An Alien Love Bk. 02 Ch. 18

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Hi all. So a big thanks to all of you following and clicking that little heart on the stories. I really appreciate the feedback. I just finished my newest Ice Era Chronicle (Hands Of Clay) and so now that I’m free again, I can be back to work with this story. If you are new here, feel free to read about Octnavin and Sloan in some of the other chapters.


~M. From C. M. Moore


*Chapter 18*


Sloan woke in a bed of soft silks. The Nebos cradled him. As soon as his eyes opened, he checked on Octnavin’s mind. The alien was giving commands to his advisers. Sloan backed out of the alien’s head and headed to the shower. He washed and then brushed. It was nice to not feel that fuzz on his teeth.

When he was clean, Sloan grabbed a handful of pink Nebos and tied a wide strip around his waist. He paddled to the eating table and then stopped. His eyes swung to his left.

Octnavin stood in the doorway.

“Hey.” Sloan tucked some of his blond hair behind his ear.

“I like your hair.”

“It’s not blue.”

“I like it anyway.”

Octnavin closed the door and took one small step inside the room. He was still missing his middle tentacle, but the rest of him looked like nothing had happened. A bandage of pink was wrapped tightly around his middle.

“You’ll have to learn new ways to fight with only five limbs.” Sloan gestured to his injury.

“It will grow back.”


Sloan met Octnavin’s eyes. Why did this feel strange?

“Keltrix is comfortable with Earth and his cat asked for ‘real’ pizza. They will escort you. You will go home as I promised. I will be leaving here with JP. I have missed much on my planet. I have many responsibilities that I must attend to immediately.”

“You’re leaving?” Sloan rubbed his brow. “When?” This was wrong, but Sloan wanted to go home. He just didn’t want to leave this way.

“Now.” Octnavin gave one sharp jerk of his head.

Sloan nodded. He did want to go home. That was the agreement from the start, and he couldn’t live as Octnavin’s slave on some plant he didn’t understand. He would never be happy as a secret slave to a warrior-king-dickhead. Sloan couldn’t be Reese’s secret either. That’s how he was. Even though he knew that they needed to go their separate ways, a trickle of pain slipped through him. Why did this hurt so much?

“It should not hurt, little pebble. You are correct. You would be a secret güvenilir bahis pleasure slave and now I know you could never be that.”

“Will I still be able to talk to you? In my mind?”

“My taste will fade and over time the connection fades with it.” Octnavin looked down at the floor. “There might be a few side effects of separating my mind from yours. To make the spilt easier, I plan to erect walls between us. You will no longer be able to speak to me as soon as I leave here. When I reach my home, I will go into the sanctuary until I no longer crave you.”


“It is a private… what is the human word? It is a den for the royals. It is a place where no one can access my thoughts, including you. Not even my siblings can reach me there. It will be simpler for you that way. It will be easier for both of us if we make a clean break.”

Sloan nodded again, and then suddenly, he hated this. This wasn’t the right goodbye. After all they’d been through, Octnavin was treating him like a stranger. Sloan had held this alien as he’d bleed in his arms. Octnavin had kept him together as he died five different times. Sloan wanted…

He wanted a real goodbye. Something for his memory. This polite bullshit wasn’t cutting it.

“Fuck you.” Sloan unhooked the Nebos from his hip and tossed his fabric to the floor. After a couple of steps, he threw his arms around Octavin’s neck and pulled the ruler to him. Octnavin didn’t hesitate. The alien picked up Sloan’s legs and buried his face against Sloan’s collarbone. His purr was as loud as ever.

Octnavin shook and trembled as he strode to the bed. With no warning, Octnavin threw Sloan to the middle of the blankets and climbed over him. Their eyes met for an instant and Sloan grinned.

“I’m not easy to forget,” Sloan whispered.

“I will never forget you.”

Sloan’s mouth was open and waiting. Octnavin shoved his tongue in as Sloan moaned. Raspberries and life gush after only a few pumps. That out-of-this-world flavor lit up his taste buds like a strobe light. Octnavin flooded him with fluid and he drank hungrily. He would never forget Octnavin either. This is how they should say goodbye. He ran his hands over Octnavin’s sense tentacle and then glided his fingers to the alien’s chest. He placed his palm over the alien’s heart.

Sloan didn’t know if Octnavin had a heart, but he felt the life in him. He closed his eyes and enjoyed one last time of the warmth and türkçe bahis the deep powerful connection. Just having the alien holding him again had his heart soaring crazily.

Octnavin’s drinking tentacle slipped over Sloan’s skin and landed on the head of his cock.

