Anal Ecstasy

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“I’ve been cheating on you.”

My body froze as the simple sentence left her lips. I tried to speak but my mind remained completely blank as I struggled to find the words to respond to my girlfriend’s confession. Anger. Sadness. Disappointment. A variety of emotions teemed forth, battling one another for supremacy within the maelstrom of my thoughts. Jessica’s hand gently squeezed mine as if trying to reassure me of something as she gazed apologetically at my emotionless face with sorrowful eyes. My own eyes remained fixed on the floor, unable to maintain contact with hers, although she was desperately trying to lure me back into a face to face confrontation.

“For…how…long?” I asked, my voice shaking as I tried to prevent my feelings from spilling forth.

Jessica’s expression softened further, as if pleading with me to discontinue my line of questioning.

“About…,” she began cautiously, studying my face for any subtle signs of reaction. “…two months.”

I swallowed hard and struggled further to prevent my rage from boiling over into furious discontent. I felt like throwing her hand from mine and distancing myself as far from her as possible.

“Who?” I asked, my rasping voice barely audible.

“Damon…” she began in a reluctant tone.

“Who?” I snapped, louder this time as Jessica flinched with startled apprehension.


I had been impatiently awaiting the answer to my question with impending dread, but when her response came I gave pause with momentary confusion.

“A…Ashley?” I asked in confirmation, cocking an eyebrow with perplexity.

Jessica bit her lip and nodded nervously as if bracing herself for my impending outrage.

“Ashley?” I asked again, straightening my back to sit upright.

“Yes,” she replied meekly.

“Your friend…Ashley?”

Again she nodded.

Taking a moment to process my girlfriend’s recent divulgence, my blank, emotionless expression softened and the beginning signs of a smile began to appear at the corners of my tightly closed mouth. Then, unable to restrain myself any longer as the overbearing wave of relief washed over my body, I burst out into a sudden fit of unabashed laughter as Jessica looked on with puzzled amazement.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I exclaimed, my face beaming with delight. “Jesus Christ Jess, you scared the shit out of me!”

“So you’re not mad then, I take it?”

“No I’m not mad,” I answered emphatically. “Why the hell would I be mad?”

“Well…because I…cheated on you.”

I shook my head as stared at her with exasperation.

“Jess,” I stated simply in a matter-of-fact tone. “That…is not cheating. How could I possibly be mad at you?”

“Well, I don’t know,” she answered back as a look of embarrassment overtook her beautiful visage. “I didn’t know how you felt about that kind of thing.”

“I think it’s awesome,” I said, further assuaging any lingering guilt that she may have had. “I don’t even know why you would keep it a secret at all.”

Jessica shrugged, her face taking on an uncharacteristic, innocent quality.

“And since when have you been interested in girls?” I asked, pressing the subject as my interest continued to rise.

“Since always,” she countered back with a smile. “But I think I really got interested when I was working as a dancer.”

I nodded in understanding. A few years earlier, Jessica had spent some time working as a stripper although she despised that title in favour of the much more congenial term “exotic dancer.” She had always been reluctant to speak about her past, becoming overly defensive whenever I brought the subject up. I had long ago leaned to avoid any probing questions about that period in her life, although I did get the impression that it was a period of wild partying and sexual experimentation.

“Well, you definitely have good taste,” I added, as my imagination began to wander towards thoughts of my girlfriend’s secret ‘girlfriend’.

“Oh yeah?” she replied with a playful nudge. “Do you have a thing for Ashley as well?”

“Well, she definitely is cute,” I answered truthfully. “Isn’t she a bit young for you though?”

“She’s nineteen! And besides…,” Jessica continued as her expression took on a sensually predatory nature. “I like ’em young.”

I smiled in response as I felt my initial surprise begin to subside, supplanted by quickly increasing arousal. At 25 years, Jessica was by no means ‘old’ although she did possess a mature quality that was usually absent from girls her age. Ashley, in comparison, still portrayed a youthful nature that, combined with her innocent looks, would have been befitting of a junior high school student. I had only met her a couple times, but the two young women, nonetheless, seemed an odd match as far as I could tell.

“So what made you decide to finally tell me all this?” I asked, delving further into the enticing subject.

