Angel’s Education

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Angel’s Education: The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal.

-A Tale of Smoking, Clothed Sex, Masturbation and Facials.

[An addendum to a previously published erotic story, by the author “Luthor,” entitled “The Reverend’s Little Angel.”]

A Short Story (with a long title)

By George Tyerbyter—aka Mick Carlo.


I don’t want to set the world on fire

I just want to start a flame in your heart

—Eddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, Bennie Benjemen and Eddie Durham. The Ink Spots


Angel Tucker screamed again.

Her girlish facial expression contorted into a very adult-looking grimace of unbridled sexual ecstasy. Angel’s almond eyes were squeezed shut with her brows pulled inward and turned up, as her head turned sharply from side to side. The violent movement whipped her straight shoulder-length blonde hair, fanning it out in all directions. Angel’s full, well-proportioned body writhed, as well. Once again wracked with pleasure, her curvaceous form shook and twisted through yet another consuming climax. There seemed to be no limit to the girl’s capacity to cum. However, the intensity of this current seizure outpaced all of the others she had experienced in the past hour.

An orgasm can do extraordinary things to a young girl’s appearance. It is capable of wiping an everyday, reserved, or otherwise modest and shy demeanor away, allowing within the vestiges, something primal, and something wild to surface. If experienced intensely enough, it can rip the mask of innocence from her visage within an instant, revealing a stressed, almost painfully-felt eroticism, licentious in expression. It has been noted that there exists a fine dividing line between the sensations of extreme pleasure and pain. This was, in fact, what Angel Tucker’s face and body were communicating at that moment.

That’s not all an orgasm can do to a girl’s appearance. If aided by an over-aroused accomplice during an illicit sexual encounter, it could further transform her look in the most astonishingly erotic ways. Thanks to the induced orgasms shot forth from her delirious, frenetic male partner, Angel’s teenage face projected the very image of lewd, salacious sex. Set in an anguished frown carved by the ongoing climax she was now experiencing, her features—painted and glazed as they were with multiple loads of sperm—positively glowed under the office lights.

As the high school senior’s supple body quivered uncontrollably through this latest lustful convulsion, the wet offerings from her vice-principal’s numerous ejaculations—clumped, multi-layered splotches and elongated streaks thickly coating the girl’s porcelain skin—were in motion on her upturned face. Gravity had begun to force some of the more voluminous dollops of the man’s semen to stream down in glistening rivulets. Periodically, globs of the immorally applied fluid would slip off her nose, lips and cheeks, plopping down onto her partially-opened white blouse, further soiling the fabric. Some of it dangled in pearl-like strands from one of Angel’s hoop earrings. As she shook her head in ecstasy, the strands swayed obscenely. They dangling from the jewelry, and were becoming elongated, eventually stretching down onto her shoulder. Several streams ran down her tapered neck. While other elastic drips snapped free from her chin, the drops falling upon the folds of her hurriedly yanked up skirt.

The older man responsible for Angel’s present condition—St. Catherine’s High School vice-principal, Mr. H. T. Hogarth—knelt on the floor between her legs, mashing his face into her exposed vagina. The normally collected school administrator seemed crazed, and was indeed being driven mad with aphrodisia for this buxom blonde tart. His face rubbed back and forth against her sex, his tongue furrowing deep within the opened folds; the sand-rough stubble on his cheeks and chin scraped repeatedly across the girl’s wet flesh.

Angel’s pelvis gyrated wildly on Hogarth’s office chair in heated response to the sensation, while her hands gripped the arms of the chair tightly for support. Mr. Hogarth’s knees moved outward on the floor, pressing against her feet in an effort to get Angel to spread her legs even farther apart. In her delirium, the quivering girl accommodated him, widening the distance between her knees. She opened her legs even more, sliding her tender body forward. As she did so, her shoulders and head slipped down on the back of the seat, while she also impatiently shoved her wet sex back against his advancing face.

