Always Seeking Daddy

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I was a trust fund kid. My parents passed away when I was young. I was left in the care of an aunt and her husband, my uncle by marriage. When I turned 25, the money became mine. There was plenty of it. I was ensured of never having to work. I had plenty of time on my hands. I learned early in life that I liked men. I liked older men. It was only natural. My first experience was with my aunt’s husband. He was a handsome man who despised my aunt and who enjoyed the feel of a naked young man’s skin against his own.

The first experience was when I was barely eighteen years old. I had just graduated from high school and was lounging around all summer doing nothing. My aunt had decided to go to Europe for the summer and so she left my uncle and I at the family compound. It is a large estate that my parents left me but my aunt and uncle moved in after their deaths to look after me. My aunt, uncle and I lived there as did our household help. The help consisted of a maid and a man about the place named Jackson. Jackson was a very handsome and well-sculpted black man who kept the yard, the pool, the house itself and took care of any chores needing attention.

As I was saying, my aunt had gone to Europe and that left my uncle and I to spend the summer together. He was always kind to me and gave me no real problem. I think he knew I was the reason he got to live in such luxury. No sooner than my aunt had arrived in Europe for three months did the adventure begin. I was always attracted to my uncle but was not sure of his own feelings or turns. Still I wanted to know the possibilities. I was slender, almost feminine. However, I was still somewhat muscular and well-built. I was blonde and had little body hair. I decided that summer to keep myself very smooth, all over my body. I was also well hung. My cock was approximately 7 inches long when erect and of average thickness. I was cut and I felt I was a very attractive young man; desirable to any older gentleman.

I knew my uncle’s schedule. He kept it like clockwork. On Fridays, he usually dismissed the help and lounged around the pool. He would have a few drinks and take it easy. There were a few times when he thought I was gone as well and he would have a young college student over for some adult fun. I knew his college fuck buddies were also male and I knew he liked them on the submissive side. Still Uncle Steve never caught on to my wisdom on this aspect of his life. I also noticed that most of the young men who kept my uncle company on these Fridays could have passed for my brother. They all favored me strongly.

About a month after my 18th birthday, just a days after my aunt’s departure, I waited for the right moment around mid-morning. I wanted to get my uncle’s attention before he had time to call some other lucky young stud. I had put on a very skimpy pair of white silky bikini bottoms, a pair that would easily accentuate my lovely cock. I felt an uneasiness in my stomach, caught my short breath and walked out of the patio door and past my uncle lounging on a deck lounger by the pool.

As I passed, I gently reached behind and ran my own hand over my smooth, smallish ass. I turned to him and smiled. Uncle Steve said nothing for a moment. At first, he tried to look away as if nothing had happened. I wouldn’t allow such an evasive move. As I got to the edge of the pool to the area where you can walk down into the pool via a set of steps, I turned and faced Steve. He smiled and nervously moved to adjust his own emerging erection.

I smiled back and gently called out to him, “I hope you haven’t called one of your little friends today. After all, why call on a stranger?”

Steve looked away and then diectly at me before responding, “No. I haven’t called anyone this morning. What do you have in mind, Jay?”

I gulped and made my best efforts at seducing my own Uncle Steve. “Well,” I said, “I see what those fellows are willing to do for you. Has it ever occurred to you that I have the same desires?”

“But,” Steve frowned, “you’re my nephew. it wouldn’t be natural.”

I smiled a wicked little smile at Steve and answered him, “Actually, I’m your wife’s nephew and it’s probably not natural anyway you look at it. So who’s going to judge?”

I stripped naked and jumped into the warm water. After swimming a few laps, I climbed out of the pool and saw Uncle Steve standing there holding a large towel for me. I turned my back to him as he walked up and wrapped the towel around me in a hug. güvenilir bahis I allowed Steve to embrace me as he toweled me off and dried my body. He hung the towel about my shoulders and began to slowly grope my body with his firm, strong hands.

