An Impossible Scenario

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An Impossible ScenarioLeah’s delicate, caramel hand met Jen’s firm pale ass with a hard, authoritative slap. She loved being on her knees in subjugation and this situation was just tops. Leah had been a fantasy of hers for quite some time and her ever-loving Dom had come through in a big way. Jen was being toyed with by one of her biggest crushes to date. Her flushed complexion wasn’t from pain, but from her strong and repetitive orgasms. She couldn’t stop cumming. “Your Master says you like the c-word? Are you enjoying this, Cunt? Hmmm? Do you like my hand across your bottom?” Leah whispered the taunts into Jen’s ear and punctuated each sentence with a tentative smack on her naked ass. Her Dom’s hard cock prevented her from speaking but she nodded her head with exuberant enthusiasm. “You do a good job with that dick, slut, and you’ll be tasting me next. Would you like that? Having my pussy shoved in your face?” Jen could only moan her happy consent as her orders were strict: no taking her mouth off his penis until his say so.Her Master reached under a pillow and produced a blindfold. He tied it around her eyes and gave her a more playful slap across the face saying, “fucking bitch is in too much ecstasy. It’s hard not to cum when she looks at me like that.” Jen’s lips and tongue caressed his cock with expert diligence. She kept her fingers curled tight into the sheets as instructed but her mind was focused on Leah. She had never been topped by a woman before and found the experience intensely erotic.What came next was as juicy and eager as Jen’s drenched and hungry slit.Leah went to the love seat to retrieve something from her bag while the man in Jen’s mouth positioned himself on his knees. He was gently fucking her lips when Leah returned and lifted Jen’s blindfold, revealing only one eye. She gasped on her Dom’s cock as she stared at Leah’s exposed thatch of pubic hair sporting one of the thickest strap-ons she’d ever seen.The visitor took hold of Jen’s chin and whispered, “look at me.” With much awe, and a little fright, she peered at Leah. Her vagina and anus shivered with anticipation. “I think you know what I’m about to do. Do you object?” Being the good Cunt she was, she never let her Dom slip from her mouth as she violently shook her head. Leah smiled that beautiful smile and again whispered, “good bahis firmaları girl.” She slowly glided behind Jen and lifted her butt.Holding tight to her hips, she entered Jen.The visitor moved with silky grace as she fucked Jen. She moved her hips in rhythm with Jen’s gripping pussy and repeatedly smacked her ass. A hard whack sounded with every other thrust which made her even more wet. Soon, Leah spread Jen’s cheeks and slid a thumb in her asshole. Alternating her stroke so the dildo slid out as her thumb moved deeper in, she drove Jen mad. She bucked and threw the stroke back at the visitor, cumming so hard she forgot herself and bit down on her Dom’s dick. In unison, they fucked her cunt, mouth and ass so adroitly that her muscles tensed and her mascara ran with tears. She needed one or the other to stop soon or she’d completely lose herself and pledge unyielding obedience to them both. So, she locked onto the man’s dick and used her tongue to ravish his frenulum. He could only repeat ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ as he released the b**st down her throat. She swallowed all he had to give and concentrated on the lovely creature giving it to her from behind.”I’ve never heard (SPANK) a man cum like that (SPANK) in my life,” the visitor said. She ran the nails of her left soft left hand down Jen’s back, the right still sucked in her asshole. Her orgasms were intense as ever but were coming in quicker succession. “Your Master’s right, you’re such a good little fucking Cunt. I’ve a present for you. Would you like it?,” Leah asked with pure mischief in her voice. “Yes! Oh fuck YES! I’d like it! I’d LOVE it!! I’ll take whatever you’ve got for me!””No matter if it’s punishment or reward,” the visitor asked.”No matter if it’s steak or stick,” the cunt responded.”I think I’ll have a ‘Princess’ when you address me Cunt,” sneered Leah. She was really getting into it.”Yes Princess. Please let me have it,” she pleaded between slaps to her ass.Leah entered Jen’s pussy to the hilt of her shaft and instructed her to raise her head all the way back. When she obeyed, she put the crotch of the thong she was wearing into Jen’s wanting mouth and wrapped the hip strings around her face, making a harness. The visitor held fast to her thong while jamming her thumb back into Jen’s asshole. She fucked her pussy with so much heated ardor tipobet güvenilir mi that she