Allison’s Confession

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“You didn’t answer the question.”


“We promised. Both of us could ask any question and we had to be totally honest.”

“I know but….”

“Come on. I have a pretty good idea since you hesitated answering.”

“I hesitated because….well…I’m not sure if it qualifies.”

“You’re not sure if you’ve ever had a lesbian experience?”

“Please, Randi. Don’t make me answer this.”

“I want to know,” Randi said, ending a very tense conversation that was getting him increasingly excited. Randi and Allison were seated naked on their hotel balcony on Maui. The trip, their first in years, had been extremely liberating.

After months of dissatisfaction in the bedroom, both of them had gotten away from their jobs and other distractions and found themselves being more interested in each other and more adventurous. Tonight, Randi and Allison had spent hours at a bar with another couple and Randi was sure that things were going to get interesting.

They had met the other couple, Guy and Toni, during an introductory scuba diving class and had spent the entire day with them. They had gotten along so well that it seemed natural when one of them suggested meeting for dinner.

The evening started off well for Randi. After showering and changing, they headed for Toni and Guy’s room. When Guy opened the door, he inadvertently gave Randi a free shot of Toni exiting the bathroom completely naked; an image that stayed with him through the entire dinner.

After dinner, the four of them had gone to a bar where a few drinks had turned into drinking games, had turned into sex talk, had turned into dares, had turned into Allison kissing Toni smack on the lips. At that point, Randi was sure that something was going to happen. He wanted Toni and he was willing to let Allison be with Guy if she wanted. However, now he had the image of Allison and Toni together, something he had never imagined. And, for a few brief moments, he thought it might happen.

Unfortunately, it just never happened. Randi wasn’t quite sure but everybody seemed to pull away from letting things get any farther. In the end, Randi and Allison had said goodbye to Toni and Guy and headed back to the hotel room.

They hadn’t even gotten to the elevator before Allison was all over Randi. In the end, they had sex just inside the doorway of their room not even realizing that they hadn’t completely closed the door in their perabet haste. After some great sex, they stayed up talking on the balcony and agreed to a ten minute session where they could ask any question of the other, something they hadn’t done in years.

“Allison, I really I want to know,” Randi said.

“You’ve never asked before,” Allison pleaded. “Why now?”

“I never thought you would be interested in that,” Randi replied. “But after tonight, well…I want to know, have you ever been with another woman.”

“Okay,” Allison finally said. “Do you remember that weekend I went away to the desert with some of the girls from school? Well, we went drinking every night and would come back to the house and hang out in the pool afterwards. One of the nights, it was just Karen and I and we were sitting in the Jacuzzi. God, I can’t believe I am telling you this.”

“Please, don’t stop,” Randi said as Allison began to withdraw.

“We were sitting there talking,” Allison finally continued, “when we started talking about sex and Karen asked me the same question. I said no of course. When I asked her, she smiled and said to guess. I said no and she smiled. Finally, she said she had done it a few times. I asked her with who but she wouldn’t tell. She said I’d be surprised if I knew, though.

“Anyway, I asked her what it was like and she said it was fun every once in a while but that she liked boys better most of the time. Then, she asked me if I wanted to try it. I didn’t say a word. Then I asked her what she was proposing. I didn’t mean yes. I was just really caught off guard. The next thing I know, Karen has her head back and her eyes closed. It takes me a few minutes to realize she is playing with herself.”

Sitting on the balcony, listening to his wife talk about her experience, Randi became rock hard. His penis actually hurt, he was so turned on. “What did you do,” he asked.

“We were sitting maybe a foot apart,” Allison said. “I just sat there watching her when she finally said ‘play with yourself, we don’t have to do anything else if you start to feel uncomfortable.’ I was really confused and didn’t know what to think. Finally, I put my hand in my bathing suit and began to rub myself. I wasn’t really playing, just sort of touching myself.”

