Alicia’s First Anal, with Her Daddy

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I want to start by saying that all of my stories are purely fictional and in no way should be taken for more than erotic fantasy. Having said that I will say that the characters I write about are real people in my life that I use for inspiration only. Their names and personal details have been altered to protect their true identities.

If you like my stories please feel free to leave comments. If you like certain aspects tell me and maybe I can utilize those thoughts in future writings. If you don’t like what I write well just close it and don’t continue to read. I don’t mean to offend anyone I just like too sharing my thoughts.

This story is about Daddy and Daughter incestuous acts so if that bothers you please stop reading now and jump to your next story of interest. There are so many to choose from here that surely you can find something that turns you on.


My names is Matt and I am a 50 year old divorced dad from Texas. I have raised my kids largely on my on for the last eighteen years. Because of that fact we are very close and have had to bridge the gap to talking about some very intimate and embarrassing topics. A single dad raising teen-age daughters I am sure you can imagine the topics we had to get past and talk about.

My kids are usually very open with me now, as they have had to be most of their lives. They come to me for advice and guidance almost anytime they have life issues to deal with that is causing them grief. This particular incident involved my sweet daughter Alicia.

Now I know every one likes to claim the women they know are stone cold foxes, drop dead gorgeous. I won’t say that about my darling Alicia. I will say this; she exudes that pure sexy appeal of the girl next door. My Alicia has a perfect smooth complexion. Not to light and not too dark. Her skin is silky smooth with no blemishes ever. At 5’0″ she is quite petite. Having bought her clothes for so long I can tell you her perky little tits are exquisite at 32B. Her small hips snuggle right into her size 1 panties. Her brown shoulder length hair frames her pixie like face with perfect white teeth when she smiles. Hazel eyes that seem to have an endless sparkle.

That girl next door look that no man, or woman for that matter would under any semblance of normal circumstance kick her out of bed. My little angel.

My daughter Alicia was having a crisis. Alicia called me very upset needing to talk. I could hear in her voice that she was almost in tears. I suggested we meet at our favorite little neighborhood bar for a couple of cold beers where we could talk.

I was parking my truck just as Alicia was getting out of her SUV. I walked over and took her in my arms holding her close and tight as I have so many times before when she needed the safety and security of Dad’s embrace.

We walked inside the bar together and took a booth in the back away from the other patrons. I thought this would give us some privacy for an obviously upset Alicia to pour her heart out to Dad.

As the waitress approached I ordered us two beers before turning back to my little girl. “Ok Babygirl tell Daddy what’s bothering you,” I said.

My little girl looked at me barely holding back tears as the waitress brought our beers. Taking a big swig Alicia started to speak. “Dad this is kind of embarrassing but I just don’t know what to do,” my baby shakily said. Another big swig of beer and Alicia looked down seemingly unable to look me in the eyes for what she was about to say.

“Dad, my boyfriend broke up with me last night because I keep saying no to anal sex,” said my innocent sweet daughter. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

I calmly asked, “Baby is this something you guys have been disagreeing about for a while?”

Our waitress came and I ordered two more beers. A few of these would make it easier for us both to talk about this delicate subject. How does a dad discuss ass fucking with his daughter easily?

Alicia went on to explain that her boyfriend had been pressuring her for a few weeks to try anal sex but she was afraid it would hurt to bad. My sweet little daughter went on to say that she thought butt sex was kind of naughty and something on sluts did.

Now I have a considerable amount of experience in anal both giving and receiving. However I wasn’t sure I wanted to share this with my daughter. But I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy problem to help her get over.

Our beers came and as if on queue we both lifted the bottles and took very big swigs downing about half. At least I could see I wasn’t the only one feeling uneasy with this conversation.

I calmly and quietly began to explain to my Babygirl that anal sex isn’t as painful as she thinks, if it is done correctly. In fact it can be quite enjoyable. I could see my sweet daughter trying to process what I had just said.

Two more beers came. Being so small the alcohol was starting to affect Alicia a little. For myself it was having a calming effect but not much more.

As bursa escort bayan we talked a little more, me explaining anal sex while carefully trying not to reveal too much. I saw my daughter’s eyes register that her dad sure seemed to know a lot about ass sex. Then came the inevitable question.

