Adventure Night Ch. 02

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There is was, awaiting me in my briefcase as I got to work again, the little card that simply said, “Adventure Night.” These were always fun and exciting nights for us, and the last two in particular made quite an impression on me. One had me signing a 30-day contract with my wife to call her “Mistress Ali,” and do her bidding. The next had me – before her 30 days were up – strapped over a horse receiving (and begging for) a strapon from both ends. She’d promised that the next adventure night would include being videotaped. Needless to say, I was more than a little excited and apprehensive about what my beautiful adventurous wife had in mind.

There was more in my briefcase. In a paper bag was a pair of satiny blue panties and a note.

“My lover – I want you to put these on as soon as you open them, and wear them throughout the day. When you get home tonight, relax in the bedroom. Don’t go into the basement. I’ll know if you do. You’ll find a drink on the bedside table waiting for you. Enjoy!”

Well, now I was both turned on and apprehensive. I did as she asked and went to put the panties on. They were tight already, and they only got tighter as I became more excited. It wasn’t long until I began to notice a tingling sensation, though, and I went to the bathroom to check. I was hot, sweating, and extremely hard – harder than I think I’ve ever been. I called my wife, who laughed.

“It took a little longer than I thought, but I’m glad it’s working. Leave them on. Trust me, you’ll be glad for it, later. I love you!” And with that, she was gone.

The day went by with me feeling self-conscious about my sweating, but I finally made it home. I couldn’t get out of my clothing fast enough. I immediately went upstairs to find another note.

“Sweetheart – just turn on the TV and relax. Enjoy your drink.”

As I laid back on the bed, sipping the whiskey she’d left me, I started to cool down. I turned on the TV to see a film paused. I pressed “play” and the action started. I was shocked to see my wife’s face on the screen, and even more shocked when she backed up away from the camera, and I saw her dressed in some thigh-high boots, and what looked to be either black leather or pvc panties and bra, and sporting that large black strapon I remembered so well from our last adventure. She paraded around the room – which I now recognized as our basement, dry humping the horse, the couch, and anything else she could think of, all while talking to me. I was in heaven, just from watching her, and my cock was hard in an instant, straining against the panties.

That’s when it got really strange. The camera turned to follow her, and I saw, much to my surprise, that she wasn’t the only one in the room. There were several other women in the basement: her sister Heather, who was the first to plow my ass, her mother, Karen, and someone I didn’t know were all in the room, and all of them were sporting large strapons, which they were lubing up. I should have gotten a sinking feeling in my gut, but I didn’t. Instead…I was looking forward to it.

I was still looking forward to it even after she told me that the panties I was wearing had been soaked in the male version of Spanish Fly that could be soaked through the skin and keep my asshole nice and supple, and that the whiskey I drank had enough Viagra to keep me hard and going for a week.

“In other words,” she said, “Your ass and cock now belong to me, and I’m going to share them with everyone here. Now go to the wardrobe and you’ll find your new outfit hanging there. Put it on and come down to the basement.”

I did as instructed. I opened the wardrobe and hanging on the back of the door was a tiny men’s thong with a hole for my cock, rings on the sides, and a pair of heavy-duty cuffs and a matching collar. I put them on slowly, enjoying the feel of them and staying incredibly turned on. The hole in the thong had a thick rubber ring around it, which fit my cock beautifully and would act just like a cock ring. I finished dressing and went down to the basement. There was an applause as I entered the room, and I blushed, looking around for my wife. I found her quickly, the glint in her eye telling me how much she loved me.

It was Heather who came up to me first and grabbed güvenilir bahis my hard aching cock while giving me a very long and very deep kiss, which was greeted with more applause. “Mmmm, he looks good enough to eat, Sis! What do you think, Mom?” She spun me to face my mother-in-law, Karen, who didn’t know if she should look me in the face or just gaze at my cock. She made a movement to get to her knees, and that’s when Ali spoke up.

“Oh no, Mom. He’s our slut for the night. He sucks your cock.” Then she looked at me and I understood immediately.

I hit my knees and looked up, desperate and wanting. “Mistress Karen, may I please have your cock?”

She looked down at me sheepishly, almost as if to apologize, and I opened my mouth wide. As she moved forward, I engulfed as much of her long strapon as I could, taking care to milk it as though it was my own engorged flesh. I began bobbing up and down on my mother-in-law’s cock, no longer caring what was done to me. I knew I was their plaything, and I loved it. I felt hands all over me, and felt my arms being pulled as I was slowly brought to stand, reluctantly letting go of Karen’s rubber cock. I was dragged over to a coffee table and sat down upon it, forcefully. My arms were pinned to my sides, and the cuffs attached to the rings on the sides of the thong. Helpless but for my legs, I was pushed back, and found Mistress Heather’s cock right at my face. I naturally began gobbling it down, and I heard Mistress Karen gasp.

Mistresses Heather and Ali laughed at their mother’s shock. “Just wait until you get to take his ass, Mom,” said Mistress Ali. “That part is especially nice.”

I heard the other woman, whom I didn’t know, speak up then. “You’ve done very well, Mistress Ali. I like the way you trained him – I wonder if he’d be that willing for a real cock?”

