A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 10

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Firstly, apologies for the delay in getting this wrapped. It was a sort of request that originally came about from a private joke. As I was writing it, the plot developed somewhat my original plan was scrapped and the majority of the chapter rewritten until I was totally happy with the outcome. I just hope that Davina and Brian enjoy reading it.

Thank you to Wax for the loan of Kjersten and Maidali. They added a little icing to what has been a fun chapter to write. And you’ve got to love symmetry.


Taking Care of Business

“So who’s first?” Alex questioned, her eyes sparkling with humour.

The question was directed towards Dominic and Zabina as they relaxed over coffee in the plush surroundings of the Peninsula Hotel dining room. They had arrived in Chicago the day before for the opening of Dominic’s and Zabina’s latest business venture, a restaurant and nightclub just on the outskirts of Little Italy.

The club had actually been Alex’s idea. After the adventure they had, where Zabi had taken Alex around some bars on Sunset Strip while she was practically naked, she had made the comment that it would be fairly cool if someone opened a club where the guests could indulge in a small amount of exhibitionism.

One thing led to another, and as it was Dominic had just purchased a suitable property in Chicago from a distant cousin. Between them they redesigned the interior with the eatery off the street then members only entrance to the night club above.

As it had been her idea, Alex had been asked to name the club, and had chosen the name The Tempest after the painting by Giorgione, and also because it was in Chicago, the Windy City. As it followed Dominic’s love of all things Renaissance he had agreed immediately.

As it was the Tempest club was due to open at ten that night, and the four of them had just eaten in the Peninsula. Alex and Zabina planned to head out and check out the local competition, before meeting back up with Dominic and Jinn for the opening.

Whilst they enjoyed the excellent coffees, Mocha for Alex, Latte for Jinn and double Expressos for Zabi and Dominic, Alex was urging Zabina to do her party piece of giving a run down on a stranger just by observing their actions and appearance. Dominic had expressed a rare laugh and confessed that it had been a game they had played when they were younger. This had pricked at the interest of Alex and Jinn and eager to find just who was better at this trick, they proposed a challenge. Alex and Jinn would pick a person out and Zabi and Dominic would take turns in deducing possible facts.

Dominic leaned back in his chair, the normal lazy smile painted on his lips. “Ladies first.”

The comment “Do you know where we can get any?” From Jinn earned her a light punch on the shoulder off Zabi as Alex’s eyes scanned the various tables searching for someone suitable.

“That one there?” She asked Jinn as she spotted a woman sitting on her own.

“About perfect.” Jinn agreed with a smirk.

Zabina glanced around until she spotted the woman Alex had indicated. “Interesting. She reminds me of how you looked when we first met.”

The woman was sat on her own, on a stool by the bar. Coffee cup in one hand and her attention held by sheaf of papers in the other. She was wearing a well cut charcoal suit and a light grey blouse buttoned up to her neck. Chestnut hair hung straight down to her shoulders in a simple and conservative style. In short, she looked quite attractive in a plain sort of way.

“Well as I am starting.” Zabi announced. “I will state the obvious. She is married.”

Alex admitted to herself that was fairly obvious, as she had also spotted the wedding band on the woman’s finger. Her eyes flicked over to Dominic as he gazed attentively at the oblivious woman.

“Two children.” Dominic stated quietly and assuredly.

“Okay I’ll bite on that.” Jinn commented. “How do you know that?”

“I would say the spread of her hips, indicating more than one natural birth, but going off her estimated age of early forties, and the fact she is obviously a professional woman and therefor had children either early or late in her working life, no more than two.” Zabi interrupted, her stare fixed on Dominic.

To be fair, Alex mused, if Dominic was impressed he didn’t show it. Although Alex did spot that he raised an eyebrow. Jinn on the other hand gaped at how the deduction was made.

“Skin pigment indicates she is fairly local.” Dominic said, sounding a little more energised. “And while the suit is well fitted, it is a few years old. That tells me she is wearing it for an occasion outside normal, so she is away from home. Maybe Wisconsin, but most certainly further North by the lack of Sun exposure to the skin.”

Zabina leaned forward, rising to the challenge. “She has been married quite some time, the wedding band is well worn, more than likely not long after leaving college.”

