Addicted to His Own Semen

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I should probably preface the story I am about to share by stating explicitly that I have never had a sexual experience with another man, nor do I find the idea appealing. I do not wish to offend anyone whose sexual appetite differs from mine, but I am strictly a heterosexual, for better or worse, attracted to women, specifically my wife of many years, although I do have occasional and recurring fantasies involving other women. But not men. Some may say it is unfortunate, I don’t know, but men do not excite me or capture my sexual imagination. I often wonder with amazement how women even find men attractive. Don’t misunderstand me, I am very glad they do, but that is another story anyway.

However, back to my point, I have swallowed many mouthfuls of semen, and I love it! I can’t get enough! One could even say I am obsessed with swallowing semen, always thinking about my next mouthful. But it has always been my own. Typically this happens through sharing snowballs with my wife after I have reached orgasm inside of her skilled mouth, or eating the creampies we have made, both of which really turn me on, although there have also been many occasions when I have either forcibly or voluntarily swallowed copious amounts of my own love potion which was not previously ejaculated into one of my lovely wife’s orifices.

Even this somewhat unspeakable act began innocuously enough, with my wife’s assistance or prodding, and often as a kinky form of punishment. But as I discovered my love for the taste and texture of fresh semen, I began to crave it more and more, to the point where I am constantly trying to introduce unique variations to our lovemaking, each sexual adventure ultimately resulting in a creative way to fill my belly with semen. And even this has not been enough to satisfy my addiction!

When I am alone, I am similarly obsessed with discovering every possible way to swallow my semen, as its own reward, and my libido increases substantially just thinking about it.

I’ll admit I haven’t always been a semen addict, in fact there was a time not too long ago when I would have thought it was disgusting. Of course, that was before I actually tried swallowing something my wife had been consuming by the mouthful for years, without even giving it a second thought.

Like many men, I find it very sexy, and it really turns me on, when my wife swallows my load after I ejaculate into her mouth. And she has swallowed so much of my semen over the years, I don’t think I could ever catch up even if she never consumed another drop.

But after years of watching the sexy way she swallowed everything I ever gave her, I couldn’t help but wonder how it tasted. And I was never timid about kissing her beautiful mouth, one of her many fine attributes, even after she had just finished me off. So, without telling her my ultimate reason for doing so, I began kissing her passionately every time she released me from her hot mouth, even mid-session, before the job was completed, so to speak, and I finally got to sample my own semen.

Well, I’ll admit to having some trepidation at first, but I totally loved it! Tasting my freshly-ejaculated semen in my wife’s passionate kiss turned me on so much, my libido increased about ten-fold, and who would not enjoy that? It became my favorite aphrodisiac!

Our first shared mouthful of semen was unbelievably sensuous, and opened a previously locked door to many exciting new possibilities in our lovemaking, including our mutual affinity for snowballing, and later, my covert desire to make and eat a creampie, which finally happened, by the way, after I wrote a story about my fantasy and left it where my wife would find it.

Fast forward to the present day, and although the intimate time we share is always very pleasurable and should be enough to satisfy me even when we are not together, I still don’t feel like I can ever get enough. What else can I tell you? I am addicted to my own semen, constantly thinking about my next mouthful.

Of course, when we are together, I am totally committed to sharing orgasmic bliss with the woman I love, in every way possible. And it is never boring! But when I am home alone, I spend a lot of time achieving my own lustful pleasure, and it turns me on incredibly to swallow my own semen after I have reached an orgasm, by my own hand, so to speak.

Over time I have tried various methods of accomplishing this, from licking my fresh load straight out of my palm, to ejaculating into a cup and pouring it slowly down my throat. The satisfying taste, and the intense libidinous rush I experience when I swallow a load of semen, is basically the same regardless of how it gets into my belly. But my favorite solo technique for swallowing semen, and the one I practice canlı bahis şirketleri most often, is when I ejaculate directly into my own mouth.

