After School Lessons Ch. 1

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Lee had never liked school, and was now counting the days until he could leave and take a job. There was only thing that made school bearable for Lee and the rest of his peers, Miss Slater. A newly qualified PE teacher with shoulder length blonde hair, fit figure and steel blue eyes perfectly set off by a heart shaped face. It was less than two weeks to go before Lee could leave and he attended his final soccer practice in the teeming rain. He had to stay behind to help put the equipment away so missed his lift.

With no alternative he started walking back along the main road, he reached halfway when he was distracted by car flashing it’s lights and sounding it’s horn frantically. As it approached Lee it slowed, never one to pass on a golden opportunity he opened the door and was just about to climb aboard when he stepped back in shock. In front of him was the beautiful figure of Miss Slater in a low-cut, sleeveless T-shirt and shorts that accented her firm, muscular thighs. If anything the rain that had flattened her golden blonde hair made her more sexual as it had caused her nipples to protrude slightly from the confines of her tight top.

“Well get in, you’re letting the heat out,” the ease at which she had started the conversation startled Lee but nevertheless he clambered into the beat-up Fiesta and tightened the seat belt.

His mind buzzed with questions, what was she doing in school at this time, especially dressed like that? Was she casting him little furtive glances? Something inside told him not to ask these questions, instead the first thing he said was,

“Right at this junction, you can drop me on this corner,”

The reply was startling; instead of right she turned left and cast him a seductive smile. When his penis rose to attention she smiled on and accelerated. After several more turnings she pulled into an underground car park and pulled up her shorts to reveal all of her muscular thighs and the outline of her panties.

Although he was young, Lee was not entirely naïve in these matters and leaned forward to kiss her, he had only brushed her lips when she pushed him away, opened the door and asked him to carry her equipment to her flat. Lee readily agreed and scampered to carry her gear, due to it’s cumbersome nature he fell behind, instead of worrying he smiled as he got a perfect view of her magnificent ass as she swayed in front of him. When they had climbed the 10 flights of steps to her flat Lee was exhausted and was sweating from the exertion. Licking her lips Miss Slater said, “I suppose I should invite you in,” like I said Lee was never one to pass on an opportunity so he readily stepped into the living room and sat down on the couch. A voice came from the kitchen,

“Want a drink?”

“A beer if you’ve got one,”

Sure enough güvenilir bahis Miss Slater came back in from the kitchen with a can of Carling in her hand. However Lee didn’t notice, her T-shirt was soaking and had tightened to show her gorgeous, firm breasts and her shorts seemed to have tightened around her legs,

“Here’s your beer”

“What…? Oh, right, Thanks” Damm, Lee thought to himself, blown it, she’s caught me staring, she’s bound to ask me to leave now. Damm, damm, damm. They made small talk for several minutes, he found out her first name was Jackie, Lee was sure she trying to make him leave. It therefore came as a shock when his hostess said,

“Look at you you’re soaking, I’ll get you a towel” with that she left the room. Lee was confused, she must have seen, maybe…? No she doesn’t want…? He was so lost in thought he didn’t see Jackie enter the room just as he was rubbing his raging hard-on. Instead of reacting hysterically she smiled and licked her full lips. Her steel blue eyes lit up with mischievous glee suddenly she pounced. Throwing the towel at him she took advantage of his loss of vision and jumped on top him, covering his face with passionate kisses.

Lee nearly orgasmed on the spot but regained his composure to return the compliment. After several minutes of passionate kissing she started to undress him, first she pulled off his drenched training top to reveal impressive forearms and a bona fide ‘six-pack’. Jackie loved developed men and her nipples protruded severely from the cotton confines of her tight T-shirt. As she moved down the youth’s body she removed his shorts to release Lee’s fully erect penis. At 9 inches long and 2 inches wide Jackie was severely impressed by Lee’s member, she couldn’t wait to get it inside her.

‘Wait,’ she told herself, ‘wait’. So, instead of enveloping Lee’s organ in her pussy she backed off and ‘stripped’ for him, first she slowly removed her top, revealing a little more off her luscious breasts each time under they were completely free and stood to attention at right-angles to her body. As she seductively removed her shorts to reveal just a pair panties between Lee and every teen’s paradise.

Just thinking about pushed Lee over the edge and he shot a load of cum over his chest, he managed a wry smile as Jackie licked it off his muscled torso. Slowly Jackie lowered her beautiful body down on to the overly excited Lee who was imagining fondling those absolutely gorgeous breasts so didn’t notice as Jackie manoeuvred his dick into her moist pussy. Soon she had wrapped her thighs round Lee’s waist and was riding him quickly, screaming periodically as she orgasmed. After 30 minutes and 5 orgasms Lee finally cummed with such force he passed out with ecstasy.

