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I met Ann at a local topless bar. I had stopped by on a whim, and I’m so glad I did.

I had been in the bar for only a few minutes. I ordered my drink, and while waiting for it my eyes wandered around to see what dancers were working. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any that I knew, and none of the ones I could see were especially attractive to me. When in the topless bars, I’ve become very picky about who I spend my bucks on.

Not that there weren’t several hot women about, but over the years, I’ve found that spending time in topless bars, seeing dozens of beautiful women at once, of all body types, has had an interesting side effect. My taste in dancers has become more and more specific, narrower, to the point that the door girl and my regular waitresses know exactly what I am looking for in a dancer, and will sometimes tell me about a new girl working that shift, saying “Hey, Bob, she’s just your type, you’ll love her.” And they are usually right.

While out and about, in malls, stores, and regular bars, I frequently see hot, beautiful women that don’t match my specific dancer-type, and I still appreciate them, and would love to know them, to date them. It’s just that some beautiful young women that I might once have drooled over now just rate a quick glance, and a silent “Nice!”

The waitress brought my drink, and we chatted for a while. When she left, I noticed the latest dancer up on stage. She looked hot, and just my type as far as I could tell from there! I wanted a better look, so I went up to tip her. She saw me standing by the stage with my dollar in my hand, smiled, and danced over close to me, moving her body around for my benefit. She bent down with her mouth by my ear, and told me her name was Ann. I told her mine was Bob.

This was her second song, apparently, because her top was already off, and she had on the smallest-possible T-back. In the front, a tiny V of cloth just barely (so to speak) covered her pussy. It looked like it might be a quarter-inch above where the top of her clit must be, and very narrow. It left most of her pubic mound exposed below her tanned, flat tummy. From it, small strips cloth, more like string, ran almost horizontally out to her hips and around to the back.

She danced closer, putting her hand on my head. Her barely-covered pussy was just an inch from my nose, and I could see that from her prior dancing around the cloth had worked its way between her lips slightly, and was showing a little crease in the cloth running vertically, and showing the edges of her outer labia on either slide. A very enticing view indeed! She chose that moment to ‘straighten’ her T-back. She hooked her thumbs under the string running over each hip, pulled out and up, which pulled the cloth between her lips even more, and showed more of the sides of her pussy.

Ann then ran her thumbs forward along the top of the V, pulling the cloth a good inch away from her body. She made a little move, giving me a brief glance at her totally smooth pussy, not a hair or bit of stubble in sight–her pussy was waxed smooth, her small labia tightly concealing her entrance, her clit barely protruding, before putting everything back in its proper place. No more camel toe, no more outer labia. Sigh! And I had just met her. Definitely my kind of girl.

She turned slowly, and as she did, she brushed my face with her ass. I stole a quick kiss on her left cheek. Now she’s facing away from me, moving, dancing, bumping-and-grinding her taut ass back towards me. She put her ass close to my face and bent forward from the waist, putting her hands on the floor. She let her feet slide out until they were about three feet apart. She wiggled her ass and moved back a little closer to me.

What had looked like a very small yellow T-back from the front was now almost invisible. The back was just a narrow cord running from the bottom of the front’s tiny V of cloth up between her cheeks, splitting into a Y-shape just an inch or so above her anus, and arcing out to the sides. I know it was only an inch above her anus, because said anus was plainly displayed, the little rosebud nestled down between her cheeks, just split into two, not obscured, by the narrow yellow string. When she stood up, her cheeks came back together, and the only part of the string that was visible was where it Y-ed out. This was definitely not a legal T-back.

I immediately asked her to come over to my table. She said she’d be over when she got off of the next stage. So, after a bit more than two more songs, she came over and sat down by me, her right hip tight against my left one. She nuzzled my neck and thanked me for tipping her on stage. I nuzzled her back, and nibbled on her neck, which provoked a soft sigh from her.

As soon as a new song started, I asked her if she wanted to dance. She said yes, and proceeded to give two very sexy dances. After each one she gave me a light touch of her lips on mine, just a tiny kiss, but about the most I’d ever gotten from a illegal bahis dancer. After she’d done a couple of dances for me, I said “Let’s sit for a while.”

