Amanda Likes Japanese Girls Pt. 04

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Amanda Likes Japanese Girls, Part 4

by Vincent

“Look. You made the school newspaper,” Amanda showed Hina the sports page as they sat next to each other on a bus heading up I-39. They were going to spend Memorial Day weekend at Amanda’s family’s dairy farm near Dakota. The headline said, “Cute coed brings luck to Badgers softball team.” The full color picture showed Hina blowing a kiss to Emily in the on deck circle. “I think I can even see your red panties.”

“Oh, no you can’t. Let me see.” Hina grabbed the paper from Amanda, “Well, maybe a little.”

“That’s it for you now,” Amanda teased, “Every team will want you to show up to their games in a tiny dress, flashing your panties and blowing kisses.”

“I should probably charge for that.”

“I’m sure you’d make quite a lot. I’m still sleepy. We got up way too early this morning.”

“Yes, and my pussy is sore.”

“I bet it is, after what happened to you last night. Later I’ll kiss it and make it better.”

“Thank you. You are too good to me.”

They still an hour to go. Amanda put her head against the window and Hina put her head in Amanda’s lap and they both tried to sleep.

Amanda’s youngest brother Ray picked them up at the bus station. Hina was surprised and a little nervous that such a young man would be driving, and a big pickup at that. They made Hina sit in the middle. Both girls noticed that the boy seemed a little fidgety and kept stealing glances at Hina’s bare legs.

“Don’t mind my brother,” Amanda said, “He’s just an idiot.”

After 20 minutes they arrived at the house. It was a two story white house with green shutters and long sloping roofs. A large covered porch went across the entire front of the house. There was a small forest on one side and open pasture on the other into the distance. Hina was visibly delighted by the bucolic scenery.

“This is your house!?” Hina said, “It’s like from a story. It’s so beautiful and big. Did you grow up here?”

“It’s been in the family for three generations,” Ray said, “We do work on it from time to time.”

“Where are the cows?” Ray and Amanda both laughed.

“Did you expect they’d be sitting around on the porch? Sipping tea?” Amanda joked.

“See that big building over there,” Ray said, “That’s the milk house. Most of the girls are in the pasture on the other side.”

When they pulled up Amanda’s parents came out to greet them. There were introductions and hugs all around.

“You are just adorable, aren’t you,” Mom said to Amanda’s petite friend, “Come in. Ray, take Hina’s bag to the guest room.” Hina hid her disappointment she’d be sleeping apart from her friend, and wondered if it could be rectified. They sat in the living room and chatted about school life and things on the farm.

“How many cows do you have?” Hina asked.

“About 80,” Amanda said.

“That would be about 83 now. We’ve had three calves since you were here last.” Dad said.

“Baby cows!” Hina squealed, “How cute. Can I see them?”

“Sure. Amanda can take you later.”

“We’re going to eat about 7. Why don’t you girls get settled in and you can show your friend around,” Mom said.

“Where is Max?” Amanda asked, “I want to wish him a happy birthday.”

“That was two months ago.”

“I know, but turning 18 is a big deal.”

“Your brother is moving a herd to the north pasture. He’ll be back by supper,” Dad said. The girls went to Amanda’s bedroom.

“Are all of these yours?” The shelf was full of trophies, about 20, with figures of softball and basketball players on top.

“They give those out like candy. Max just throws his away.” She was being modest. She loved her trophies.

“And these pictures are you?” There were pictures of a young Amanda standing next to cows or holding rabbits with blue ribbons attached. “You are so cute.”

“Yes. Those are from 4-H club. All the kids do it around here.”

“You must have had such an exciting childhood.”

“Every kid thinks their childhood is normal, until they grow up. Then they all realize it was fucked up.”

“I guess so.” Hina leaped on Amanda’s bed and rolled around. “This is nice. I want to sleep here. I don’t want to sleep in the guest room”

“I suppose I could sleep in the guest room.”

“Nooo! I don’t want to sleep by myself. I want to sleep here with you.”

Amanda jumped on top of Hina and they started to giggle. “I don’t trust you to be quiet.” Hina held her breath and puffed out her cheeks. Amanda held Hina down by the wrists and lowered her mouth onto hers. Their lips and tongues mingled together, celebrating the excitement of their weekend adventure together. She released one wrist and slid her free hand under Hina’s shirt. She rubbed her tummy then cupped her breast and gently squeezed.

