A Warm Welcome

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This is my first story, and I’ve found that it’s really hard to verbalize what happens when people hit on each other. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can exactly describe the body language, tone of voice, etc. so that readers can experience it like I did, that would be appreciated. I hope you like reading the story. I sure as hell liked writing about it.

It was my first day on the job, and I was nervous. Not for the usual reasons, but because this was a different kind of job than I’d ever had before. My job descriptions had always involved invoicing and filing, not poles. Or getting naked.

There were twelve girls and one stage with two poles at this particular club. I liked the set up. The stage started in a runway kind of thing, like the girls were models. It ended with a large, square shaped area located sort of in the middle of the club, except off to the side a little bit. There were seats on every side of the stage, which I liked. It felt like what it was, a strip show instead of play or something. There were strobe lights and balls that hung from the ceiling and flashed different colors, like at a dance club. It was nice. It wasn’t high class, but it wasn’t gross either. There was no sex in the champagne room, not with the customers anyway.

Most of the girls were really pretty, but not very talented. A couple of them could work the pole, but the others were either not strong enough or didn’t care enough. Luckily for them, the customers didn’t care much either. I guess if a girl is mostly naked, that’s good enough for them.

I was not thinking about any of this as I got ready for my first set ever. Nervously, I checked the profile of my ass in the mirror for the hundredth time while I tried not to puke. I usually have no problems with the way I look, but I could have sworn I’d become hideous in the last few hours.

“Don’t worry, your ass looks hot,” a blonde girl said as she walked into the dressing room. In the mirror I saw her check out my ass as she walked by behind me.

You’re probably thinking that her blonde hair was fake, her boobs were fake, and her tan was fake. No. I don’t know about her tan, but for sure her hair and tits were 100% real. She also was not a ditz. She did have a very happy vibe, but not the annoying kind. She seemed like she was just happy about life. The thing that really set her apart, though, was her smile. I’d never thought about a girl’s smile before, it was the kind of thing that just happened. But when she smiled, it lit up the room. I didn’t even know what that phrase meant before, but that’s what her smile was like.

My nerves were momentarily forgotten. I turned around to look at her directly. “You think so?” I asked, half smiling.

She looked up at me, pausing from digging through her purse. A kind of unspoken, mutual realization came to us when we realized that we were both attracted to each other. “It’s just as hot as the rest of you,” she said.

I gave her a slow smile, then bit the inside of my lip sensuously. She returned it, and I refocused on my reflection in the mirror. “Thanks,” I said, like I meant it. And I did. It’s always nice to find out that a really hot girl is attracted to you.

A few seconds passed until she broke the silence, making small talk. “This is your first time dancing?” she asked, pulling a bottle of purple body lotion from a bag.

“Yeah,” I replied, my attention half on my hair and half on her. “I’m so nervous. Why are they making me go first?” It wasn’t fair.

Laughing, she said, “They like to do that. Every new girl always has to go first. I had to.” She moved so she was standing next to me, close enough for me to feel the heat of her body as she matter-of-factly rubbed lotion on her arms. My nerves caught fire from being so close to her.

I gave her my full attention. I rested my weight on both hands on the edge of the counter, leaning forward to look at her in the mirror. I made sure not to move any farther away from her, though. “How long have you worked here?” I asked.

She sensed the change in me and looked at my reflection. She held my gaze in the mirror while she talked. “Two months. Nobody stays here very long,” she said, still rubbing the lotion into her arms. She really wanted to get it in there, I guess.

I smelled trouble. “Why not?” I asked, wondering what I might have gotten myself into.

She shrugged, clearly uncomfortable with the topic. “Mostly problems with the management.”

I decided not to push it. Standing up straight, I offered her my hand. “You know, I never introduced myself. I’m Julianna.”

“Julianna?” she said, putting down the bottle of lotion. “That’s a pretty name. A pretty name for a pretty girl. I’m Amy.” She gave me a friendly smile and took my hand in hers. Her hand was warm and slightly oily from the lotion. Our handshake didn’t last canlı bahis any longer than a normal one would, but the skin on skin contact blocked out everything else except the eye contact we were making. The only things that existed right then to us were us.