Dominic remained relaxed in his chair, perabet his eyes locked on to Zabina’s. “She used to be adventurous, but is now a little stayed.”

“Whoa.” Jinn interrupted. Drawing both sets of Vitelli eyes. “How do you know that?”

“Yes explain to your antipodean lover how you drew that conclusion.” Zabi goaded.

A slight half smile curled Dominic’s lips. “The suit is expensive, which hints that she was very conscious of her outward looks, but as already stated, the cut and design are a few years old. That tells me although she once felt very attractive, she now is too distracted by her family to consider it an importance.”

A slight frown creased Zabina’s forehead. “I disagree. Yes, she was adventurous, but she longs to be once more, she just doesn’t know how to begin.”

This time it was Dominic who frowned. “And you deduce this from what information?”

“Something you will never have, dear brother.” Zabina answered with a smile. “Female intuition.”

“If you can prove that last statement, you’re the winner.” Jinn announced jokingly.

There was a second or two of silence.

“Alex honey, would you assist me in a small task?” Zabi asked.

For not the first time since their relationship had started Alex felt a nagging worry that things were going to get out of hand.


Davina Lee leafed through the paperwork she was holding. She really hadn’t wanted to make this trip. Her husband, Brian had taken their two boys off skiing to catch the end of the season, a trip she had wanted to make with them, but as it was she had to take the journey to Chicago. It was a necessary evil, she had told herself. A friend of a friend was desperately in need of advice after their visa had expired, and as legal advisor she had reluctantly agreed to file her case to have the visa re-instated.

“Excuse me.”

The voice interrupted her train of thought and she looked up. A woman around her height with glossy, jet black hair, long at the back and shaved close on the sides, stood before her. She was dressed in an elegant looking tuxedo with a close fitting black skirt and a white silk dress shirt. The shirt was unbuttoned to show a fairly indecent amount of cleavage.

“Sorry to interrupt, but this is our first time in Chicago.” The woman stated while indicating the taller blonde beside her. “We wondered if you knew of any good clubs in the area.”

Davina’s gaze flicked over the pair. The blonde looked athletic, but a little nervous. Whereas the darker woman radiated confidence. Her ears and eyebrow were decorated with piercings and a finely detailed tattoo of a black rose blossomed on her neck. The contrast of olive and golden skin was very striking and Davina wondered if they were a couple by how closely they stood together.

While she was slightly annoyed by the interruption, Davina was quite taken by the politeness of the question, and if they were a couple, they may not have wanted to ask one of the many males in the room.

“I am really sorry.” She answered. “I actually come from Wisconsin, so I don’t really know the area.”

A brief flicker of annoyance dashed across the darker woman’s face. “That’s a shame.” She pouted, then grabbed the hand of the blonde. “We had to cancel our engagement party to come here on business and we had hoped to go somewhere friendly. Sorry Alex baby. I guess we can just go back to our room.” This statement was followed by giving the taller woman a light peck in the lips.

The hand movement revealed matching Pride rainbow tattoos on the two women’s wrists. Very much a couple, Davina validated to herself. Then as she saw the look of disappointment on their faces and idea came to her.

“I am actually here doing a favour for a friend who is a local, I bet she’ll know somewhere.” Davina told them. “Why don’t you join me for a moment and I’ll give her a ring.”

A wide grin split the shorter woman’s face. “See babe, I told you it would work out just right.” She said to her partner, who smiled weakly.

“Zabina Vitelli.” The speaker offered her hand.

“Davina Lee.” Davina replied slightly taken by the firmness of the handshake.

“My fiancée. Alex Rowe.” Zabina introduced.

“Hi.” Alex said as they shook hands.

“Would you like a drink?” Zabina offered as Davina pulled her phone out of her jacket pocket.

“Please, a wine would be nice.” Davina broke off as her phone dialled through to Kjersten..

“Hi Kjer, I’ve just been speaking to a couple of ladies looking for a good nightclub in town, and I thought you may be able to name one.”

“Hi Davina. There are lots of good clubs. What are they looking for? Old? Young? Goth? Cabaret?”

Glancing back to the two women, Davina noticed for the first time the tattoo sprouting from the top of Zabina’s black cowboy boot and snaking up her leg, to vanish under the fairly snug fitting, black skirt she was wearing. Adding the skin art to the clothing and perabet giriş the metal work, Davina made a judgment call.