“Dad you are the guy, how can you say taking it up the ass doesn’t hurt so much,” asked Alicia? Then it hit her and I saw it when it did. “Dad have you taken it up the ass yourself, are you bi,” she asked?

And there it was, out in the open. Now I had no choice but explain the level of my knowledge of ass fucking.

I asked Alicia if she remembered a certain woman I had dated a while back for a couple of years. My daughter affirmed that she did indeed remember the woman.

I went on to explain that she loved receiving anal sex so we had done it a lot. I downed what was left of my beer and held up two fingers to the bar to signal two more beers. I lowered my eyes averting my daughter’s inquisitive gaze.

I went on to explain that this lady also liked doing it to her guy with a strapon dildo. After a bit of coaxing she had talked me into trying it. So we bought a strapon and gave it a try. To my surprise not only was it not so bad but I also learned I actually liked it. Grew to love it actually. It gave me some of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. I learned that I could orgasm from being fucked in the ass alone with no stimulation to my penis at all.

My beautiful daughter sat there in awe and bewilderment on her face. I could tell she wasn’t sure if she should believe me or not. Was I just trying to make her feel better by telling her this or was I telling the truth? Her next statement changed the entire tone of our talk,

Alicia sat up and downed her beer before speaking again. She then very boldly informed me that she did not believe me. “Dad you are going to have to prove it if you expect me to believe that MY DAD likes it up the ass,” she defiantly stated.

Being four or five beers down within such a short time my sweet little girl had a buzz without a doubt. I was starting to relax as well. The sexual tension between us had become extremely thick. What was about to transpire would change our relationship for the rest of our lives. I wasn’t sure we should proceed but my daring daughter had thrown down the gauntlet. Her Dad could not back down now.

I told my darling daughter that I still had the strapon if she didn’t believe me. I could show it to her but we would have to go to my house. Not to be deterred Alicia drank the last bit of her beer and stood up. “Ok dad let’s go, show me this alleged strapon,” she challenged.

I paid our tab and we left the bar with Alicia following closely behind me. Luckily I didn’t live very far. When we got to my house we walked in together,

The short ride home gave me time to consider where this whole thing was going. This was my daughter and I was about to reveal the strapon cock that had fucked my ass so many times. Was this right, definitely not, was I gonna stop it here before it went further, definitely not? This was past a point and whatever was going to happen was going to happen.

I grabbed us two more cold beers from the fridge and poured us two shots of tequila. I could tell Alicia was struggling to get her mind around where this would go as was I. We slammed the shots and chased them with a huge swig of the ice cold brew.

Alicia walking into the living room sat down on the sofa. “Ok big man, let’s have the proof. Show me this strapon cock that you say you like up your ass so much,” demanded my normally quiet and shy daughter.

Well it was now or never I thought. I went to my bedroom and took the 8.5″ big strapon cock out of the nightstand drawer and slowly walked back to the living room. I was suddenly very nervous about this entire scenario. My daughter was learning things about her Daddy that she should never know.

As I entered the living room I sat the large dildo down on the coffee table in front of my tiny little daughter. Her eyes widened when she saw it and realized not only did her Dad actually have a strapon but it was a quite large strapon cock as well.

The tension was even thicker suddenly. Alicia excused herself to go to the rest room. I did the same but not before noticing my daughter picking up that 8.5″ cock and taking it with her.

I took a few extra minutes in the rest room after relieving myself to try and collect my thoughts. I washed my face with cold water trying to clear my head. My daughter took the strapon cock to the rest room with her. What was that about? I had shown it to her that’s what she had demanded. I wasn’t sure what was next nor was I sure how to finish this situation before it got any farther out of hand.

As I returned to the living room Alicia was still in the spare rest room. I took a minute to grab us two more beers. I was starting to feel the affects pretty good now so I knew my 100-pound little girl had to be gorukle escort drunk already.

I was sitting on the sofa sipping my beer when Alicia returned. I looked up and almost spit out the beer in my mouth. Standing before me was my beautiful baby girl wearing the strapon cock. Alicia had figured out how to put on the harness and cinch it up tight over her jeans.