The black and white saddle shoes Angel wore scuffed noisily on the tile floor when she moved her full buttocks forward on the seat. Her proper uniform skirt bunched higher up around her waist during the adjustment. Angel’s pale blue panties were heaped down at the base of her illegal bahis right leg and were now draped haphazardly around the shoe. Removed in a hurry by the over-excited Mr. Hogarth, the student had only managed to pull her left foot free from the dainty garment before he forced her legs apart and rammed his tongue into her hole.

Angel’s firm, large breasts heaved desperately against the restraining uniform blouse she wore. During the vice-principal’s impetuous attack on her exposed flesh, the cotton material was being pulled taut across her chest, as the remaining closed buttons on the half-open garment struggled to hold fast against the thrust of Angel’s protruding orbs. This was made worse when Mr. Hogarth began rapidly flicking the tip of his stiffened tongue against the girl’s swollen clitoris. It caused the buxom, blonde eighteen year-old student to gasp in sharper breaths, and made her cry out in shameless pleasure during the exhales, as she squirmed violently on his office chair.

Throughout this entire episode of immoral debauchery, Angel’s moans, squeals, and screams of sexual release had been almost constant. They filled the stuffy educator’s modest office with sounds unlike anything ever heard in that space. He hadn’t been silent either, growling and grunting loudly during several body-wrenching ejaculations—ejaculations being coaxed out of his cock by this beguiling, seductive creature in front of him. He had been concerned about the decibel levels of their combined lust-choked screams five minutes before. A pang of worry went through his thoughts while he was obliging the enticing student’s begging request for him to shoot his second load of sperm all over her screaming face.

Continuing to pleasure the girl orally, the administrator’s mind began to wander. He started to question the sound-proofing capabilities of the windows, the walls and especially the thick wooden door to his office.

Can this be heard in the hall, or outside in the park below my window? he thought, a shiver of fear running through him.

After all, it was practically the middle of the school day. There had been plenty of activity taking place in the corridors and outside in the park below his office. A lot of people were busily scurrying from here to there.

At least we’re still dressed, he schemed. Aside from my cum being smeared all over her face, we could jump up and adjust ourselves the second we heard the door, and everything would look normal…well, somewhat normal, I guess?

It was true; both of them were indeed, still fully dressed. Sure, Angel’s thin skirt was pulled up and bunched around her waist. Her white cotton blouse was partially unbuttoned, and her panties were half off, pulled down and draped around her shoe. However, aside from appearing a bit disheveled from the sex, to Hogarth she looked close enough to being “pulled together.” She still wore all the peripheral items of her school uniform. Yes, it was also true her hair was a bit mussed, and of course, her face was thickly coated with his semen. Nevertheless, he reckoned, all of that could easily be rectified posthaste if they were focused and clever enough. Her face could be wiped, and her appearance smoothed in no time.

He too was also fully clothed. He still had on his white shirt. It was buttoned properly and his red tie still hung neatly from the clean knot between his collars. His trousers were still fastened under his belt. Of course, the fly was wide open, and his wet eight-inch erection was sticking straight out from the opening. But he thought he would be able to stow it away pretty quickly if someone knocked. Yes, in his reasoning, all of this could be set right fairly quickly.

Besides, he thought, the door is locked securely. I’d have to open it to let anyone in. That would give us ample time to collect ourselves.

Unfortunately, Vice-Principal Hogarth had completely overlooked one important thing. He had forgotten about the rather large stain on his pants at the crotch, a stain caused by the teasing manipulations of the young student’s hand at the beginning of this promiscuous episode. It never entered into his planning. The unsightly dark stain was a tell-tale forgotten ‘loose end’ which would be his failing the very minute he opened the door to let anyone into the office. But mindless of this fact, he continued the logical progression within his fevered brain, mapping out more possible strategies.

However, his thoughts kept returning to the noise. There still was the racket coming from inside the office.

People might be able to hear this outside, and begin to suspect what I’m doing in here, he continued. Then where would I be?

