Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 11

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It has been two weeks since Nadia came back home to find the crying, helpless Alene. Two weeks since Jen disappeared without a trace, two weeks of holding back.

Alene couldn’t sleep tonight, just like last night, just like every night since that awful day two weeks ago. At first, she tried her best to cum, she watched porn, fucked Nadia for hours on end, but to no avail, she could not cum. the frustration was rising, not only in her but in Nadia as well. Not being able to help her lover was the worst thing she ever experienced.

“Are you ok?” Nadia asked, half asleep.

“I guess, I just can’t sleep.” Alene answered almost mechanically, she was tired of being asked if she’s ok…

“Can’t sleep because of the cum, right?” Nadia asked and Alene nodded.

“I can’t say I didn’t think about giving Jen her wish and getting this over with.” Alene said, as she spoke Nadia shifted her position on the bed so she could look Alene in the eyes.

“Alene don’t! You’ll rune her life, she doesn’t know what she’s asking for,” Nadia advised, but Alene was aroused enough not to listen any more, she started giving herself head again.

Nadia looked around her, it was almost morning. Suddenly an idea popped into her head.

“Alene stop!” she demanded, “I have an idea.” Alene did as asked.

“I want you to fuck me, really fuck me,” she said.

Alene looked at Nadia with a strange look, “very funny, we tried that already…”

“I know, what I want you to do this time is use a spell, make yourself cum, like you did to me. Maybe your spell will break Jen’s.” Nadia explained.

“Ok, I can go with that,” she said, and in no time Alene was on top of Nadia. She started pushing slowly into the moaning Nadia, shifting her insides as she nudged deeper and deeper into Nadia’s womb. In no time she was so deep into Nadia her tip made a huge bulge between Nadia’s breasts, with each pulse of Alene’s cock Nadia’s breasts wobbled. After two weeks of not Cumming, it wasn’t a hard job getting Alene to the edge of orgasm and after 10 minutes Alene was moaning hard, it was clear she was almost there.

“Now… Ahhh… Do the spell now,” Nadia whispered in her orgasmic haze.

“Nunc ego adepto an orgasm!” Alene commended.

The girls waited, slowly the sun was rising. Light entering the dark room, a new day breaking on another failure, Alene didn’t cum again. Tears started running down her cheeks.

Nadia, Alene’s cock still deep in her, hugged the crying lover, knowing there is nothing she can do. The girls just hugged and Alene cried and cried till she could cry no more…

She lifted herself off Nadia, frustration clear in her eyes. Her cock was still deep in her lover, desperate, she had no other choice.

“I’m sorry Nadia,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll try again,” Nadia replied, she wiggled her hips to tease Alene, but Alene did not güvenilir bahis cooperate.

“I’m sorry Nadia,” she said again, “but I have to give her what she wants…”

Nadia’s face went from teasing to terror, but she didn’t have time to protest.

“Da Jen gallus gallinaceus meus!” she commended, giving Jen her wish and finally getting her relief.

All of Alene’s pent up sexual need from the last two weeks was now free, and it was clear her mind is no longer active, only a primal need, so ancient it was imbedded in her very essence. She must pass her genes on, she must empty every single drop of cum into the poor girl taking her cock.

Alene’s balls almost exploded with cum, growing so big they lifted Alene off the bed. They were so heavy and full of cum the bed gave way and crashed to the floor.

Alene roared, half crazed, as her cock grew. So thick and deep, Nadia just screamed in pain, starch marks appearing around her poor pussy.

“Alene, please stop, you’re killing me!” Nadia cried, pleading for mercy.

Alene was no longer home. A need was controlling this body now, “AHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed as her balls started pumping franticly, the whole room shaking.

“OH god,” Nadia screamed, “you’re tearing me apar…”

Suddenly the room was quiet, Alene couldn’t hear any noise, even the monster orgasm was no longer there.

Slowly she opened her eyes. Nadia was there, but she was frozen in mid scream, Alene’s monster still inside her.

“Nadia?” Alene called, “Nadia? What’s going on?”

Nadia remained still, she was practically frozen. Alene pulled her cock out yet Nadia’s pussy remained wide open, as if the cock was still there.

Alene couldn’t understand what the hell is going on. Slowly she tipped her balance and stood on her legs, her balls behind her. Gently she turned around.

There stood Elpis, the woman she didn’t see for a year. She didn’t change one bit. How did she get there? Why is Nadia frozen? What’s going on? Alene had so many questions it was almost too much for her poor psyche, she just stood still in the silent room.

“Alene, Alene, Alene…” Elpis broke the silence with a very responsible and parental voice, “I expected so much more from you, you disappoint me, you almost killed our last hope…”

— Epilogue —

“Alene, Alene, Alene…” Elpis broke the silence with a very responsible and parental voice, “I expected so much more from you, you disappoint me, you almost killed our last hope…”

Alene’s brain was running a hundred miles an hour. So many questions jumped to her mind, so many things she wanted to know. Elpis, almost as if reading her mind broke the silence and started talking.

“You are confused, I can understand why, let me start at the beginning and after that if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer you. First, do you remember me?” said Elpis in a clear and türkçe bahis charming voice.

