A Visit to the Doctor Ch. 02

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Mary took Thora’s thick tongue into her mouth and sucked on it. It licked her teeth, wrestled with her own tongue, and hinted at a new woman’s taste. She let go of the tongue and sucked on a full lower lip, then left soft, hungry bites down the side of her neck and nuzzled into the pit of her clavicle.

Thora was breathing heavily, and softly moaned approval. Taking off her rubber gloves, she grabbed a handful of Mary’s breast and squeezed—tracing the nipples, pulling them to hardness, then yanking a little harder, making Mary gasp and suck a hickey into her neck in retaliation.

Thora’s hand pressed further south over Mary’s taut, olive skinned stomach, until her fingertips became entangled in the mossy thatch sprouting between Mary’s open legs. Her hair was matted with cum and sweat, and Thora spread her fingers so that they slid through the tangle and into the little hairless dimples that formed where her legs met her body—each hollow as perfect as the cut of a spoon into ice cream. Here, where Mary’s various secretions had collected, Thora lightly stroked her fingertips from top to bottom, tickling the naked skin and eliciting a coo from the woman’s lips and a new trickle of cum from her pouting, twitching sex. Switching tactics, she confidently sank a finger deep inside Mary’s yawning pussy. The recent intensity of the orgasm had left her supremely relaxed and Thora was easily able to slide two, then three fingers inside. She pumped them into the swollen, blood-red flesh, making squishy wet slurping noises—the sound of a happy cunt. Mary groaned.

“Oh, god!…not just yet,” she sighed. “It’s still too soon.”

Thora slowly withdrew her fingers.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long. I’ve seen you around campus, and knew you came in here occasionally. I had to bribe the head nurse to be assigned to your appointment.”

“Bribe?” Mary smiled inquisitively.

“Yeah. You don’t want to know.”

“Oh, I think I do! I’m curious, what’s an afternoon of buttfucking my virgin asshole worth?”

“Mary!” Thora looked shocked. “That wasn’t exactly ‘buttfucking’.”

“Really? I distinctly felt somebody’s fingers shoved up my ass. What was that, then?”

“That was you with somebody’s fingers shoved into your ass. Be good, and we’ll get to the buttfucking later,” Thora replied with an evil smirk. “Did you like it?” she added softly, leaning closer and gazing into Mary’s eyes.

“Yes,” Mary stared back. “It felt really great…I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“You’ve never played with yourself?”

“I’ve never played with myself there.” Mary replied sheepishly.

“Really? I mean, I knew you said you’d never had a rectal exam before, but you never had anyone play with you ass at all?”

“Nope. No ass experience—mine, or anyone else’s.”

“Wow, with that fine butt of yours. I don’t know how they could resist it! That was some of the first stuff I ever tried. After my first year of college, my eighteen-year-old next-door neighbor and I decided to ‘explore’. We didn’t have much experience with anyone—at least I didn’t, even with myself. We’d read some magazine article that said all women should know what they’re like ‘down there’, so we thought we’d make a visit.”

Her name was Megan. We were in her room. It was a sunny, quiet summer afternoon, and we knew her parents would be at work until late that night. Megan was further developed than I was, taller, but still with an adorable hint of baby-fat clinging to her sexy body. She looked so young and womanly at the same time. She had on a thigh-length, red, Betsy Johnson floral print dress. Her hair was black, bobbed, with straight-across bangs—very retro 50’s. God she was sexy! Anyway, we sat on her bed, with only a table lamp on, and listened to the Softies…………

“So, are we really gonna do this?” Megan asked.

“Do you want to?”

She hesitated for a second. “Yeah…I do. But only if you feel comfortable with it.”

She was one of my best friends, and I’d known her for years, so I felt pretty safe. It really didn’t seem uncomfortable at all.

“I do,” I replied. “I have to say, I’m pretty curious.”

“Me, too!”

“I just hope you aren’t freaked out by my body. You’re so pretty…”

“Thora! I think you’re so cute. You don’t need to worry. You’re my friend. I want to know what you look like, and I want you to see me. It’s OK.”

She leaned over and lightly kissed my cheek. I felt a spark at the touch of her warm lips. I hadn’t been kissed yet. She smiled at me.

“You’ve gotta see this!” Megan had gotten her hands on one of those “Our Bodies, Ourselves” books. We stretched out next to each other on our stomachs and flipped through the pages. Pretty soon we’d found some anatomical drawings of vaginas.