“Let’s ask him!” she said. Bending over me, she looked deep in my eyes for a moment before whispering in my ear, “Well, my slut? Would you take a real cock?”

I had a sickening feeling that if I said “yes,” a real cock would appear out of nowhere, so I answered simply, “Anything my Mistress wishes, it is only Hers to ask.”

Mistress Ali stroked my cock approvingly. “Good answer, slut.” She turned back. “I think that’s a ‘yes.'”

The woman nodded and stepped forth. “I am Mistress Sammie,” she said. “I’ve been instructing Mistress Ali on how to bend you to her every whim. She’s a good student, and you are an excellent little slut. But before I can have her graduate from my services, we have to see this in action.” She clapped, and I heard a door open and someone else walked into the room. I looked over and saw a well built black man, with at least a 9-inch erect cock standing at attention. Mistress Sammie continued. “Max here was once like you – a regular man, until I bent him to my will. Now, he does as I tell him. Max, come over here and stand in Mistress Heather’s place.”

Max did as he was told, and there it was, his cock directly above my face. I should have known this would happen. I really didn’t want to take this man’s dick. I knew I would, if asked, but I didn’t want to. Then I heard it: Mistress Ali, in ever so sweet a tone, her hand resting on Max’s cock, said to me, “Suck on this sweet cock, my slut. Prove them all wrong.” I opened wide as she guided the thick head into my mouth, and I proceeded to suck on my first real cock. I wanted to use my hands, to help Max out as much as I could, but I was forced to use only my mouth. Max, however, was not as lucky. Mistress Sammie guided him down so that he was leaning above me, his face inches from my own cock. She moved behind him, her own strapon cock glistening with lube, and pointed right at Max’s ass.

“Suck, Max.”

I felt a man’s mouth on me for the first time, and groaned on his cock, as I felt Mistress Sammie slide her cock home up Max’s ass. He groaned as well, sending vibrations all through my body, starting with my pulsing cock. I felt hands on me. I looked, but couldn’t see anything. My legs were parted, and then pulled back, and I knew what was coming. I felt the tip of a strapon on my ass, just moments before it was pressed into me…all the way in. I loved it. My ass eagerly took it all, and I began sucking even harder on türkçe bahis Max’s big cock in my mouth. I didn’t know which woman was fucking my ass, but I didn’t care. I was in heaven, getting my ass fucked as my cock was being sucked, and sucking on a cock as well!

I heard my mother-in-law, Mistress Karen, giggle a little as she said, “I can’t believe I’m watching this!”

The cock in my ass stopped fucking me, and I groaned.

“Mom, you’re not just watching,” said Mistress Ali. “Get over here and take my place in his ass!”

I felt Mistress Ali pull out of my ass, and I groaned louder, wanting more. Soon, I felt the pressure of another cock at my backdoor, and I eagerly relaxed my sphincter to take it. Unlike my Mistress wife, Mistress Karen was timid at first, unsure of what to do, I think. But it wasn’t long until she caught on, and was fucking my ass full and deeply. I loved feeling so full, and began sucking even harder on Max’s big cock. I soon felt him pulsing, and knew he was close to cumming.

“I told you last time, my slut, that there would be video this time,” I heard Mistress Ali whisper in my ear. “Smile, my sweet slut. You’re on video sucking a real cock while your mother-in-law fucks that sweet ass of yours.”

I worked even harder on Max’s cock, and it wasn’t just a moment longer that I felt him stiffen and grow in my mouth…right before he exploded. I tried to catch it all, but I know some dribbled out my mouth and smeared my cheeks. I could feel the thick liquid on my face. Max was pulled off me by Mistress Sammie, who looked down and smiled. She looked over at Mistress Ali and said simply, “He still needs some work, but you’ve definitely earned this.” She handed my Mistress a collar that said, ‘Mistress Ali’s Slut’ printed on it. Mistress Ali leaned over and placed it around my neck.

“Thank you, Mistress Sammie. I’m glad you approve.”

“Write me, sometime. We should have coffee.” With that, Mistress Sammie leaned down to whisper in my ear. “The next time I see you, slut, your ass will be mine.”

I groaned lightly. “If Mistress Ali says so.”

Mistress Sammie laughed as she walked out of the room, trailed by Max.

“Mom,” said Mistress Heather, “Nobody told you to stop fucking him!”

Mistress Karen snapped to, and began fucking my ass once more, as I moaned loudly. I loved looking up and seeing my mother-in-law’s face, knowing it was her cock inside me. “Ooo, I think you like having that cock buried in you, slut,” said Mistress Ali. “As I recall, you also liked having one in your mouth as well. Heather, I think he needs to have his mouth filled, too.”

Mistress Heather moved over me, feeding me her cock, and I greedily accepted it, sucking on it, being filled from both ends, loving the pleasure coursing through me. “Smile, my slut – you’re on camera!” I opened my eyes to see my wife moving about, a video camera in hand, filming me getting taken up the ass and sucking on that massive cock. I loved it. I loved it all. She filmed the ladies, too, and talked to us all through it, asking us how much we liked it. My cock, at this point, was leaking pre-cum all over. I felt a hand grip me tightly. “Mmmmmmm you really DO like this a lot, my slut.”