“Well,” Jess began, leaning back into a more canlı bahis şirketleri relaxed pose. “One reason…well, I was starting to feel kind of guilty…”

“And the other reason?”

My girlfriend smiled mischievously, which peaked my interest even further.

“Well, lately Ash and I have been…experimenting a little more.”


“Yeah. Like…with anal and stuff.”

A broad smiled crossed my face as I continued to listen intently.

“At first she wasn’t into it at all,” Jessica explained, continuing her tantalizing tale. “But I convinced her to try some things. You know…toys and stuff.”

I nodded.

“And well…lately she’s been asking me questions about…well, about the real thing.”

“The real thing?”

“Yeah. So…I suggested maybe…you could show her?”

My eyes immediately went wide at my girlfriend’s suggestion and I felt a renewed pulse of blood course through my twitching dick.

“You mean…?”

“I want you to do her… in the butt.”

I continued to stare dumfounded as she awaited my response.

“Well?” she asked after a long, silent pause. “Do you want to?”

“Fuck yes I want to!”

“Good,” Jess said with a laugh. “You can’t tell anyone though! Ashley doesn’t want anyone finding out.”

“Oh yeah,” I muttered, remembering a vital piece of information. “Ashley has a boyfriend doesn’t she?”

“Yep. So you have to promise to keep your mouth shut about this.”

“No problem,” I assured, waving my hands in dismissal. “Wait…Does he know about you two?”

“Nope. And he can’t find out about that either. Ash says he’d freak if he found out.”

I shook my head in disbelief. I couldn’t even imagine being angry about something like that, but I guess Ashley’s guy was more conservative than I thought.

“Ash even brought up the subject of anal with him,” Jessica continued. “And he shut it down completely. He said he would never do it and would never date a girl that’s done it.”


“Yeah. So that’s when I brought up the idea of using you.”

“Using me?” I asked, faking offence.

“You know what I mean,” she answered dismissively as I laughed with restrained excitement.

I sat back and began to process the conversation that had just taken place as an immovable smile remained plastered across my delighted face. This was going to be fun.

Jessica contacted Ashley and set up our little clandestine rendezvous for the following weekend. I could barely contain my exhilaration as the day grew closer. My excitement was maximized by the fact that I was able to see my girlfriend very little throughout the week, as her time was monopolized by studying for a dental hygienist exam that Friday. Unable to satiate my sexual desires, I worked myself into a frenzy as my mind ran rampant with the thoughts of the weekend’s upcoming activities. And if that wasn’t enough, Jessica further increased my torment by sending me an endless series of provocative text messages, which only added fuel to my already dirty thoughts.

After a particularly naughty message from my girlfriend, I only shook my head and muttered a silent “thank you” for the fact that she had entered my life. Although we had been dating for less than a year, I could already envision a possible future with her. Even her shady past had done little to dissuade my growing affection, which seemed to increase each and every day. We had met a year earlier, while both working as trainers at a local gym. In addition to our mutual passion for working out, she possessed a voracious sexual appetite that matched my own, making us near perfect companions. In addition to her near-perfect physical features, Jessica also had a very entertaining personality and a witty sense of humour that made her enjoyable to spend time both in and out of the bedroom.

By the time Friday rolled around, in my mind I had already played out a hundred scenarios of how the evening would pan out. The girls’ exam was in the afternoon, after which they had planned to go shopping for a few hours. After that, they were to meet up out for a few drinks with some of their classmates. Jessica had provided me with a key to her apartment, where I was to wait for their arrival. It was already nearing 9 PM when Jess called me and told me that they were on their way. Nervously, I waited until I heard the telltale sounds of giggling and feminine voices in the hallway as the apartment door opened.

“Hey Baby,” Jessica greeted cheerfully as she walked in, her arms weighed down with numerous shopping bags.

I met my girlfriend with a kiss before my attention turned to the bags.

“What did you buy?” I asked with interest, as she flashed me an amorous smile.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” she said, handing me a bottle of white wine. “Put this on ice would you.”

I could tell by the rosy hue in my girlfriend’s cheeks that she had already had a few drinks. I was actually a little surprised since canlı kaçak iddaa Jessica rarely enjoyed drinking. In fact, ever since she had started seriously competing in fitness competitions, I had only seen her consume alcohol a handful of times.

