Afternoon Encounters

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The muscular, well-hung high school quarterback was nearly done. Julia Fields could feel him tensing up and sure enough, he pulled out, groaned and came on her ass. That was okay, he’d been fucking her for well over an hour and she herself was getting tired. Just what was his name?

“Good fuck Sean, damned good fuck!” She complimented him. Younger men were so fucking virile. Hah! Look at her … young men! She was only 7 years older than Sean at 25. Sometimes with her marriage to Larry, she felt positively ancient. She was so glad for these afternoons.

Sean nodded, put on his shirt and jeans and went out the back door. A minute later, Rebekkah Simmons came in. Aside from a garter-belt, stockings and new stilettos, the auburn-haired wife and mother of 3 was totally naked.

“How was he, baby?” Rebekkah smiled as she walked over to Julia. She wiped a dollop of cum of Julia’s ass and licked her finger. “He has nice-tasting cum, I’ll say that!”

“I know, I sucked him off an hour ago,” Julia giggled. “Thanks for setting it up for me, lover.”

“Anything for you baby, you know that,” Rebekkah kissed her. “Are you going to join the rest of us in the Living Room? We’ve already started to party, but there’s lots of room for you.”

“Sure thing Rebekkah, now I’m in the mood for some sweet, juicy cunt,” Julia said, licking her lips. She hadn’t spoken in this provocative manner a year ago when they had moved to this neighborhood. In most of the ways that mattered, she was an entirely new woman.

“You’re glad we convinced you to join our little group, aren’t you darling?” Rebekkah smiled back at Julia, who was in the process of making tea and coffee for them all.

“You know I am, didn’t I prove that last week?” Julia grinned. Of all the women in their group, Rebekkah was her favorite. Rebekkah had been her first.

Last year, Julia and her husband had moved here from California. Julia wasn’t happy, living thousands of miles away from her friends and family and the beach. Julia loved the sun and didn’t much care for the seasons. Fall was pretty enough, spring was okay, but winter … she fucking hated winter!

She knew that Larry had to move here for his job and set up the new office, but she wasn’t thrilled and she told him so. They fought a great deal over it and their sex life suffered. Not that Larry, her first lover and second boyfriend, was a sensation in bed. She had no basis for comparison, but Julia staunchly believed it had to get better than this. Julia knew that she could continue with her writing career anywhere so it made no sense for them to stay put, but the entire world seemed to be against her.

Still, their new house was gorgeous and the neighborhood seemed lovely, if a bit conservative looking. At 24, Julia was still hoping for one great adventure. She hadn’t enjoyed one yet … living with her parents until she was 21 and then moving in with her new husband right after their wedding. Yes … there simply had to be more to life.

A few days after she had finished 90% of their unpacking, someone rang her doorbell. Standing at the door was an attractive, auburn-haired woman who appeared to be in her early 30’s.

“Hi, how are you?” The woman said, extending her hand. “I just thought I’d come over and introduce myself, I’m Rebekkah Simmons and I’m your next-door neighbor. The previous owner, Brittany, was my best friend. When she and Matt sold you the house, she said you seemed nice and I might like to meet you.”

“How nice of her. Would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee?” Julia offered. Rebekkah shook her head.

“No thank you. Actually, I’m here to invite you to join our Afternoon Tea group. We get together a few times a week and have a light lunch and tea and talk. If you’d like to join us, we’re meeting tomorrow.” Rebekkah smiled. The woman was dazzling and something about her impressed Julia immediately. Why not? It would give her something to do.

“I’d love to, thanks,” Julia smiled.

“Great. One more thing dear, we tend to dress a bit nicely at these things. It gives us a reason to show off our nice clothes, is that okay?” Rebekkah asked.

Julia didn’t see the sense in wearing nice clothes to sit around eating and drinking tea, but she didn’t want to alienate her new friend. “Sure, that’d be fine.” She said.

“1 PM tomorrow at my place and I’m looking forward to seeing you there,” Rebekkah smiled as she walked away.

The next afternoon, Julia had done her makeup and put on a snug blue dress that always got Larry hot and bothered. She went next door and rang the bell; Rebekkah let her in and introduced her to the group.

There was Tyra, a statuesque ash-blonde who wore a cream-colored, long dress, expensive earrings and heels.