“Okay.” I patted my left leg and she smiled and sat down on it, sitting with her nearly-bare ass on my also-bare thigh, her legs stretched out across mine.

(Aside: I will never understand why guys wear long pants to a topless bar. If it’s above forty degrees outside, I’m in shorts!)

So there we are, with her cute ass on my left thigh, nothing between her smooth taut cheeks and my bare leg. Well, technically, the back her T-back was between us, but that didn’t make much difference. The tiny strip of cloth was buried in the crack of her ass, invisible (and un-feelable unless I got very fresh. :))

I patted my right leg and she swung her legs up onto it. Her legs, stretched out across my right thigh, were slightly spread. This gave me a wonderful view. All she had on, besides her platform stripper shoes with 6-inch heels, was the tiny T-back. It was so low-cut that it came down to just above her clit. I knew this because in her current position, the top was a little pooched out, and I could see her clit and the top of her slit.

She leaned into me with her arm resting across my shoulder, her hand behind my neck. I started giving her feathery light kisses, first on her right shoulder, then several on her neck, working my way up to her ear. She shivered and inhaled sharply when I opened my mouth, held it close to her ear, and exhaled. I nibbled on her earlobe, the back of her ear, up to the top, down along the front, and back to the center, where I exhaled again. I moved my kisses and nibbles forward from her ear. Normally, this is about where they pull away. But Ann turned her head toward me, kissed me on my ear and whispered into it, “I’m a very horny girl.” (Now it was my turn to give a little shiver.) She worked her way across my cheek to my mouth and started nibbling on my lips.

God I hate an aggressive woman. Not! I nibbled back, capturing her lower lip between my teeth, then her upper lip. I gave her a kiss on the lips, which she returned. She put her hands behind my head and her tongue darted out, licking my lips, sliding into my mouth. I met her tongue with mine, and she sucked it into her mouth. She held it for a minute, sucking gently, licking my tongue; then she pulled away and took a deep breath. She straddled my right leg and slid forward and back, pressing the crotch of her T-back into my leg. She was moaning and shaking, thrusting herself back and forth. She appeared to be cumming constantly.

Occasionally my left hand would caress her butt. I’d slid my finger down her crack, under the T-back, across her anus, below it a bit, and then back up. I pressed gently on her little rosebud, and she shivered and moaned. It turns out Ann was a very horny woman, and I was loving it!

After a while, I started feeling guilty because I had only gotten two dances from her, and lots of sexy affection. So I asked if she wanted to dance, and she said let’s just call this a dance. Couldn’t argue with that, so I said okay. When the next song started, she straddled my lap, put her arms around me and started kissing some more, while grinding and humping on my erection (through my pants unfortunately).

From then on, when she ‘danced’ for me, that’s pretty much what it consisted of, except sometimes…she’d get up off my lap and dance a bit standing up. Not your normal dance, however.

She faced away from me and stuck her ass back in my face, where I was free to kiss and nibble on her cheeks. She stuck it back further, so that my nose was buried in her crack, which I also licked and kissed. I used my tongue to push her T-back aside, and licked directly on her asshole, which she seemed to love. So I started teasing her, pushing the tip of my tongue into her a little bit. Wow. Based on the sounds she was making, she liked that at least as much as I did!

Once, after checking the mirror to see what management was doing, she stood up on the couch with her legs on either side of me, and danced around, hunching her pussy towards my face, then moving forward until it was within kissing distance. Which I immediately started to do, kissing her pussy over the tiny T-back triangle, kissing above it, kissing the inside of her legs, up close to her pussy. I went back to the triangle of cloth, and pressed my nose against her clit, and used my tongue to force her lips apart as much as I could, basically eating her through the panties.

She pushed my head away a little (oh well, it was fun while it lasted). But then she surprised me again–she reached down and pulled the triangle aside, baring her entire pussy to me, and then she pulled my head back. I spent the next 30 seconds or so kissing, nibbling, and licking all over her pussy, and thrusting my tongue up into her. What a ‘dance’!