The moment passed and she went back to putting on her lotion. She was talking about what working there was like when she started applying the lotion to her shoulders. They were nice shoulders. Her collarbone was visible but it wasn’t gross looking. I liked them. She pressed her hands on opposite shoulders at the base of her neck. Her hands slid down her shoulders to the top of her arms and back again, slowing down until they met at the middle of her collarbone. She touched her shoulders like she was enjoying how soft her skin was, how it felt. Like it was more than just about applying some lotion. She paused to get some more from the bottle, and when I dragged my eyes away from her shoulders I realized that she was watching me watching her.

She smiled at me again, a slow, seductive smile. I started to smile back but was distracted when she began applying the lotion to her chest. She placed her palms flat, right underneath her collarbone and spread it downward, over the tops of her small, perky tits. She took both of them in her hands, reaching underneath her top. She massaged her tits firmly, her hardening nipples sometimes peeking through her fingers.

I glanced up at her face, both of us starting to breathe a little quicker through our slightly parted lips. The look she was giving me, the one where you know that right at that second that person is fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck you and is getting turned on about it, it caused my insides to tingle with excitement. I let out a sigh, not quite a moan. When I did that, her breathing became audible. She rolled her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, arching her back as she stopped breathing entirely.

My hands moved to my own tits, completely out of control. I was barely aware of it. It would have been like trying to stop the throbbing that had started in my pussy, soft at first but gaining strength. She let out a soft moan as I started playing with my tits, our eyes still locked together, occasionally glancing down at each others’ bodies but always quickly returning to the face.

The DJ’s voice on the microphone announcing the beginning of our show startled us.

“Looks like you’re up,” she said regretfully, nodding in the direction of the stage. Her voice was thick with suppressed desire.

I gritted my teeth and ran a hand through my hair, looking at the ceiling in frustration. “Fuuuuuuck.”

She rubbed my shoulder, more sexual than soothing. “It’s ok. You’ll be fine, I’m sure you’ll look hot no matter what you do up there. No need to be nervous.”

I looked at her. “That’s not why I don’t want to do it,” I said. We exchanged one last look, not wanting to be separated right then even for the duration of four songs.

I left the dressing room and leaned against the wall right next to the entrance to the stage, waiting for my first song to come on. I was literally trembling, I was so nervous. I had practiced pole dancing to the point where I could do almost anything with the pole and my body that I wanted to, but my muscles felt too weak even to hang on. The bass line of my first song pumped through the speakers, signaling the beginning of my set. The thought “I need a cigarette” floated through my mind, but was quickly squashed down by all the sensory input.

The strobe light made everything seem like time was stopping and starting and making everything kind of surreal, like being stoned except times a hundred. It also made it harder for me to see the audience. The nervousness drained out of my body and was replaced with…whatever it is. That feeling when a song that you love is playing really loud, and your body starts moving on its own to the beat. That’s what I was feeling, except magnified by being on stage and knowing that all eyes were on me.

I walked down the runway part of the stage, feeling glamorous and sexy. I moved toward one of the poles and spun backwards around it several times without touching the ground. Eventually I landed gently on the floor in the splits position. The crowd cheered, which caught me off guard because it was one of the easier tricks I knew. Not easy, but easier than the rest. “They are going to love me,” I thought.

Lightly, I pulled myself back up to a standing position and, using the forward momentum, made a tight, quick spin. I grabbed the pole in the middle of the spin, stopping it, and continued slowly swinging my body in one big circle around the pole, stopping once more to make another quick spin. This was starting to disorient me, so I jumped up and spun around the pole until I was facing towards the pole upside down. bahis siteleri I quickly grabbed it with my leg, behind the knee. I bent my body back and pulled my ankle towards me until I could kiss my toes.