Then güvenilir bahis came Darlene, a busty blonde with short hair and a shorter skirt and low-cut blouse. She wore silk stockings and stilettos and had a perpetual smile. Sitting beside her was Stephanie, a shorter busty blonde whose hair was longer. She was in black leather pants and a silk blouse and seemed to hang on Darlene’s every word. Julia later learned Darlene and Stephanie were married to brothers.

Christina came in the room with the tea. A dark-eyed, curly haired Latina with a slender figure, she lived on the other side of Julia. She wore a blue, polka-dotted dress that hugged her slim figure and kicky GoGo boots. She seemed to give off a slightly dangerous vibe, but was friendly and cordial to Julia.

Brandy was next, yet another blonde, tall and regal in her bearing. She couldn’t have been friendlier and wore a black cocktail dress and earrings that Julia knew were real diamonds. Her shoes were Louis Vuttons and probably cost more than Larry earned in a week.

Finally came Shannon, who had prepared the food. A blue-eyed redhead that was so eager and friendly Julia warmed to her immediately. She wore a black jacket and matching black leather skirt, heels and hosiery. Eating her lunch, talking with all of the women and drinking her tea, Julia felt that perhaps she’d enjoy living here after all; all the women seemed friendly enough. Julia thought this was the sexiest group of women she had ever seen and was pleased to feel accepted by all of them. Perhaps living here won’t be so bad, she thought to herself.

The conversation turned to sex rather quickly and all of the women were surprised to hear that Julia had never been with a woman sexually. Every woman there told Julia that they had tried it. Tyra told her to consider it and Julia felt herself warming to the idea. Tyra had a suggestion she thought might be of assistance. “Do you trust me, Julia?” Tyra asked and Julia told her that she did. Tyra went to the bar and gave Julia a cup of clear blue liquid and told Julia to drink it down. Julia began to feel very warm and felt her nipples began to stiffen and her pussy become damp.

“That was a mild little aphrodisiac Tyra gave you, it won’t hurt you at all, but it will make you horny and receptive to the idea of partying with us. Don’t worry, it will wear off soon, but by then, you’ll be so horny, you’ll be a kinky lezzie slut, just like the rest of us, eager and nasty and ready to join the fun,” Rebekkah told Julia as she began undressing her. Her pretty blue dress crumpled to the floor and she was left wearing only her lingerie.

“Please, finish undressing me!” Julia cried out in heated passion. “I want to play!”

“I get that pleasure, I got the shortest straw,” Tyra told her as she removed Julia’s underwear. “Rebekkah gets you first because she invited you, then I go next. After that, it’s whoever you want!”

Julia struggled a little with her fears. “I really want to do this; I want to be a part of this group, but I’m not an experienced lesbian, please, help me learn! I’m so fucking horny!” She didn’t try to fight the perverted urges that were flowing through her body, she wanted to be desired by every woman in the room and wanted them all to have sex with her at some point. Her eager moans filled the room.

Shannon giggled. “Sound familiar anyone?”

Tyra laughed. “Almost word for word what you said, babe,” She said, blowing Shannon a kiss. Tyra told Julia “Shannon was the newest member before you. Now she’s happy we get together, aren’t you sugar?”

Shannon sighed. “I wouldn’t miss one of these for the world.” She turned and kissed Christina and Julia could see the passion simmering between them. She looked and saw that Stephanie and Darlene were already squirming around, totally naked. Rebekkah lifted her head from between Julia’s thighs.

“You’re a wet little bitch. Tyra love, come here and give me a kiss, you’ve got to taste her,” Rebekkah grinned evilly. Julia thought Tyra moved like a fashion model and radiated a heated sexuality.

Tyra and Rebekkah were kissing sensually and passionately. Next, Tyra moved between Julia’s legs. Julia wondered just where Rebekkah was going. She got her answer soon enough as she saw the brunette’s neatly-trimmed pussy lowering to her face.

“Your first lesson in eating pussy, slutty bitch. Lick me until I cum on your face. Tyra, make the little whore buck and writhe. You know how that gets me off, baby!” Rebekkah smiled.

