Alisha lends a hand

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Alisha lends a handTommy was frustrated.It was a week after leaving the hospital with his casts and already he was sick of not being able to use his hands. He couldn’t greet people or search porn on the computer. He couldn’t even jerk off, which was probably what was making him the most frustrated. That afternoon, his sister was not helping at all! She had come home from Uni dressed in a tight fitting top and mini skirt, with her hair done up in pigtails, but the amount of cleavage she was showing, was more than enough to ‘frustrate’ Tommy even more, which was probably why when she asked him how his day was, he snapped back, “it was fine, no school, no friends to talk to who could complain!”Alisha pouted. She was only trying to be nice. She even dressed up for her brother just so that he could get some eye candy. “Well, that’s the last time I dress up for you!” she said as she turned around and deliberately bent over to pick up her bag. Her tiny plaid mini skirt hiked up and showed off her pink thong. She lingered for a moment before picking up her bag. As she headed out of the room she blew her brother a kiss and said “if you need a hand, just shout!”Tommy stood there with his grumpy mood, as she told him off, he felt a little bad, but still felt extremely frustrated, and was about to say a few nasty things when she turned around to pick up her back and gave him an incredible view of her tight bubble butt as she was sporting a pink thong. Needless to say his jaw was dropped instantly, then when she finally got up and walked off, what she had said clicked, ‘ dress up for you’, she had dressed that way on purpose for him, he quickly called out after her, ” well funnily enough, that’s the one thing I can’t give myself.”Alisha had already left the room when she heard her brother call out. Her heart thumped and she wondered if she would truly go ahead with what she had planned. Her room was just next door and knew that her brother wanked off every day, but now with both arms in casts and no girlfriend to provide relief, he had got moody. She knew the only solution was to “lend a hand” and dressing slutty was just phase 1 of the plan. Now it was time for Phase 2: The Tease! She did a quick once over on herself, making sure that the crop top was still showing off her enormous cleavage. Daddy was upset that she had used her university fund to upgrade her boobs but she had caught him and Tommy staring on more than one occasion. She composed herself and walked back in and locking eyes with her brother said in her most barbie-esque voice “Did you want something?” before sitting down on his bed, crossing her legs sexily.He sat there for a moment still feeling very tense and pent up due to his ‘condition’, wondering if he had actually annoyed his sister enough that she wouldn’t come back, but his worries were put to rest and rather quickly as she returned looking even sexier than before somehow, maybe it was the massive amount of cleavage he could see on her still, which exacerbated his feelings. He was practically speechless as she crossed the room towards him her perfect body swaying sexily and her voice was so sexy sounding it made his cock twitch, and when he finally replied after she sat beside him on the bed he said “I…I…uuuuhhh…I …ummmm” he stammered as he couldn’t help but look at his sisters body and generous cleavage.Alisha took out her lip gloss and started to do refresh her hot pink lipstick. She was so proud of her lips, too. They were pumped up at the same time as her big fake boobs. She deliberately puckered her lips, blowing little kisses. Non chantly she brought up her index finger to her lips and stuck her tongue out and licked its length before pushing in between her fake lips and sucking upon it. Pushing it in and out. She knew she was being a tease and it excited her as bahis firmaları she felt herself getting wet. She pulled out her finger and looked upon her brother…it was obvious that he had enjoyed the little show and it was time to up the ante and she said “Do you like my big boobs?”Tommy sat there still very tense and highly pent up inside, but doing his very best to keep his composure. Until his sister began applying her lip gloss, then sucking on her finger which immediately he couldn’t help but imagine his thick longing cock moving back and forth just as her finger was. He couldn’t help but making a gulp sound as he swallowed hard, unable to ignore the generous amounts of cleavage on show combined with his sister giving her finger a blowjob. Then finally the last straw was her final question to which he felt compelled to reply ” y..y..yes…they look…a..a..amazing, s*s” he stuttered as his cock became stiffer and stiffer uncontrollably.Alisha smiled as she noticed thee big bulge in her brother’s pants. She considered putting him out of his misery but thought that a little bit more teasing would be appropriate for all the times that she had caught him staring at her boobs. “Oh, you like my big…fake…tits, do you?” she said pausing momentarily between each word as she rolled