Lee awoke to find the prone body of Jackie lying next türkçe bahis to him, her golden blonde hair draped across his chest, looking up at the clock, he saw the time click to 11p.m. He was in big trouble. Slowly he tried to move without alerting his bed-partner, as he lifted his back from the cushions she woke,

“You’re not going anywhere yet” she said as she moved back on to his pelvis and resumed riding him, Lee sat agog at this beautiful women wanting to have sex with him. She must have been very excited as she almost instantly came; she came thrice more before Lee shot his final load. She wasn’t finished yet though and kept going until he was on the brink once more when she finally stopped and collapsed on top of him. After dozing for no more than 10 minutes he was woken by Jackie’s perfect breast slapping his face, as he opened his eyes he saw her perfect form holding her used panties. He started to protest as she pulled them up his thighs and round his waist till they were tight round his still erect cock. Instead of stopping she brought her finger to her lips as an indication to be quiet until they were finally.

“Listen darling” she said brushing his cheek sending shivers through his body, “If you want this to continue, wear this until I come for you, she emphasised the ‘come which Lee thought was damm sexy. “One more thing before you go, you can’t come except for me, I can tell you know” Lee didn’t mind not wanking if this occurred regularly. With that Jackie kissed the end of his dick and told him to go home.

Despite the disapproval of his parents he fended off their awkward questions and slept contentedly. The weekend and Monday passed in a dream until he felt it had been a one-night stand and consequently the sensuous panties were removed and Lee returned to wearing established attire. That all changed on Tuesday; after dinner on Tuesday’s was Biology, which consisted of Miss Stewart, another new teacher with none of Jackie’s appeal, droning on about the gall bladder and stroking the male’s arse’s when she felt no-one was looking. In a desperate attempt to gain some of Jackie’s popularity she had taken to wearing short skirts and low-cut tops. It didn’t work, she looked like a slut and just showed off her disgusting figure. She bulged in all the wrong places. Lee, like all his peers dreaded Biology.

Today was different; today she was on a course, which meant substitute teachers and therefore a ‘free’ lesson. Normally the substitute was another Science teacher, today for some reason Miss Slater took over. Few complained, it gave everyone a chance to drink in her beauty.

“Right you’ve been left a sheet, I want silence while you do this” Obediently the class started scribbling. 20 minutes in Lee dropped his pen, in the silence of the room it sounded like güvenilir bahis siteleri a bomb going off. As he picked it up he looked up sheepishly to find Jackie burning holes in him with her stare. He mumbled an apology and sat down; halfway through the hour’s lesson the majority of the class had finished the sheet and sat idly. Suddenly a paper aeroplane landed right on the book Miss Slater was reading.

“Right Lee Hodges, that’s it see me after school”

Lee started to protest but soon realised what was in store so instead he humbly asked her where.

“4:00 in the Sports Hall, don’t be late” Mentally Lee jumped for joy he couldn’t wait for tonight.

The final two lessons passed in a daze, Lee’s entire mind was focused on what this evening would bring. The bell couldn’t come quick enough, when it finally shrilled to signify the end of another day Lee dashed over to find a class busy getting changed. He had to wait 5 agonising minutes until he could enter, by now he was full up pent-up sexual tension and began to wish he hadn’t removed the panties this morning. When he entered the cavernous hall he saw Miss Slater struggling, trying to carry 3 basketballs with one hand, anxious to please he rushed to help, expecting to carry one maybe two it was a shock when she handed him all three,

“Don’t dare drop them” came the command as he crossed the huge hall, struggling to keep up, he didn’t know what she would do if he dropped one, but he remembered the karate trophies and medals adorning the wall. He decided not o risk it and manfully struggled on. As he so far behind, by the time he reached the cupboard Jackie was already naked, reclining on a crash mat. Eagerly wanting to start, betraying his youth he was halted as he removed his shirt.

“Darling, you don’t mind giving me a foot massage do you” the reclining beauty drawled. Deflated Lee mumbled “Of course not” and eagerly started work. First he rubbed her toe and arches, then he moved back paying particular attention to the ankles, then at her instigation worked in between her toes. He repeated this process innumerable times over a half-hours period, by which time his penis was rock hard and his hands were tired. Finally Jackie moved forward and locked lips with him in a passionate embrace; fumbling for his belt she finally fixed the catch and removed his trousers to reveal a pair of boxers.

“Where are my gorgeous panties?” she demanded. Lee could only smile sheepishly,

“You mustn’t love me enough to follow simple requests”

“But I do” Lee demanded.

“Fine, prove it” with that she pushed Lee down on to his back and sat on his face,

“I think you know what to do” Desperate to prove his adoration for her, Lee obediently licked furiously, quickly bringing her to four orgasms before she stood, rearranged her clothes, kissed him full on the lips and left. Leaving Lee full of pent-up sexual frustration.

Things were going to get worse; some one had been watching this macabre scene, some one who was excited.