“I wanted to milk a cow, not get milked myself,” Hina said. With her free hand she stroked Amanda hair. Before things could go further there was a knock on the door. Amanda jumped up and opened the door. Ray peered in and saw Hina lying on the bed with her skirt around her waist and her shirt half way up her stomach. illegal bahis She quickly straightened her clothes.

“Mom wants to know if there’s anything your friend can’t eat.” Amanda looked at Hina.

“Shirako, but I’m sure you don’t have any of that.”

“What’s that?” Ray asked.

“Fish sperm,” she stated bluntly. Ray was taken aback by the cheekiness of his sister’s friend, and didn’t know if he should believe her, but it piqued his interest in the girl even more.

“Just tell her anything is ok,” Amanda said

“Sorry to bother you. I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing,” Ray said. Amanda shut the door on him.

“Does your family know about you?” Hina asked.

“About being a lesbian? I’ve never told them straight out, but I’ve brought home more girls than guys.”

“So you have other girlfriends?”

“Not now.”

“And you’ve had boyfriends?”

“I dated a couple of guys before.”

“Did you have sex with them?”

“Just once.”

“I think I should be jealous. How was it, to have a cock inside you?”

“I have mixed feelings about it. I liked the cock. I didn’t like the guy.”

“So you would like it if I had a cock?”

“You ask way too many questions.” Amanda jumped back on top of her and they continued their petting. After a few minutes they took a break.

“Can you show me your farm?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

“Will you dress me up like a farm girl? Like in your pictures?” Amanda thought it was a fun idea.

“I’ll see what I have.” Amanda dug in her closet and pulled out a box. “These are some of my clothes from junior high school. If they’re too big I’ll see if I have anything from kindergarten.” Hina threw a pillow at her. Amanda tossed a pair of cutoff jeans on the bed, an old sports bra and a plaid shirt. “This should do it. First the hair.” She braided her friend’s hair into pig tails and secured the ends with rubber bands. “There you go, farm girl style. Now stand up.” She lifted off her shirt and bra, pulled down her skirt and left her standing in just her pink cotton panties. She stood back and took in this vision of Asian cuteness. Amanda suddenly had an overwhelming feeling of affection and desire for this sweet and naughty girl who had come into her life. She got a lump in her throat and almost choked on her words.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Hina said as if they had been in love for years. They couldn’t smile big enough at each other. She put her hands under Hina’s ass and lifted the smaller girl. Hina wrapped her arms around Amanda’s neck and her legs around her waist. They closed their eyes and pressed their lips and bodies together. Amanda carried her to the bed and lay her down. She kissed her lover’s neck, chest and stomach. When she reached her panties she slowly pulled them down to make way for more kisses. Hina felt her body was sensitive to Amanda’s lips; every place she kissed sent a tingle of pleasure into her pussy. Amanda guided her tongue down to the slit of Hina’s delicate pussy and forced it into the opening. She used her lips to make suction, drew her clitoris into her mouth and began flicking it with her tongue. Hina loved it. Amanda took such joy in providing ecstasy to her friend, it was making her wet. She reached into her own pants and fingered her pussy. Hina breathed deeply as she neared her orgasm, her body grew tense and her ass lifted off the bed. The spasms began shooting waves of delight through her body. Amanda felt Hina’s pussy contracting on her tongue causing her to orgasm, too. The girls quietly moaned in unison until the pleasure subsided. Ray stopped listening with his ear against the door and silently walked away. He went to his bedroom to deal with his erection. They lay on the bed together for a few minutes petting each other, enjoying the intimacy.

“Let’s get you dressed,” Amanda said, getting up from the bed. Hina loved the fact that she was wearing her old clothes. The bottom of Hina’s ass peeked out from under the cutoff jeans, the sports bra was a good fit, but the shirt was too big. Amanda buttoned it half way down then gathered the lower half and tied it at Hina’s navel. Sneakers completed the outfit. Hina looked at herself in the mirror, she thought she looked darling.

“Ok, I’m ready to meet the cows.”

“Cute, but let’s sneak you out here. My mother would have a fit if she saw you like this.” The girls quietly descended the stairs and went out the front door. “Don’t let Max see her like that, he’ll go crazy,” they heard Amanda’s mother call out just as they left the house. The girls giggled.

It took ten minutes to walk from the house to the milking barn. Hina was amazed at how much open space there was on the farm.

“Is all of this your farm?”

“Yes, this is about half. There’s about a hundred acres here and another hundred or so beyond that line of trees. We are mostly grass fed and we sell all our milk to gourmet butter and cheese makers.”

“Can you drink it?”

“Oh yeah, it’s great, but it has more fat that regular milk.”