up her cropped top to just the point where her nipples were covered. Now she was showing off her cleavage and under-cleavage to her brother. She knew that if her brother’s arms weren’t in casts, he would be grabbing those oversized enhanced boobs and mauling and sucking them like a madman. But she had the advantage now. “Doesn’t that look better?” she teased.He sat there unable to move, partially because of the surprising and astounding image that was before him and partially because of his cast encased arms. But once he’d said those words he was unsure of how his s*s might take them, until she gave him even more reason to have a boner. As he watched mouth agape in shock, at her rolling her crop top up until her nipples were just covered. Naturally all the exposed flesh he could see had him stammering, breathing heavier than usual and hardening his tented pants.Alisha giggled. Loving the control she was having over her brother. She got off the bed and turned with her back against him, she bent slightly. Once more her tiny pink thong was on display for him to ogle. “I know that you love to jerk off listening to my moans when I bring boyz home to fuck me in my bedroom! Last night, it was Jason….” she said as her French-nailed fingers moved to her zipper “Yes, Uncle Mike’s son. It must have been SO frustrating for you to hear my moans as he fucked me HARD. He bent me over against the desk and slammed his big cock into my tight wet pussy.” She pulled the zip down, the plaid skirt fell to the floor, exposing her round ass accentuated by the dental-floss like thong. “Mummy thought that he had come over to help me with my coursework…but he ended up helping himself to me!” She teased as she stepped out of the fallen skirt. “Now, I suppose that I better help you. Would you like that?” she said as she came over and bent herself near your crotch, her huge cleavage just hanging an arm reach away. He sat there feeling his physical frustration grow even more, just the thought of being unable to satisfy himself had sucked so, now for it to be a reality but multiplied tenfold, it was agonizing and as Alisha bent before him, his cock throbbed for release, and when she moved her fingers to her zip his heart was going 100 miles an hour, not to mention her little story about their cousin was making it worse, but the moment the skirt dropped and her ass popped into view, looking stunning in her tiny pink thong, well his cock practically became solid iron, it was that stiff. So when she bent in front of him near kaçak bahis his crotch, showing her amazing cleavage, all he could do was nod wide eyed.Alisha smiled as she saw the big hard tent in her brother’s pants. Worried that he might explode in his pants since he hadn’t cummed in over a week and the little striptease she performed would be enough to make any boy go from flaccid to hard in seconds, she pulled down his sweat pants with his underwear in one swift motion. The sight that was before her made her gasp. Her brother wasn’t just hard, he was HARD! “Awwwww, poor baby! I didn’t realise that you had this monster in your pants to relieve. Well don’t worry, now that I am here, everything will feel better.” Alisha moved her pink lips just above the head and drooled her saliva all over the head. She then used her hands and coated the saliva all over your shaft before grabbing your shaft with her soft moisturized hands and began to wank you gently. “I bet that feels good!” she teased.Tommy sat there his cock still throbbing with such stiffness and intensity it almost hurt, as he saw his sisters lips curl into a sexy little smile, as he then watched in pleased surprise as she finally pulled down his pants and underwear in one fell swoop , on her knees. Once his massive cock was revealed, she seemed a little shocked which made him pretty pleased, but he didn’t say it. He nodded as she felt sorry for him and his pent up cock, ” y..yeh…..o..ok….th….thank you s*s” he stuttered back. As her saliva hit the head of his cock he felt a shiver run up his spine and then a lot of pleasure from her lubricated stroking, to which he couldn’t help but moan at softly, ” y… good” he let slip.Alisha looked at Tommy as she continued to pump his big cock with both her hands “It seems that big cocks run in the Jameson family!” she said before drooling more saliva onto his shaft. She winked it at him as she began to speed up “You must be so backed up, Tommy. I bet you could easily cum 7 times!” She began to twist his cock as her hands moved up and down easing the precum out “Oooh that looks SO yummy! mind if I have a taste?”He began breathing heavily, as her pleasuring lubricated strokes were long need, as he himself hadn’t been able to even touch his cock for what felt like ages. When she made comment on how large his cock was he let a smile slip through his lips, but only for a few seconds, then he was back to heavily panting and then nodded as he clenched his teeth, trying to calm himself so he didn’t get to worked up and cum too quickly. But when his sister saw his precum and asked for a taste all he could do was look at her wide eyed and nod.Alisha