Tyra’s tongue snaked into Julia’s pussy and Julia tried to moan, but it was muffled by pussy. She had no choice but to stick out her tongue and follow Rebekkah’s instructions. Julia didn’t intend to fight her new desires and now her body was responding türkçe bahis the sweet tortures she was suffering, first from sexy Rebekkah and now sensual Tyra. She had hoped to make new friends and now all of those dreams were realized as the two women used her for sex.

Tyra was licking and sucking and slurping and feasting on Julia’s shaved cunt. Julia couldn’t believe it, she knew she should be feeling good, but this was beyond good, it was simply wonderful. She guessed that the old adage was true about a woman knowing what a woman likes. Then Julia realized she was probably thinking too much, just go with it and see how much she could learn this afternoon. She began to lick at her first pussy and found that it wasn’t too bad after all. It wasn’t like sucking cock, it was wetter and sweeter. She did her best to make Rebekkah cum so this would all be over soon and she could move on to her next lesson.

“Is she good, Becs?” Shannon called from across the room where Christina was licking her pussy.

“She’s actually fucking amazing. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear this wasn’t her first time eating pussy,” Rebekkah sighed. Julia wondered how Rebekkah knew that, but her playmate answered the question for her. “I can always weed out the innocent, bored-housewife types, can’t I girls?” The others made noises to let Julia know they all agreed.

Tyra hadn’t stopped licking Julia’s … cunt … and with shock, Julia realized she wasn’t sure if she wanted her to, not ever! This was the most attention her body had received in months and despite it coming from a woman, it felt wonderful to be sexually appreciated again. Tyra’s hands were also running all over Julia’s body and they were so soft and knowing. Julia’s mouth was working all over Rebekkah’s pussy and she heard a loud scream and she knew that she had made Rebekkah cum. She felt a strange sense of accomplishment, odd as that seemed to her at the time.

“Wonderful pet, actually great for your first time,” Rebekkah said as she lifted herself from Julia’s licking tongue.

“Thank you,” Julia responded, meaning every word of it.

“Okay Tyra, why don’t you let her show you how good she is and Shannon, I think she’d like to feel your nasty little tongue. Christina lover, you and I haven’t tribbed in a while, feeling up to it?” Rebekkah purred.

“Always,” Christina said, rising to kiss Rebekkah thirstily.

“I-I don’t understand, I thought that I made you cum and …”

Rebekkah laughed at Julia’s naïveté. “You thought you were done? Oh no baby, we’re just getting started. These little sessions go on for countless hours; you’ll cum so many times that you’ll lose count. Why do you think we all get together so frequently? It’s not for the food, I can assure you!”

Stephanie and Darlene had parted and now Stephanie and Brandy were doing a sixty-nine on the floor. Julia couldn’t get over how easily the women moved around and changed partners and how comfortable they were having sex in front of each other.

Darlene smiled. “Julia baby, believe me, you’ll come to love these little gatherings. You haven’t even met all of our members yet, and believe me, when we get done with you, you’re going to be one fucked out little slut.” Darlene moved closer to Rebekkah and Christina and insinuated herself as best she could between them. Julia sighed and went on with her task of pleasuring Tyra. She was surprised to find that Tyra tasted nothing like Rebekkah. Tyra’s juices were milder and sweeter. She also found that Shannon was more aggressive in her assault on Julia’s pussy and she used her hands and fingers more.

It was an afternoon of debauchery that seemed endless and yet, they did take time to have a drink or two and some food and talk, but only briefly. Then it was back to the sex and Julia wondered if these women ever tired?! A realization came over her that she could have left at any time, she wasn’t a captive and then she knew … she was already one of them!

Christina was behind her for the finale of the day. The spicy Latina seemed to know how to trigger orgasms within Julia, as she frigged the blonde, Julia’s body arched in spasm. She no longer cared if everyone was watching them, all she wanted was that heavenly, blissful cum!

Around 4:30, everyone cleaned up and helped Julia clean up as well. Her head was clear and she felt fine, if not exhausted. They all said their goodbyes to Julia, leaving her alone with Rebekkah.

“That was wonderful baby, we’ll see you on Friday for the next social,” Rebekkah smiled as she let Julia out the door. “It’ll be at Christina’s, so don’t be late.”

That night, Larry was surprised by his wife’s sexual aggression. She wasn’t taking no for an answer, she ripped his clothes off and got on güvenilir bahis siteleri top, something she had never done before. Hissing and snarling and using all kinds of profanity, his pretty blonde wife fucked him until he fell asleep from exhaustion.

