A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 29

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[This story will make more sense if you take the time to read the earlier instalments. There’s a lot of severe discipline and a good deal of focus on all bodily functions, so if inclusion of those bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]

Eleanor came home from work and her sister Meredith greeted her warmly as she arrived at their apartment. “You have a very heavy embossed envelope that is postmarked from the capital,” Meredith gushed and obviously had great interest in Eleanor’s correspondence.

Eleanor took the cream-colored envelope and opened it carefully. It was an invitation to a ceremony at the capital the following week. From the text of the invite it appeared that Annette was now going to be installed as Chief of Staff for the Corrections Service and Eleanor was invited to attend what sounded like a small ceremony preceding a major assembly of much of the Corrections Service of the Women’s Republic.

She decided to email Annette, to whom she was formally engaged, but the two had put off dealing with getting married because of their separate work locations. Eleanor was slightly surprised that Annette had not bothered to tell her ahead of time about this major promotion but she put that out of her mind for now while drafting her note:

“My dearest Annette,

“It was wonderful to read the invitation and learn that you are being promoted to such a major position in our Republic. I do look forward to attending and hearing all about this from you.



She was not surprised but still pleased to receive a response within the hour.

“Dearest Eleanor,

“I of course owe you an apology for not letting you know about this ahead of time. Please allow me to arrange your transportation and accommodations here (You’ll be contacted about all of this.). Plan on leaving a week from Wednesday and staying with me through the weekend. We do have so much to discuss and also need some time to get up close and personal.

“With much affection,


When Denise and Linda came back from work, Eleanor quietly informed them of the news and her invitation. They were amazed that she had heard about this development, as they themselves had not received any official announcement, although they were in the Corrections Service, serving as sergeants with experience at Re-Education Camps and Centers.

These were places—the centers located in cities for short-term programs and the camps were placed more remotely for longer stays—where women could send their spouses or partners when they believed that tendencies or behavior that connotated any form of disrespectful behavior needed to be dealt with and corrected. Almost all those referred to these services were men, but occasionally the dominant partner in a female-female marriage or partnership would refer the other.

“So Annette now will have the top position in the Service,” Denise said with some interest based on Eleanor’s connection.

“Eleanor, what will this mean for you?” Linda asked.

Eleanor frowned and responded, “My dears, I’d be the most successful creative thinker in the Republic if I could answer that question. You probably know that we are still engaged and that we have deep affection for one another. Where that will lead is not clear now. But it will certainly be fun to see her installation. I expect I should likely be treated like a real V.I.P. which is a switch from how the government has treated me not so long ago!”

Linda chuckled at Eleanor’s wonderful sense of humor about such serious things. She chose this moment to thank Eleanor again for going to bat for her with Annette when Linda’s future in the Service was in doubt because of her indiscretions at a dinner where she had drunk too much.

“Eleanor, this makes me realize that I owe you more than ever for what you did for me,” Linda stated with great seriousness in her voice.

“Linda, I wouldn’t have been a friend if I hadn’t tried to help you then,” Eleanor answered, “so please don’t think you owe me. You and Denise have been a joy here and I can’t thank you both enough for everything you’ve done for me, especially moral support.”

“Didn’t think we were such moral girls, Ellie,” Denise intervened, hoping to lighten the atmosphere. “We can be just so naughty ourselves, as you well know.”

“Yes, and I love you both for it,” Eleanor joined in the merriment.

Just then the phone rang, and Eleanor reached over to answer it. Her face lit up. It was Annette.

“Yes, darling, I’m so delighted for you,” Eleanor let herself begin.

She then listened. Annette told her that she wanted her with her and she would be picked up at her home Wednesday next. She would then be taken to a special Corrections Service flight to the capital and then met when it landed to be taken to the best hotel there where Annette would be staying too and would meet her.

“You are going to0 be with me the whole time, assuming that is o.k. with you,” Annette said, güvenilir bahis feeling a tiny bit afraid that Eleanor might be put off by all of this royal treatment. But she needn’t have worried. Eleanor had reached a state of mind where she delighted in the idea of being treated, however briefly, like a major player. She assumed Janet would be invited to the ceremony and would attend, and she also concluded that Janet was fair enough not to be envious of anything Eleanor was to enjoy at this occasion. Knowing Janet, she would not be treated shabbily either.