“Do they all look like that?” I asked.

“I think everybody’s different.” Megan said. “It’s all the same basic stuff, but some people have different shaped folds, longer lips, different colors….”

I bahis firmaları gazed quietly at the softly drawn, disembodied pussy floating on the pages in front of me. I thought of how people had always said they look like flowers—like Georgia O’Keefe paintings, but I don’t think that’s true. They looked so much better. Something totally unique that belonged to me. It had a presence of it’s own. Even from the delicate shading of that illustration, I could feel a synesthesia of rushing over those voluptuous folds.

“I think it’s pretty,” Megan said.

“Me, too,” I whispered. “Do you think ours look like that? Do you think we’re different?”

“Wanna find out?” she whispered.

I nodded, swallowing.

Megan sat up. She put a hand to the strap on her shoulder and started to slide it off. I grabbed her.

“Wait….” She looked confused. “I still want to…it’s just that…I know we’re friends and all,…but this feels really special. I really like you, and I don’t want this to be just a medical examination. I’m really curious, yeah, but I’m also kind of excited…..I think you should kiss me first…on the lips.”

Megan’s already cheery-pink skin flushed. She leaned over to me and I leaned in. Our lips met—tentatively, at first—only barely grazing against each other. I could hear her breathing. She was excited, too. I looked into her eyes—her eyelashes fluttered at me, then she shut her eyes and pressed her lips full against mine. We stayed that way for what seemed like an hour, though I’m sure it was only a few minutes. She put one of her arms around me and I leaned into her chest, resting on her, our breasts touching through layers of delicate fabric.

Finally, we pulled away. I felt dreamy, and I would have been happy if we’d stopped at that, but Megan had other plans. She was grinning broadly as she leaned back and shimmied the top of her dress off her shoulders, letting it gather around her waist. My eyes were no doubt huge, but she kept going. Her hands reached around to unsnap her bra, but then she stopped.

“Do you want to get that?” she asked with a devilish smile.

I nodded. She turned around so that her back was to me. I hesitantly reached for the clasp and slowly undid it, her bra falling off her shoulders and down her round arms. Her shoulders looked soft and pale in the light of the lamp. She slipped the bra off completely and tossed it into the corner of the room, glancing back over her shoulder to giggle at me. At this very moment, for the first time, I was in the presence of a naked woman, only I couldn’t see her yet. I gazed at the naked expanse of her back, imagining the other side.

“Wanna see?” she smiled.

I nodded approval and she slowly turned around, revealing herself. She had wrapped her arms across her chest, and was cupping each breast in a hand, covering the nipples, but leaving plenty of flesh exposed. Her breasts looked big (at least to my eyes); very full and perky. I could imagine the weight of them in her hands, how firm and squeezable they must feel. She swayed her shoulders about, doing a miniature dance, and, finger by finger, opened her hands, letting her breasts loose until they just hung there on their own. I gaped.

“Do you like them?”

“Mmm hmmm…They’re gorgeous!” I exhaled. “I wish mine were like that!”

“So,” smiling, “you wanna see more?”

Hell, yes I did! I nodded enthusiastically.

Megan stood up and stepped away from the bed. Her dress was still gathered around her waist, so she let it slip to the floor, leaving her in a pair of floral print panties. She wore them a little tight, and I could see them ruffle over the tight curls of her pubic hair, as well as the dip in the crease of her sex. Her legs looked shapely and strong. She turned around to give me a full view, then pulled her panties down slowly over her full, round ass, bending over away from me, so that I could see her sex in the shadows and the small pink pucker of her asshole. She spun around, “Ta-daa!”, grinning, and flopped back down on the bed, sitting indian-style.

“Megan, I love your body!” I couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Thank you! Now why don’t you come a little closer and get to know it better.”

I scooched over. “What should I do?”

“Anything you like. Explore me!” She lay back on the bed, resting on her elbows while spreading her legs and pulling up her knees. I could clearly see her exposed pussy glistening in the soft light. I leaned in for a better look.

“Megan,” I whispered, “it’s so beautiful…” I was lost in the intricate, swooping folds; the deep red of her flesh nestled in her dark pubic hair; my eyes probing every curve and crevice.

“Give me your hand.”