If I was a little more flexible, or about one or two inches longer, I could reach my mouth into position to lick and suck myself to orgasmic nirvana, and I have to admit, when my wife brings me to climax with her talented mouth, it is just about the most intense sexual feeling imaginable. However, since I cannot physically do that, at least not yet, although I try often, I have to rely on Sir Isaac Newton’s greatest discovery: gravity. Without much difficulty, I am adept at positioning myself in such a way as to reach orgasm immediately above my eager mouth, which is gaping wide in anticipation of the hot load brewing in my loins.

One of the greatest feelings for me, not counting the orgasm itself, is the sensation of my first agglomeration of semen landing in the back of my throat. It feels unbelievably sexy when I move it with my tongue to the front of my mouth, and I love to savor the taste before swallowing it, but I have to do this quickly, as further dollops of my ejaculated semen will undoubtedly follow in very short order and land on my lips or chin if my mouth is not open.

Of course, this is all considering I score a direct hit, which I fortunately am able to do about three-quarters of the time, and I am continually getting better with practice. Regrettably, sometimes the first and most voluminous offering of semen lands on my cheek, chin, neck, or forehead, and there have even been instances when I have taken it in the eye, although, as I mentioned, my aim is getting better with practice, and I do practice quite a bit, especially when my wife is not home.

Needless to say, my semen tastes just as amazing to me whether or not it finds my mouth directly, and it is really no bother scooping it up with one or more fingers and sucking them clean. But I do enjoy the direct hit best.

I often fantasize about being able to reach my erection into my own mouth, as I would suppose do many men, although I have not taken a survey. As I mentioned, I try very often to do this, but I have neither the flexibility nor length to have succeeded thus far.

It is therefore a frequent fantasy of mine, since I cannot yet accomplish auto-fellatio on my own, to turn my favorite solo act into a duet, with my lovely wife’s assistance in reaching the tip of my erection into my mouth.

Here is how that fantasy plays out:

I remove my pants and underwear, as I usually do in these instances, and assume my favorite position for self gratification on our family room love-seat so that my feet are leaning against the wall above my head and I am stroking myself downward toward my open mouth. My excitement rises as I rapidly approach orgasm, imagining how delicious and sexy the first luscious glob of my semen will taste.

The sound I hear from the foyer cannot be my wife returning home already, as she hasn’t been gone that long. Or has she?

I slow my pace but continue to hold my throbbing erection just inches above my greedy mouth as I listen for any further indication that my solitude is being interrupted. Just as I extend my tongue to try in vain to lick the tip of the object of my desire, I feel a presence and immediately hear my wife’s voice asking incredulously, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I pant. I try to stop, but it would be easier to extinguish a wildfire with a water pistol than the private fire which is burning out of control between my legs.

“Nothing?” she repeats sarcastically. “Is this what you do when I’m not home?”

“No,” I answer quickly, then mumble sheepishly, “Yes.”

“I see,” she says slowly, as though still taking in the scene: pants off, legs up, hand gripping throbbing erection, yanking downward toward open mouth.

After a moment, she adds, “Do you need any help?”

The sexual rush I get as a result of being caught in the process of such a degenerated act immediately triples my libido!

As she is speaking, I reach my orgasm and somehow manage to catch the first delectable glob of semen in the back of my throat, involuntarily eliciting a slurping sound as I move the load around inside of my mouth and swallow it down. Additional quantity follows, and I catch as much of it as I can in my mouth, with some of the residual landing on my cheek and chin. I quickly scoop up the stray semen with one finger and suck it clean while my wife continues to watch with wide eyes.

“Why don’t you just suck yourself,” she asks, “if you like the taste of your own semen so much?”

“I can’t,” I answer after I have swallowed the last of my load.

“I’ll bet you can,” she says without taking her canlı kaçak iddaa eyes off of the very short distance between my mouth and the tip of my still throbbing erection.

“No, really, I can’t,” I protest. “I’ve tried.”

“Maybe I can help you,” she offers.

I change my position on the love-seat so I am sitting upright, and I reach for my pants, which are on the cushion next to me.

