An Older Jock in the College Sauna

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It was 5:30pm on a Friday night and Jack was exhausted after a long week of classes. A junior in college, he was studying hard to get into graduate school while working part-time to help pay his tuition. He definitely wasn’t energetic enough to go out later that night with some friends, but still needed an endorphin boost. Might as well go to the gym, he thought.

Figuring he would just jog for a while on the treadmill, Jack packed up a gym bag in his dorm room with some running shoes, shorts, and a tank-top. With his bag strapped over his shoulder, he put in his earbuds and left for the campus rec center, only a 5-minute walk away.

After changing and securing his stuff in the locker rooms, he went to the main floor and hopped on a treadmill facing a large row of TVs. It was now 6pm, so the place with relatively empty with only a few people milling about. Jack was feeling confident as he started, setting the machine to a 7-minute pace and committing to himself to run at least 6 miles. This was exactly the workout he needed to get that coveted runner’s high!

About ten minutes into his run, Jack noticed that a man had been walking a few rows of treadmills in front of him, just occasionally back and forth, a little too frequently to be random. He was probably around 35, with tan skin, short black hair and a soft shadow of facial hair. He was wearing a tight, white athletic shirt that showed off his jacked arms and obviously strong chest – and he kept peering over at Jack!

Admittedly, Jack realized he looked cute today (well, at least as cute as one could look while sweating profusely from a tough run). At 6’0” with short, dark hair and a twinky frame, his 3” running shorts and track tank-top were highlighting his best features. Even so, he wasn’t used to getting this much attention from a guy 15 years his senior, especially at a college gym most often full of straight undergrads. But due to his physical exhaustion, Jack didn’t think about the man too much and just kept going with his workout.

After about 45 minutes on the treadmill, he turned off the machine and wiped the beads of sweat rolling down his face. He loved this feeling – a rush of energy surging through his body and the feeling of accomplishment for having pushed himself hard. Smiling, he walked over to the mats to stretch.

He sat down with his legs extended, first reaching out towards his toes and then gently pulling each leg in towards his body. The went into a butterfly stretch, making his feet touch as he spread out his knees. It felt so good in his tight quads, which he knew would be a little sore the next day.

He then noticed the same man sitting just a few feet to his left, casually but a bit secretively looking over at him. Jack tried not to acknowledge the glances, but also recognized for the first time just how attractive this man was. He was almost like a fitness model, chiseled and bulky but still slender, with strong features and a cute expression.

Jack looked down to avoid the glance but realized that he was getting hard. Fuck, he thought as he realized that his semi-erect dick was pretty visible in his running shorts. These canlı bahis şirketleri shorts are so small that if I actually get a hard-on, it could pop out!

He tried to discretely adjust his position, but soon realized he had to get out of there. There weren’t too many people around, but he certainly didn’t feel like exposing himself to the whole gym!

He awkwardly stood up and bolted back to the locker room, getting soft again as he went. Still wanting to relax his muscles, he grabbed a towel so he could use the men’s-only sauna before taking a shower. Jack then slowly undressed, locked his phone and watch in his locker, and wrapped the towel around his waist before popping into the sauna.

When he got inside, it was so hot and steamy that he could hardly see the back wall. It seemed empty, so he loosened the towel from his waist and put it down on the bench before sitting on top of it. He was now fully exposed – It was a single-gender room after all, so why not enjoy being nude?

Suddenly, he heard a man clear this throat from across the room. It had been so steamy, Jack hadn’t even noticed someone else was there! He knew right away that he couldn’t cover up, lest he acknowledge that he wasn’t comfortable enough to be naked in the sauna with another guy. After all, he had always felt uncomfortable as a gay dude in the locker room, the other men not knowing how he constantly tried to avoid staring. Jack closed his eyes and tried not to think about it.

“I noticed you running up there. Looks like you had a pretty tough workout on this Friday night,” Jack heard from across the room and looked up.

He was shocked. For one, it was always a little taboo to chat in the sauna. But mostly because the man talking was the same guy who had been looking at him earlier! Had he rushed down to the sauna to wait for Jack, or was he just a normal guy who happened to have the same idea as Jack for a Friday evening workout?

Jack realized he had to respond.

“Uh… yeah, I figured I needed a little energy boost after a long week,” Jack replied.

“I felt the exact same way myself, man, I had a pretty long week at the hospital myself.”

Jack finally understood why an older man would be in the college gym – doctors at the university hospital were allowed to use any of the campus buildings.

Jack replied, “Oh, are you a doctor? What type of medicine do you do?”

“I’m an exercise physiologist, actually. I like it a lot because it forces me to stay in shape. Can’t be in my job and not look fit!”

Jack would have thought that to be an extremely narcissistic thing to say, but it was so true for this muscle god that it didn’t come across as arrogant. He felt his hormones racing as his dick started to get hard. There was no hiding himself now. Shit!

The man smiled and stood up, ambling towards Jack and sitting down next to him. For the first time, Jack realized that the man was also completely nude. And he was just as strong as Jack had thought, with huge pecs, a soft six-pack, and thick thighs. He had trimmed, black hair on his chest, stomach, and legs that matched his facial hair, and fully canlı kaçak iddaa shaved pubes that showed off a meaty cock that hung over his thick testicles. Flaccid, Jack guessed he was at least 5 inches long.

“Looks like you’re getting a little excited,” the man said as he placed his hand on Jack’s thigh. “Can I help you out with that?”