I ostentatiously held out my hands to show that I was about to do a trick without using my hands, and a cheer rose from the crowd. I guess they were impressed that I could support myself in that position on a pole without hands and without falling.

Going with the flow, I held that position for a few seconds just to show off, then straightened my body so I was upside down, with the pole in my face. I was still holding out my hands, with one leg hooked around the pole. Quickly, I let go of the pole with that leg and grabbed it with the other. I repeated it several times in quick succession, not losing even an inch in height.

I got bored of that, and it was hurting my legs. Next, I bent my knees and twisted my body up so I could grab the pole above my legs. Gathering what momentum I could, I quickly flipped my body up so I was again upside down with the pole in my face. This time, I was spreading my legs in midair while I supported my weight with my arms. I bent my back slightly, pressing my pussy against the pole. I had only done that so I wouldn’t fall over backwards, but as soon as pole touched pussy small, electric waves shivered through my body. I was enjoying myself up there.

I held that position for a few seconds, the audience thinking I was showing off. Eventually I brought my legs together, pointing up, and gripped the pole between my shins. I twisted my body so I was moving up, pushing with one leg and pulling with the other, one hand slowly sliding up the pole below me.

Sitting sideways on the pole, I pushed a few strands of hair out of my face and idly scanned the crowd. There weren’t a lot of customers, but every girl working that night was watching and providing their moral support. They were cheering louder than the guys, but the guys were the ones throwing money at me. My eyes widened when I saw Amy walking towards the stage, eyes on me. We watched each other watching each other while she came and sat down at the stage as close to the pole I was on that she could get. I adjusted my bottom leg so that I was gripping it behind both knees and holding onto the pole above me with one hand. I moved my hips forward around the pole so my body was vertical and my ass was pressed against the pole while I grabbed it above my head with my other hand.

As soon as I got myself secure, I looked over at Amy again and didn’t look away. I pressed my back against the pole and lifted my legs up, deciding at the last second to pause and spread my legs. Her eyes went straight to my pussy, desire etched on her face. She licked her lips and dragged her eyes up to look at my face again.

I broke eye contact again as I lifted my legs up the rest of the way, having to igve myself a little push at the end so my ankles could wrap around the pole above my head. I had to shift my body to the side a little, but my head was between my legs. It was like doing the pretzel, except on a pole. The crowd exploded, money raining onto the stage.

I had my full attention on Amy, whose expression had change from want to amazement. I didn’t like that right then. I lightly ran one finger up my pussy, my lips curling into a small smile. That got her attention, her gaze snapping down to my pussy again. She looked back up at me and looked at me smiling at her. Amy was too far gone to smile back. Her eyes were boring into mine, her attraction so strong at that moment that I could actually feel the desire radiating off her in waves. It was almost visible. I could tell she wanted me so bad. I knew without having to look at it that her pussy was soaking wet.

Suddenly I couldn’t wait for my set to be over. Up until then, I had loved every second of it, feeling the music and dancing with the pole as a partner. Actually, it felt more like I was fucking the pole sometimes. Or at least masturbating with it. Right then, though, I wanted to hang out with Amy.

Before my last song even ended, I got down to the floor, waving to the cheering crowd like I was prom queen. I gathered my clothes and the money and all but ran off stage, glancing back at Amy as I did so. I saw her start to stand up before I was rushing down the steps and into the dressing room.

The girl who was up next was standing in front of the mirror making last minute adjustments. She was very thin but not bony, with milk chocolate skin, gorgeous eyes, gorgeous lips. Gorgeous everything.

I was momentarily distracted by her beauty, but recovered in time to hear her say, “That was fucking incredible. Isn’t this the first time you’ve danced? Where did you learn to do that?”

Trying to think of something to say to her besides “Get out” was a lot harder than it bahis şirketleri would have been normally. Normally, I’d jump at a chance to talk to this black freaken goddess. Not right then, though.

I managed to tell her that my ex girlfriend, who had started dancing a few years ago, had taught me some tricks. Amy walked in. Her eyes went immediately to me, but then she noticed the other girl.