Eleanor thanked Annette and congratulated her on this incredible accomplishment. She then heard from her fiancée that Annette, who had been previously promoted to Colonel, would be commissioned a General at the ceremony.

“My gosh,” Eleanor exclaimed, “you are going into the stratosphere, sweetie!”

“You mightn’t believe me,” Annette answered calmly, “but were it not for my constant thinking of you, it never would have happened.”

Eleanor thought quickly and decided to risk asking for something. “Darling,” she began, “I do have a favor to ask of you. Can we get Denise and Linda included in some special way? I know they’ll likely be able to attend with the Correction Service corps, but could they get some special designation that would get them seating up front or invited to a reception?”

Annette told her she would definitely make sure they were treated specially and added, “And Eleanor, you have to tell Linda that I’m going to have my eye on her so she better be on the wagon.” She did giggle over the phone but Eleanor knew she was conveying a message and thanked her profusely.

So this was now set and Eleanor went back to her roommates.

“You two are going to get some kind of special treatment,” she said coolly. “I would expect that you will get some kind of special orders that will get you into some reception or special place at the ceremony apart from the whole Corrections Service corps.”

Auburn-haired Linda and blonde Denise both tried to hug Eleanor and thank her for looking out for them. Eleanor loved being taken into their arms. She responded by inviting them into her bedroom.

They went in with her and Eleanor closed and locked the door. Then she let Linda unbutton her blouse and Denise unzip her skirt. Now in bra and panties, both by Goose Cookers, they took turns hugging her while Linda unhooked and removed Eleanor’s bra while Denise smoothly slipped her panties down and off. The two sergeants proceeded to shed their own clothing.

Now they all lay on the bed and they proceeded to make love to their friend. Linda sucked on Eleanor’s nipples, petted her breasts, and lavished attention on her upper body. Denise, for her part, began applying her talented tongue to Eleanor’s sensitive inner thighs and then moved on to tickle Eleanor’s risen clit with that tongue. Eleanor began to writhe under their ministrations.

She went into orgasm sooner than normal and enjoyed the feeling as much as she ever had. She motioned to Linda to lower her bottom onto Eleanor’s face. Eleanor began to lick Linda’s bottom-hole and feel and tease her pussy. The dark-haired sergeant reacted with extreme pleasure. Denise, in turn, lowered her gorgeous bottom onto her partner Linda’s face. Linda responded by licking her already wet slit and clit until Denise was gyrating away.

It was one wonderful lovefest. After many orgasms, all three lay next to each other, with Eleanor in the middle as Linda caressed her labia and Denise played with her tits.

“I’ve never felt so loved,” Eleanor said, and implied that even Annette had not excited so wildly as this encounter had.

“You just see where things proceed,” Denise advised her. “You may be playing in a different league now, sweetie, but I know you’ll be the same delightful lady.”

“I guess we sort of ignored Meredith,” Eleanor now found herself saying. “I don’t want to abandon her now that I’ve helped her get on her feet.”

“She had done that as she now has a decent job,” Linda suggested.

“How would you feel about letting her dominate us for a while?” Eleanor asked. “I think it would do wonders for her sense of herself and we all like to receive now and then?”

“OK, sweetheart,” Linda gushed with a grin, “but don’t get us doing something with Jackson now.”

“No, I wouldn’t do that,” Eleanor said immediately. “That’s definitive too, but you like Meredith, don’t you?”

“She’s your sister and she was a woman who needed help, which you gave her,” Linda responded. “I hope she appreciates it and yes, she’s nice enough that I can enjoy letting her take charge for a while.”

Eleanor, still nude, slipped out of the bedroom and found her sister, a bit out of sorts by herself. She told her what was happening and brought her back.

“Now you can take charge of us for a change,” Eleanor said.

Meredith grinned in appreciation of this rare gift. “You all have been quite naughty, I can see,” she lectured them. türkçe bahis “Now line up to go across my lap.” She reached for Eleanor’s trusty wooden hairbrush.