“I am not hungry.” He chuckled. “But I could use a drink.”

“It’s all yours.” Sloan pulled his mouth away from Octnavin. The tongue retracted. He chuckled before he licked up the alien’s cheek. Octnavin’s purr sounded like a lawnmower.

“I wish I had more time with you. I would watch you eat an ice cream cone.”

Sloan laughed and then the sound turned into a groan of ecstasy. Octnavin sucked down his cock and slid up again. Pumping his hips into the hold, Sloan licked at the alien’s closed lips.

“Open your mouth again,” Sloan muttered as he ran his tongue over the closed seam of Octnavin’s lips. “I want another hit.”

Octnavin did as he was told. Sloan’s mouth was filled with flesh and he deep throated the long mouth tentacle. The alien’s purr hit a crescendo as Sloan was filled with raspberry juice.

~One more,~ Sloan said in his mind as he sucked on Octnavin. He pulled the alien’s flesh shaft from his mouth and smiled. ~Don’t go just yet. Let me make you late.~

“You can make me late. Besides, they cannot leave without me.” Octnavin kept pumping over Sloan’s erection. “One more thing we should do.” Suddenly, the alien flipped Sloan onto his stomach. Sloan got to all fours and then dropped his head to the Nebos. The smooth move was all done without Octnavin slowing his incredible suction over Sloan’s hardon.

“What are we—?”

Sloan moaned loud enough for the entire ship to hear. Octnavin glided his tongue over his back entrance. He did it again. And again.

“Rim job?” Octnavin swished his huge tongue back and forth and then the tip slipped inside Sloan’s body.

“Someone’s been watching porn.” Sloan chuckled as his head lifted and his back bowed.

Shuddering, Sloan’s face dropped to the bed. His hips humped Octnavin’s drinking tentacle while the alien kept suckling the ridged crown of his cock. With two tentacles, Octnavin pushed Sloan’s ass cheeks apart and pressed his large tongue harder against Sloan’s hole. He went deeper and Sloan groaned into the Nebos.


“When you say fuck like that, it means you like what I am doing.” The alien shoved until the wet shaft was even further inside Sloan’s body and güvenilir bahis siteleri getting deeper. All the while Octnavin pushed his tongue into Sloan’s ass, his drinking tentacle played and drew on his inflamed erection. Sloan was losing his mind.

Whimpering, time stood still. Octnavin thrust his tongue until he hit Sloan’s prostate and he cried out. His body quaked. His hole flexed and squeezed Octnavin’s tongue.

“Excellent,” the ruler purred and kept pumping.

Sloan shook with his need to climax, but he held off. He didn’t want this to be over yet. He didn’t want to let go.

~You have to let go, and I have to let you go. I have to say goodbye, my little pebble.~

Octnavin was right. Sloan closed his eyes and let himself relax into the sensations. He concentrated on Octnavin’s tongue slipping back and forth over his prostate. The smooth moist glide had him euphoric. Sloan moaned as roughly Octnavin plunged over his cock.

That was it. Stars sparkled behind his eyelids. His skin heated and sizzled. As his body fractured into pieces, Sloan exploded. Octnavin wrapped all his tentacles around Sloan and he wondered if he actually was coming apart. He screamed into the blanket and collapsed onto his stomach. Octnavin drank down his cream and then Sloan felt the rush in his ass. Tingles and bubbles like shaken soda filled his hole. Octnavin was letting go as well. His purring became a dull roar as the alien shot his juice into Sloan’s stretched back entrance.

Octnavin slipped out of him and freed his dick. Sloan’s shaft throbbed with how hard he came. Even the silk of the bed was too much.

Still panting, Sloan rolled onto his back. The juice in his ass trickled out toward the bed. Octnavin turned on his side and studied Sloan’s face. His tentacle traced the tattoo on his bicep.

“Promise you will take care of yourself. Do not see Reese again. He makes you unhappy. You deserve to be recognized and valued. Do not be his secret.”

“I won’t see him. And you shouldn’t let Rhylent get you down. You’re a great ruler. All those aliens love you. I could tell that they admire you and want you as their leader.”

“I appreciate that.”

They both fell silent for what could have been minutes or years.

Their eyes met and Sloan grinned. “I would kiss you goodbye but then you’d never leave.”

Sloan meant it as a joke but Octnavin frowned. “That is true. Goodbye, Sloan.”

Octnavin slipped his tentacle over his tattooed arm one last time and then rose from the bed. The alien was gone before Sloan would take his next breath.

“When you said my name that time, you didn’t sound like a dick,” Sloan whispered to the empty room.