“I’m serious,” she says, pushing my pants aside and sitting down next to me. “I would love to watch you suck yourself, it would be such a turn on, and I’ll bet you can do it if I help you.”

I purposely try to avoid eye contact as I reach for my pants, but one look into her beautiful eyes tells me she is sincere. And after all, sucking myself to orgasm has been a fantasy of mine for such a long time.

Before I can even think to answer, my arousal becomes apparent.

“Oh, you’d like that, would you?” she teases, noting the change in my condition.

“Yes,” I admit, “but give me about fifteen minutes.”

“Oh, take as much time as you need,” she says, lowering my head to the cushion and straddling my face.

Oh, how I love it when she takes charge of me like this!

Her panties are damp, yet barely an indication of how wet she is under her skirt. I suck and lick and gnaw at her exquisite, aromatic panties before finally moving them to one side and really digging into the luscious feast she has set before me, or rather, upon me.

Her sensuous female nectar reminds me once again that my own fresh semen will never rank higher than second on my list of favorite treats!

She holds my head with both hands as she rides my hungry mouth to a shuddering orgasm, pulling my face up to hers for a wet, passionate kiss, and a share of what I have just tasted, when she has regained control of her breathing.

“Are you ready to suck yourself now?” she asks while our mouths are still inter-meshed, wrapping one hand around my rigid member and circling the tip slowly with her thumb.

“Yes,” I answer, returning to the position she had observed fifteen minutes earlier, with my feet leaning on the wall behind our love-seat and my throbbing member mere inches above my open mouth.

“And swallow your own semen for me?” she asks seductively.

“Uh huh,” I nod, my mouth still open wide below my throbbing erection.

“All of it?” she continues in a sultry voice that sends a chill up, or rather, down my spine, since I am inverted.

“Every last succulent drop!” I reply enthusiastically, gripping myself firmly and beginning to stroke downward toward my waiting mouth.

I swing my legs away from the wall and try to balance them above my head without hurting myself or falling off of the love-seat.

“You’re so tight,” she says, pulling my legs forward with one hand and reaching her other hand behind my head to steady me. “Relax!”

“That’s easy for you to say,” I moan, involuntarily retracting my legs as a burning sensation reaches my lower back and my arousal begins to diminish. “Be gentle with me!”

“Gentle, nothing!” she says sternly, “Do you want to suck this thing or look at it?”

“You know I want to suck it!” I say.

“Then say it like you mean it!” she says, bending my legs further forward and bringing me closer to my fantasy.

“I want to suck myself!” I say like I mean it, adding for good measure, “I want to feel my own throbbing erection inside of my mouth, and suck myself until I have an explosive orgasm!”

She bends my legs further down, and I can almost lick the engorged tip, which now seems to be winking at me.

“And what else?” she asks, pressing my head upward.

“I want to swallow a massive load of hot semen, and feel it slide down my throat!” I pant, protruding my tongue to its limit but still falling short.

“Tell me more,” she teases, which also turns me on, as though I need any further coercion at this point, which I do not.

She continues to fold me into the position necessary to fulfill my fantasy of orgasm via auto-fellatio. I am getting close, so very close, but my neck and back feel like they are on fire and I don’t know if my body can contort any further.

“Tell me more,” she says again, this time sounding like a command rather than a tease.

“I want to suck myself to the biggest, most intense orgasm of my life,” I practically shout at her, “and fill my belly with so much semen, it will slosh around when I walk!”

“Then stop resisting me and let me help you!” she practically shouts back at me.

She lifts my head further off of the love-seat cushion while continuing to bend my legs forward, causing another painful burn in my lower back but in the process almost hitting me in the face canlı kaçak bahis with the dangling object of my desire. This sudden realization of how close I am to fulfilling my fantasy, after so many failed attempts, and filling my ravenous mouth with hot, sexy gushes of yummy semen, sends a new bolus of blood to my most vital organ, which stiffens measurably in my hand.

I open wide and my wife helps me guide the spongy tip inside of my mouth for its first ever visit.

