Adventure Day With Five Men – Part III

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Adventure Day With Five Men – Part IIIdeletedI was certain that night neither me nor my father in law can keep quiet when we are alone particularly with whisky at that time I was not aware that it is not just with my father in law but also with another new person to me again a threesome for me!! What happened that night? Those details I will write in Part 3. I am happy with the reader’s response. Thank you readers and it was around 6 PM when I returned home.I had my bath and I wore casual dress whenever I am alone at home I wear simple light dress. I wore loose shirt with a short skirt beneath. I did not wear a bra and panty to have air circulation as I was planning for night dinner my father in law came which I did not notice initially. Here few more details about my father in law. He at the age of 60 apart from being strong and in need of sex is very talented and clever.Particularly in my case if he gets an opportunity at any moment and at any time to fuck me he will immediately use that. He is so talented that once when my mother in law was there in the house but without her knowledge he managed to fuck me in the bathroom in his house ss I was beginning to prepare dinner standing near the platform in the kitchen my father in law came which I did not notice as he was behind meWhen I heard footsteps I was about to turn but before I turned around my father in law saying I am looking lovely today hugged me tightly from behind. Kissing me on the neck he pressed his front below his hips on my buttocks at the same time he slid his left hand beneath my shirt at the top and held my right breast and began squeezing that in spite of my father in laws trouser, his underwear and my skirt on the way.I felt in my ass the throbbing dick of my father in law at the same his hand was squeezing my breasts alternatively. I started getting aroused. I pushed back my ass and had that pressed on my father in laws front to feel more of his hard dick as my father in law was pressing his front on my ass and squeezing my breasts with his left hand his right hand moved to my front. That went beneath my skirt.My father in law instantly knew that I was not wearing the panty. He knows me and the correct way of handling me to prepare me for a fuck when he wants that. His hand located my cunt. Rubbing my cunt gently he removed his right hand from my chest. He moved back a little unbuttoned the trouser and pulled that down and then he pulled down his underwear too. Then he raised my skirt on the back side and again pressed his front below his hips on my buttocks.Now I felt my father in law’s thick hard dick pressing my bare ass as I moaned gently my father in law moved sideways held my hand and placed on his dick. My hands automatically held that and I began stroking that. As he continued rubbing my cunt I continued stroking his cock within few minutes we were hot and wanted a fuck. My father in law turned me around and asked me whether I am ready for a fuck I said yes.My father in law said that as the height of the kitchen platform is perfect he wants to fuck me in standing pose with I sitting on the kitchen platform. He removed his dress and became naked with my skirt raised up to my hips I sat on the kitchen platform. I had my legs bent at knee level and spread them. My father in law stood between my legs. He held his cock and kept near my cunt hole. He placed his hands on my hips and gave hard push.My father in law’s thick cock slid inside my cunt fully. My father in law keeping his hands on my hips and holding me began fucking me in standing pose. I hugged him for support as he continued fucking me as pleasure started building he increased the speed. I had my legs wrapped around him. I feel my father in law as one of my best lover because of his strength and skill in sex. Fucking in a standing pose requires both strength and skill.I was delighted as well as amazed to notice my father in law at the age of 60 fucking me in standing pose casually and perfectly. I was unable to control myself great Uncle güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri great uncle. Go on fuck me keep on fucking me” I whispered in my father in law’s ears. My words were so effective that encouraged my father in law. He replying ooh lovely bitch fucking you is a great pleasure. I want to fuck your hot cunt any time anywhere.Come on bitch get fucked continued fucking but now with a great momentum. Soon both of us were on top gear as we were close to finish my father in laws hands went down further. He placed his hands on my ass and continued fucking me faster and pulling my ass towards him on every thrust then we got that shattering climax.My father in law finally all of a sudden slowly pulled back his cock and grunting gave a hard thrust and had his dick fully pressed inside my cunt. At the same time with his hands pulled my ass and had my thighs pressed well against his thighs. That was a great climax as my father in law’s dick began pumping his cum inside my cunt I had my orgasm. It took about three minutes for us to come back to normalcy andThen my father in law withdrew his cock from my cunt then my father in law told me not to worry about preparing dinner and he will get that from a hotel and went out after fifteen minutes I got a call from my father in law. He said that he is coming with a friend as a guest. He will be