I felt his warm breath on my neck. I also felt his stiffening but covered cock pushing against my bare ass. I felt little flickers of his tongue on my neck and shoulders. I decided to tempt him further.

“So,” I began, “I’ve noticed all of those young guys favor me. Should I take that as a sign of what you are really interested in?”

Steve moaned and spoke very quietly, “Maybe you should. I certainly have thought about it lately. But you should know what I like those guys to do for me.”

I laughed at Steve and reached behind me to grope his cock and responded, “I think I know what you like. Why don’t we go upstairs to discuss it a little more?”

With that, he led me up the stairs of the back patio deck and into my own large bedroom. We walked hand in hand. As we entered the patio door, I closed it myself and drew the blinds closed to shut out some of the harsh daylight. My king sized bed looked inviting but I wanted to take my time. This was an event of a lifetime.

In the shadows of the large room, I walked up to Uncle Steve, wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him. Our tongues found one another very quickly and we were soon lost in a passionate, deep french kiss. As we kissed, Steve pulled on my hard cock and stroked it to keep it’s length and girth full. He soon fell to his knees and placed his tongue on the underside of my cockhead. He wet it and began to suck on my cockhead while slowly stroking my shaft. Soon he pulled off and spit on my fully erect cock and began throating it, his mouth getting all the more wet. I was feeling nothing but pure lust at this point. There were no feelings of guilt whatsoever.

After several minutes, Steve stood up and kissed me. He didn’t have to say anything. I knew it was my turn. I dropped gently to my knees and pulled his bikini briefs down around his ankles. His fully erect and steel hard cock popped free and bounced for a split second. I quickly took Steve into my mouth and began to get his beautiful cock as wet and as quickly as my mouth could produce enough spit for the job. Soon small ropes of my spit were hanging from the corners of my mouth and from Steve’s cock. I felt Steve’s strong hands on the sides and the back of my head as he guided my mouth in its chore.

After several minutes of this lovely work, Steve pulled me to my feet. Steve lay across the bed with his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. He instructed me to lie on top of him in a 69 posiiton and begin sucking his cock once again. I did as I was instructed. As I sucked Steve’s cock and played with his balls, I felt him licking, kissing and probing my asshole with his tongue, lips and middle finger. The 69 action went on for a while. I hungrily sucked and swallowed Steve’s cock. A wet spot soon formed on my bed from the large gobs of spits dripping down.

Soon Uncle Steve slapped me ass gently and whispered for me to roll off and to get on my knees and elbows.I did as instructed and Steve pulled me to a point where my knees were within inches of the edge of the bed. Steve knelt on the floor behind me and began ravishing my ass. I had never felt such a feeling. I moaned with obvious delight and almost squealed at times. Steve stayed at this for a while and occasionally would slip a slick finger or two into my hole. Finally he stood. He told me to place my pillows under me and lie on them with my ass in the air. I did as I was told.

Steve walked out the room and returned in a few moments with a bottle of lubricant. He got on my bed and began applying the lube to my tight hole. Steve positioned himself behind me and I felt a strong hand on one shoulder and another on my hip. I soon felt pressure on my sphincter. Soon I felt the invasive pressure and the giving way of my tight hole as Steve’s cockhead entered me. Steve slowly inched his way into me.

I gasped at the feeling of his cock as it made its way inside of me. Slowly, Steve began to establish a stride. After a few minutes, he was working my ass with ease.

“Oh, Jay,” Steve moaned, “you little fucker. I always wanted to fuck you when you got old enough.”

I moaned and replied, “Well, enjoy, my sweet.”

Steve fucked my ass from behind for a good twenty minutes and then instructed türkçe bahis me to lie on my back. He positioned himself between my legs and drew them both up and over his shoulders. With that, he entered me again and began to plunge in and out of me. On occasion, Steve would lean down and kiss me on the mouth. I felt his hard rigid cock deep inside of me. He would make his torso erect again and renew his efforts at loosening my sphincter. I rolled my head from side to side, moaning, groaning, licking my lips.