couldn’t believe what she was going to do next. She had originally intended to just give a handjob to her brother but the sight of the big hard wanton shaft just made herself so horny. She enjoyed listening to her brother’s heavy breathing knowing that he was already edging so she had to make sure that she didn’t get too carried away or the fun would stop. She retreated one of her hands back on to the base of his shaft wanking it at a continuous pace while the other hand kept on working its way up and down the shaft encouraging the precum out. She then stuck out her pierced tongue and brought it close to his bellend and began to lap up the thick white creamy pre-cum.Tommy couldn’t help but breathe heavy with his sister expertly working his cock like she had to his cousin. As she began working the entire length of his large cock, he let out a soft groan, then when she finally leaned her head down and he saw her stick her tongue out to lick the precum off his tip he could believe what she was about to do, in a few seconds he’d feel his sisters warm wet tongue running along his cock head. When it finally made contact with his cock a sharp kaçak iddaa erotic shiver ran up his spine accompanied by a soft groan.Alisha kept on twisting her brother’s shaft encouraging the hot sticky precum out while her tongue swirled against his bellend. Her other hand kept his thick cock steady by continually wanking it at the base. Her big fake tits jiggled as she looked up at her brother surprised that he hadn’t already cummed. The sweet salty taste of his precum was just turning her on so much. Her pussy was becoming really wanton and she was fighting the urge to do what she hadn’t at all planned — suck her brother’s big cock! Tommy found himself breathing quite heavily due to his sisters amazing tongue and expert hands. Watching his sister running her tongue all over his cock head was incredible and was only beat by the feeling it gave, in addition he kept glancing to her big, heavy jiggling tits, as he was quite a tit lover, preferring the big round peaches to any other part of the female anatomy. He glanced down into her eyes as she continued to work his cock and saw an interesting look in her eyes, yet was not quite sure what was on her mind, but he had a feeling that things may get even better than they already were.Alisha looked up at her brother as she sucked him harder and faster than ever before. She was surprised that he had lasted so long. None of the boys at school were able to last so long. She actually prided herself that she could easily get off 5 boys at lunch break. But her own brother was able to withstand her expert mouth. The sweet-salty taste of his precum was just delicious and she knew that she’d be serving her brother regularly. For now, she could justify the fact that he couldn’t wank off…but who knows after he’s healed. She pushed her boobs together,…pulling at her hard nipples…putting on a little show. Before moving both her hands back to his shaft and jerking hard…as her mouth continued to bob up and downTommy was looking down into his curvy sisters naughty eyes, seeing the lust burning within them, but he kept trying and trying to hold off, he didn’t want to succumb to the intense pleasure she was bringing him, he wanted to juice the moment for as long as he could and he thought he could hold off at least another 3-5 minutes until she put on a little show for him, pressing her tits together, tugging on her nipples, all while still sucking on his cock, that was the last straw on his haystack he couldn’t hold off any longer, then as she gripped his shaft once more and jerked him hard still bobbing her head along his cock, he had to say in a hurried overexcited voice, ” s..s..s*s…..I…I’m cumming” as he felt the first few spurts leave his tip as his balls tightened.Alisha tried her best to swallow the jet of cum that followed. Even with her best efforts, the amount of backed-up cum was a bit too much for her skills and inevitably some of it seeped out of the corner of her lips. Once her brother was spent she gave his cock a couple more tugs to make him feel better before withdrawing her mouth and showed the remaining cum in her mouth before closing it and swallowing. She opened her mouth once more to show it all empty and winked “I swallow!” she teased. She got off the floor and pulled up your sweats. “I hope you’re feeling much better, Tommy! It was horrible to see you so grumpy…I was actually was going to lend you a hand…but who knew you had such a massive cock! I just HAD to suck you!” She giggled as she pulled down her top. “Well shall we say, same time tomorrow?” Tommy watched on as his sister contained all his cum except for a small drizzle which seeped down the corner of her mouth and chin. Then once she had withdrew he watched as she showed her mouthful to him, only to close her mouth and swallow all his cum, which he couldn’t help but drop his jaw at, whispering “wow”. And found it extremely hot when she said she swallows. “Y..yeh s*s, much better, w..what, really…thanks, lucky for me” he replied, nodding to reinforce his words ” y..yes, definitely”