There were a few cows in the pen waiting to be milked. illegal bahis siteleri The inside didn’t match Hina’s image. “That’s quite a smell.”

“You get used to it. It starts to smell good after a while.”

“I’ll be looking forward to that. There are so many machines and tanks, it looks so complicated.”

“Hey! There’s my favorite sports star,” a man said, walking over to them. She gave Amanda a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Uncle Pete. This is my friend, Hina. She’s visiting this weekend. Pete is my father’s brother.”

“Younger brother. Welcome to Sutton Farm,” Pete said.

“Can you show Hina how milking works?”

“I’d be delighted.” Pete demonstrated how the cows are hooked up and where the milk goes. Hina thought it was cute that he kept calling the cows “girls.”

“Are there any boy cows on the farm?” Hina asked.

“Not a one. They’re trouble,” Pete said.

“So how do you get the baby cows?”

“We do it ourselves,” Hina suddenly had an image of Pete fucking a cow. “We buy bull semen and inject it into the cow.”

“Do you ever milk by hand?”

“No, that would be way too much work. Machines are much faster.”

“Hina wanted to try milking a cow,” Amanda said.

“Oh sure, you can do that. Max is out back. He can set you up.” The girls left to find Max.

Hina noticed there were many cats lazing about, “I love cats.”

“They keep the mice under control.” Amanda spotted her brother, “Max!” The siblings hugged. “This is my friend Hina. We live in the same dorm. She wanted to come see a real dairy farm.” Max tried to keep his instant infatuation with the small cute Asian girl under control, but the feeling was mutual. Hina felt something stir inside her at the sight of the muscular young man.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said very politely. Max had the same blond hair as Amanda, and Hina noticed the resemblance. She thought he was very handsome, the male equivalent of Amanda. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that showed off his chest and arms.

“Hina wants to try her hand at milking,” Amanda said.

“Sure. We have some in the pen that need milking. Come with me,” Max was eager to please the cute visitor. Hina followed Max and Amanda went to talk to her uncle about something.

Max brought a cow into the hay barn and set up for milking. He kept stealing glances at her smooth legs, and her ass leaking out the bottom of her shorts. “Sit here; let me show you how to do it.” Hina sat on the front half of the milking stool and Max sat behind her. He scooted his crotch against her ass.

“You have to squeeze like this,” he put his arms around Hina, grabbed her hands and placed them on the teats. He squeezed her hands around the teats to demonstrate the proper motion. Hina had trouble concentrating. She felt overwhelmed by the situation. She was nestled against Max’s hard chest with his strong arms pinned against her shoulders, his lips right next to her ear. She felt the contrast of the bare skin of her thighs pressed against the rough fabric of his jeans, and she tingled all over her body. She felt vulnerable, overpowered, at a word she would willingly submit to his will. If he turned her around and kissed her she would be helpless to resist. If he told her remove her clothes and take his cock she would do so willingly, she secretly wished he would. She wondered how it would feel if he held her like this, both of them naked, and felt herself getting wet. She wanted to be taken by him.

“Enjoying the lesson, are we?” Amanda had come up behind them undetected, “I hope you are being a gentleman, Max.” Max stood up and let Hina take over by herself. Amanda noticed his large erection pressing through his jeans.

“She’s doing very well,” Max said.

“And so are you, apparently.” Amanda knelt down to examine the small amount of milk that had accumulated in the bucket.

“I see you’ve been hard at work,” Amanda said. Max went to the other side of the cow and knelt down, too, but he wanted to examine something different. He had the perfect view between Hina’s spread open legs.

“Try to grip a little harder,” he said to cover his real intentions. The tiny shorts did nothing to hide her panties. Max could see the delicate creamy skin of her inner thigh, how the skin turned dark as it peeked from under her panties, and how the fabric formed over the contour of her vulva. His arousal went into overdrive when noticed a wet spot at the opening of her pussy. Hina could tell what Max was up to and she pushed her legs a little wider. She pushed her hips forward, pressing the hard seam of her shorts into the crack of her pussy causing her vulva to bulge out the sides. Max was going crazy inside. She thought what it would be like to have him touch her there, to lick her, to be inside her. She could see the outline of his cock growing larger under his jeans. It kept getting bigger and bigger.

“What do you think?” Amanda asked. Hina had to recover her thoughts.

“It’s harder than it looks,” she answered while staring at Max’s cock.

“Yeah, it’s pretty hard,” Max confirmed.

