, without a doubt, the best ass-fucking I’ve ever had! Not setting aside the ass-fucking you gave me yesterday, Harold. That was fantastic also. You’ve got to admit, though, that Alvin has a lot more cock than you. I’ll probably be sore for a few days after this!”

“No disappointment from me,” he said, “I was extremely turned on seeing that big cock fucking you. The mirror was a good idea. We’ll have to remember that. But, like I said, time to get it together. I wouldn’t want this time to be spoiled by two women walking in here to see you laying there with cum weeping out of that stretched asshole of yours. You are one helluva-man to take that cock up your ass like that! Now, let’s get on with it.”

I got up, slowly, found my clothes, and pulled on the thong, then cut-offs and T-shirt. Alvin had gone to change out of the outfit he had been wearing, and came back into the living-room just as I put my sandals on.

“Thank you, Will. I will never forget this.”

” No, Alvin. Thank you…for being so patient, and I want ever forget this, either.”

They walked me to the door, watching as I hobbled down the steps to my truck. I waved and drove off down the street.

As I sat at the stop-sign, I waited for an oncoming car with a right-turn signal blinking, to pass, or turn. It turned onto the road, and I glanced to see the driver and passenger…two middle-aged women. I wondered if they were the wives returning from their day of adventure.

I drove back to the condo. My roommate had left a note on the table to inform me that he had gone out to dinner and would see me later…maybe. I filled the bathtub with as hot-as-I-could-stand-it water, removed my clothing, stepped in, and settled down for a hot soak… and reminiscing.