When Linda and then Denise assumed the position across her lap, she began applying the hairbrush to their pale bottoms. It turned them red and they began to moan and groan and then it was Eleanor’s turn and Meredith spanked her with her hand and spanked her on her quim, too.

“I need to poop,” Meredith announced, and then asked who would lie down to receive her gift.

Eleanor realized that this was her obligation and lay down so that Meredith could squat over her face. Eleanor looked up into her sister’s hairy split. Meredith’s deeply recessed anal pucker began to pooch out and soon a hard brown point began to slide out and become quite long before it dropped onto Eleanor’s waiting face.

Eleanor inhaled the strong smell of Meredith’s shit and then licked on its surface before taking a piece and rubbing it on her tits. Denise came over, lay down next to her and proceeded to color her generous breasts with Meredith’s doody. Even Linda joined the trio of shit-covered boobs as she rubbed yet more on her own.

Eleanor moved back under her sister to lick her anus clean. Meredith’s residue was bitter and acrid but Eleanor wanted her to enjoy her moment in control.

Then Eleanor suggested it was time for them all to repair to the large shower she had in her ensuite bathroom where they enjoyed being cleaned by the warm water and Eleanor’s loofahs and soft brushes that each applied to one of the other’s boobs. Linda took Meredith in her arms and kissed her deeply and used her fingers to stimulate Meredith’s hairy pussy, teasing her clit and penetrating her vagina with the fingers. It didn’t take long for Meredith to cum hard.

Once cleaned off, they all moved into Eleanor’s charming jacuzzi. Linda was the naughty one now, standing and letting a strong golden pee stream emerge from her cunt. Denise and Eleanor put their palms into it to feel the warmth and Meredith opened her mouth to take some of it in.

Eleanor was already thinking of her next challenge: travelling to be with Annette on her big day. She relaxed as she watched Linda’s golden pee spray from her perfect quim. Linda looked like one of the women in TV ads, brown auburn glistening hair, perfect form and curves, and a pretty, narrow cunt.

Everyone was tired by now and the sergeants retreated to their room and Meredith joined Eleanor in bed at Eleanor’s invitation. They cuddled and enjoyed being together, real sisters again.

“Are you going to marry her?” Meredith asked.

“Could happen,” Eleanor answered. “We’ve had very sincere feelings for each other.”

“Do you love her?” Meredith continued.

“Yes,” Eleanor said plainly. “And yes, she loves me, too. Now we have to work things out with that as our starting point.”

The flight up to the capital was enjoyable for Eleanor. The service on the Corrections Service executive flight was extraordinary. The seat was comfortable and attendants looked after her every need or desire. At least they did for the ones that could be sated by something to eat or drink. Champagne and caviar, yes.

Then there was a limo that took her to the Femcontinental, the top hostelry in the city. Eleanor was whisked up to a charming suite in the tower with a fantastic view. And after she had settled in, was lying down on the comfortable big bed, with a gin and tonic delivered upon her arrival, she heard a key turn in the lock and Annette appeared with a huge smile on her face.

“I’ve never seen you so happy!” Eleanor exulted.

“And I don’t think I ever have been so happy!” Annette responded as she embraced Eleanor and held her tight. She then joined her on the bed.

“As long as I don’t have to salute you,” Eleanor began her congratulations.

“All I’ll ask of you tomorrow,” Annette declared, “is for you to kiss my cunt regularly upon request and yes, kiss my clit too.”

“Major proposition that last request is,” Eleanor grinned.

“I adore you, darling,” Annette now said with deep feeling, “and tell me how you feel.”

“Yes, sweetgums,” Eleanor proferred, “I’m just nuts over round heels about you, if that mixes enough metaphors.”

“You really are so in need of a good spanking,” Annette answered coolly.

“Yes, I am, and I only will take it from the general,” Eleanor snapped back, “oh, gee, we have to wait until you’re a real general tomorrow.”

“Pull down your pants right now,” Annette ordered, in tones that even Eleanor had to obey. Eleanor reached under her skirt and pulled her nice white patterned Goose Cooker undies right down on her thighs,

She lay across her lover’s ample lap and Annette pushed the skirt up so she could feast her eyes on Eleanor’s charming shapely bottom. She patted it, tapped it, ran her finger between Eleanor’s spread legs, and inserted her finger deep into Eleanor’s winking anal opening.