“Your set’s starting really soon,” Amy said, moving over to stand in front of me while talking over her shoulder to her.

The black girl looked at Amy, then at me, then back to Amy. “Yeah, I guess it’s time for me to go,” she said, obviously amused. On her way out, she added, “I’ll leave you two alone.”

We tensely watched her leave, wishing she would walk faster. My heart was pounding, sending most of my blood down south. The second she disappeared around the corner, Amy and I focused our full attention on each other. At first we just looked at each other, having sex with our eyes. We were just inches apart. A couple seconds later she took a step forward and touched her fingertips to the sides of my hips while she gently pressed her body against mine, still not breaking eye contact. Both of us moaned softly, and immediately we were both pressing our bodies harder against each other, especially our pussies. I was filled with an overwhelming desire to rub my body hard against hers.

We were looking at each other’s mouths, which were open, so close to each other that I could feel her hot breath in my mouth but not quite kissing. We started panting, the sound of it blocking out the rap music in the background. I looked back into her eyes and found her looking right back at me, looking so turned on. Both of us moaned a little louder and our eyes deepened with a new surge of desire. I felt a sudden rush of wetness completely soaking my already wet panties. The smell of pussy permeated the air, which I would find out in the weeks to come was not an uncommon smell in there.

I moved my head forward a couple millimeters until I felt Amy’s soft lips brush against mine. We moaned again as our tongues met and pushed ourselves hard against each other. We exploded into motion. One of my hands grabbed the side of her head over her ear and quickly worked my fingers into her hair as we kissed hard and deep, more passionately than I have ever kissed anyone before. We breathed loudly into each others’ mouth, moaning nonstop. I felt a wet stickiness on the front of my panties and running down my thighs. Her pussy was leaking all over me. I instinctively clenched my fingers, pulling Amy’s hair a little bit while my other hand slid around her hip, into her little skirt thing and I squeezed as much of her ass as I could hold. She thrust her hips once, quickly. She was pushing her hot, wet pussy against me harder, only the thin, drenched fabric of our outfits separating them. Amy slid one hand firmly up my stomach, up to my tits. She massaged one through my top, but quickly slipped her hand into it and touched my bare breast, lightly running her fingertips over it until she took it in her whole hand. Her palm was pushing my nipple in and moving it around as her hand moved on my breast, sending sharp jolts in my nipple straight to my clit. My hips bucked against her with each jolt.

I pushed my pussy up into her, my legs spreading a little more. She moaned louder and shoved me back a few inches against the wall. She slammed herself up against me and roughly pushed her tongue in my mouth while we focused on rubbing our pussies together, not just our whole bodies. We weren’t trying to maintain a rhythm, it was basic instinct. We went back and forth between spreading our legs wider and pushing our pussies forward, and trying to wrap our thighs around each other’s hips. We moved our hands quickly all over each other’s bodies and drank in the feel of our skin.

The haphazard rubbing of our pussies became more regular as real pleasure replaced the throbbing need. I moaned louder, arching my back and pushing my tits into hers. I slid my hands down her back and underneath her skirt. I squeezed both butt cheeks as she moaned loudly into my mouth.

The small waves of pleasure I was feeling in my pussy started getting stronger as we got louder. I balanced on one leg and wrapped the other over her hips, pushing on her ass so our pussies would grind together harder. Her hand went under the leg I was raising, supporting my weight by my butt cheek. She squeezed her hand and thrust her pussy violently into me, matching my movements. I really wanted to feel her slick, shaved pussy directly on mine but I didn’t want to stop long enough to take our stuff off. I couldn’t make myself stop rubbing myself on her pussy.

A small cough from the doorway did that. Amy and I went still except for our chests heaving with each breath. We both looked over her shoulder at the girl who was on next. “Sorry, we’ll leave,” Amy said to her, still breathless. She whispered in my ear, “I know a place where we could go,” as she separated herself from me and pulled me along.

“Lead the way.”