At one point during another dance, she was dancing facing me, moving seductively to the illegal bahis siteleri music. Leaning over me, she put her nipple in my mouth. Naturally, I started sucking and nibbling. She moaned and forcefully pulled my head into her, really smashing my face onto her breast. I took this a hint, and started biting her breast and nipple a little more forcefully, which she seemed to love.

She then got down on her knees between my legs. She rubbed her face around on my erection then she put her mouth over it and exhaled. Lordy, lordy. I adjusted myself so my hard-on was laying flat pointing to the side. She did the breath thing again, then started nibbling on my cock through my shorts, working her way out to the tip, at which point she turned her head and got her lips encircling my tip, and sucked and nibbled some more. Then she slid her mouth down on me so that the entire head of my penis, covered just by my shorts, was in her mouth, at which point she proceeded to nurse on it. This went for nearly half a minute. I was definitely in love.

We just did more of the same over the next couple of hours, interrupted only by her having to go on stage a couple of times. Each time, she said she had to change T-backs because she’d gotten herself so wet. During one of her sets, I found out she wasn’t kidding. I figured her being on stage was a good time to hit the head. When I got into the restroom, I realized there was a huge wet spot on the right leg of my shorts, where she’d been rubbing on me. Wow! That was a first for me in a club.

I was in love! Or lust, whatever.

As we got to the end of her shift, I asked her if she’d like to come over to my house for some more ‘dancing’. She hemmed and hawed, and at one point I think she went and checked me out with the manager, but eventually she said okay, she’d come over about an hour after her shift, around eleven o’clock. We exchanged phone numbers. Since most dancers agree to dance privately when you ask them, but in fact don’t, I was hopeful but not optimistic.

Sure enough, about 30 minutes after I got home she called and cancelled. While disappointing, it put her in the top 5% of no-shows, because she actually had the courtesy to call, rather than just not show up. Oh well, I’ll see her in the club again, I thought.

I called her in a day or two, and she apologized for canceling. She said, “I’m glad you called; I really felt bad about canceling on you the other night. I’m really sorry. I was going to come over, in fact I was on my way, but I got cold feet. When I met you, I’d only been dancing for a couple of days, and I’d never done a private dance before. But I’m over that now, and I’d really like to come over tonight and do my first private dance with you, if you still want to see me.” Duh! Only one guess as to what I said.

She came over that night, and a few other nights after that. We went out to eat a few times, and got a chance to talk quite a bit. I learned that she was 23 years old, 5’6″ tall, 107 pounds, with measurements of 34B-23-32. She was a very hot package, and while we were out, the men that had the pleasure of seeing her were also quickly very horny, casting longing looks at her.

She usually wore either very short skirts, accenting her long slender legs, or ultra-low cut pants, baring her lovely flat belly almost down to the swell of her pubic mound. She had pert breasts with cute, up-turned nipples. When she was turned on, they grew to be 3/8″ in diameter, and a little over ½ inch long. Ann rarely wore a bra, and with the lightweight tops she preferred, her nipples were evident under normal circumstances, but when she was aroused, they made sharp points in the cloth. Just a light nuzzle on her long, graceful neck, a warm breath in her ear, or a light caress across her breast, and a soft moan would escape her lips, and her nipples would be instantly erect, proudly announcing themselves for all to see.

She had started dancing because she’d uprooted her life in Canada to come to Austin when her boyfriend moved here for work. Then, after a couple of months, he dumped her. Now, here she was in a new country, no friends, no money, no job. So she decided to try dancing. He boyfriend must have been an idiot, but I was very grateful to him. Her normal job in Canada was as a yoga instructor. She tried doing it here, but found that there were so many women wanting to be instructors here that the pay was much less than she was used to. Her goal was to get herself straightened out and open her own studio.

But who cares about all that? (Well, except her being a yoga instructor; she was very flexible.) As nice as it was to be out with her, it was much nicer being in with her. As I said before, we got together several times, and each time always included time spent at my home, with her ‘dancing’ for me. Rather than try to recount each time separately, what follows is just a mixture of all the things that happened.