“It time canlı bahis siteleri to get cleaned up for dinner,” Amanda said, “let’s put that milk in a bottle for you, and put Max into a cold shower.” Hina and Amanda poured the milk in a bottle and Max led the cow away.

They snuck Hina back into the house. They showered and put on appropriate clothes for dinner. Max arrived after everyone was already seated at the table. Pete’s family was also there to celebrate Amanda’s return. Hina was astounded by the amount of food on the table. There seemed to be 20 different dishes, beef, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, biscuits.

“Do you always eat like this?” Hina asked.

“Amanda said you were a big eater,” Dad said. He was the one most amused by his joke.

“Not usually, dear,” mom said, “We have everybody here, so it’s kind of a celebration.”

“It seems like meals around here keep getting smaller every year,” Dad said.

“Then why does your waistline keep growing?” Max quipped. Everybody ignored him.

“Amanda left and this fall Max is going too,” Dad said, “Pretty soon it’ll be Ray’s turn.”

“And then it’s nothing but carrot sticks for you,” Max said.

“You know you can go eat out on the porch,” Dad said to Max.

“So you are coming to the University of Wisconsin, too?” Hina asked.

“I got a scholarship for baseball,” Max said, “I wanted to play football, but I’m too small.”

“I’d rather you didn’t get killed,” Mom added.

“You seem so big to me,” Hina said. Max blushed, everybody chuckled his embarrassment.

“It just seems that way from your perspective,” Pete said.

The eating and conversation went on past when everybody was full. People began to relocate to other parts of the house. Mom asked Amanda to help with the dishes. Hina offered to help, but was refused.

“Hina, can I show you something?” Max asked. He led Hina out to the porch. The late evening light was slowly fading from the sky. “This’ll just take a minute.” He led Hina around the side of the house to a covered garage. He threw back the tarp covering a car. Hina had no idea what she was looking at. Max was a little deflated the girl wasn’t gushing, but he was determined to impress her.

“This is my ’72 Chevy Camaro Z28. I’ve been fixing it up for two years. When I got it, it was a piece of junk. Now look at it.”

“It’s beautiful.” Hina was trying to be nice.

“I’m going to drive it down to Madison when I go to school this fall.”

“That’s wonderful.” She assumed that was a big thing.

“I’ll take you for a drive in it if you like.”

“Thank you. Maybe some other time.” The car was the least thing about Max she was interested in. “Why don’t we take a walk instead?”

She let Max take her hand and they walked down through the small woods past the house. Max was glad it was dark, so Hina wouldn’t see that his cock was already hard.

“I saw your picture in the paper today,” Max said.

“You get the school paper up here?”

“No. I saw it on line. You look really cute in that red dress.”

“Thank you.”

“Maybe you can come blow kisses at my baseball game next year.”

“Sure. I’ll blow them extra hard.” Hina blew a kiss right in Max’s face.

“I enjoyed showing you how to milk today. You were very good, for a beginner.”

“I enjoyed showing you, too.”

“Showing me what?” Max was confused.

“I don’t know. What did you see?” Now Max was grateful the darkness hid his blushing. He tried to stammer out an apology for several seconds. Hina just giggled. “That’s ok. As I said, I enjoyed it.” Max’s erection was becoming uncomfortable in his jeans.

They reached a pond and walked to the end of a small dock and faced each other. A rising moon reflected off the water, casting everything in shimmering purple light.

“When you had your arms around me today I felt all tingly inside.”

“I hope that was a good thing. My heart was beating so fast.”

“Would you do it again?”

Max put his hands on Hina’s shoulders and drew her towards him. She put her hands under Max’s shirt and felt the contour of his abdominal and chest muscles. A small “wow” slipped from her lips. She looked up into his eyes.

“Are you tingling?” he asked.

“Like crazy.” He leaned forward to kiss her soft mouth; she stood on her tip toes to press harder against his lips. All their sexual tensions in an instant turned to joy. They separated and looked at each other for a moment. “That was good,” she said. They both smiled and returned to kissing. Their lips and tongues meshed in a flood of passion released. Hina was anxious to feel dominated by this winsome young man; she wanted his hands on her body.

The small Asian girl wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her body against his, her ear against his chest, her soft breasts against his hard stomach. Max slid his hands down the back of her skirt, inside her panties and squeezed one cheek in each hand while pulling her flush against his hips. His hand slid down between her thighs and his fingers found her vulva. Hina moaned softly as his fingers explored her wet pussy. She felt something hard pushing into her stomach. She reached around and felt the shape of his rock hard cock through the denim. She traced the shape with her fingers; it was more than two of her hands long, and thick.