“Here come the spanks,” güvenilir bahis siteleri Annette announced as she began to apply powerful slaps to Eleanor’s bottom cheeks. She gloried in the administration and Eleanor actually felt loved and warm and enjoyed being Annette’s girl. She knew that she would be able to put Annette through her paces too before this visit was over.

The ceremony was held in an outdoor stadium, with about 1,000 Corrections Service uniformed staff sitting on the field, and other employees and relatives in the stands. There was a reviewing stand as the uniformed service members presented themselves by unit and passed before the top brass. Annette was seated in the middle of the front row, in full blue uniform, with braid and epaulets.

Eleanor had been given a seat in the second row, next to other distinguished civilian guests. In the front row were the top Corrections officers and the President of the Republic and many of her cabinet members. Eleanor had dressed her best, blue and gold today, and was only nervous when she saw that Chief Justice Diane was there and would swear Annette in to her new position.

But as they were sitting, Diane turned round in her chair to greet Eleanor personally and ask after Janet as well. Eleanor reacted warmly and thanked her, as well as filling her in on Janet. The first part of the ceremony was the President announcing Annette’s promotion to General. She pinned a star on each epaulet. Annette saluted her and the President hugged her.

Then the Chief Justice stood and beckoned Annette to stand opposite her as the oath of office was administered. There were plenteous rounds of applause after each ceremony. Annette was a popular choice as everyone in the Service thought the world of her and even her rivals would concede that she was the obvious selection for the post.

Annette was then escorted to the podium by two attractive colonels. She delivered a brief acceptance talk and expressed great confidence in what the service would do in future.

“We have been a mainstay of the Women’s Republic,” she declared, “and with your full cooperation, we can provide even more needed service to our citizens, women and men.”

Her speech was brief enough that there was great enthusiasm expressed by applause at the end even as there have been applause at various points during the short oration.

Then the President stepped up and said how pleased she was to be present at this elevation of one of the most respected members of the government as well as the Service. She was followed by Chief Justice Diane, who expressed on behalf of the Supreme Court, how much all its members had appreciated Annette’s superb service, counsel, and assurance.

The final speaker was the Secretary of Corrections, the cabinet member who was ostensibly Annette’s superior now. She added her compliments to Annette and also invited all present to a reception in Annette’s honor. She then turned to Annette to dismiss the Corrections Service attendees.

Annette confidently returned to the podium. She then directed all Corrections Service members present to stand. A huge uniformed segment of the audience and platform stood at attention. She then formally dismissed them and directed them to proceed in each instance to where they had received instructions to attend the reception.

There was a V.I.P. section of the reception and Eleanor was escorted there along with the others on the reviewing platform. Eleanor found herself conversing with a few women she knew there, among them Justice Lesley and Warrant Officer Kathryn. They both seemed pleased to see her and Eleanor found it easy to converse with them without having anything alcoholic. She wanted to stay totally sober during this whole excursion.

About fifteen minutes into the reception, Eleanor was not at all surprised to find Janet, the executive vice president and power who ran Goose Cookers, walking over to her, smiling and saying how delighted she was to see her. It seemed like Justice Lesley and WO3 Kathryn were especially impressed by having the chance to talk to her. Janet was a “quiet legend” in the highest circles of the Republic.

After she had complimented Justice Lesley and had a pleasant conversation with the three of them, Janet drew Eleanor aside and told her that this was a very important moment in many ways.

“First, this is when Annette knows she needs you and will likely offer you some nice inducements to join her here,” Janet began. “Think it over but I think you will accept, also because we at the company will enable you to work for us while based here with occasional or even regular trips to our office. So that answers my second point, which is that you can do us a lot of good by just meeting the people you will meet in Annette’s company.”

Eleanor was taking all this in, while maintaining her composure. She hoped beyond all hope that she and Annette would be able to spend some of tonight together after the festivities. Fortunately, there was no formal dinner and after the lengthy reception, where Annette made the rounds of both VIPs and Corrections Service officers at all levels, the attendees gradually recognized that the reception was ending and slowly began to depart.