I accepted the bottle as Ashley made her appearance, following Jess into the apartment.

“Hi Damon,” she squeaked in her adorable, child-like voice as she walked in, her small arms also gripping a number of shopping bags.

“Hi,” I said, suddenly feeling a little nervous and unsure of how to act towards her.

Ashley’s appearance could be summed up with one simple word. Cute. In fact, she was quite possibly the cutest girl I had ever seen. At barely five feet in height, she was often mistaken for much younger than her actual 19 years. She had soft, round facial features, almost reminiscent of cartoon character with a cute little button-like nose and sparkling big brown eyes. Her mouth seemed to be fixed into a perpetual smile that formed irresistible dimples in her petite, round cheeks. She had light brown hair with blonde highlights that was usually swept to one side of her face or tied back in a ponytail.

“We’re going to go change,” Jessica said, turning and heading towards the bedroom. “Could you put on some music?”

“Sure,” I agreed, as the girls disappeared into the bedroom.

My excitement only increased as I prepared the setting for the night’s upcoming events. Jessica had a penchant for sexy clothing and I couldn’t wait to see what she had purchased. I dimmed the lights, put on some music, and grabbed a few wine glasses and a bucket of ice. Just as I was settling into my seat in the living room, Jess called out from the bedroom.

“Ready?” she asked just as I was pouring myself a glass of wine.

“Yes I am,” I answered confidently, eagerly awaiting the upcoming makeshift fashion show.

Just as I was putting the glass to my lips, my girlfriend rounded the corner and stepped out into view. Jessica was wearing an extremely tight fitting slinky black dress that seemed to cling to every curve of her taut, muscular body. Even though I had spent the last year marvelling continually at her near-perfect form, she never ceased to impress me every time I saw her. She had always possessed a sexy, athletic body from her years as an exotic dancer, but her recent foray into competitive fitness had honed every aspect of her physique into world class condition. Her new dress seemed to be fashioned from some shimmering, wet-look material that appeared to flow like liquid down over her body. As with most of her dresses, this one barely reached mid thigh, allowing a full view of her tantalizing, toned legs. Her breasts, which could only be described as flawless, were often mistaken by many people as being implants. The dark color of her current outfit however, did little to emphasize the size and shape of those particular treasures. Her hair, which often changed in both style and color, was always in perfect condition as was her make-up. She never looked dishevelled or tired, maintaining an immaculate appearance and seemed to do so with minimal effort. I was still unsure of whether she really required such little effort to maintain her looks, or if she just hid those efforts very well. I knew that most men really have no idea of the lengths that women go to in order to maintain their appearances.

Her hair at this time, as it had been for the previous month, was a deep brown. Although I preferred her natural color of dirty blonde, she tended to make any shade work for her. The darker tone of her current style really added to her brooding sexuality and emphasized the sensuality of her penetrating eyes. I always joked to Jess that she would make a perfect super villainess with her icy blue eyes and sly, sexy smile. She had defined, muscular shoulders that most guys would probably find intimidating, although I found every inch of her body absolutely irresistible. In addition to her other physical attributes, Jessica always maintained a consistent regimen of grooming and tanning that harkened back to her stripping days and only added to her overall appearance.

Just as I was marvelling in my girlfriend’s consistently impeccable appearance, Ashley emerged from the bedroom to model her newly purchased outfit. Unlike Jessica, she seemed considerably less comfortable wearing such revealing clothing. I did, however, recognize my girlfriend’s influence at work in her current choice of attire. Wearing an extremely short, light blue dress, Ashley blushed as she stepped into the room. Her big brown eyes were now framed by a perfectly applied matching blue eyeshadow that gave her child-like appearance a distinctly sexual appeal. Unlike Jessica, who required constant visits to the tanning booth to maintain her golden glow, Ashley possessed a natural caramel coloured skin tone that I found to be one her most appealing physical qualities.

“Hmmm,” I hummed with a smile as I admired the two young women with increasing arousal. “Nice outfits.” canlı kaçak bahis

“Oh, just wait until you see what we have underneath,” Jess answered back with sexy grin as she walked over to the sofa and took a seat.