participating in drinks party and dinner.I was under the impression that his friend would leave after the dinner and small party that did not happen but something different took place around 7.30 PM my Father in law came with his friend. He introduced his friend as Moorthy who was his colleague and a close friend when he was working in Defence service. He was also around 60 years old. It was he who has presented my Father in law with the bottle of Scotch whisky.The party began along with whisky and dinner. As we were drinking and taking dinner I noticed Moorthy looking at me with lust in his eyes which did not surprise me as I have come across many such men. After dinner was over as my Father in law and his friend moved to drawing room and continued chatting as I was cleaning the dining table my Father in law came inside alone and he made a strange request.My Father in law knows all my activities and that I am a hot bitch. He said that his friend is so close to him to the extent he was arranging women for my Father in law when he was in need. My Father in law requested me to entertain his friend also along with him. I openly explained my Father in law what all happened right from the morning when I got fucked first by him and I am worried and concerned because already.I have had too much of sex that day. My Father in law replied that I am strong and capable of managing and repeated his request. I began thinking. That day is different with many unexpected incidents involving me in sex. Up to that moment some of the incidents that took place that day were unexpected but ended in a fine note. May be this is one more that has been destined for me. I decided to go ahead.I gave my consent to my Father in law on the condition that I should be left free if I become tired and worn out. My Father in law agreed for my condition thanked me and went immediately to drawing room. After few minutes I went there. I knew that my Father in law would have conveyed my consent to his friend. Moorthy looked happy when he smiled at me understandingly and I reciprocated.Then we had another round of drinks. Then we all went to bed room. My Father in law and Moorthy removed their dresses except their underwear. As I was about to remove my sari Moorthy expressed his desire of removing my dress. My Father in law also wanted to join with him. They both came near me and began removing my dress beginning from my sari ending with my panty both of them removed my dress one by one and made me naked.They took me to the cot and made me lie down in between them. They both turned facing me side ways. Kissing me on the cheeks each of them both held my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri balls and began fondling them. After sometime they took my breasts in my mouth and began sucking them. Sensational feeling began creeping in my body. For about three minutes they played with my breasts. Then both of them removed their underwear and became naked.I already know about my Father in law’s dick but as Moorthy dick is new to me I saw that. His semi erect dick looked different but good. It was longer than a normal dick but not thick. Moorthy made a request that he wanted to see my cunt with my legs spread. I sat on the cot bent my legs at knee level and exposed my cunt. On viewing my cunt in that pose not only Moorthy got aroused but also my Father in law.He has seen my cunt many times; almost twice a week, but still he became hot. Both were in a great urgency and wanted to fuck me. My Father in law gave the option to Moorthy to select the hole for fucking between my cunt and my ass. Moorthy said that he is not interested in fucking in ass and wanted my cunt. My father in law said that he will fuck me in my ass. I was under the thinking the double hole fucking is going to be similar to that.I had with Pratap and Kumar in the afternoon but it was not so. These two men had different idea. They decided to take me in standing. I just obeyed them as I was totally new for that. Having decided to enjoy maximum both of them methodically planned. First they made me stand in between them and viewed the problem below our hips due to difference in our heights. Then to adjust the difference they used the pillows.Though I was watching them like two buffoons laughing at them I admired them for the idea and the efforts they took. I was made to stand on two pillows and my Father in law shorter than Moorthy had to stand on one pillow. Now the height was perfect. As I had my legs spread my Father in law placed his hands on my hips for my support. Moorthy who is in my front side held his dick and inserted in my cunt.He gave a push more of his dick drove inside my cunt. Then as my Father in law removed his hands from my hip Moorthy placed his hands on my shoulders to support me. My Father in law who is behind me inserted his dick inside my asshole. Then my Father in law placed his hands on my hips. As my Father in law gave a start signal both the men began fucking me. Oh dear! The double hole fucking in this pose is far superior to what I had in the afternoon.Now I have two friends embedded their dicks inside my ass and cunt as I was getting banged from front and back. The feeling of two hard dicks one in my cunt and other in my asshole is incredible. Soon I felt pleasure building up in me. My Father in Law was in a steady rhythm as he was sliding his thick dick to and fro inside my asshole while Moorthy was busy sliding his long