A Visit to Nurse Peters

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One morning Miss Peters, the nurse at Braxton College, heard a knock on her door. When she answered she saw Tom standing there looking rather sad and embarrassed.

“What’s wrong, Tom?” she queried.

“Mrs. Schultz asked me to report to you.” he replied, before casting his eyes remorsefully down at the wet spot on the front of his pants.

“Oh no! Not again, Tom!” Nurse Peters chastised.

She briskly took Tom by the arm and lead him into the part of her office that was curtained off and had him sit down on the exam table.

“Wait here while I call your emergency contact.” she told him.

At this point the three other university students waiting to see the nurse in the office looked at each other and giggled. Tom listened to their giggles and whispers as the nurse was speaking to one of his family members. Moments later she returned. She removed his shoes and then told him to stand.

“Is anyone coming to pick me up?” he asked.

“Not this time.” Nurse Peters replied tersely as she began to unbutton his pants. Tom’s face flushed bright red.

“Then…what are you going to do?” he asked worriedly as she unzipped his fly and pulled his pants down to his ankles.

“I’m going to change you.” she replied in a matter of fact way.

Tom felt his blood flush up into his face hotly as Nurse Peters pulled his wet, jockey briefs down and away from his butt. He was now naked from the waist down standing in front of her while still hearing the giggles of the students on the other side of the curtain. He covered his under-sized penis with his hands.

“Okay, now lay down on the table.” Nurse Peters directed firmly.

Tom was hesitant and confused, but he didn’t want to ask any more questions and have the other students there hear. He got up onto the cool, cushioned exam table cautiously. Then he slid up and laid down, putting his hands back over his privates.

Nurse Peters went to the sink and returned with a wet washcloth. She told him to remove his hands from his privates and lift his legs high into the air. Understanding that she was now going to wipe him, Tom complied, shifting his arms up to a position over his face.

Nurse illegal bahis Peters then moved to the end of the table and pushed one of his legs out wider as she began to rub the washcloth over his genitalia and buttocks. His small penis and scrotum bounced from side to side harmlessly under her firm washing hand.

Tom could only watch through his arms as the whole process took place. He knew none of this was his fault. It was Mrs. Schultz’s tough bathroom policies that were to blame.

Nurse Peters worked the washcloth down deep into the crack of his butt and scrubbed his anus, as well. Then she washed her hands and returned with a pink bottle of lotion. She poured the lotion into one palm and held his heels back with her other hand. Tom’s blood rushed hot into his face again. Why was she putting baby lotion on him he wondered?!

“Does that feel better?” she asked as she rubbed the lotion deep into his privates and butt cheeks.

Tom nodded shamefully, trying even harder now to cover his face.

Then Nurse Peters wiped the remaining lotion off of her hands and went to the supply cabinet. She returned moments later with a white institutional diaper in her hands. When Tom saw the diaper adrenalin shot up his spine and formed a knot in his throat.

“What’s that for?!” he asked fearfully.

“It’s for you.” Nurse Peters replied, “We can’t send you back to class and have this happen again.”

“No! I don’t want to go back to class! I want to go home!” Tom whined.

“Your family said they want you to stay in school so you’ll need to get used to wearing these.” she told him with authority.

The giggling from the three students in the office rose.

“It wasn’t my fault! She never lets us go to the bathroom!” he tried to argue.

Nurse Peters opened the diaper and walked to the end of the table. She pushed his legs back by his heels and his butt was lifted just enough to slide the diaper under him. Tom could only look down with a sickened expression as she proceeded to bring the diaper up over his privates and then fasten it around him. When it was well-secured, the tight but soft pressure of it brought back strange feelings to him. illegal bahis siteleri He became uneasy.

“I don’t want to wear this!” he began to whine, “I’m not a baby!”

“Anyone who goes in their pants has to be diapered.” Nurse Peters responded.

“Please Nurse Peters, I don’t want to wear a diaper!” he pleaded.

The other students in the office were now wide-eyed with shock and glee.

“If you continue with this complaining I’ll send you back to class just like this!” she threatened, “How would you like that?”

“Nooo, I want to go home!” he continued.

“Are you going to walk home in a diaper?” she asked rhetorically.

“No, give me my pants back.” he said as he got down from the table and began to pull off the diaper.

“I’ve had enough of this silliness, Tom! You will wear this diaper and like it!” Nurse Peters stated peevishly as she grabbed Tom by the arm and pulled him down over her knee. She yanked his diaper back enough to expose his buttocks and began to spank them firmly.

“Are you going to wear the diaper as I told you?! she asked him.

“No, I’m not a baby!” he insisted.

It was at this point one of the waiting students decided he wasn’t so sick after all and proceeded to exit the room. The other two were too afraid and amazed to move and just sat there and listened.

Nurse Peters continued to lay her firm hand to Tom’s bare behind with steady rhythm.

“I want to hear you say you’ll wear your diaper!” she commanded.

“No, I want to go home!” Tom whined.

Then as each increasingly firm spank landed, Tom began to call out in pain.

“Ow!” he yelled each time.

Finally the “ow’s” flowed together into a single, plaintive moan.

“Are you ready to wear your diaper?” Nurse Peters asked again.

This time Tom felt long suppressed feelings of shame and helplessness come over him and he could do nothing but let the droning cry rise up from him like the long, frustrated emotion it was. It filled the room with it’s almost orgasmic force. As he bellowed from his soul Nurse Peters closed her eyes and smiled.

“Will you wear your diaper now?” she asked him, knowing canlı bahis siteleri she was close to getting his full submission.

Tom finally gave in and nodded his head as he cried out loud from his position over her bare legs.

“Tell me you want to wear your diaper now!” she ordered as she planted one last firm spank onto his reddened posterior.

“I want to wear my diaper now!” he blurted through his sobbing tears, “I want to wear my diaper!”

Having finally gotten the answer she wanted, Nurse Peters pulled his nappy back up over his butt and patted it as he continued to wail remorsefully. Then she pushed her hand firmly up into his padded crotch and felt the vibrations of his body. After this she knew he would wear his diaper happily from then on.

“That’s my good boy.” she said with self-satisfied authority.

She got him to his feet and took a pacifier from the cabinet. As he stood there rubbing his eyes and bawling she inserted it into his mouth and the crying was ended. Then she walked him out past the two remaining students as her newest cured patient. The eyes and mouths of both of them were open wide in shock. Nurse Peters had turned the rebellious Tom into a contrite, pacified baby!

After this she sat him down on the floor in the middle of the office and played a children’s movie for him. Then halfway through the movie she knelt down and fed him from a baby bottle which he sucked away at happily.

After one of the waiting students was seen and dismissed, Nurse Peters changed Tom’s diaper right there in the middle of the floor in front of the last remaining female student and this time he laid there and watched her wipe his rear end quite contently. Then she put a pair of pink jogging pants on him before walking him to the door.

“Tell Mrs. Schultz you’ll be required to wear your diaper to her class for the rest of the year. Okay?”

Tom nodded meekly.

“Thank you, Miss Peters.” he said as he left, his diaper rustling noisily under his baggy sweat pants.

At this point the swim coach walked up to Nurse Peters.

“Another one for the nursery?” the coach asked sarcastically.

“Yes, he’ll be in diapers for the rest of his school career probably.” she replied.

“Mrs. Schultz doesn’t take any prisoners, does she!” the coach mused.

“No, she doesn’t!” Nurse Peters replied as she watched Tom’s diapered ass shuffle away with a satisfied smile.