“Yes,” replied Alene, “you’re the woman who gave me the spell book a year ago, in the shop at Museum Street in London”

“That is right, I gave you the book,” Elpis resumed her explanation, “I told you to keep it safe, to use it well and to keep both of you girls safe. Somehow, Alene raven, you only kept the book safe. Misusing the book and not keeping both of you safe, how did you go down that road?”

“I’m sorry, I still don’t get what’s going on here? Who gave you the right to barge in here and why is Nadia like that?” Alene pointed at the frozen lover trying to make some sense of the whole alien scene.

“I took you out on time so we could have this, much needed talk. I also stopped you from killing your guardian.” Elpis took her ground again.

“What do you mean killing Nadia? She took me many times, she could totally manage me,” Alene tried to regain some ground from Elpis but failed as the woman talked again.

“Did you see what your dick did to her poor pussy?”

Alene looked at Nadia. Her lover had true fear and pain in her eyes. Her pussy, frozen in time around what was Alene’s cock, was starched so wide Alene could see deep inside. The burning stretch marks were so painful. Alene tried like a little girl to dodge the accusations, “it isn’t so bad, I sure did hurt her but going as far as killing her is a bit of an exaggeration.”

Elpis ignored her claim and answered calmly, “did you look at your balls Alene?”

Alene could feel it, she had no need for looking. Her balls were immense, they rested on the floor and pressed on Alene’s legs and butt, her pussy was pressed so hard by her balls it hurt a bit, it was clear to Alene they were bigger than ever.

“You see Alene, if you’d cum this load inside Nadia, you’ll kill her.” Elpis explained “and let’s not talk about misusing the book…”

Alene felt like she was pressed against the wall, with an act of desperation she tried attacking, “you’re such a bitch, coming into my home like that after just giving me the book and claiming to explain everything later, you never explained! How dare you? You stupid bitch!” And with that Alene busted into tears.

“Alene, please, I’m sorry. I tried contacting you again but every time I tried I was stopped by your spells and actions,” Elpis said in a loving voice as she hugged Alene hard, “let’s take this somewhere else.” Elpis took a step back and clicked her fingers, suddenly the girls were at the beach. The sand was white and warm, the waves caressing the shore. Alene was back to her former self, with no balls or cock. There was not a soul around for miles, just Alene and Elpis.

“Please, Alene, just sit with me and I’ll explain what happened,” Elpis explained as the girls set on the nice, clean sand.

“I gave you the book and disappeared, it took a lot of güvenilir bahis siteleri energy from me to hold the store and contact you, and it took me time to regain enough energy again. When I could do it again you did the spell to get money, and I had no choice but to act for you. Alene, be logical, if you were a bank, and suddenly an account jumped from very poor to the richest person ever, would you not ask questions?”

“Of course I would,” Alene answered.

“And so did your bank, I had to use the energy I saved to make sure you wouldn’t get into trouble, didn’t you wonder why your account was in US Dollars and not in Ponds or Euros?” Alene looked dumb footed, “let’s just say Uncle Sam sent you a gift…” Elpis went on, “so I had to wait again, and when the time came, you blasted Nadia in the face and she ran from you. I was sure you’d soon die from sorrow, I had to act…”

Alene looked shocked, “you made Nadia love me? All her feelings for me are fake?” tears started filling her eyes again.

“No, no wait, I didn’t, relax. All I did was speed things up a bit. Instead of taking a month, it took only a week. But Alene, what you and Nadia have is true, non-magical love.” Elpis explained.

“So what happened next?” Alene wondered.

“Next, I waited to regain my powers and you on your side kept going, and going big”

“What do you mean?” Alene questioned

“Let’s just say women aren’t meant to go beyond 9 months pregnant Alene, and you took Nadia well beyond that,” Elpis caught Alene blushing “I know it’s fun coming so much, but you need to be careful. I intervened and stopped you from killing her, next time make sure you use a spell to let her deal with the load.”

“After that I had to wait, saving Nadia took a lot of energy and I had to rest and then you summoned Jen, I knew I had to stop you from hurting her too and so I reduced your cum production and made some adjustments to her capabilities.”

Alene looked as if things started connecting in her head, “ohm, so that is why Jen could deal with me,” Elpis nodded in confirmation.

“Alene, again our time is short. I am sorry for being late and not explaining, I almost must go, so listen closely. I fear that you, giving Jen a cock, changed the game. Be careful of her, she could be your demise. I will give you back your 16 inch cock and fix the damage you did to Nadia. Please, I beg of you, be careful and keep yourself and Nadia safe.” Elpis started fading.

“I will do my best, will I see you again?” Alene asked.

“Yes, but now I need to rest, please help me help you and Nadia.” With those words Elpis disappeared and Alene found herself back in her room, her cock now in its older more manageable size. Nadia was simply asleep and the world was quiet and calm.

The shock of what Elpis explained hit her and she came to realize what she had done. She fell to her knees and the tears started running down her face. She just cried and a decision came to her heart, she will be more responsible from now on, no more playing games…

And so, we come to the end of the first year in the new life of Alene Raven.