started to sweat. She asked, “do you like the way my pussy tastes Cunt? On top of his cock and cum do you like it?!” The words weren’t out of Leah’s mouth before Jen screamed her ardent joy. She loudly moaned ‘fuck yes’ through the fabric and wrapped her tongue around it. The throbbing in her snatch was getting stronger and stronger. She’d soon pop right off of that dildo and be a heaping mess of fucked, sucked and shucked submissive. Between then and now, she’d thoroughly relish having her holes filled and controlled by her Princess. The hard fuck was so awesome she shuddered and trembled on weak arms while crying tears of bliss. She couldn’t see her Dom but heard him issue a soft chuckle, no doubt enjoying the show. She made a mental note to be especially good to him for the next few days at least for what he’s done here today.Suddenly, Leah eased out of Jen and let go of her thong. She instructed her to rise, turn and lie on her back. She lowered herself to Jen’s mound, giving her clit a quick kiss, sending fire and ice up the Cunt’s spine. She then slid her tongue between Jen’s gorgeous breasts, removed her blindfold, looked her square eyes and gave her a vicious slap across the face. She followed it with a deep, loving kiss and an even more brutal slap to the other side. Jen’s cunt was ripe and begging for her Princess. She kept sneaking her hips upward under Leah’s flat tummy. The visitor looked down and back into Jen’s face, raising one eyebrow she asked, “you want more you greedy little bitch?” Jen saw the look in her eyes and could’ve soaked the sheets she was so wet. With mild trepidation, she nodded her head and fought hard to keep her arms at her sides. She so wanted to touch her. To finger her hair, stroke her shoulders or back, to feel the tightness of her butt or the smoothness of her thighs. She wanted to taste her skin and kiss her lips again. But she wouldn’t. She was there to be used. She was there for them to enjoy as they saw fit. And she’d take it. She’d take it and revel in it because it’s her game as well. And this was her bonus round.The visitor motioned for the man, all but forgotten, to come over. “You’ve made me aware your sub has quite a thing for me. Since she’s bahis siteleri been a good girl to both you and I, I’ll give her one last thrill.” Leah lightly placed herself nose to nose with Jen and whispered. “put your arms around me slut and hold tight.” She told the man to tie Jen’s wrists together so she’d be fastened in the cunt’s embrace. She then had the man gently place the dildo’s head just inside Jen’s lips and back away. “This bitch is mine!”As Leah feverishly rode Jen’s pussy, their nipples danced and caressed growing ever harder. The visitor yanked Jen’s hair back and bit into the side of her neck. She could feel the heat of Jen’s sex on her thighs each time she thrust into her. and almost smell the Cunt’s orgasm rising and responded with yet another hard slap to the face. “Cum for me Cunt. You’ll cum for me right fucking now,” Leah shouted this over Jen’s grunts of ‘oh fucking shit’ just before arching down to suck the Cunt’s nipple.The pressure proved to be too much for Jen as she felt her core explode with a nova-like force. She came harder than she ever had and totally lost control. She dug her nails into Leah’s ass and reached up to taste her lips again, all the while shyly planting small kisses on her neck and chest.Leah also came, and it had been one of her best, but she was having too much fun being in charge.Their bodies entwined, both slick with sweat and cum, she pulled out of Jen’s pussy and turned. Her butt on Jen’s bush she untied her wrists and climbed off the bed. A thought struck her then and she turned to that pile of over-heated flesh and flashed her the sexiest smile. The strap on still tied to Leah’s hips, she jumped back on the bed and straddled Jen’s face. Commanding her to stick out her tongue, she reached back and spread her cheeks and gently sat on that quivering pink treasure. She slowly rode her face saying, “my pussy, your pussy. My pussy, your pussy. Which tastes better slut,” and shoved her fake cock in the cunt’s mouth. Jen loved the taste of her own snatch but found the mixture of Leah’s and her own to be an overwhelming treat. She felt her clit throb and jump as she watched Leah’s ass move and her head swam with the visual, gustatory and olfactory wonders all around.The visitor unhooked her strap-on, crawled back over Jen’s face and kissed her forehead. On the way to the shower, she soul-kissed the man, thanking him for such an opportunity. Once she was out of the room, the man looked over at his sub and laughed, asking if she was conscious. Totally spent, Jen collapsed and just laid there, grinning from ear to ear.