Andy Wins the Bet

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He had just gotten out of the shower when the doorbell rang. “Shit!” he said, quickly toweling dry and wrapping the wet towel around his waist. He wasn’t expecting his brother to arrive until noon, it was only 10 am. The stupid son of a bitch could have at least called to say he would be early!

He walked to the door, intending to give his brother an earful. But when he peeked through the side light, he saw it wasn’t Gregory. It was Jason, one of Greg’s friends from work. He opened the door and said “Hey, what’s up? I thought you were Gregory, he’s supposed to come by and drop off some paperwork.”

Jason stood there and smiled. “Sorry dude. Greg asked me to bring it by. He’s got an emergency to take care of, so I figured I’d do him a favor.” He looked at Andy standing there wearing only a wet towel. “Bad time?”

Andy shook his head. “No, it’s ok. I was in the shower.” The air outside was cold, and he shivered slightly. “You better come in before I get pneumonia or something.” He stood aside to let Jason in.

Jason walked into the hall, and Andy quickly shut the door. “Jeezus, it’s cold out there!” Jason laughed. “Shit yeah, it’s supposed to be in the teens all week.” He followed Andy into the kitchen and dropped the manila envelope on the table. “Greg says all you have to do is sign in a few places, and that’s it. He’ll take care of the rest.”

“Great,” Andy said. “I’ll be glad to get this thing over with.” Selling the condo had been an exercise in frustration. With the market down and buyers getting more and more picky and demanding, he had begun to despair of ever unloading the thing, and the taxes had been taking quite a chunk out of his budget. When Greg had finally found a buyer, Andy had been thrilled. After fixing this and that the deal had finally been done, and now all that was left was for Andy to sign off on a few things so Greg could close the sale.

He had been grateful for his brother’s help. Although they had not always gotten along, they were family, and Greg had come through for him. After Andy had decided to break things off with Ross, the condo was too big for him alone, and he had to sell so he could move into something a bit less expensive. When he had approached Greg about helping him out, he had expected him to say no, but to his surprise, Greg had readily agreed.

Andy harbored no illusions about his brother’s willingness to assist him. Greg had been thrilled to hear that Andy and Ross were breaking up. Andy’s homosexuality had always bothered Greg, the topic had caused more than one argument in the past. And Greg had hated Ross, hated the idea that his brother was a queer and allowed this guy to touch him, do things to him. Despite everything, he knew Greg still hoped that Andy would give up on this lifestyle and find a nice girl to settle down with. Explaining that it wasn’t all that easy did no good, Greg felt deep in his heart that Andy’s sexual orientation was just a choice, a bad choice. But now, all that was left was for him to sign on the dotted lines, and it would be done, he could move on.

“You want something to drink?” Andy stood in front of the refrigerator, looking in. “I’ve got beer, soda, canlı bahis şirketleri iced tea,” He grabbed a beer for himself. “I’m celebrating, care to join me?” Jason nodded, and caught the Coors that Andy tossed to him. “I’m so glad to be unloading this place, I was starting to worry I’d be stuck here by myself.”

“That other guy move out?” Jason asked. He tried to sound casual, and didn’t want to appear to be prying, but he had been curious since Greg had told him about the breakup. Greg had been elated about it, and Jason knew that Greg hated the fact that Andy was gay. Jason however, had been intrigued, although he had been careful not to let Greg know that.

Actually, that was why Jason had volunteered to run the paperwork over to Andy’s place. He had met Andy a few times before, and had found himself attracted to him. Andy was a great looking guy, blonde with green eyes, and a body to die for. Even though Jason did not consider himself gay, he often wondered what it would be like to be with another man.

“Yeah,” Andy said “He’s gone. Things just didn’t work out, you know?” He started looking through a stack of papers on the counter, but couldn’t find what he was looking for. “Oh wait, I know where it is. Hey, come with me, I’ll give you a quick tour of the place.”

Jason followed him into the bedroom, and Andy found the folder with the deed and tax information. “Do me a favor? Give these to Greg, he’ll need them to set up the closing.” He waved his hand around. “Well, this is the master bedroom, private bath over there, walk in closet there.”

“Nice,” Jason said. “It’s a shame you can’t keep it.”

“Yeah, well, it’s pretty expensive, and I can’t carry the place on my salary. I’m looking at a smaller place across town.” He walked over to the closet and opened it, looked through the built in drawers. He could feel Jason watching him, and decided to give him a show. He let the towel drop to the floor, and took his time finding something to wear. He had a great body, always took care of himself, and loved showing it off. So, if Jason wanted an eyeful, let him have it.

“You have some nice ink.” Jason remarked. He was looking at Andy’s tattoos. He had several, large and well-done, including the dragon that covered the left side of his back and extended down over his buttock. “How long did it take to get that done?”

Andy laughed. “It was a process, and hurt like hell, too.” He made no move to dress, letting Jason look him over. He turned a bit to the side so Jason could see the whole thing. “Especially here on the side, over the ribs. Tattooing over bone puts you in a world of hurt.”

“And once you start you can’t stop, huh?” Jason stepped closer to examine the design. “Don’t want to leave it half-done.” He reached out and traced the dragon with his finger.

Andy chuckled. “No, definitely don’t want to do that.” he said. He allowed Jason to follow the design with his finger, down past his lower belly, where he stopped. He was enjoying the feel of Jason’s fingers on him, and he felt his cock begin to stir. Jason took notice of this, and said “Ooops, sorry. Didn’t mean to wake him up.”

“It’s ok, he’s a light sleeper canlı kaçak iddaa anyway.” Andy laughed. Jason felt himself blushing, and Andy laughed again. “No need to be embarrassed, dude. He’s just been so lonely lately he tends to get a little eager.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling.” Jason pulled his hand back and tried to force his blush back, without much success. “It’s been awhile since I got any action either.”

