After Dinner Activities

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It hadn’t taken them long to find a dark alley once the left the restaurant. The minute they were out of sight he shoved her against the wall, pushing his knee between her legs and forcing head up as he ravished her mouth. Not satisfied with plundering her mouth his hands slipped down and squeezed her tits hard, causing the women to gasp into his mouth.

Pulling back he took in the red bruised lips before turning his attention to her tits, rubbing the nips through the black dress. Grabbing the straps he yanked them down along with the upper part of the dress, exposing the white mounds to the brisk air.

Satisfied that he now had full access he returned to kneading the woman’s tits, occasionally twisting a nipple hard enough to get a hiss of pleasured pain from the women.

“Such pretty swollen tits,” the man murmured, “they just begging to be abused and marked.”

He leaned down and bit hard on the upper part of the left mound, causing the women to jerk against him. He pulled back slightly to admire the mark that immediately began to form, before he proceeded to start on the other tit. It wasn’t long before both tits were covered in saliva and bite marks that wouldn’t completely be hidden in the dress and the women was panting heavily.

Smirking the man forced her legs farther a part and slid a hand under the skirt of the dress. Yanking hard he tore the güvenilir bahis silky undies and tossed them to the side, before pressing a finger roughly into her pussy.

“You’re dripping wet,” he said, before withdrawing his finger. Ignoring her protest he brought the finger to her mouth, pressing it against her lips until she parted them, letting him slide it into her mouth, giving her a taste of her own juice. He leaned forward, while pushing her dress up, pressing he pants covered knee against her exposed pussy.

“If you want me to fill that greedy little pussy you are going to have to earn it slut,” he murmured against her ear. Pulling back he moved until there was a few steps between them.

“I suggest you start put that mouth to good use and start sucking slut,” he told her gesturing crudely to his cock.

Hesitantly she dropped down in front of him, her knees scrapping against the cement, her tits still completely exposed. In a few seconds he had the zipper down and the button undone, he pulled the pants open just enough to let his cock spring free.

“Suck,” he commanded, dragging her down on hard length, hands entangled in her hair. Reaching up she wrapped her fingers around it, pressing her tongue to the tip of the jutting penis, before wrapping her lips around the head. With one hand she started to massage the balls at the base, Hollowing her mouth türkçe bahis she slide as much of the thick piece of meat as she could into her mouth, using her other hand to grip the base.

After a few minutes hands tightened in her hair and her head was forced down and he shoved his cock all the way down her throat, causing her to gag around the length. The tightening of her throat seemed to only encourage him as he proceeded to fuck her mouth hard, balls slapping her face as she was forced to take him all the way down.

Finally satisfied that he had completely raped her mouth he pulled back, leaving the women on her knees panting hard, her throat sore and her body shaking.

“As much as I enjoyed your mouth, I have no attention of Cumming until I’ve fucked you properly,” told her, before dragging her to her feet. He looked around for a second, before his eyes caught sight of a waist high metal dumpster a few yards away. Pulling her over he pushed her up onto the lid, until she lay on her back, her legs spread wide on either side of his body.

Pushing the dress up he pushed his cock into the wet folds of her pussy with one quick thrust. Not bothering to give the women time to adjust to the intrusion he repeatedly buried himself inside her, fucking her hard as she gasped and moaned beneath him.

“Such an eager slut,” the man hissed as he pounded into the wet güvenilir bahis siteleri heat. His words caused the woman to shudder, pussy tightening for a second as she rode out an orgasm.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he told her before he pulled out with a wet pop. Forcing her legs up higher he held open exposing her dripping pussy and her pink ass hole.

He pressed a finger against the pink bud, sliding it in with some work.

“So fucking tight, you’re going to feel so good around my cock.” he muttered as he positioned his length against the hole. Pushing the head into the ring of muscles he thrust into her, driving his cock deeper and deeper in her ass with each one. She whimpered slightly as she was stretched painfully as he fucked her open.

It wasn’t long before he was sliding all the way in, his balls slapping against her ass, before pulling back out, only to slam back in again. The tight walls of her ass clenching around him as she rode her second orgasm was too much for him and he came shooting his load deep into her hole.

Spent he stepped back to view his work, he took in the slut spread out on the dumpster, dress hiked up to reveal her pussy and dripping ass, tits covered in marks, jiggling as she panted. Catching sight of the torn panties he reached down and picked them up to use them to clean himself off. Tossing them on her face, wet with his cum and her pussy juices, he proceeded to tuck himself back in.

“Thanks for the ride slut. I’ll be sure to call you next time I need to get off and require a tight hole to cum in.” He told her smirking, before turning to leave.