“Goth would suit I think.”

“Awesome, I recommend the Berlin then. Great place and very Goth friendly.”

“Sounds just like what they’re looking for. Thanks Hon.”

“Anytime, speak tomorrow.”

As Davina slipped her phone away, Zabina thrust a glass of deep red wine in to her hand.

“Hope red is cool. Sorry I ordered it automatically, blame the Italian blood in me.” She said with a grin.

“Thank you.” Davina replied as she accepted the drink. “My friend says the Berlin should suit your needs.”

“Excellent.” Zabina beamed with happiness. “Look I know this may be a little forward but why don’t you join us for an hour. Our treat for you being so helpful.”

A small spark of excitement appeared deep inside Davina. It was a long time since she had been out to a night club, but the spark was quickly smothered by the sensible brain she had gotten used to.

“That’s very kind of you to offer.” She replied. “But seriously I don’t think it would be for me, I’m straight for a start.”

A girly laugh escaped Zabina’s lips. “That’s ok, we won’t hold that against you. Honestly you should come with us, let your hair down a little.”

Laughing nervously Davina took a sip of the wine. Its deep full bodied flavour rolled across her tongue and down her throat leaving a smoky aftertaste. “That’s very nice.” She commented, trying to change the subject.

“Thank you.” Zabina answered. “It’s a Nero d’Avola. A taste of home.”

Another sip of wine followed the first, it was a seriously nice experience. “So are you Italian?”

“Sicilian to be precise.” Zabina replied. “Alex is from LA, but you have to forgive her she is a little shy.”

Smiling pleasantly at the tall blonde sitting quietly next to Zabina, Davina noticed for the first time the striking emerald eyes that darted away as soon as Davina looked at her.

“I think Alex is a little taken with you really.” Zabina whispered loudly. “She always goes quiet when she is attracted to someone.”

Davina coughed as the sip of wine she was taking caught in her throat, and she felt her cheeks begin to burn in embarrassment.

Alex punched Zabina playfully on the shoulder and hissed “Behave Zabi.”

The spark of excitement flared in to existence again, only this time it caught and began to smoulder.

Zabina glanced around furtively. “Can I be honest with you Davina? Alex is a little of an exhibitionist. She has a bit of a kink about being nearly exposed in public places, and I know she would love to have someone else with us tonight to add a little spice to the evening.”

This statement drew a horrified squeal from the blonde and another playful slap, although Davina couldn’t help but notice Alex blushed furiously. Taking another gulp of the smooth wine, she wasn’t really sure she had just heard was serious. Davina glanced over to the still blushing blonde woman, who bashfully looked away once more. There actually may be a little truth in the statement Davina decided.

While Davina wasn’t ashamed of her figure, she couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to risk being caught exposed to the world. Her eyes ran up and down the taller Alex once more. From the expensive looking lace up ankle boots up the long tanned legs, noticing for the first time the scar running from her left knee up her thigh and under the figure hugging dark blue dress. The dress itself was made from very fine material and was fastened at the front by a zip that ran from top to bottom.

This was all foreign ground to Davina, she had been, what she considered, adventurous in her younger days and even experimented in a little soft bondage with her husband, but that was before the boys had been born, and sexual fantasies took a back seat to raising them. Now here she was being asked if she wanted to be a voyeur while one of the pair was placed in danger of being exposed and while the other aided in that placing.

“I really don’t think I’m the person you are looking for.” Davina said nervously. “Voyeurism seriously isn’t my thing.”

Zabina expression was like Davina’s eldest boy when he was told he couldn’t play with his friends. Then abruptly it changed back to cheery smiles.

“Nonsense, it will just be having a few drinks with some new friends, it isn’t like we’re going to molest you or anything.”

With that statement Zabina drained her glass and looped her arm through Davina’s “Saddle up marines, we’re leaving.”

‘Just one drink won’t do any harm.’ Davina told herself as she felt herself falling in to step alongside the determined Zabina.


The trio had walked to the Red Line and taken the L train to where Boystown met Lakeview. They had descended back to street level and were walking the short distance to The Berlin nightclub. The slightly wild Zabina walked along with Alex perabet güvenilir mi on her left arm and Davina on her right.

As they walked Zabina was stepping in time to the song she was singing. Her Cuban heeled boots clumped as they struck the sidewalk.