This hard wonderful fucking continued while Steve spoke to me in a hot, dirty, erotic tone. Soon he was ready to blow his full load, but I didn’t want it in me that way. I smiled at my loving uncle astride me and whimpered, “Let me have it all! In my mouth!”

As he grunted and his cock grew fuller, Steve quickly pulled out and straddled my head. With a few quick jerks, his cock spit forth its creamy whitish load. I took most of it in my virgin mouth and the rest hit me in the cheek or lips. I swallowed all I could and licked Steve’s cockhead and sucked on the tip until he moaned with pleasure.

Steve dismounted me and walked down the hall to his room. I walked by and heard his shower turn on. I thought to myself, “I haven’t shot mine yet.” I allowed Steve time to get into his walk-in shower unit. Then I walked in myself. He looked at me with a grin and asked if I needed a bath.

“Yes,” I replied, “I need you to give my cock a bath, my sweet.”

With that, Steve sank to his knees and began sucking and jacking my erect cock. Soon I was on the tips of my toes. I couldn’t take it anymore. I called out with pleasure and shot my load. I sprayed it onto Steve’s chest and stomach where it rolled down onto his pubic area and then onto the shower floor.

Steve smiled and stood. He put pressure on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. I took his partially flacid cock into my mouth and it sprang back to life. Soon I was gagging and sucking, sucking and gagging. I lifted his heavy cock and sucked his balls and licked them. He rolled his eyes and threw his head back. Soon I had brought Steve to the brink of another orgasm.

He began to murmur, “Suck it, little slut. It’s going to coat our throat.”

I pulled off and breathlessly responded, “Oh, yeah. Is it? Is my sweet Uncle going to give me another present? Huh, another shot of sweet juice in my mouth?”

Steve liked it as soon he was pumping a second load of his cum into my willing mouth. I swallowed as fast as he could pump the stuff. Soon I had his fully erect and erupting cock deep throated as I swallowed each and every drop.

We washed each other and got out. He wanted to go to the country club and play a round of golf. After he headed out to the club, I left his bedroom and headed down the hall toward the stairs. I heard a slight noise and looked around. The help, Jackson, the well-built black man who worked for us, was standing in a half-open doorway. I could tell something was different about him. I walked back toward the door and backed him into the room. I shut the door and gave Jackson a long hard look.

I turned back and locked the door. Afterwards, I returned my gaze to Jackson. I spoke sternly to him, “So, Jackson, I assume you heard, if not saw a little, of what just happened between me and Steve. We could just fire you and forget it…say you’re a liar. No one would believe you. You know that, don’t you?”

I looked down at Jackson’s crotch. Apparently, he had been stroking himself at the sound of me and Steve. His cock was obviously very long and thick. I looked up again.

He finally answered me, “Yes, sir, I know that. I don’t want to lose my job. Not over this.”

I moved closer. I reached down slowly and gently wrapped my hand around Jackson’s emerging erection. I slowly moved my hand up and down on his clothed cock. I looked up into his eyes. He was nervous, unsure of what to do.

“How old are you, Jackson?” I asked him.

“I’m 41. Why?” he inquired.

I smiled and picked up the pace of my stroke and responded, “Because I’m just now 18 and I like older men, as you may have gathered. Now, if you do as I say, everything will be fine. Understand?”

Jackson gulped and nodded. I tiptoed upwards and leaned in and whispered into his ear, “Jackson, I want you to fuck me like a little silly white girl. I want you to use me and use me without mercy. Do you hear me?”

Jackson again nodded. I slid to my knees and pulled the waistband güvenilir bahis siteleri of both his shorts and his briefs until the long half flacid black cock was dangling before me. I looked up and asked Jackson if he had ever fantasized about me when I was younger and lying by the pool while he cleaned it. He nodded in the affirmative.

