Anal Punishment for Cheating Lovers

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I had been waiting at the airport for hours when I finally heard the announcement that my flight had been cancelled and there wouldn’t be another one until the next day. I was going to visit my sister in California but now my departure would have to wait until tomorrow. So I headed to the parking garage for my car and headed home.

When I opened the front door to my house I heard someone was home upstairs. That was unexpected. My husband was always at work at this time and our 5 year-old daughter was spending a few days at a friend’s home. More curious and puzzled than worried – the lock hadn’t been broken – I tiptoed upstairs and headed towards our bedroom. By now I could hear the sounds better, and what I was hearing was definitely the sound of a female!

The door to our bedroom was open and when I looked in the sight made me gasp. There was my husband Scott fucking someone! And it sure as shit wasn’t his wife, who stood there, looking on in amazement. In fact, I could immediately see whom he was fucking. It was Amy, our babysitter, that cute nineteen year-old college student from across the street who had babysat for us since Sarah was a toddler. Now that Amy was away in college she sat for us during school holidays or during the summer, like now.

There she was, lean and lithe and stark naked, on top of my husband, straddling him, riding his big cock. The sight of his glistening hard cock plunging into her obviously very aroused, young cunt made my head spin, almost made me faint. They hadn’t seen me yet and she was riding him hard, with youthful energy and zest and lust, moaning and sighing, her long auburn hair flailing from side to side as she excitedly savored my husband’s cock.

Then, in a flash, my stunned, disbelieving shock turned into pure, raw, blistering anger.

“What the fuck is this!” I screamed.

Their movement stopped abruptly; they froze. Then Amy quickly disengaged, lifting herself off Scott and falling to his side, the two of them staring at me, stunned into silence, eyes wide, mouths hanging open in shocked surprise.

“Uh—I-– uh—thought you were on your way to San Diego,” my husband mumbled stupidly. Is it possible for a husband caught in such circumstances to say anything that wasn’t completely ridiculous? I don’t think so.

“Well obviously I’m not,” I sneered coldly, “I’m right here, watching my husband fucking our babysitter.”

Amy couldn’t decide whether she should cling to my husband, pull away from him, lay there or get up. Obviously anything she did now would be very, very awkward. Scott, for his part, just lay there, his lean, muscled body confidently poised, as always, his cock no longer erect, but still thick and swollen and all wet from the teenager’s cunt. For some reason I couldn’t keep my eyes off that cock, only moments ago the instrument of adultery, embedded in a pussy that was not his wife’s. But though his body was languid his face registered alarm, alarm and fear. And he had good reason for his fear and alarm, for Scott was well aware of just how fierce I could become when I felt betrayed or became pissed off.

Not that I was entirely surprised. One before I had caught my husband cheating. I didn’t catch him red-handed that time, but the phone call I overheard told me everything I needed to know, and I confronted him. Scott begged me to forgive him and swore he’d never cheat on me again. I forgave him, and believed him. Obviously my trust was misplaced.

And Amy? What can I say, she was a teenage knockout, the sort who’d give a corpse a hardon. By this time, at age nineteen, males of all ages craned their necks when she came to view. Since she babysat for us regularly, Scott didn’t have to crane his neck very far. I had caught his furtive glances many times when she was over, but that I could forgive. Scott güvenilir bahis was a sexual man and I’m not bad looking myself, and sure appreciated the way he was always eyeballing me when we first met and then courted. So I couldn’t pretend he wouldn’t notice and appreciate her very foxy good looks and her youthful sexual energy. That doesn’t mean I expected him to fuck her. And I trusted her; she’d been babysitting for Sarah for years and I never suspected she’d someday willingly wind up in bed with my husband. Obviously I was wrong about that too.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Simmons. I really am,” Amy whispered in a shaky, almost fearful voice.

“Sorry isn’t nearly good enough” I replied coldly. “There’s some punishment due here, for both of you, and then some real changes.”

Suddenly I knew just what I was going to do; just what that punishment would be.

“Has Scott tried to get into your ass too, Amy? He loves that. He’s always tried that on women but he’s usually turned down. Took a while before I finally let him have a go at my backdoor.”

“Oh no, Mrs. Simmons, I’ve never taken it back there. And anyway, he’s much too big for that,” she said, then bit her lip, realizing she shouldn’t be talking about how ‘big’ Scott was to Scott’s wife.

Now, calm as can be, I took off my clothes, shocking them both. They didn’t move.

Then I went into my underwear drawer and reached for something in back, a huge dildo, showing it to them both.