Now an 8.5″ cock is big enough in it’s own right, but on the small 100 pound 5’0″ frame of my darling little girl it appeared absolutely massive. Swinging between her legs, it hung halfway to her knees.

Alicia giggled as she hefted up the fat member and started stroking it like a real cock. “Dad this thing is huge, I feel all kinds of powerful having this thing. No wonder men think they can rule the world. With a cock this big I could make any woman my bitch,” exclaimed this tiny girl with a big cock standing before me. No way was this my daughter. This woman was bold. I am sure it was the alcohol.

I just sat there staring dumbly trying to sort out in my head who this dirty mouth little tart is front of me was. My own daughter was stroking her big dick and all but taunting me with it. Where did this woman come from? Maybe she was right. Maybe the big dick made her feel powerful.

I was just about to ask Alicia to take that strapon off and let me put it away when my suddenly not so innocent little girl started speaking again.

“Dad I still don’t believe you took this BIG COCK up your ass,” she said matter of factly. The fact that she stressed the words BIG COCK did not go unnoticed by me. It really only served to heighten the sexual tension that was now exploding out of control. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen here but one thing for sure. This evening was far from over.

“Babygirl I don’t know what else you want. I showed you the strapon. I told you how I started taking it. Yes it is big but that is part of the thrill. What more can I do?” I asked.

Alicia went on to point blank tell me that if I wanted her to believe me then she was simply going to have to see it with her own eyes. And there it was. A line was now drawn in the sand I couldn’t believe my own little daughter and trapped me in a corner. Had I let her do it on purpose?

“Baby girl are you asking me what I think you are asking me,” I questioned?

“Yes Daddy if you want me to believe you LOVE this BIG COCK in your asshole, you are going to have to let me fuck you with it,” demanded my sweet little girl.

How did we get here? Had I wanted this all along? Did I let this happen on purpose and guide the conversation this way? I guess none of that mattered now as here we were. My lovely tiny daughter sporting a massive cock, daring her Daddy to bend over and let her drive it up his ass.

I gulped down what remained of my beer and told Alicia I would be right back. I went to the bedroom to retrieve the lube. I knew this was going to happen and I knew if my little girl wanted to plow my ass, I was never going to tell her no.

I returned to find Alicia standing by the sofa staring down at her big cock and just stroking it. It was apparent she was growing to love the feeling of authority it gave her.

Popping open the top to the Astroglide I squeezed some into Alicia’s hand and asked her to lube the dildo up real good

She cut me off saying, “No Dad call it what it is, it’s my COCK!”

This was the moment of truth. Time for me to take off my pants and reveal everything to my daughter. My daughter.

I kicked off my shoes and noticed Alicia stroking the lube up and down her cock as she called it. Pulling my shirt over my head I tossed it aside. Alicia’s eyes were locked on my hands as they unbuttoned my jeans. Undoing the button and lowering the zipper I slid my jeans down and off my feet.

My own 7″ cock was rock hard under my boxer briefs. This did not go unobserved by my little girl. I tucked my thumbs in the waistband and slid my underwear off kicking them aside.

“Fuck Dad maybe you are telling the truth. You obviously want this COCK judging from how hard your own cock is. Mine is bigger than yours bitch now bend over,” exclaimed my foul-mouthed little girl.

I squeezed some lube into my hand and reached behind me to lube my ass for my daughter’s cock. I rubbed the lube around my anal entry and even pushed some inside my hole.

Alicia was lost in lust now and in no way was she going to be denied this. She patted the arm of the sofa. “Here Bitch, bend that ass over here,” she commanded.

I took a step towards her and leaned over the couch arm burying my face in the cushions. I reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks exposing my asshole to my normally demure little daughter. The humiliation of this act washed over me but I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. It had been a while since my ass got fucked and I needed this.

“Go slow Babygirl until you get it all in at least,” I instructed my daughter with the big cock.

I bursa merkez escort bayan felt Alicia step forward and put the cock head against my asshole. She pushed and I heard her gasp as she saw the fat head of the big rubber cock pop inside her Daddy’s asshole. She started a slow steady push and didn’t stop until she felt the front of her thighs touch the back of mine.

Alicia stopped saying, “Holy fuck Dad you have ALL of this BIG COCK deep inside your man cunt.”