I placed my hand in hers, and she gingerly touched my finger to her labia. I stroked the edge up and down. I was instantly rewarded with a sigh from Megan, as her lips parted a little further and her moisture increased. I was suddenly aware of a scent that was unfamiliar to me—sweet, pungent, kaçak iddaa deep…..I tried to inhale as much as possible without making it seem like I was obviously sniffing her crotch. It was such a feminine smell—so delicate, but assertive, and I could almost taste it on the tip of my tongue. I knew I wanted to.

I took a lip between each thumb and forefinger and pried them apart—the petals opening to let me gaze directly into her wet pussy. Moisture pooled in the opening as viscous drops slowly poured over the muscular ridge above her ass.

My finger eased between her inner folds and slid easily between the rippled lips. I loved this new feeling of wetness—a slipperiness unlike anything I had felt before. I descended to the opening of her sex and slowly pushed a finger inside. We both sighed deeply. I suddenly knew this was where I belonged—a woman’s wet, open body sheathing me in its flesh; moist walls grasping at my touch; the heat of muscle and blood pulsing around me…I drew my finger in and out a few times…Megan opened her legs wider, and drew them up towards her chest.

“Thora, I love having you touch me. I love you looking at me. I love that I’m the first woman you’ve seen.”

I smiled back, breathing heavily. My hand palpitated her dripping sex. “Megan, it’s so wet!”

“Duh! That’s what happens!” She looked at me like she couldn’t believe I was surprised by this discovery. “What you’re doing feels soooo great. You’re really good at this.”

“Thank you,” I beamed, and continued to slip my finger in and out of her pussy, stroking the upper wall. Megan just got wetter and more open. A contented grin spread across her face as her eyes closed sleepily.

“Mmmmm…that feels wonderful. I feel like I’m melting.”

Indeed, all her muscles were relaxing. With each plunge of my finger she sank further onto the bed. Warm, sticky liquid trickled out of her sex, wetting her ass and pooling on the sheets below. “I want to know more,” I whispered to Megan. “What else do you like?”

She hesitated. Then, “Would you…keep going?” she asked, looking a little scared to say it.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Keep touching…..lower.” She pulled her knees tightly against her chest so that her pussy was directly in my face. I trailed my finger down the length of her feathery labia to the opening of her sex.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed, her eyes narrowing to slits. And after a few seconds, “Lower…?”, with a hint of pleading in her voice and her face blushing bright pink.

I traced the taut skin of her perineum and she shuddered. “Mmhhhhh….it’s really sensitive there.” I traced circles and waves on her skin, curling, tickling, stroking. With her legs pulled back, the cheeks of her ass were spread, and lifted away from the bed. When I touched her there, more wetness flowed and I could see the pucker of her asshole twitch—opening and closing, small strings of cum sticking to it like saliva on a tiny mouth. “More. Further,” her body betraying itself by swaying towards my fingertips.


“Yeah,” she sighed urgently.

“Really? But I’d be touching your..”

“I know,” she interrupted. “I know…. Please? …..Will it bother you?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied, and drew the tip of my finger to the center of the rosy, wet opening. I pushed a little and it gaped softly, sucking the end of my finger. Megan’s “Oh!” startled me, and I pulled back, tracing circles around the ridge. Slick with the cum of her sex, I twirled my finger around the little hole, watching it pulse at my touch. Suddenly, Megan pushed back against me, engulfing the tip of my finger in her asshole. Instantly, I loved it. It felt so different—much more muscular and direct than the feeling of being in her pussy. I could feel every movement she made, every contraction as she squeezed around my probing digit. I pushed more, my finger tunneling quickly and easily into her bottom with a soft, wet squishing sound, burying myself up to the last knuckle. Megan was practically squirming beneath me with excitement. I twisted it inside her and curled up into her depths, much to Megan’s excitement.

“Ohhhhh, yessss….Pull out for a moment, will you?”

I withdrew my finger, and she rolled over onto her stomach, stuffing a pillow beneath her hips so that her butt was propped up in the air. She splayed her legs out onto the bed and I knelt between them.

“OK, do that again…but see if you can add another finger.”

“Are you sure? It won’t be uncomfortable?”

“Yeah, try it. I’m pretty sure I can take it.”

I laid my index and ring finger at the mouth of her rosebud and swirled them in her sticky cum. I could hear her breathing soften, and see her muscles start to relax. I rubbed her lower back with my other hand, massaging her spine and kneading her buttocks until she had softened and sunk into the bed.

“Thora, I’m ready…..go into me.”

