An exhibitionist wife – Car park fun.

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An exhibitionist wife – Car park fun.On Friday night Mrs O went out with some colleagues after work for a few drinks to celebrate a birthday and as usual i agreed to pick her up from the station when she got back. She sent me a text to say was on the 10.07 and should be back around eleven so i got myself ready and drove to the station. While i was waiting she sent a couple more texts telling me about her night out and that she had caught her tights on a table and had to take them off so i asked her if that was all she has taken off and she replied with a message that read “so far” with a little devil amoji which made me laugh but also got me a little excited so i asked if she was going to give me a treat and she sent back a smiley face.By now my imagination was in overdrive thinking about what she might do and i’d got myself quite hard at the thought of her totally naked, next to me in the car when suddenly i was aware that a train had pulled into the station and noticed the first of the passengers coming through the exit. I sat there massaging my now hard cock through my jeans while eagerly looking nevşehir escort out for Mrs O who predictably was one of the last to emerge. She stood by the entrance scanning the car park until she noticed the car and slowly made her way toward me. She had unbuttoned her overcoat revealing her tight white top and tight fitting knee length black skirt and her exposed bare legs all the way down to her black leather ankle boots.As she made her way over she began to slowly inch the skirt higher and higher until her black panties were on show before switching to the top which she pulled just as slowly upwards revealing her black bra and gorgeous cleavage.By now i had my cock out and was wanking it slowly when she suddenly stopped and pulled the front of her panties down giving me a teasing glimpse of her trimmed pubic hair. By now she was right by the drivers side door which she opened. She looked at me with my cock in my hand and said “I see you’ve started without me!” I reached over and put my hand inside her panties and massaged her wet slit while she reached for my cock I tried to pull her escort nevşehir into the car but she pulled back and said “But i thought you wanted a show?” I looked up at her and said something like “Oh God yes!” to which she smiled and said “Well sit down and shut up!”.By now the car park was almost empty but there were still quite a few people around waiting for taxis and making their way to the station to catch late trains, all of them within seeing distance which made the whole thing even more exciting!Mrs O ducked behind the door and took off her coat before pulling off the white top and bra and then replacing the coat. She then reached behind and unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it before throwing it into the car. She then stood up and pulled the coat closed and said “Wait here, i won’t be long!” and made her way back toward the station. She went to where the taxi queue had formed and appeared to make conversation with a couple of people before turning to face me with her back to the queue and slyly opening her coat and then, with about 20 people directly behind her, she put her nevşehir escort bayan thumbs into the side of her panties and began to inch them down until they were halfway down her thighs.This had me wanking hard and wondering what she would do next when all of a sudden one of the guys in the queue must have spoken to her as she suddenly closed the coat and turned around and began to talk with the guys she had talked to previously. I wondered if she had been caught out but after a couple of minutes they turned away and Mrs O turned to face me again. She opened the coat again and continued to inch the panties up and down in a teasing motion before closing the coat and walking back out into the car park. Halfway across she stopped and stood in front of the car park ticket machine which was handily placed between her and the station. She leaned back against the machine and opened her coat and pulled her panties back down around her thighs before reaching down and rubbing her pussy. She continued to do this until more cars began to appear and she reluctantly covered up and came back to the car.I had already come by now but was already rock hard again. She got into the car and ordered me to drive and she fingered herself to orgasm as we drove through the high street not even stopping while we at he lights!Needless to say i can’t wait for her next night out!