She moved behind Mistress Karen, and reached around, pinching her nipples lightly. Mistress Karen moaned loudly. “Mmm, and I think my mother likes fucking your sweet ass. Isn’t that right, Mom?”

“Ass, mouth, cock – I want to fuck all of him!” said my mother-in-law.

Mistress Ali grinned. “I happen to know that he’s one hell of a pussy licker.”

Mistress Karen groaned. “Oh I haven’t had a good pussy licking in years!”

“Well Mom,” said Mistress Heather, “I’ll switch places with you if you want his mouth for a while! I’ve been dying to take that ass again all day!” With that, she popped out of my mouth and moved behind her mother.

“Fuck yes!” said Mistress Karen, and pulled out of my ass quickly, causing me to groan loudly at the sudden emptiness.

Mistress Ali spoke up. “What’s that, My slut? Would you like more?

I nodded frantically. “Yes, please Mistress Ali! More of…more of everything, please!”

Mistress Karen was already almost out of her harness. “Damn, he really is a little güvenilir bahis siteleri slut, isn’t he?”

“Yes, Mistress Karen. A willing and able slut!”

All three women laughed at me, but it was Mistress Karen who came right over and straddled the coffee table, her wet pussy only inches from my mouth.

“Show me,” she said, and thrust her pussy at my mouth. I happily accepted the command, and began licking her very wet pussy.

I felt my legs being moved again, and knew to expect Mistress Heather’s pink cock. I gladly accepted it, too, and was moaning onto Mistress Karen’s pussy when my lovely wife, Mistress Ali came into view above me, the videocamera in her hand, shooting all the action.

“Put on a good show for the camera, slut.”

I poured myself into licking the pussy on my face, and began fucking my mother-in-law’s pussy with my tongue, as commanded. Mistress Karen moaned and writhed on my mouth, her pussy slick with her own juices and my saliva. I could barely breathe while she pushed herself harder onto my mouth, but I kept licking at her beautifully wet slit. With Mistress Heather ramming my ass full, and me moaning into my mother-in-law’s pussy, she finally came, squeezing my head between her thighs as she convulsed on top of me in orgasm. My cock was aching in need and desire; the cock ring was keeping me from cumming, and I needed to explode badly.

Mistress Ali sensed this, and said simply, “Who wants some of the slut’s cum? I don’t think he’s going to last much longer, even with that cock ring!”

To my surprise, both Mistress Heather and Mistress Karen eagerly reached for my cock. They shared a brief look between them, as if unsure who was going to get me. All three Mistresses were grinning widely.

“I think both of you would look fantastic covered in My slut’s cum,” said Mistress Ali. “Maybe you should finish him off using both your mouths.”

Mistress Heather pulled out of my ass and I moaned again, needing to feel filled.

“Please Mistress Ali,” I pleaded, “please fill my ass with your big cock!”

Mistress Ali moved between my legs, her big black cock poised for a moment before she rammed into me all at once. It felt so good to be filled, I moaned loudly. As she settled into her rhythm of fucking my wanton ass, I looked down and saw Mistress Heather and Mistress Karen tonguing and licking my cock. I could barely feel it, but the sight was amazing. They both moved up to the tip of my cock, and shared a kiss between them, the purple engorged head between their lips before Mistress Karen proceeded to take my whole length into her mouth, looking up at me with greedy hungry eyes, determined to get my load. Mistress Heather reached up and pinched my nipple, sending shocks through me like I’ve never had before. My moans became louder.

“Mmmmm – I think he likes this!” she said. With that, she pulled up on my nipple. It was excruciatingly blissful, and I could no longer help it – I came in jets of hot cum down my mother-in-law’s throat.

Mistress Karen only sucked harder, milking everything from my cock. I don’t know how long my orgasm lasted, but I know all the women were smiling.

“Oh my, slut, THAT was impressive!” said Mistress Ali. “I think we’re going to have to put some nipple play into our sessions from now on.”

Mistress Karen was wiping up my cum from around her lips. “Oh, that is the tastiest cum I’ve had in a long time. What do you feed him?”

Mistress Ali grinned. “Slut, what was the last thing you ate?”

I looked back at her, and as she held the videocamera. “Mistress Ali, I just ate the cum out of a thick black cock, and then I ate Mistress Karen’s pussy!”


“And I liked both!”

Mistress Ali smiled. “That’s a good slut. Now it’s time for your reward.”

I was curious, as this hadn’t been mentioned before. “What reward, Mistress Ali?”

From behind her on the sofa, Mistress Ali produced two pieces of paper. “These,” she said, “Are contracts that will allow Mistress Karen and Mistress Heather to use you whenever they like, provided it does not interfere with me using you. If you sign them, you will agree to these terms.”

I read the papers over, noting that both Mistress Karen and Mistress Heather had already signed them. I looked over at my mother-in-law, who was pinching one of her nipples.

Mistress Karen looked back at me and said simply, “Hurry up, slut. I need to fuck that cock of yours.”

Needless to say, I signed.