Julia knew her libido had been revved up from the events of that afternoon. Her little foray into kink had energized her and she knew it, but it was a one-time thing. She was married and she wasn’t a lesbian, she was fine with things exactly the way they were. Wasn’t she …?

On Friday afternoon at precisely 1 PM, Julia found herself wearing a slinky black evening gown with a slit on the side, black stockings and high heels and walking over to Christina’s spacious home, thirsty for tea.

Julia felt a sense of empowerment come over her as the women whistled and fussed over her appearance. It was nice to be noticed and appreciated and as she drank her tea, she just felt herself calming down and relaxing. She decided that she deserved to have a little fun and she wasn’t really hurting anyone with her forays into a swinging lifestyle. Larry got more sex the other night than he’d had in months and better sex, because she was more confident and self-assured. Julia sipped her tea and then saw Shannon smiling at her. Shannon was in a snug black leather mini, but on top she was wearing a black lace chemise that let her tits show nicely. Shannon had a lovely bust, Julia decided. She walked over to Shannon and sat down beside her.

“You’ve been staring at me since I got here,” Julia smiled, taking Shannon’s hand.

“You look stunning in that, I can’t take my eyes off you,” Shannon said, kissing Julia softly on the lips. Shannon had not kissed her previously and Julia had never felt a kiss that soft in her life. She and Shannon stood up. “I’m going to borrow your bedroom Christina,” Shannon announced. “Back soon.” Christina nodded and the others went back to undressing and starting the fun.

“This is okay?” Julia asked as they entered the bedroom. Shannon adjusted the dimmer switch and nodded as she got on the bed and stretched out.

“We don’t make rules, we just do what we feel,” Shannon smiled as Julia sat down beside her. “Do what you feel, Julia.”

So, Julia did. She undressed Shannon and explored her flesh, kissed her face, her lips, played with her tits and ate Shannon’s pussy until she shrieked. Julia quite enjoyed being aggressive and felt very happy that she had made her new friend cum so hard.

Everyone clapped when they came out of the bedroom. Stephanie and Darlene wanted her next and Julia let them have their fun on either end. She went home that night exhausted and again, Larry got the fucking of his life.

“What’s gotten into you?” He asked his wife as she snuggled in close.

“I like my new friends, I’m happier than I thought I’d be,” Julia told him. That was the truth. Julia decided to keep the rest of it from him; he wasn’t sexually adventurous and would never understand just how much more she needed. It took until her 4th encounter before Julia came to totally accept her bi-sexuality and kinky nature. She decided there was no sense fighting it, so why not fully embrace it? Rebekkah was giving Julia her first strap-on fuck at the time.

At the end of that meeting, Rebekkah hugged Julia and then asked her to sit and talk.

“Here’s the score Julia, honey. We have lots of other members you haven’t met yet, including Brittany, who will come back to visit from time to time. All of us have a good time, but we keep it amongst ourselves. NO telling our husbands, understand? If they ask questions, just smile and play dumb. Can you do that?” Julia laughed and told Rebekkah she’d already been doing that.

“Good girl. There are more fun things in store for you baby, sometimes we invite special guests … sometimes even a stud or two, to liven things up. If you want to keep partying with us, we’d love to keep partying with you. Of course, you’ll be required to act as hostess once in a while. That okay?” Rebekkah asked.

“Sure, that’s fair.” Julia smiled. “Hey, I’ve got some more time and Larry’s working late. Feel like a shower?”

Rebekkah wrapped her arm around her younger lover’s waist. “Sure, you know how I love getting wet with you.”

It was hard for Julia to conceive that had been almost a year ago. Now as she walked into her living room and saw their newest member sitting there in white, lacy lingerie, she smiled with eager anticipation. The pretty black girl hadn’t needed any trickery to get her to join. She and her roommate were renting an apartment across town. Nicole had met Christina while both women were out lingerie shopping. Nicole and Christina had hit it off immediately. Nicole told Christina that her “roommate” was out of town and she would be bored until Denise came back. Nicole asked Christina if she knew any places where two sexy, single ladies could have fun.

Of course she did, Christina responded with a wry smile. Of course she did …