Goosebumps of sexual excitement cover every part of my body, I feel like I could explode!

“Mmmpffhh, orrmmpffnn,” I say, nodding my head as I begin stroking myself furiously, feeling myself grow even further inside of my hungry mouth while flicking the opening with the tip of my tongue and sucking like I am trying to pull a lemon through a garden hose.

I was trying to say, “Don’t stop,” to my wife, who was keeping steady pressure on my feet and lower legs while still lifting my head upward and pressing my face into my loins. Fortunately, she understands the message and continues to fold me into the most painful yet pleasurable position possible.

Although the intensity of the simultaneous pleasure and pain nearly overwhelms me as I begin to suck myself for the first time, I am also amazed that it can be so firm yet feel so soft to my tongue at the same time. I don’t want the moment to ever end!

“Oh, yeah,” my wife encourages me in her huskiest voice, “that’s it! I knew you could do it! Now suck that thing, suck it for all you’re worth, suck yourself now! Fill your dirty mouth with a big load of hot semen! I want to watch you swallow your own load! All of it! Yeah, keep sucking yourself!”

I carry on stroking and sucking myself, as muffled moans of orgasmic ecstasy escape my lips, clamped tightly onto my throbbing erection lest I lose a single drop of what I know is about to erupt.

My wife continues folding my head and legs together and pushing me toward orgasmic bliss with her sultry words of encouragement, “Yeah, suck yourself dry! Fill your dirty mouth and swallow it all down like a naughty little semen-loving harlot!”

I begin bobbing my head up and down and stroking myself with reckless abandon, moans of ecstasy escaping my throat and sending vibrating waves of pleasure throughout my already stimulated erection, as the throes of orgasm rapidly approach.

My wife intuitively understands my state of near-orgasmic arousal and begins rhythmically applying even more pressure to the back of my head while simultaneously pulling my legs down.

“Suck it! Suck it all!” she continues. “Suck it until you choke! Fill your dirty harlot mouth with that hot load of semen!”

My ensuing orgasm is so intense, and the force of my ejaculation so powerful, it is difficult to keep my lips clamped around my pulsating erection. I close my eyes and emit a final, guttural moan as spurt after thick, delicious spurt of hot semen slams against my throat and fills my mouth to the point of overflowing onto my chin.

My hot mouthful is every bit as delightful as I imagined, and almost as succulent as any snowball or creampie I have ever eaten! As I move the tenacious fluid around with my tongue, savoring the exquisite taste before swallowing it down, a diminutive amount breaks free of my mouth and coats my lips and chin.

“Oh, yeah, swallow it, Baby!” my wife exclaims, “Swallow it all! Feel your hot load slide down your throat! Fill your belly with semen, you dirty harlot!”

I continue to squeeze and stroke the full length of my softening member, endeavoring to discharge every last drop of semen into my hungry mouth as I breathe rapidly through my nose. I lick the tip as my own flaccidity causes it to withdraw from the moist warmth of its newfound home, then scoop the small trail of semen from my chin and suck my finger clean.

Looking up into the loving eyes of my wife, who has removed her hand from behind my head and is beginning to fondle me gently, I smile contentedly and mouth the words, “Thank you.”

She just shakes her head and smiles back at me.

“Any time,” she says.

“Really?” I say, licking the final remnants of semen from my lips. “Just give me about fifteen minutes!” Then I add, as if it is a second thought, “Unless you’re tired.”

What can I tell you? I am addicted to my own semen, constantly thinking about my next mouthful!

“Oh, take as much time as you need,” she says with a look that sends a fresh bolus of blood to my most vital organ.

Then she lifts her skirt and straddles my face again for another wild, orgasmic ride, and I wash down my own semen with a second helping of her abundant female secretions, filling my belly with my two favorite treats.

Oh, how I love it when she takes charge of me like this!

Well, that is an, as yet, unfulfilled fantasy of mine. I am already growing rigid imagining what might happen if I print this story and leave it somewhere my wife will find it!

Sweet dreams…