Holy fuck. Jack was amazed at how forward this man was. Didn’t he realize they were in a public sauna?

“You don’t have to worry, it’s not like anyone else is around on a Friday night at 7pm,” the man said anticipating Jack’s worries. “Besides, it’s so steamy in here we’d have a few seconds before anyone could see us if they walked in.”

Jack paused for a moment, trying to resist the risqué situation, before his carnal instincts took over. He spread his legs, grabbing the man’s firm hand and placing it right on his hard dick.

“You’re pretty big for a twink,” the man said with a wink. He wrapped his fingers around Jack’s 6.5-inch cock, massaging the head with his thumb while he slowly moving his hand up and down. With the other, he grabbed Jack’s balls and gently massaged them.

The man leaned over and wrapped his mouth over Jack’s dick, letting his hands work the shaft as he licked the tip. Jack couldn’t help but moan. He had never been with such a gorgeous man, let alone a stranger in a public place. The voyeur in him was coming out.

Jack could feel the man’s mouth moving deeper and deeper down his cock until it hit the back of the man’s throat, making him gag. He stayed down, taking in all of Jack’s cock until he couldn’t breathe anymore and popped back up for air. He turned his head and smiled at Jack, then grabbed his face and kissed him passionately.

“How about you give me a turn now,” he suggested with a manly smile that Jack couldn’t resist.

The man leaned back, now flat on the sauna bench with his dick sticking up like a flagpole. Jack hadn’t seen it become erect, but there was no avoiding it now. He was easily 8-inches and rock hard.

Jack lay on top of him, not able to resist kissing his scruffy neck and chest as he worked his way down. He pushed up the man’s arms and smelled his hairy armpits, turned on by their musky odor that radiated masculinity. He ran his hands down the man’s glistening abs as he wrapped his mouth around his cock. It too had the scent of a true jock, full of testosterone and virility.

As he started going down, the man put his hands on the back of Jack’s head. Jack loved when a man took control; it only made him want to work harder. He pushed slowly but firmly, getting Jack’s mouth deeper on the massive dick than he imagined he could. Soon, he felt the man’s dick hitting his throat just as his lips touched the man’s groin.

“Fuck yeah, you’re good at this,” the man said, clearly enjoying himself.

He began to thrust his hips while he continued to guide Jack’s head up and down. Jack could feel the saliva building up in his mouth, lubing the stranger’s dick as he sucked him off. Maybe it was the heat of the sauna, but he almost felt an orgasm coming on without even touching his own dick.

Suddenly, the canlı kaçak bahis man let go of Jack’s head and pushed him up.

“You wanna have some real fun? I’m clean, I promise.”

The man was a doctor after all, so Jack felt confident. “Fuck yeah, I wanna feel you cum inside me,” he moaned. He couldn’t believe what had gotten into himself. Clearly, Jack was extraordinarily horny.

The man got on his knees and pushed up Jack’s legs, exposing his hairless, tight asshole. He got down and spat on it, using his finger to massage the opening and lube him up. Then, he spat on his own dick, already lubed up with sweat and Jack’s spit, stroking it a few times for good measure.

He leaned over Jack, pushing his cock against Jack’s asshole with the force of his bodyweight. The man didn’t break eye contact with Jack as he finally broke through the initial resistance and slid deep inside Jack’s body.

“Damn you’ve got a tight hole,” the man whispered into Jack’s ear, even though no one else was around. “I love fucking little twinks like you.”

The man didn’t warm up at all – he immediately got to work breeding Jack. His thrusts were short and quick, keeping his member deep inside Jack’s hole. Beads of sweat rolled down his body, sometimes dripping off his chest and right onto Jack’s own sweaty body and cock.

Jack gasped each time the man thrust inside him, feeling the dick hitting his prostate. He reached up and grabbed the back of the man’s neck, pulling him down into a long, sensual kiss.

The man’s thrusts became more controlled, taking his dick nearly fully outside Jack’s hole before quickly pushing all the way back in.

“Fuck, you’re huge!” Jack yelled in pleasure as the man smiled knowingly back at him. Each time, Jack felt the man’s balls slap against his ass, making a loud clap.

Jack moaned as he sensed an orgasm about to overwhelm him, stroking his cock wildly in anticipation.

He exploded. Thick ropes shot out of his dick, hitting his neck and chest with force. He kept jacking off as more and more cum flowed from his dick, mixing with the sweat on his body before rolling down onto the bench. The man bent over and licked the remaining cum from Jack’s stomach, chest, and neck, kissing him after so they could taste Jack’s seed together.

The man’s pace sped up as he stared directly into Jack’s eyes.

“Want me to cum deep inside you? Ready to feel my nuts unload in your tight hole?”

Before Jack could even answer, the man crushed Jack with his body as he gave one last, frantic thrust into Jack’s ass. He screamed as his balls released a hot, thick load. He tensely held down Jack’s shoulders as his dick jerked out more and more cum.

It felt like 30 seconds of ejaculating before the man relaxed, rising up from Jack’s body and smirking. He pulled out his softening dick, letting the cum flow out onto the bench.

“I haven’t been fucked like that since, well… never,” said Jack with a smile. “What’s even your name?”

“Ryan,” he replied. “And I come here every Friday. Hope to see you again soon.”

He gave Jack one final kiss as he stood up and wiped off his dick. He quickly but casually strutted out of the sauna, leaving Jack laying down on the bench covered in sweat and cum.

Jack could hardly believe what happened, but he knew one thing: No matter what, he would definitely be working out next Friday night.