“This is how I ‘cheat,’ Scott,” I said, waving the dildo in their faces. “You may be big, honey, but sometimes you’re not quite big enough for me. And that’s when this baby, this hunk of rubber does the trick.”

When I went to the sex toy store and got the dildo I saw it came with a harness, so it could be strapped on. But since I used it on myself, I didn’t need the harness. Luckily, I hadn’t thrown it away and now pulled it out of the drawer, attaching the dildo to the harness and strapping it to myself.

Then I paraded myself in front of my cheating husband and his little teenage slut, slowing off my thick, ten-inch rubber cock. On the box it said the dildo was molded from the actual cock a hung porn star, and his photo was on the box. It sure did look life-like, and it sure as shit felt good stuffed up my cunt.

“Hey Scott,” I said mockingly, looking down at my husband, “I think I want to fuck our babysitter too.”

They both remained frozen as statues.

“Amy,” I said, sharply, “get up on your elbows and knees and stick out that cute trim ass so I can see it.”

She looked over at Scott, unsure what to do, as though she needed his permission.

“What the fuck are you waiting for!” I barked, “get up there! On all fours!”

Startled, she scampered, turning around and assuming the position. I had to admit she looked quite appealing. I’d had a few brief flings with girls back in college, so I was certainly not immune to the sexual charms of an ultra-foxy nineteen year old like Amy, especially now that she was sticking out her tight, trim, silky-smooth ass for me.

“My husband decided he was going to fuck you,” I sneered, “so I think I’ll fuck you too. Except I’m going to fuck you where Scott didn’t go; I’m going to fuck you up the ass!”

She said she couldn’t even think about taking Scott’s dick up her virgin ass, and my dildo was at least an inch longer, and was thicker than Scott’s cock. Except with Scott she had a choice, she could say no. With me she wouldn’t have that choice.

“Oh no! Not there! Please!” she begged, looking back at me with fearful eyes, panting. “I’ve never taken anything back there. And that thing is so huge!”

“Like I said, you both need to be punished.” I said coolly, “so I don’t give a fuck what you have and haven’t taken, and what you think you can or can’t take.”

“Oh türkçe bahis please, please, please… no!” she pleaded

“Do you want me to tell all the other wives for whom you babysit that you like fucking their husbands? Maybe tell our neighbors? Tell your mother, perhaps?”

“Oh god no, please no! Don’t do that. Please don’t tell anyone!”

Now Scott, looking guilty and alarmed, reached out to grab hold of my arm.

“Don’t, honey, not there. She’s so young and she’s never taken it up the ass. And you remember how long it took before you were able to comfortably take my cock up there, don’t you?” my husband said, looking up at me imploringly.

I looked at him, a cold sneer on my face. What balls! I catch him fucking our babysitter – whom I’ve trusted and employed for years – and now my husband is trying to protect the little bitch and her delicate virgin asshole.

“Aw, boo hoo! Poor little baby fucks my husband and now I’m supposed to take pity on her and her little teenage virgin ass. I don’t play that way!”

I went into the night table drawer and got the lubricant we use on those occasions when I let Scott have a go at me anally. Then slapped a big dab of the jelly between Amy’s smooth girlish cheeks and spread it around. She had such a cute little pucker and it looked even cuter all slick.

“Oh my god! Please, oh shit, oh no!” she moaned in a broken voice, biting her lip, digging her face into the pillow as Scott looked on disbelievingly, utterly helpless now.

“So you two like fucking, huh? Well I love fucking too,” I sneered as I knelt behind Amy and pressed the tip of the dildo against her asshole. Then I grabbed hold of her hips and slammed that baby right ip where she deserved it, right up her suddenly no-longer virgin ass.

“Oh fuck! Oh God!!!!” she shrieked, trying to pull away as I held on to her, firmly pushing into her rectum. My husband had his way with her vagina. Well, her rectum would be my playground.

“Go slow with her, go easy… please!” my husband urged.

“Shut the fuck up!” I snapped at him, “watch and enjoy if you’d like, but shut the fuck up, Scott.”

And he did shut up as Amy went limp and helpless, sobbing softly as I mercilessly sodomized her cute little bottom. I took my sweet time fuck-punishing her asshole as my husband looked on. Now that he had gotten over the shock of being discovered as the unfaithful spouse, his cock was getting rock hard again as he watched his wife mercilessly fuck our babysitter’s ass.

“Bet you’d like to fuck Amy some more, huh Scott?” I said as I kept pummeling her, “and now that I’ve had my taste of her and taught the little slut a lesson, maybe I’ll let you.”