“Well, I’ve always said that you straight guys put unnecessary limits on yourselves. You should keep all your options open, know what I mean? Take me, for example, I’m gay, but I have been with a few women too. I wouldn’t marry one, but I’ll fuck one if there’s nothing else around. Being open-minded doubles my chances of getting laid.” He looked Jason in the eye and asked “You ever been with a guy?”

“No,” he answered, a bit too quickly, thought Andy. “I mean, I got nothing against it, but I never, uh…” He let the sentence hang, unfinished, and could feel the heat rise in his face again.

Andy smiled. “Well, you should. You know, if you were getting a blow job with your eyes closed, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. At least, your dick wouldn’t. And it wouldn’t complain, either. Especially if the guy knew what he was doing.”

“I think I’d know the difference.”

“And I’d bet folding money you wouldn’t.” Andy replied. “And, that once you got started, you wouldn’t care, either.” He sat on the bed, still naked, and looked Jason over. “You ever wonder what it would be like?”

“What, being with a guy?” He cleared his throat somewhat nervously. “I mean, I guess everybody does. Wonder about it, I mean.” Jason felt himself getting aroused by this conversation, and could feel his own cock begin to stiffen beneath his jeans.

Andy noticed it as well, and let his eyes fall to Jason’s crotch. “It looks like your little friend is wondering as well.” Then he smiled. “Maybe not so little a friend, huh?”

This time Jason did not blush. His mind was filling with thoughts, and as if Andy could read those thoughts he reached over and grabbed Jason’s belt, pulled him closer. “Why just wonder about it?”

Jason did not resist as Andy’s fingers unfastened his belt and started to unzip his jeans. He reached inside and felt Jason’s rapidly hardening cock, began to stroke it slowly. “I think your friend here needs some attention.” Jason did not argue, Andy’s hand on his cock felt good, damned good. He wondered what his lips would feel like.

He didn’t have to wonder for long. Andy slipped his jeans down, and Jason let them fall to the floor, his cock springing out, freed. Andy pumped it a few times, then bent forward and took him in his mouth.

Jason gasped as he felt Andy’s warm, wet mouth encircle him, drawing him in deeply. He sighed as he felt Andy’s tongue work along his shaft, wetting him with saliva to slick him up. After a moment’s hesitation, he pushed his hands into Andy’s hair and gently pulled him closer.

Andy stopped a minute, and looked up at Jason. “Ok?” he asked. “If you want me to stop, just say so. I won’t be mad.”

Jason looked down at Andy’s blonde head between his legs. “No. canlı kaçak bahis Don’t stop.” Andy drew his cock back between his lips and began to work him, getting the rhythm going. Jason let out a long sigh and gasped, “Oh yeah. Oh God, that’s it.” He watched as his length disappeared into Andy’s mouth and re-emerged, wet and hard. He could feel Andy’s tongue stroking the underside of his shaft, felt his hand cup his balls and massage them gently. He began to thrust himself into Andy’s mouth and thought he might gag him, but Andy took his entire length with no difficulty. He thrust a little harder, wanting to fuck Andy’s mouth, losing himself in the sensation.

He threw his head back and let out a long moan, his hands on either side of Andy’s head, fingers tangled in his hair as Andy sucked him deeply and expertly. He no longer cared that Andy was a guy, only that he was in the process of getting the best blow job he had ever gotten. Andy wet a finger and slid it under and between his ass cheeks, probing until he found the small, muscular opening. He pressed against it gently and slipped the tip into Jason’s ass.

Jason gasped loudly and cried “Oh, fuck yeah, that’s it!” He was thrusting faster and harder now, his breath coming heavy and ragged. He could feel tension build in his balls, and knew he was going to come soon. “Shit, I’m gonna come!” he whispered, thinking that Andy would pull away and finish him off with his hand, the way most women did, not wanting to have him come in their mouths. But Andy only sucked him in harder and deeper. He felt the tension reach it’s peak, and then he came, hard, with a cry, “Oh fuck!” as he shot his load into Andy’s mouth.

Andy continued sucking, more gently now, as Jason’s orgasm completed. He swallowed his load, and sucked the last drops from his cock. Jason was panting rapidly, and whispering “Oh Jesus, Jesus!”

Finally Andy let Jason’s softening cock slip from his lips, and looked up at Jason’s face. Jason’s eyes were half-closed, his mouth open as he slowly regained his breath. He turned and sat on the bed next to Andy, then lay back with his arms over his head. After a few minutes he let out a long, contented sigh. Andy turned on his side, resting his head on his hand, and gave Jason a long look. “Well?” he asked.

Jason turned to face him. He let out a laugh, still gasping. “I guess you win.” he said. “You were right, I wouldn’t have known the difference. And you were also right about my not giving a damn once you started. Oh man!”

Andy lay back on the bed next to Jason. The two men stayed there awhile, each lost in his own thoughts. Then Andy got up.

“Well, I’d better go get dressed, got things to do.” Jason got up off the bed too, retrieved his jeans and underwear. As Andy walked him to the door Jason reached into his jacket pocket for a pen and a piece of paper.

“Listen, when you get settled into your new place, give me a call, ok?” He wrote his number down, and left it on the kitchen table. “I’d like to take you out for dinner or something.”

Andy smiled. “You aren’t concerned about what my brother will think?”

Jason smiled back. “You know, I think Greg needs to lighten up, don’t you agree?” He leaned forward and gave Andy a light kiss on the mouth. “Because I really don’t give a rat’s ass what he thinks.”

The two men laughed, and parted with the promise to keep that dinner date real soon.