“You should-a seen me a-windo’ shoppin’

A-windo’ shoppin’ with eyes a-poppin’

At the sights that you see there, yes sirree.

I just blew in to the windy city.

The windy city is mighty pretty, but they ain’t got what I got…”

As she got to the last line she paused and planted a firm kiss on Alex’s cheek, and the pair giggled loudly.

Davina’s evaluation of the pair of women did a quick about turn. She had originally thought them to be shy and maybe a little intimidated in the unfamiliar city, but know she realised that the two would actually be comfortable wherever they went, such was their confidence in each other. She began to wonder just how much of what she had seen had been put on for her benefit. The extrovert Zabina certainly didn’t have to ask exactly where the Berlin was or what was the quickest route to get there.


“Okay you two wait here I’ll get drinks.” Zabina instructed as she prodded them towards a table in a shadowed corner before darting off through the crowded room.

“Phew.” Davina exclaimed. “Is she always like this?”

“Oh no. Usually she is much, much worse.” Alex replied looking a little more relaxed now they were in the darkened noisy atmosphere. “I think she is being polite as you’re with us.”

Davina gave a nervous laugh and began to wonder if she knew what she had gotten involved in.

“Saluti.” The raven whirlwind shouted as she placed glasses of wine in front of the two women. “It isn’t a great year, but it is proper wine.”

As the time flew by Davina watched the interaction between the two women, it was very obvious they were totally devoted to each other, And Davina found herself wondering what else they got up to besides the exhibitionism. One thing was for sure, Davina mused, Zabina’s exuberance was a little infectious and she was beginning to enjoy the company. If nothing else the Sicilian’s taste in wine was flawless. She would have to get a list of a few labels to try before they parted.

A very familiar guitar riff split through the club.

“Sweet Child…” Zabina screeched. “It’s our song. Let’s dance.” She insisted as she began to pull on Alex’s arm.

With a smile Davina remember the song well from her younger days. Guns n Roses had been a favourite, and Sweet Child O Mine was pretty much the band’s anthem. Between the buzz of the wine and the sheer enthusiasm for life that emanated off the couple, Davina felt the urge to actually join them on the dance floor. Then her ‘sensible’ head kicked in. ‘You’re not in your twenties anymore.’ She told herself.

Then strong hands grabbed her arms and she felt herself half dragged away from the table.

Amongst the varied crowd on the dance floor, Davina felt very conspicuous. No one was wearing a business suit, and she wished she had the confidence to at least remove her jacket. She settled for unbuttoning it, and felt a little reckless.

The loud music bounced around the packed floor, and Davina felt someone accidently collide with her back, shoving her forwards. Before she could recover her balance she found herself pressed against Alex’s back and she breathed the other woman’s scent deeply. A heady mixture of perfume and musk.

She made to step away, but as she did so Alex’s hands reached back and took hold of hers, pulling her in close again.

Blood began to thump around her body as she felt the closeness of the tall blonde. Try as she might, Davina couldn’t think of a time she had been this close to another woman she wasn’t related to.

She felt her arms pulled forwards and wrapped around Alex’s stomach as they moved together to the music.

Davina felt another pair of hands run along her arms as Zabina leaned in close and kissed Alex.

Something moved under Davina’s hands and instead of the material of Alex’s dress she felt skin. Anxiety flooded through her body as she realised Alex’s dress was undone all the way from the bottom up to just above where Davina’s hands rested.

Alex’s head arched back slightly, and Davina felt rather than heard a long low moan emanate from her.

The song wound down to its conclusion and the three women moved apart and drifted back to where they had been sat. Davina felt a little dizzy from the unexpected contact and what she had just experienced. She glanced at Alex wondering what her reaction was going to be, but the blonde woman was fairly busy ensuring the zip on her dress was back down where it belonged.

“See that wasn’t so bad was it?” Zabina voice whispered in her ear. “Keepsake.” The voice said as something soft and silky was pressed in to her hand. Davina glanced down and began to blush once more as she realised she was holding Alex’s panties. She glanced around quickly, expecting someone to have spotted her and she hastily pushed the small item in to her jacket pocket.

“That was so good.” Zabina said loudly. “I haven’t danced to that track in years. Shall we have another drink?”