Allison stopped talking. Randi looked at Allison and saw that her eyes were glazed over. He assumed she was either reliving the moment. perabet giriş Every fiber of his body wanted to take his cock in his hand and jerk off until he came. However, he knew if he did Allison would probably clam up and he’d never hear the end. “And then,” he asked, trying to sound calm and casual.

“After a while, I closed my eyes and just started playing,” Allison said. “It wasn’t like I was playing with her or even acted like she was there. It felt just like when I am alone in bed. That’s where I was mentally when I felt her hand on my thigh. I sucked in air quickly but didn’t say anything. Her hand just stayed there for a while. Then, she slowly started moving it until she was touching my pubic hair.

“I was sure she was going to put her hand down there but she didn’t go any farther. I had decided to let her if she did but she just kept her hand exactly where it was. After a while, she said ‘I won’t do anything unless you want me to. If you do, just touch my hand.’ I was very excited from playing with myself at that point and let my wrist rotate until the back of my hand was touching her fingers.

“After a while, she grabbed my hand and began playing with it. It was really erotic just sitting their touching hands. Then her hand moved down and she started touching me down there.”

“Did you touch her,” Randi asked. By this point in the story, Allison had her eyes closed and Randi’s question seemed to annoy her. He quickly realized that he would have to let her tell the story at her pace.

“After a while, she had me very excited,” Allison said. “Then her other hand grabbed mine and gently began leading it between her legs. After a while, it became hard playing with her like that so I moved out so I almost in front of her. That’s when her other hand pulled me in and she started to kiss me.

“To this point I had kept my eyes closed the whole time but she told me to open them. When I did, her face was inches from mine and she was looking directly at me. She then asked me if I wanted to go farther. I nodded my head and she slowly stood up and sat down on the edge of the pool. After a few moments, I moved between her legs and began playing with her

“Then, she put her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her. It was the most natural thing I have ever done sexually. I just did it. No thought. No guilt. Nothing. It just felt so right. I could feel her body tightening and her perabet güvenilir mi hands clenching in my hair. By now, the pool water had been replaced by her own wetness and I could smell her excitement replacing the chlorine odor.

“When she came, I felt so satisfied myself even though I hadn’t been playing. It just felt so good. After a few moments, she moved back into the water and told me it was my turn.”

Randi had willed himself to remain quiet the entire time. While he listened, he had watched Allison sitting there describing what had happened. With her eyes closed, Randi stared between her legs and saw the wetness starting to develop. A few times when they were really going at it, Allison would get so wet that she seemed to leak. Right now, he was watching that happened and he found it the most arousing thing he had ever seen.”

“What happened after that,” Randi finally asked.

“After I came, we sat there for a while,” Allison said. “In a few minutes, I felt guilt and became afraid someone would find out. Karen seemed to sense this and didn’t stop me when I beat an awkward retreat. The next morning, she made a point of saying she got so drunk she couldn’t remember what happened that night. She said it but it was obvious she was lying. However, we have never talked about it again.”

Then her eyes came open and it was if she were returning to her body and her “normal self. “And you won’t ever repeat this if you know what is good for you,” Allison said in a confrontational tone. “I’d never forgive you and you better never use this against me. Promise?”

“Of course not,” Randi said. “However, I have a question.”


“When you kissed Toni tonight…..”


“Did you feel that way?”

“You mean did I want to be with her?”


“Yes, I was thinking that I might like to do it again,” Allison said. “Oh god, I hope you aren’t getting any of your wild ideas.”

That’s what she said, Randi thought, but both of them knew that Allison was secretly excited at the idea of him trying to create an opportunity for her.

“You are, aren’t you?”

“Am what?”

“Trying to get Toni and I together,” Allison said. “You probably want to watch. Well no way buster.”

“I don’t have to watch,” Randi said in a surprisingly tender voice. “I just thought you might enjoy it. I’m not always thinking about me you know.”

Allison almost cried when she realized he was serious. “Randi, that is the sweetest thing you have ever said to me. You would really let me do that. No strings attached. No favors in return?”

“I love you honey,” he said.

And then Allison decided to reward him anyway.