On each visit, I would let her in and take a moment canlı bahis siteleri to admire and comment on what she was wearing. Then I would pull her into my arms and start nibbling on her neck, transitioning without much delay to her lips. She loved to kiss, and was very good at it, as I had learned at the club. And even better, she really seemed to enjoy kissing with me.

From there, we would go on into living room and she’d pick out some music for us. While I got the music going and fixed drinks for us, she would go into the bathroom to get into her outfit. When she came out, we’d kiss some more, I would caress her for a while, getting her horniness active, and then we’d move to the couch for the dancing.

Her outfits varied from time to time. Sometimes she would bring things of her own, and sometimes she would select something (or I would 😉 ) from a small collection I have. One of my favorites was a short pleated skirt, yellow with purple trim. With it, she wore a thin blouse that was left unbuttoned but tied together just below her breasts. Since the skirt was slung low on her hips, most of her front was bare.

As it happened, that what she wore on her first visit. I removed my clothes and sat on the couch. She came over to stand in front of me, moving sexily to the music. She toyed with the skirt, teasingly picking up its hem in various places. She’d pick it up and bit in front, and also in back, but never showing much. Then she turned to her left side, and, holding the skirt down in the front, pulled the hem on the side towards me almost to the top of the skirt. This bared her left cheek, which I promptly reached out to caress. Teasing as she was, she danced out of reach, shaking her finger and giving me a grin.

She continued dancing, leaned over me, put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me back to lean back on the couch. As she leaned down to me, the blouse sagged away from her breasts, and they were entirely visible me, down to and including the nipples. She brought her face to mine and kissed me. I kissed along with her, taking turns teasing each other with our tongues, nibbling on each others lips I reach up with my hand and stroked each breast with the back of my hand, then reached across to the other breast and caressed it with my palm, first tweaking the nipple between my fingers, then grasping it, pinching it, and lastly stretching it out.

All of this elicited increasingly fervent kissing on her part, along with many little moans. After a lovely while, she stood back up, out of my reach. When I started to lean forward again, she shook her head and motioned me to lie back again. When I did, she shed her stripper shoes and stood on the couch, dancing in front of me, pushing closer and closer to my face. Finally, she is rubbing her skirt against me, then pressing forward, grinding herself against my now-open mouth. Eventually, she pulls back, dances over me for a bit, and asks if I want more. I nod, saying please.

She moves towards me again, with her skirt brushing my face, then asks if I would like her to move the skirt. I say yes, thinking I am going soon going to be nibbling on her panties. But when she pulls the front of her skirt up and behind my head, and press herself against my face, I realize she is not wearing any panties! Her hot, dripping, bare pussy is against my face, my nose rubbing her clit. I slide my hands up under the back of the skirt so that I control her movements somewhat, grasping lightly, caressing, her smooth, taut cheeks.

I lick up the crease between her groin and her right leg, then do the other side. I repeat, but this time move my tongue over to her labium on her right, then her left. (While doing this, I sort of have to use my hands to hold her in place, because she keeps trying to move her slit in front of my tongue.) After doing each side a few times, I finally give in and lick her from bottom to top, starting as far back between her legs as I can get, up the entire length of her slit, dragging the flat of my tongue across her clit, then stretching up to light lick at her navel. While I am doing this, she has a little climax.

I move my mouth back down, purse my lips, and suck her clit into my mouth, sucking and releasing, like nursing her clit. She grabs the back of my head, holds me against her. She climaxes several times, pulling me to her, thrusting herself at me. Finally I pull back and she whimpers. I take my tongue and trace down from her clit, along her slit, then, at the bottom, I stick my tongue into her, at first just a little, then in and out, more and more, until finally my tongue is as far into her as I can get it. I just hold it there, and start pulling on her cheeks to increase the sensation for her.

She continues with little spasms, each a climax. While doing this, I am using my hands to spread her ass cheeks, and I walk my right hand over to her butt crease. I switch to using my palm to keep the spreading pressure on, and trail my fingers up and down her crack, going low enough to wet my fingers in her pussy juices, spreading them up her crack and over her anus. Then I stop at her anus and just rub it lightly, over and over, circling it, occasionally pressing on it a little, then just rubbing over it.