Yes, in the vice-principal’s mind, being caught would result in a scandal of immense proportions, recovery from which would not be possible. A forced resignation would surely ensue; a long, steady career would almost instantly go down in flames. Shame and ridicule would be at his doorstep. illegal bahis siteleri His reputation in the community would be blown to bits. His marriage would lay in ruins, with his family despising him. This would dog him for the rest of his nature life, making it impossible to return to any semblance of normalcy.

Dashed hopes and good intentions…Good, better, best…bested, he thought, a line from Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” popping into his mind at that point for some reason.

Who’s afraid? Hogarth questioned. I am! I am, George! he replied.

Still, even through his concern and despite all of the possible horrific consequences, Mr. Hogarth couldn’t stop himself. He had given in to the temptation forty-five minutes before; diving head first into the lust, as a matter of fact. And now there seemed to be no way of stopping.

He continued eating Angel, blubbering and moaning his passion into her sex. His long cock—its length steadily growing as it stiffened up again—stuck obscenely out from the opened zipper of his trouser, the head still dripping the remnants of his last ejaculation. It formed a wet spot on the floor between the sexy student’s spread feet. And Angel’s wet seepage added to the indecent puddle’s size. Her pussy had been squirting against Hogarth’s face, with the spray also drenching the inside of her thighs. The fluid now dripped to the floor in strands from the edge of the leather seat, as the tip of the vice-principal’s red tie dipped repeatedly into the growing puddle of mixed secretions.

No. There was no way of stopping. The vice-principal was too far gone. However, once again, his thoughts returned to the sounds of sex filling his office. Hogarth had noticed the school bell ringing once, and tried to remember if their earlier mutual screams and bellows of ecstasy came before or after the bell had sounded. Either way would be bad, Hogarth surmised, if the door and the thick block walls weren’t strong sound insulators.

So, when Angel started to cum again, building toward another inevitable piercing cry, the vice-principal shuddered. Motivated by his mounting concern over being caught, Hogarth reached up and clamped his left hand over Angel’s sticky lips. Some of the educator’s previously spent loads streamed down off of Angel’s nose and cheeks and ran onto his clamped hand. With her screams momentarily stifled—rendering them partially muffled, along with her breathless open-mouthed panting—she closed her eyes tight, and began to snort passionately through her nose, surrendering completely to the bliss provided by Mr. Hogarth’s tongue and lips.

In time, Angel’s contractions started to subside, and a steadier breathing pattern fell into place. With her half-closed eyes softening, she looked down upon the vice-principal with a sedate smile spreading on her lips under his clamped hand. Mr. Hogarth, still lovingly running his tongue along the folds of her vulva, kissing it tenderly on occasion, looked up into her eyes. Thoroughly drenched in her sweet secretions, Hogarth’s face shone brightly in the office light. With Angel momentarily quiet, the vice-principal took his hand, now wet from his own sperm, off her face, and brought it down to rest on her pussy. His fingers spread her labium, and he began to stimulate her toward another climax.

During this lull, while her last orgasm diminished, Angel’s head cleared enough for her to collect her thoughts. It was then she decided that the time had come to take this situation to another extreme. It was time to light a fire.


Angel wasn’t always this promiscuous. Her personality for the most part, had been reflective of an unassuming, somewhat mild-mannered schoolgirl in possession of a keen intelligence and a sharp wit. Sure, she had always been a precocious young girl, as well—devilishly clever and forever inventive in her methods to get whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. But she never pushed the limit, and seldom was confrontational.

Yes, there was a tendency toward obsessive behavior in Angel’s history. For instance, she did smoke cigarettes and thoroughly enjoyed the habit, and she also dabbled in recreational drugs now and again. But she had always managed those penchants with ease and moderation. Of course, willfulness was also a strong trait in her character, and one might guess that this trait may have been a dominant factor leading to her recent metamorphosis. But, if the truth were know, it was more of a combination of her strong will, coupled with her horniness which probably set the change in motion.

And of course, there was the video. Ah yes, the video. But, let’s save that part of the story for later.

