A Woman’s Decision Ch. 02

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I live happily with my partner in Queensland, Australia… when I’m not writing; I enjoy my partner’s love, our sex life and the occasional sex with my girlfriends… I hope you enjoy my stories about my fantasies and maybe I’ll tell you about my real adventures…


A Woman’s Decision Part Two

“I will think about it,” I said to Paula as I hung up the phone. Paula knew Peter was out of town next week on a business trip and she had invited me over for a “Girl’s Night” at her place.

Since the incident several weeks ago, I had purposely tried to avoid her. Neither of us had mentioned what had happened and Paula seemed to be the same old Paula, I was the one that had decided to back away a little. I had backed away for several reasons; mainly because it saved a lot of arguments with Peter and I still hadn’t shaken the feelings she had aroused in me in the lingerie shop.

Peter and I were going out for our anniversary dinner tonight and I had decided that I would surprise him and wear the underwear I had purchased that day with Paula.

I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard Peter walk in the front door, wrapping a towel around myself, I headed to the bedroom to get dressed, “You had better hurry and shower babe, we are running late” I yelled over my shoulder to him.

I waited a moment until I heard the water running in the bathroom went to my bottom drawer and retrieved the underwear I had kept hidden from him. As I began dressing, I couldn’t help but to relive those wonderful moments Paula and I had shared, just the thought of her fingers caressing my hot pussy made me wet again.

The evening was nice, great food, good wine, Peter was his usual charming self, but yet, I felt as though there was still something missing in my life. Was it the thoughts I had earlier about Paula? I just couldn’t seem to shake the canlı bahis memories running through my head all evening, wondering what it would be like to be with another woman, to be able to run my tongue up and down her velvety slit, find her clit, to be able to tease it with my tongue my fingers, to be able to push my tongue inside her hot pussy and tongue fuck her, taste her when she cums. Oh yes I was curious, very curious.

Maybe it is because I am wearing this damn underwear I thought to myself.

“You get the port and I will make the coffee,” I said to Peter when we got home later that evening. Peter was all settled in the living room when I entered with the coffee, lights were dim, soft music playing in the background, bottle of port and two glasses on the coffee table. “Mmmm this is nice,” I said as I placed the coffee cups on the table, “I think I’ll make myself a little more comfortable.”

Standing in front of Peter I reached up and slowly unzipped the back of my dress, letting it slowly fall down to the floor, taking a step forward I was now right in front of him and I stood there legs slightly apart.

Peter ran his hands up and down the insides of my legs, then around to my ass, kneading my ass cheeks. Leaning forward, he began to nuzzle at my wet pussy; I felt his hot tongue through the flimsy material. Wanting more, I opened my legs further for him making the material of my thong disappear, leaving my engorged pussy lips exposed for him to suck and lick.

I pulled my breasts out of the cups of my bra; I was massaging them, pulling, pinching and squeezing my nipples all at the same time.
Standing there, lost in a world of lust, my pussy drenched and on fire, my clit screaming to be sucked and caressed, my thoughts suddenly returned to Paula.

Will she or any other woman be able to make me feel like this? I now knew, I had bahis siteleri to find out, with or without Peter’s support.

“No honey, we are not going out, it’s just a few drinks at Paula’s” I said to Peter on the phone, “I may even stay the night, depends on how I feel”.

As I packed my overnight bag, I felt a little better. I know I hadn’t lied to him, but I hadn’t really told him the truth either, this is something I knew we would have to sort out at a later date.

With my overnight bag placed in the spare bedroom, I was now ready to let my hair down and enjoy the company of a few close girlfriends.
After several bottles of red wine we were all a little drunk, Vicky, Anne & Katrina all shared a cab home, leaving just Paula and myself.

“Let’s open up a bottle of champagne just for us” Paula said in a drunken giggle. She produced a very expensive bottle out of nowhere, or so it seemed to me at the time and I went to the cabinet and took out two champagne flutes. Paula gave the bottle a little shake before she popped the cork, it hit the ceiling with a bang and the precious liquid erupted out like lava in a volcano, not wanting to waste any we hurriedly filled our glasses with the spewing liquid.

As I laid back on the sofa with my legs up and outstretched, Paula came and sat on the sofa with me, lifting my legs and resting them on her lap, neither one of us spoke. She started to rub my feet and ankles and I just laid there lapping up the attention I was receiving, somehow, in my slightly intoxicated state, I hadn’t realized she had worked her way up to above my knees and was gently caressing my thighs, her hands working up under my dress, not touching my pussy, always stopping just short.

I moved myself down a little further on the sofa, opening my legs wider, giving her all the access she wanted. Without a word being spoken Paula bahis şirketleri knew what I wanted.

Facing me, Paula got onto her knees then reached up under my dress to remove my panties. I lifted my ass to help her then I pulled my dress up over my head, spread my legs wide apart, giving her all the access she wanted.

Not caring about the consequences I knew I had to finally experience the feelings that only another woman could give me.

Paula parted my pussy lips as she commenced to lick in little circles around my clit, her experienced tongue slowly moving down my whole slit then back up again to my clit. Stopping briefly to insert her tongue into my eager awaiting hole, her tongue continued it’s journey down to my tight asshole, covering it with the juices she had gathered, pushing her tongue inside my ass, my ass had never been tongue fucked like this before and it felt wonderful.

Stopping briefly, she reached over and picked up her glass of champagne, poured some of the icy cold liquid over my hard clit, letting it trickle down my hot pussy. The cooling and tingling effect was something I had never experienced before; this nearly sent me over the edge.

Her mouth went back to my pussy, taking my clit in her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue, lapping at the cocktail of champagne and pussy juices as she inserted several fingers into my hot and very wet cunt hole. I started playing with my own breasts, squeezing and kneading them, tugging and pulling at my nipples harder and harder as I was approaching my orgasm, “Fuck me, suck me harder” I moaned as I bucked my hips and franticly pushed my pussy hard into Paula’s face, pulling and squeezing harder and harder on my nipples, loving the exquisite pain and pleasure it was giving me at the same time being fucked by Paula’s tongue and fingers.

“NOW” I screamed as my orgasm hit, I was totally lost in a world of where pain and pleasure all became one, Paula continued fucking and sucking me, slowly easing off as my orgasm died down.
I lay there fully spent, knowing I had made the right decision.