dick to and fro inside my cunt.Sometimes both pushed front and back at the same time and some times it was alternating. The pleasure out of sensation was truly unbelievable. Suddenly I felt in my asshole my father in law’s dick enlarging and I knew he is up to climax .He started moaning as his thrusts became faster. Suddenly he gasped and had his dick pressed in my asshole. I felt inside my asshole flow of his hot cum in the meantime Moorthy was still fucking me in the cunt.I was sure that he will also climax soon, as I felt his dick enlarging. I was also close to orgasm within few strokes Moorthy had his climax. He had his dick fully pressed in my cunt and that released his hot cum like a stream which immediately made me reach my climax along with Moorthy’s climax I had my orgasm. I was sandwiched between both men hugging me strongly. We remained like that for few minutes until our climax subsided.Then both the men withdrew their dicks from my holes as I moved towards bathroom for cleaning I felt oozing of thick liquid both from my cunt and ass hole and running down my thighs. I was able to make out the two strong old men had filled my holes with large güvenilir bahis şirketleri quantity of their semen. After all of us cleaned ourselves I just wrapped around a towel on my body. My father in law and Moorthy had their underwear’s worn.We resumed drinking as wanted by both of them I sat in between them on the sofa after few minutes I saw Moorthy getting into hot mood again and restless as Moorthy placed his hand on my thighs and began rubbing I was also getting into a hot mood again. I also placed my hand on Moorthy’s lap. Smiling at me he pulled down his underwear held my hand and placed on his dick.I wrapped my hand around his dick and began stroking that gently as all of us continued drinking and talking. I was also talking with them but had Moorthy’s dick in my hand massaging that. Soon his dick got erected. Watching all that was going on my father in law said Moorthy this bitch is a wonderful cock sucker That enjoyment is worth of life give your cock in her mouth and enjoy.Bitch let me also enjoy watching you sucking my friends cock. Moorthy also accepted that. I got down from the sofa removed towel wrapped around my body and became naked. I then knelt on the floor between Moorthy’s legs with my face close between his thighs as I opened my mouth without hesitation, Moorthy held his dick and guided it to my waiting mouth.I closed my lips around the dick and began sucking that sliding my mouth to and fro. As I was sucking the dick of Moorthy I looked past him at My Father in Law. I saw him standing there with his underwear pulled down. He was stroking his cock and smiling at me while I was sucking his friend’s dick. As I continued sucking Moorthy’s dick he started to moan and began fucking my face.I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around his dick tightly as I locked my lips around the head. Moorthy continued fucking my mouth faster. I could feel his dick thickening with each stroke. He placed his hands on my head as he pushed more of his dick into my mouth. I placed a hand on his ass and pulled him into me slowly as I slid his entire dick into my throat.His balls began hitting my chin as he pulled back then went forward. I realized that Moorthy was about to climax when I felt his urgency as he pressed his throbbing dick fully inside my mouth within few seconds I felt Moorthy shudder as his dick exploded in my mouth and his warm sperm flowed down my throat.To my delight I found Moorthy’s dick releasing heavy load of his cum. That looked like an endless flow of a flood. As I love drinking men’s cum I do not like to waste even a drop. So I swallowed all cum his dick pumped inside my mouth. I pressed my lips around his dick sucking out the last drop of his cum. When completely drained Moorthy stepped back and his dick popped out of my mouth as Moorthy moved away spent and exhausted my father inLaw removed his underwear and became naked. His cock now was erect. He told me he wants a fuck. As I was hot I was ready. I lied on the floor and my father in law lying on top of me again fucked me in the traditional style. It was another orgasm for me when he climaxed and his cock pumped his cum. It was at that moment I was totally worn out. I was extremely tired and I felt pain throughout my body specifically the pain was very high in my legs.I wanted badly rest relaxation and sleep. My father in law noticing me instantly understood that. He helped me to get up and sit on the sofa. Moorthy also felt delicate and guilty. He left home thanking me and my father in law. I and my father in law had one more round of whisky and with the support of my father in law I managed to reach my bed room. As I lied on the cot my father in law switched off the lights and left the room.Then my eyes closed automatically and I slept. Next day early morning it was my father in law who woke me up. He told me that he is leaving for his house as we do not want my mother in law to know that he stayed in my house earlier night. As he left I got up prepared myself to receive my c***dren. The tiredness was there for a day but the pain in my body and legs were there for three days.After that I was so satisfied I did not even think sex for ten days. All said and done that particular day is a memorable day in my life. Thank you very much readers. If readers like my stories and wants more such stories