I pulled and tugged at his snake and finally raised it slightly to my mouth. I sucked it into my wet and very willing mouth and began to lick and slurp at this black man’s enormous cock. Jackson closed his eyes and stood there as I hungrily devoured his cock. It was so long I could suck and stroke all at the same time. It was a masterpiece to behold. This cock grew to more than 10 inches and was thick. I marveled at his size.

As I sucked, Jackson’s independence began to emerge. He began to moan and murmur and talk to me like I wanted him to.

“Oh, yeah, suck me white boi! You make love to that cock. Oh yeah!” I heard him grunt. He was loving this turning of the tables. I continued to suck as he reached down and pinched my nipples. I stood up and kissed my nubian lover/servant on his full lips. His tongue invaded my mouth. He wrapped his arms around me and picked me up and laid me out on the bed.

Jackson stood at the edge of the bed and I lay on my back and dangled my head upside down off the side of the bed. With that move, Jackson lowered his hard cock into my mouth and began to skull fuck me with fury. I gagged and my spit overflowed onto my cheeks and down until it landed on the carpet. My eyes watered and my tears fell. At one point, I managed to get my head under Jackson’s enormous cock and suck and swallow his huge balls. He cursed and called me dirty little names. I was loving it.

After I thought my lips would fall off, Jackson withdrew and spun me around and lay on the bed so his head was between my legs and he could reach my ass. He began to rim me in a fervor. His large lips and strong long tongue made my ass wet and slick. I grabbed his head and pushed his face deeper into my ass which pushed his tongue deeper into my already loose hole.

After a while of eating my boi pussy, Jackson stood and told me to spit on his cock. I did as I was told and lubed him with my spit. He lay on his back and told me to mount him. I did as instructed. Slowly, Jackson pushed his beautifully large cock into my hole. I slowly lowered myself onto it. I could not take it all. He began to slowly pump my ass from beneath. His pumping became more and more rapid. I took it but was breathless. I screamed in ecstasy. He reached up and put his finger in mouth to suck on and to keep me quiet.

After I became tired of balancing myself, I rolled off of Jackson and onto my back. He quickly climbed between my legs and pushed them back until my calves were even with my ears. He dangled his rigid cock over my hole and then plunged into me. Again, I called out in pain mixed with lust. Jackson rode me like a Friday night whore. He was strong. Soon he lifted me up and was holding me with my legs wrapped around his waist. He balanced himself on his knees and fucked me in the air. I wanted to live forever on his hard fucking cock.

His endurance was amazing. He would allow me to pull away long enough to change positions. Finally, he hovered over me doggie style and began to pound my ass from behind. I did not want his juice in my ass, I wanted it in my mouth and on my face. I wanted to be humiliated by this strong, otherwise silent black man with the huge fucking cock. After a good forty minutes of hard raging fuckplay, Jackson grunted, yelled and pulled out. I found a spot between his legs and began to lick his balls as he stroked his tool.

I whimpered, “Blow it on my face, Black Daddy! Give me everything you have been wanting to give me! Blow your love juice all over my naughty little white face!”

And he did just that. I got in front of his cockhead in time for the first thick rope of cum to hit me square in the face and mouth. I gagged as a second rope shot directly into the back of my throat. The third and fourth ropes of jizz hit my eye and forehead. I was drenched in Jackson’s creamy white cum. It was a true bath.

I sat back on my legs as he strained the last drops out. I leaned in and sucked his cockhead to help him out. I began to deepthroat him for a few seconds to be greedy. I looked up through cummy, squinting eyes and saw Jackson grinning.

He quietly informed me, “I’ll still say ‘yes sir’ when others are around, but you’re my little white slut, my cum whore, when they’re gone. You got that?”

I understood and told him as much. There was a new order now and I was happy to be on the bottom of the chain. Literally.