I remained in the chair and took the liberty of pouring the girls some wine as Ashley joined my girlfriend. I tried to remain concentrated on the task at hand, but found myself increasingly distracted by the row of golden hued legs seated across from me, peeking out from the bottom of their tight fitting dresses.

“So how was the exam?” I asked, handing Ashley a glass of wine.

“We rocked it,” Jessica answered confidently as her little friend confirmed the statement with feminine giggle.

“Well, congratulations,” I said as I rose my glass in salute. “I guess it’s time to celebrate now.”

“Oh we’ve been celebrating all day,” Ashley answered back, glancing over to her friend with a knowing smile.

“That reminds me,” Jess continued as she reached into her purse. “I picked up a few goodies.”

“Goodies?” I asked optimistically as she pulled out a tiny plastic bag and dangled it in front of me.

I took the bag from her and inspected it closely. Each of the pills was imprinted with a miniature image of a dolphin. I smiled.

“Where did you get these?” I asked with growing interest, although I suspected I knew the answer.

“From Sara,” she replied, confirming my suspicions.

Sara was the only friend from her stripping days that she still kept in touch with. From what I had heard, she had a definitive wild side and I always became nervous about my girlfriend spending time with her.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done ecstasy,” I said, setting the little bag back onto the coffee table.

“Yeah,” Jessica agreed. “Me too. But I figured it was a special night so…”

As she spoke, she picked up the bag once again and emptied the contents into her open palm.

“Shall we?” she asked, holding her hand out between the three of us.

“Right now?”

“As good a time as any.”

I nodded in agreement, reaching out to take one of the tiny tablets as Ashley did the same.

“Well, here’s to a great night,” Jess said with a smile as she popped the pill into her mouth and washed it down with a drink of wine.

After swallowing the bitter tasting pill, I knew that we had about 30 minutes before we could expect to feel any effects. I sat back and relaxed as the girls casually conversed, mostly about shopping and clothes. As they talked, I found my eyes lingering covetously on Ashley, my excitement growing at the realization that I would soon be inside her. Gradually, the conversation began to turn sexual as I started to feel the warm, tingly sensation of the ecstasy taking hold.

“Ooooh, I think its kicking in,” Ashley said, running her nails lightly up her own leg.

“Well, I guess we should get started then,” Jessica added, studying her friend’s cute mannerisms with growing delight.

I was a somewhat unsure of how our secretive little tryst would begin, but as our collective inhibitions began slipping away I watched as the girls cuddled closer together, touching each other with increasing affection.

“Mmmm, I really love this color on you,” Jessica purred, running her hand up Ashley’s upper thigh. “Doesn’t she look hot Damon?”

“Yes, she does,” I answered in compliance as the young woman smiled, her dimples appearing in her soft, blushing cheeks.

“And she has the cutest little butt,” she continued, as if trying to convince me of her friend’s physical merits.

“Well let’s see,” I suggested, growing bolder under the influence of wine and ecstasy.

Ashley giggled and looked to Jessica who simply gave her nod.

“Well?” Jess insisted. “Stand up and give us a twirl.”

Looking a bit embarrassed, but still smiling with an adorably shy grin, Ashley stood up and turned her back to me. Her dress was cut low in the back, dipping down to just above her ass, exposing a liberal amount of perfectly tanned, naked skin. Jessica cast me a glance as she reached up to run her hands down over her friend’s soft round hips.

“Mmmm, I love this ass,” she uttered softly as she cupped one of Ashley’s soft round cheeks and gave it a loving squeeze.

Ashley looked back at me over her shoulder with a giggle and a cute little smile as my girlfriend continued to paw at her tiny round ass through the thin blue dress.

“So what else did you two buy today?” I asked, my curiosity growing as fast as my arousal.

“I got a few outfits,” Jessica answered, her eyes locked affectionately on Ashley’s backside. “And some lingerie and some…other things.”

“Other things?”

“Yeah,” she responded casually. “In fact Ash, why don’t you go get them. That little black bag in the bedroom.”

“Okay,” Ashley squeaked, as she skipped off out of the room.

As she left, Jessica’s eyes immediately fell on me with a lustful look of determination as she stood and walked right over to me. Grabbing the back of my head, she pressed her lips to mine and aggressively pushed her tongue into my mouth as she kissed me with a burning intensity that exceeded anything I had ever experienced from her before.