Where did my innocent little girl learn to talk so nasty? So humiliatingly? I did not know but I did know her nasty talking was driving me insane with desire for my daughter to fuck my ass hard and deep.

I let go of my ass cheeks and stretched my arms over my head grabbing two fists full of couch cushions. This caused my back to arch and my ass to stick up. Alicia somehow knew what this meant.

“Ok Daddy Bitch, your little girl is going to own your ass cunt now, are you ready,” asked Alicia?

“Yes Baby girl your Daddy Bitch is ready, take his ass pussy any way you want. Own your Daddy’s ass my love,” I replied to my darling ass fucking daughter. And she did.

Alicia pulled out until just the fat cock head was still inside me then pushed all the way back in balls deep. My beautiful daughter repeated this step three or four times measuring her thrusts. Once she had her spacing and timing down it was a fucking I will never forget. My sweet innocent little daughter pounded my asshole harder and faster than any whore I have ever seen get ass fucked in a porno. She fucked me hard, fast, and deep over and over.

All I could do is lay there and whimper and moan like a porn movie whore. It seemed like my little girl fucked my man pussy for hours but in reality it was maybe ten minutes.

I sensed Alicia getting tired as her thrusting was slowing down. Alicia abruptly slid “her cock” from my ass and took a step back. “Ok Daddy Bitch roll over, I want to see your face while I take your man pussy with my BIG COCK,” instructed my sweet daughter.

I struggled a moment but succeeded in turning over onto my back. My ass was awkwardly up still on the arm of the sofa. Alicia took advantage of this and pushed my legs back towards my chest. She immediately stepped in and shoved that big cock right back in my ass. She didn’t even hesitate before ramming it all the way home.

My little girl continued her relentless assault on my now brutalized asshole. I was feeling more embarrassed now as she could see the lust in my face. Each time Alicia rammed her cock in to the hilt my eyes would roll back and a slutty moan would escape me uncontrollably My cock was as hard as it had ever been in my life with copious amounts of precum flooding onto my stomach and chest. The slimy strings of precum were slinging wildly about. Alicia groaned and I am not sure she didn’t have an orgasm of her own when she saw a long string of the slimy ooze land across my face.

Without missing a beat Alicia grabbed my hard cock and stroked it madly. I was so lost in lust at what was happening I swear my mind left my body leaving nothing but flesh lavishing in the pleasure of the fucking and stroking I was receiving.

Somehow my sexy little daughter knew her Daddy was mere seconds away from an explosive orgasm. She rammed her cock in a little harder trying to get as deep as she possibly could in her Daddy’s man cunt. Her stroking of my cock was urgent She wanted me to cum hard and she wanted me to do it from her hand.

I was lost as my orgasm approached. My eyes rolled back and I was panting madly. My cock erupted; shooting shot after shot after shot of hot cum towards my chest and face. My mouth was open and some of the jism landed in my mouth. This drove Alicia insane when she saw me swallow it down.

As my orgasm subsided Alicia slowly withdrew her big fat cock from my worn out asshole. I scooted up on the couch so that my ass was no longer held up on the arm. I closed my eyes and basked in the throes of the hardest and best orgasm I could ever remember having.

I felt my sweet loving little girl sit down beside me on the sofa. She leaned in and snuggled with me. I could tell she had already removed the big strapon. Her breath was hot on my neck. I put my arm around her and pulled her close holding her to me.

After a few minutes I felt Alicia moving. I opened my eyes to see her face inches from mine and her lithe little body scooted on top of mine. Our eyes met and the look of love was like nothing I have ever experienced with another woman in my life. Our lips met. A slow passionate soul searing kiss. Our tongues entwined exploring every part of each other hot wet mouth.

As we broke the kiss my sweet little Alicia whispered, almost like she was afraid some one might hear. “Dad will you please do me now? Will you please take your daughter’s anal virginity,” she asked?

“Babygirl there is nothing I would love more than to be the first to take your hot tight ass, but after the orgasm you just gave me I am going to need a few minutes,” I replied.

Alicia took this as a challenge and slid down taking my withered cock in her warm wet mouth. Her tongue circled my cock head as she sucked my shaft down her throat. In no time at all, my sweet daughter had her Daddy’s cock nursed back to a full hard erection.