Scott beamed with pleasure, not believing his ears. Could it be? After catching him with Amy like that, rebuking him, could his wife now actually be letting him return to his adulterous fun with the foxy teen? Just because I’d had my turn with her? Could Scott be that lucky? Could he be that lucky an unfaithful husband? Well, I’d let him think so, and then I’d make sure he got his punishment and learned his lesson!

So I pulled out of Amy’s young ass, a little thrilled that it was I who ended her anal virginity, and taking a moment to take in the lewd sight of her gaping, well-fucked asshole.

“Now get on your back, Amy, and spread your legs wide, just the way you were when I walked in here,” I told her as she obeyed, completely submissive now, even a little enthralled by me, I detected. She was laying on her back now and spreading wide to show off that little cunt of hers, the one my husband had been enjoying so damned much. I turned to Scott.

“Okay, babe, you can go back to fucking her,” I told him as he still looked a little dazed by all this, still disbelieving. But his cock sure believed, güvenilir bahis siteleri rock hard again and after pleading her case sure enjoying the way his wife had pounded and hammered the teen babysitter’s ass.

He slid his lithe , muscled body between her legs and resumed fucking her, both looking up at me a little guiltily, as though they couldn’t quite believe they’d been given the go-ahead.

But now I had something else in mind, something for my husband.

“Now reach around and hold Scott’s ass cheeks wide open while he fucks you,” I told Amy. She didn’t ask why, she just obeyed. But my husband looked back at me a little worriedly. There was his asshole all exposed, peeking out of his open crack. I’d licked that hole plenty, fingered it while I sucked his cock sometimes, but when I had once broached the subject of possibly fucking my husband with a dildo so he’d feel what it was like to be fucked, he put that thought out of my mind. He said he was way too tight for that (as though I wasn’t when he fucked my ass!) and, besides, getting fucked back there would make him think of himself as a little bit of a faggot, a queer. Men can be so dumb sometimes about their sacred heterosexual identity.

“Now your ass is going to get fucked, bitch!” I sneered contemptuously at my husband.

“Oh, but honey, we talked about that. I’m much too tight,” he said, a little fear in his eyes now, a little fright, feeling vulnerable.

“You’re worse than Amy!” I sneered contemptuously, “Just keep screwing your little girlfriend’s cunt and shut the fuck up. And Amy? You just keep holding Scott’s ass wide open for me.”

Now I slapped a big dab of lube between my husband’s cheeks, looking over Scott’s shoulder at Amy, smiling at her as she looked up at me, still stunned, fucking my husband again, but now self-consciously, holding him open for me, as I demanded. As she held him and after I greased up him, I knelt behind him as he slowly pounded away between Amy’s open legs and I pressed the tip of the dildo against his asshole. He looked back over his shoulder at me.

“Please honey, go easy, go slow,” he pleaded.

“Didn’t I fuckin’ tell you the shut the fuck up!” I barked at him as I slid the fat dildo in hard and deep in one vicious thrust. I just deflowered my second virgin asshole in the last ten minutes.

“Oh god, no, no, no!” he whimpered. “It’s too much, it’s too big.”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I hissed in his ear. “If it wasn’t too big for Amy, it sure isn’t too big for you.”

I started fucking my husband’s ass in earnest now, working the full length inside him with each thrust. Leaning down as I fucked him, I found myself face to face with Amy. Her eyes were glowing and her lips were curled in a wicked smile. She sure seemed to be enjoying this part, having the wife fuck the husband while the husband fucked the babysitter.

“Do you like holding him wide open for me like this?” I asked her.

“Oh yes, I love it!” she gasped, “fuck him, fuck his ass! You fucked mine, so you should fuck his too. He’s the one who seduced me.”

What an amazing teen, getting into this kind of groove!

“See honey? I sneered at him, “Amy also thinks you need to have your mancunt fucked.”

And fuck it I did, until Amy climaxed, moaning and shaking like a ragdoll, and my husband came inside her. Then, finally, I pulled out of his ass, pulled my nine inches of thick rubber cock out of his well-reamed rectum

The two pulled apart as I stood over them. I looked at Amy, licking my lips.

“Now you can eat my pussy while I send Scott off to the store to get us some beer and pizza, and then maybe downtown where he can pick up a few more dildos for us so we can play all night long, girl-style.”

“Gosh, yes, Mrs. Simmons, I want to lick you all over! I was always hoping you’d come on to me first, before your husband. It didn’t happen that way. But it sounds like it’s all going to end up just fine at the end.”

The teen smiled so winsomely; I could’ve fallen in love with her right there.