Ada or Ardor

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Ada woke up to the strong sunlight pouring through the roof windows and reflecting off the walls of the new apartment. She would have to get some curtains put in, she thought, or in summer there’d be no way to sleep here, she thought.

She stretched like a cat and looked around. It was the first time in years that she had a place all to herself. She climbed out of bed and made her way to the kitchen, curling her toes on the cool tiles of the floor, navigating her way around the boxes. She would definitely need lots of coffee to tackle the day, start unpacking, and finally start her new life on her own.

The last six months had been hell. The seven-year relationship with Steven had finally gone to the dogs, but not without a fight. Literally. They had been fighting on and off for two years before the final six-month break-up; they fought about little things that were actually nothing but masks for the big differences between them. He came from a big, close, and noisy family, and even though he swore he wanted nothing like that, in the end family was one of his core values and one of the things he ended up reproaching Ada the most. She came from a small family which valued individuality and privacy; she spoke little and believed that all people were entitled to their own private life and free will. Steven would have nothing of that; he believed that all things were connected, talked about everything, wanted to know everything, wanted her to share everything. Ada saw the world in a million colors and accepted them all. For Steven, things were either black, or white: there was no in-between.

It was a miracle that they had lasted for so long, she thought. It had been ok while she had been pliant and willing to let him lead; not so much when she started to long for things that she had buried deep inside. Steven had always known about her previous partners and her rather adventurous sex life before him, her bisexuality and her kinks. But he had never understood it and, as it turned out in the end, he hoped that “true love” would make her forget. That’s why all hell broke loose when he started to go through her computer and found that she had been watching lesbian and BDSM porn. He felt hurt and illegal bahis couldn’t accept it; he tried to convince her that there was something wrong with her for still wanting that, for not being happy with what she had. Wasn’t the sex good between them? Didn’t he love her? Didn’t she love him? Didn’t he give her the “happy ever after” all fairytales promised? Couldn’t she see that this was the dark side of her, and that she had to fight against it?

This went on for six long months. She loved Steven, it was true. She had embarked on their relationship thinking that it would be for ever, and that she would not need girls, or kink, again.

But it had been in vain. This was who she was, and sexuality was just the tip of the iceberg. Ada needed to feel free and accepted for who she was, and Steven needed her to mold herself into the image he had made of her. So they fought, and they made up, and they had make-up sex. And then they fought even harder, and made up again and again, and had heart-breaking sex knowing that it was going to end soon, that love wasn’t enough to keep them together.

They finally gave up when they were just too tired to fight any more, and when all the arguments had been repeated over and over, and when it was clear that they couldn’t go back to where they had been when it had all begun.

So, now, here she was, with her life packed up in boxes in this small attic apartment. Her clothes, and her books, and the computer, and the IKEA furniture waiting to be put together. Ada rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

Ada woke up to the strong sunlight pouring through the roof windows and reflecting off the walls of her tiny apartment. She really had to get some curtains put in, she thought, but she was also sort of starting to like waking up like this.

She got up, made herself a cup of coffee and plopped herself down in front of the computer. She had just finished the translations she had been working on and, after checking her e-mail, she saw that she had no new projects for the day. It was Friday, so she could have herself a long weekend and maybe go to the pool or go hiking. But first…

She felt a familiar sensation stirring in her illegal bahis siteleri stomach and extending like wildfire towards her vulva. Reaching into the drawer of her desk, she got out her favorite toy, a small vibrating wand with a finger-like extension for the clitoris. She made herself comfortable in front of the computer and put on one of the videos that really did it for her these days.

As the image came up on the screen, Ada slipped off her panties and slid one hand under the loose t-shirt she wore, cupping her breast and pinching her nipple, feeling it respond and get hard with her touch. The other hand started teasing her labia, pushing the silky-smooth head of the vibrator against her pussy without turning it on yet.

The girl on the screen was a smallish blonde with a slim figure, on all fours with her pussy and ass exposed to the camera, tied to a bondage contraption that held her in place. She looked vulnerable, sweet and a little scared, or a little reluctant.

Ada sighed as the man in the video ran his hand along the girl’s back, watching the little blonde shiver as a nervous horse. She felt herself getting wetter as she imagined it was her hand touching the skin of the helpless girl and shuddered with the thought of the power and the pleasure this would give her.

The gloved hand in the video was now pouring generous quantities of lubricant over the blonde’s exposed pussy and ass, and not too delicately working first one finger, then another inside her pussy. The blonde winced and gasped as if she wanted to get away.

Ada’s own fingers slid inside her pussy, exploring her slickness, playing with its folds, teasing her G-spot. Not too much, she wanted this to last.

In the video, the blonde was getting fingered faster now, and she was breathing fast with her eyes almost closed. She was going to cum any minute now… if they let her. The fingers in her pussy started pumping faster, while the other hand of the man took hold of the girl’s hair and tugged, making her arch her back and exposing her now flushed face to the camera as she came hard.

Ada was completely wet now, and sild the bulbous head of the vibrator inside her, while positioning canlı bahis siteleri the vibrating finger of the device on her clit. She felt the smooth head filling her pussy, brushing her G-spot, and she turned on the vibration on low, waiting for what she knew was to come.

On the screen, the blonde, relaxed and spent from her orgasm, let her head hung to one side, eyes closed. She opened them wide as she felt the man’s fingers brushing her asshole.

Ada pressed the button on her vibrator nervously, and the buzzing became stronger. Her clit felt on fire. She knew that the smallest touch could send her over the edge now.

The blonde was now alert and looked more nervous than ever. Whether she was faking or not, she seemed genuinely vulnerable. She bit her lips and grimaced as she felt more lube poured directly onto her asshole, and tried to hide her face from the camera. The big, gloved hand of the man grabbed her head almost in a choke hold and lifted it to the camera, while slowly pushing his big finger into the blonde’s puckered asshole. The girl’s mouth opened into a small, startled O.

Ada ground her vibrator against her clit and pushed it deeper into her pussy, while grabbing her breast with the other hand. She felt the waves of her orgasm sweep over her as her pussy clamped hard on the vibrator and her fingernails dug into the soft flesh of her own breast.

On the screen, the man was now teasing the blonde’s asshole with his middle finger and slowly adding in the index, opening her up. She stood there with a deer-in-the-headlights look on her face, still in his hold, completely helpless and unable to control what was being done to her. The shame of being exposed like that, the pain of her asshole being violated, the pleasure of it all, against her will…

Ada fixed her eyes on the blonde’s face, imagining it was her own hand fucking the blonde’s ass. She turned the vibrator on to its highest setting and started fucking herself hard with it, watching the man who was now pumping in and out of the girl’s ass with two fat, gloved fingers. Ada and the blonde came together, the blonde reluctantly, feeling the orgasm being forced out of her, torn from her vulnerable body, and Ada victoriously, feeling her pleasure mix with the power and control over the small bound figure.

Panting, Ada slid the soaked vibrator out of her pussy. This had gone on for long enough, she decided. It was time to find herself a lover.