After the Workout

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It was late and the gym was pretty much deserted when Rachel was finishing her workout. She was tired out but was happy she’d reached her workout goals and she liked the fact that the place was nigh on empty. The only person was the young woman that had used the bike next to her; a black woman with frizzy hair and a smoking athletic body Rachel had happily noticed.

Rachel was new to the area so had used the gym as a way of meeting new people. She was 22; fairly petit but the recent gym work had started to give her ass some definition. One perk of the workouts she thought to herself. She had shoulder-length dark hair that she tied back in a ponytail whenever she worked out, it was a pain washing it afterward but Rachel didn’t mind that.

She finished her work out and made her way back to the changing room, the sweat was pouring off her so she was looking forward to hitting the showers. As she started to get undressed, she noticed the girl from the bike had joined her and started to strip too.

“Don’t worry, I’m not following you.” the stranger joked, blushing slightly.

“Aww, you got my hopes up.” Rachel giggled her reply as she took off her vest top and sports bra. She watched the stranger take off her leggings, revealing a pair of lacy white panties underneath. Rachel’s eyes nearly popped out her head!

“They’re fancy for a workout!” She couldn’t help herself and felt embarrassed for pointing it out.

“They make me feel good and I like to think they look good” came the warm reply, the stranger had a beaming smile as if she didn’t mind Rachel canlı bahis şirketleri staring at her underwear.

“What do you think? My name is Mel by the way, you’ve seen me in my lingerie, only fair you know my name.”

“They look very good, very sexy and I’m Rachel,” She stammered her reply, getting a little shy at how open Mel was straight away. She took the rest of her clothes off, grabbed a towel and went towards the showers. Mel soon followed suit.

The showers were communal, with a row of six showers either side in a rectangle. Rachel chose one at the end and switched it on. The water was lovely and warm and felt good against her naked skin. Mel chose the shower next to her and switched her shower on too.

“Hello again.” Mel smiled. “You looked good yourself too.” Mel gave Rachel a big look up and down. Her gaze all over Rachel’s body.

“Well thank you.” Rachel was feeling a little nervous but somewhat excited. She looked up and down Mel’s beautiful sculptured body, her breasts were shimmering with the water. Rachel felt herself get turned on looking at them. She was about to speak but Mel stepped forward and joined her under her shower and put her fingers on Rachel’s lips.

“You are stunning.” Mel whispered into her ear. “I couldn’t concentrate out there.” She started to kiss Rachel’s neck. A moan crept from her mouth and Mel moved closer and kissed her. The kiss was long and passionate, their tongues deep into each other’s mouths. Rachel pulled Mel closer with her arms and her hands moved up and down all over her back before canlı kaçak iddaa taking care to rub Mel’s ass.

“Oh God!” Rachel gasped as Mel moved and bit her nipples before sucking them hard. “Oh fuck that felt good.” Mel carried on sucking Rachel’s nipples. The shower still pouring over both of them and running down their bodies. Mel bent down and kissed Rachel’s pussy.

“Oh my God!” she screamed louder this time. Feeling a complete stranger’s lips against her pussy felt so good to Rachel that she didn’t care they were in public. She needed to cum and she needed to cum into Mel’s face. “Fuuuuuuuck!!” she screamed again as the orgasm hit her hard.

“Mel…” she said softly as she helped the girl up and kissed her. “That felt amazing.”

“We haven’t finished yet.” was the only thing Mel could say as Rachel pushed her against the wall, kissing her neck and squeezing Mel’s tits. Rachel moved her hand down the stomach before slowly rubbing her fingers against Mel’s clit. She carried on kissing her. Deep kisses, neck kisses, and lots of nipple sucking. Rachel did it all and all whilst burying two of her fingers deep inside Mel’s pussy.

Mel couldn’t do anything but moan and shriek very loudly. If anyone else was in the changing rooms, they’d know what was going on. Rachel bent down to her knees to taste Mel’s pussy juices; the hot shower water still hammering down on them. “Fuck,” she thought to herself “Mel tastes good!” Mel’s orgasm was so big, she nearly lost balance and ended up sitting on the floor of the shower, the water hitting her stomach and canlı kaçak bahis the steam filling the place.

Rachel sat down with her and kissed her on the lips. There was silence for a few moments as they sat in each other’s arms enjoying the shower. Then they both stood up, kissed again and Mel went back to the shower next to her. They kept grinning each other as they got washed. Watching Mel covered in soap suds was turning Rachel on again.

They both had a long shower, before grabbing a towel and heading back into the changing rooms. As ever, it was Rachel who went first. To her horror, there was an older lady in there getting changed. Nothing was said, but she seemed to have a wry smile on her face when she saw the pair of them and soon left.

While they dressed it was Mel who quietly broached the subject first.

“So….” she was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she put on a pair of yellow panties and matching bra “Do you want to do that again?”

“Just say where and when and I’ll be there,” Rachel was attempting to play it cool but failed. She concentrated for a moment zipping up her skirt at the back and fumbling for her top.

“Well, I’ll be here again same time tomorrow. Perhaps you could wear something underneath your running shorts for me?”

“Deal,” and with that Mel kissed Rachel and went on her way. The slit of her dress showing her long legs with every stride. All Rachel could do was look transfixed at her. She stayed in the changing rooms for a few moments before finishing getting dressed. She couldn’t believe what had happened, it had felt like a dream! She did want to meet new people – this was better than she’d hoped.

The next day Rachel wore a pair of red silk panties under her shorts and were damp without the sweat when she sat down on the rowing machine next to Mel…