Ancient Egyptian Love Ch. 02

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This story is dedicated to my number 1 fan, Cassie. Thank you for all your support babe

I stand up and take Femi by the hand. She follows without complaining, and I lead her silently to her bedroom. As she is my favoured servant I live her next to my room, but I fear that if I take her to my room the there’s a chance that Ptolemy will come in and then I will have to explain to him or get rid of him. I lay her onto her bed, watching her hair fan around her head like some kind of dark halo. She really is so beautiful. I lean down and start to gently blow on the inside of her knees then begin to head up towards her box. I hear her breathing quicken as I get closer to her. I part her lips with my fingers still blowing. I can see how incredibly wet she is for me, can feel her shaking with desire, can hear her moans, so I lean in and taste her sweet sweet juices. She gasps as I touch her, then as I lick harder and harder she starts moaning louder and louder. I remove my fingers, so that the only part of me that is touching her is my tongue. This proved to be too much for her, and she releases, coming into my mouth. I savour her honey, then swallow it.

Femi doesn’t even catch güvenilir bahis her breath, she just leans up and pushes me onto her bed so that I am lying in the middle of it. She walks across the room and picks up a few silk rags. She comes back over and I watch in awe as she takes first my right arm, then my left, then each of my ankle, and she ties me down to the legs of her bed so my legs are held open. This is so arousing I almost come there and then, but I manage to calm myself just about. I look up and see Femi taking in my naked body, then she leans down and the world goes dark as she wraps one around my head, covering my eyes completely.

I feel her fingers trailing over my shoulders, the amazing feeling intensified by the fact that I cannot see. I smile as I think how funny it is that all she is doing is lightly touching my shoulders and yet I could quite happily come. I am aware that I probably already love her. She trails down my body, touching every inch of me lightly, all except my sex parts (my vagina and breasts). This in itself makes me feel wetter than I ever have. I wasn’t even aware I could be this wet, but I am drenched, and probably soaking the bed too. Once türkçe bahis she has reached my toes, she starts to trail her hair back up me.

I can feel her warm breath tickling my incredibly sensitive skin, but she still avoids my sex parts. I am so frustrated right now. If she doesn’t touch me soon I may cry, but yet I don’t want her to stop. She reaches my neck and her lips meet it, just below my right ear, and I can’t hold it in any more. The feeling of her lips touching my skin is so intense that I release and a hot orgasm rages through me. She kisses my lips then her rosebud mouth follows the usual trail down my body, but this time she stops at my large breasts and sucks on my nipples.

I can feel myself getting really hot again when without warning she thrusts her fingers inside me. I gasp with surprise, then feel myself getting close to orgasm as she fucks me hard with her fingers. It feels so good as I am so wet there is no friction, just her hitting my g-spot. I let out a loud moan as yet another orgasm crashes through me, then I don’t even vaguely get time to breath as she starts to grind her sex into mine. She rips my blindfold off as she mashes into me, and güvenilir bahis siteleri we are both screaming with passion so it is a wonder that the whole palace hasn’t rushed in. Not that I would even care right now. She scratches up the inside of my thighs and the biggest, most powerful orgasm I could even dream of rages through my body again and again and again. I feel myself come all over the sheets.

I am gasping for air, beads of sweat prickling all of my body, and Femi leans down and laps me up. She moves her pelvis over my head so that I can clean her up, but she doesn’t realise that that orgasm was so intense that I managed to free my hands. I grab hold of her hips and pull her hard into my face so I am fucking her with my tongue. She pulls my hands off her, which I can’t fight as I am still so weak, and turns round so we are in the 69 position. I am still fucking her with my tongue and I wrap my legs around her neck and she starts to suck my clit. I want her to feel what I felt so I let my tongue leave her then I move her and lift my breasts so they are on the same level. I begin to rub my solid erect nipples into her clit and thrust 2 fingers into her warm moist hole. It doesn’t take long before we both orgasm again as intensely as before, then she loosens my feet and lays in my arms, and we fall into a deep slumber, relaying the events of the day in our dreams, looking forward to what tomorrow will bring…