Speaking of her horny nature; up until recently, her sexual drive—and the tastes and urges which go along with it—was, by and large, confined to activities that most would considered to be “normal” for young women her age. Yes, there were elements canlı bahis siteleri of obsession present at times. But again, Angel managed it fairly easily. She never let it get the best of her. However, in the wake of recent developments in that area—developments which will be described with more clarity as you read further—Angel’s tastes had taken on a decidedly more bold and kinky nature.

How so, you ask?

Well, just two weeks before this episode with Vice-principal Hogarth, she had seduced her step-brother.


Steven, the son of her new step-mom, Kathy Bronson, happens to be the same age as Angel. Both children had gotten along swimmingly ever since they first met, back when Angel’s father started dating Kathy nine years before. They were young children at that time of the marriage. And as young children are apt to do when placed in new situations, they adapted quickly. In time, and with relative ease, they fell into their new roles as brother and sister.

Kathy and the Reverend had dated over the course of a year and a half before finally marrying. Because their respective children were still very young, the long courtship helped aid in bringing about a smoother transition and a fluid adjustment for both families. It went far in solidifying Angel’s and Steven’s friendship and their future step-relationship because, during that time frame, the two soon-to-be-wed parents purposefully sought and orchestrated outings for both families. They coordinated school activities, and found mutually-enjoyed recreational activities for Steven and Angel, such as bowling, picnicking and camping. Also, the Reverend’s church had various activities. The children were encouraged to participate together in those functions, as well.

So, thanks to their parent’s conscious efforts, in short order Angel and Steven got to know and like each other. It all went smoothly during their parent’s courtship, and continued in that manner into the years following the marriage. Despite normal, sporadic bouts of sibling rivalry, Angel and Steven learned to love each other, as well. To the uninformed observer, they appeared in every way to be normal, blood-relation sister and brother.

Then suddenly, with very little effort on Angel’s or Steven’s part, that norm was drastically altered. Things turned much more intimate that morning, to say the least. Through her cunning, calculating behavior, Angel successfully teased Steven into her trap of desires and wants, convincing him in the long run that it was all his idea. It was easy, really. Well, at least to Angel it was easy.

You see, Angel had known for the longest time that Steven was secretly attracted to her. Recognition of her step-brother’s infatuation didn’t come from any obvious or direct occurrence. This knowledge would never have come to her through any sudden outright advances. Direct passes or even mildly discernible sexual advances wouldn’t be possible, considering their upbringing and their home environment. The head of their home, the Reverend William Tucker, would not tolerate such goings-on, if per chance he gained knowledge of them.

Reverend Tucker was a dominating figure in the household. Besides being a strict father, he was also a devout man of the cloth. Like most religious fundamentalists, fanaticism was very much a part of his make up. And also like most fundamentalists, he did not react well to any perceived challenges to his static belief system or his world view. The good Reverend was thin skinned while also possessing an ego as big as Mount Everest. All of these character traits contributed to the Reverend’s short fuse, where his anger was concerned. And present-day sexual promiscuity was a major sore point for him.

Reverend Tucker pontificated on the subject recurrently, and frequently used it as a thematic device in his oft-political, fire-and-brimstone sermons. He had been obsessively preoccupied with the subject all through Angel’s young life. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, he would lecture to her regularly on the finer points of his fears and insecurities concerning this sore point.

Knowing all about Reverend Tucker’s tyrannical, manipulative nature leads to a better understanding of Angel’s character and personality development over the years. To an extent, it also helps explain her seemingly sudden recent change. Conformity and child-like acceptance had given way to rebellion in small doses, at first. Then as Angel reached her late teens, and with the help of her less-restricted friends, the proverbial dam started to burst.

No. Steven’s, or for that matter Angel’s biologically-sound sexual urges would not be permissible topics for discussion under their parent’s roof. To be honest, as parents, neither Kathy, nor especially Reverend Tucker, were by any means prepared to deal with such things.

And again; Steven making noticeable passes at his step-sister would never happen. It would be stupid and risky, insofar as he was concerned. He knew that there would be hell to pay if he were caught. Any indication of such a thing happening in Reverend Tucker’s home would surely bring severe disciplinary proceedings into play and swift punishment for both Steven and Angel.