I drew a deep breath and started to push. My fingers were sufficiently slicked with kaçak bahis the lubricant seeping from her vagina not to encounter any friction. I went incredibly slowly. At first, the muscular ring marking the entrance to her rectum just flattened, spreading out as it were, and sank a bit with the pressure from my fingers. Then it opened—a soft, wide “O” circling my fingertips, and I was able to sink in a quarter of an inch. I moved in small circles, or shook them slightly up and down, or palpitated the opening so that she got softer and deeper. Already, Megan was starting to get more excited, squirming and sighing at my touch. I pushed a little further and felt the first ring of muscle inside, still closed off to me. I stopped, and massaged the hard knot with increasing pressure and firmness. Megan pushed against me as best she could, bearing down as if she were trying to expel me from her ass, but becoming less rigid and more open so that I could slide in all the way to my second knuckle. She could only push for a second before the walls of her ass became hard again and strained against the intrusion of my fingers.

“Are you sure I’m not hurting you?” I whispered.

“No,” she sighed. “I haven’t had that many big things in there, but it feels incredible!”

“It feels really tight around my fingers.”

She squeezed her asshole as hard as she could, crushing my fingers within her.

“Ow! Careful or they’ll get stuck!”

“Sissy. I’m the one with two fingers stuck up her butt, and you’re complaining?”

I looked down to see the first half of my fingers engulfed by Megan’s bottom. It was strange—when I had entered her vagina, it felt just that—me inside something else. It was extraordinary, but I was aware of our separation as two bodies, two entities. But, now, dipping into her anus, I was no longer aware of that. Just to be sure, my eyes trailed down the length of my arm, following its line. I thought of an arrow yearning for its target. But as my gaze slid over the bend in my wrist and gathered speed—cascading down the back of my hand like a roller coaster towards the final dive of my fingers—they stopped short. My heart kicked out one solid thud within my chest, punctuating the sight. My fingers just ended. The ring of her asshole stretched tight around them—taut, shiny, red and engorged—and past that point, I couldn’t be sure where they were. My arm wasn’t an arrow, it was a tendril, growing out of her, into her; rooted. If I pulled back, the cool air swirling around my fingers returned them to me, but the part that had pushed past that secret gate into the heat of her body, gripped by her shuddering muscles, belonged to her. I could move them inside her, feel the walls of her rectum begrudgingly stretch to accommodate me, but it was as if she was drawing me in. The motion of my fingers incited ripples of pleasure across her body, which in turned were echoed by the pulsing of her tight canal around my intrusion. I had touched an unknown force within her, and it had taken hold of me, dragging me deeper inside.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts, and shoved harder, sinking in all the way to the base of my fingers. I could see that her anus was as stretched as it could comfortably get. I had never felt heat like I felt inside of her, then.

“Ohh! God!” she gasped. “Do that again!”

With a little practice, and trial and error, we soon found our rhythm. Megan would squeeze her muscles tightly while I slipped out, tickling her taut walls along the way—and then bear down so that I could push back in, making a wet, squishy, slurpy noise. She was gushing cum from her pussy, which I slathered all over her asshole to keep it lubricated. We quickly built up speed when she rose up onto her knees—her tummy lifted from the pillow, so that she was in a low squat—and started to rock back and forth, fucking her ass against my probing fingers.

Her breathing was getting harder with each thrust and she made a low, soft, guttural grunt every time my fingers reached her depth. I was still mesmerized by the sight of my digits swallowed up by this secret hole, poking into her round, jiggling, pink ass. I loved that I was doing something special for my friend—something people considered dirty and forbidden, although I didn’t really think it was either.

The rest of my hand was curled into my palm, so that the knuckles bumped and rubbed her vulva every time she thrust against me. I extended my thumb and slid it into her pussy, then up and down the slick rift between her lips until I hit a bump at the top. Megan screamed and shook like she had been hit by an earthquake. Unable to support herself on her arms, her chest fell to the bed while her knees drew up further, pushing her ass higher into the air. She continued to buck against me, my fingers delving into her burning hot rectum, screaming with every thrust until she collapsed, exhausted on the bed. My fingers popped out of her ass and I fell next to her, breathing heavily.

“Oh my god! What happened!?” I gushed.

Megan laughed. She looked flushed and joyful. “You gave me an orgasm!” she gasped between deep breaths, “when you touched my clitoris.”

“That bump?”

“Yeah that bump! You don’t know what it does?”